Betty Shine – Never Ending Inspiration

imageAfter all of the clearing yesterday today has been a day of rest and healing. I love the fact that we can all self-heal. We just have to ask for it and it will flow in. Though sometimes we have to be inspired to ask.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been reading a book by a wonderful healer and medium, Betty Shine. It’s called My Life as a Medium and it was clear when I first started to read it how much she wanted to help and heal people. I also appreciate the journey she describes from healer to reluctant medium and channel. Betty Shine worked her own path through the connections with the Spirit World. I find that really encouraging as I have found my Guides tend to prefer me to figure things out for myself. So reading about another medium who did much the same is an inspiration.

That is the special legacy that other mediums have left. There are many biographies to help me consider anything that I am experiencing.  Understanding all the different ways that communication can happen makes me feel much more secure. I know from experience it is hard to work out what is my thought and what might be a thought from an Energy Being. So being able to read about how other mediums have worked through the doubt is really good. I also take a lot of encouragement from the fact that they are many ways to develop my abilities. That it’s ok to do it my way.

I’ve reached the part of the story where Betty Shine starts to write her first book. She wants to encourage people to seek the help and healing they need. She also wants to encourage an understanding of the Afterlife so people find hope.

I’ve taken a lot of support from this today. My book is well under way but it does take discipline to stick at it. And a desire to put into words some of the wonder that life becomes when you open up to the possibility that life continues after the body is gone. It is possible to heal my life if I wish. I can hope for better things in my future if I embrace my life full on. If you have never had a chance to read Betty Shine’s books why not try one now. Or let yourself be drawn to some of the other writers who are busy sharing their experiences of Spirit connections. No one person has the definitive voice. That’s why I find that inspiration is never ending. There is so much to listen to and learn.

Day 309 of my blogging challenge.

Step into the unknown

imageI’m often asked how I make decisions in my business. Or sometimes whether I should be running a business at all if I’m spiritual and want to help people. These are two really interesting questions for me. I’ve considered them over & over since I started to give messages and channellings in public.

I’ve actually been self-employed since 1998. At that time I made a career change and started to work as a counsellor whilst I was studying hard to get my qualifications. Most of what I did in the first two years was on a voluntary basis. I felt I needed to be experienced before I could charge for my services. I was also recovering from an illness that had worn me out completely. A small amount of voluntary work let me gain confidence in my skills until I could begin building up a full time business. By 2000 I had developed my work into a source of full time income with some voluntary counselling in projects that I felt were important to me.

By 2006 my connections with the Spirit World were developing fast. I was still counselling but there were elements of the sessions where it seemed I had more than intuition guiding me. As I learned more about my natural skills, especially with my clairesentience, I found that the information I was getting was stronger, more detailed, more clear. I felt that introducing Spirit people into the counselling sessions was inappropriate. So I took a step in another direction. I stepped off a cliff into fresh air. I began to give people Spirit messages. Soon after that I found I was standing up in Spiritualist churches and Centres giving those messages in public.

At that time I had to revisit what I felt about giving my communications. It was clear that putting people in contact with their loved ones in the Spirit World was a wonderful priveledge. The people who got the messages seemed to be helped so much by the connection still being a ‘live’ link. I spent a lot of time giving the messages for free. I felt that once again I was learning so perhaps a charge wouldn’t be right somehow. I was going here, there and everywhere. I was in demand in one way, but also meeting people who wouldn’t have a message unless they gave me some money. My donations tin came out – exactly like it had when I was a counselling student.

One day a good friend of mine asked me to have a coffee with her. She asked me if I was enjoying my mediumship. I said yes. The leap of faith I’d taken was very rewarding. Then she asked me who was paying for my travel & the costs of the car. I was a bit puzzled & said it was me of course. She said to me that if Spirit wanted me to do their work wouldn’t they provide an energy exchange. I hadn’t thought about it like that so I said I guessed they would. So where are you getting the ‘energy’ of money from to pay for your travel she asked. Of course I wasn’t getting anything like what I was spending by taking only donations.

That conversation prompted a conversation with my Guides. They had been trying to get my attention for weeks to discuss this with me. Giving is wonderful. To be able to share something and choose to make it a gift is positive energy. What my Guides needed me to understand was that I had to give to myself as well as others. All the voluntary work has to be balanced by accepting what is given to me in return. And sometimes I have to ask up front for an exchange of energy. I have to let people give to me in the form of money as a return for the ‘energy’ I give to them.

Anyone who begins a spiritual business (one that is aimed at helping people evolve & grow) faces that set of questions no matter how big or small the business actually is. Becoming a full time medium brought me to that set of questions from my friend. When I started the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre I came back again to the same set of questions. I faced a step into the unknown where I had to trust that there would be firm ground beneath my feet throughout. I’ve become better at accepting payment for my services – it’s an exchange of energy. Having a Centre means doing it in a bigger way.

One of the key things about the Centre is that I have supported it from my income so that we can keep offering free sessions for people to come in and find a warm welcome. The lovely practitioners who work in the Drop In do so with no expectation of being paid by anyone. They offer their time to be a listening ear, a comforting presence and a source of support. A number of practitioners of all sorts have volunteered to be around for the Drop In sessions. Quite a few of them haven’t quite understood my ethos. They have expected that the sessions will be run in order to get them customers. They have worked from the standard business model where competition for clients is a built in requirement. The Centre’s energy is entirely different. We work as a collaborative team with no expectation of the people who come through the door. We all have other sources of income having learned that the best way to build a business is to focus the energy on relationships not on money.

Those practitioners who stepped into the unknown with me two years ago and have remained have learned a new way of being in a spiritual business. They understand the value of relationships in building a community. That is what we have grown – a community of support, compassion and acceptance. I’m delighted that our success is measured by those people who came into the Centre when lost in their lives & selves and who are now so very different. The money I have put into the Centre has been my gift to them. I’m certainly ready to ask for and accept the return of that money energy.

So how do I make my decisions? I make my choices by listening to my heart, to my Guides and to the people who use the Centre. Soon we will be starting in on our third year of offering ‘something for nothing’ in the Drop Ins. Although it isn’t really something for nothing. I am happy to keep giving to people. What they give me back is their own personal growth. And if they can afford it at any time some money energy. It’s been a new idea for our visitors too. The donation tin has had to be out there on the table in case someone is not yet ready to accept unless there is an immediate return. There is a whole other blog required to discuss obligation & our tangled up way of holding onto barriers that prevent us from receiving, lol.

There is one final aspect to this blog this evening. We want to offer more to our visitors. I have actually joined a crowdfunding collaboration to improve the equipment of the Centre. A big step into the unknown again! You see, I am determined to offer as much as I can to the people who want to use our services but at the moment I’m working flat out & still can’t raise enough money for the extras I’d like. It’s time to send out a message to the Universe, my Guides and everyone who will listen. The Centre will happily benefit from the positive flow of abundance your donations represent. If you can donate money energy please email me for more details as the crowdfunding link isn’t  live at the moment. Thank you for reading to the end of this piece & thank you also if you decide to give ?

Day 59 of my blogging challenge.

My psychic life: Day 26

robinIt’s been a funny old day! My work last night & a workshop I was going to be doing today were both cancelled at very short notice. Then when I got up this morning I was feeling a bit under the weather and had to cancel the Psychic Club I was due to run this evening. Yesterday was a new moon so time for a new energy beginning. It struck me today that all the things I was going to do over the last 24 hours were actually ‘old’ energy.

I dreamed last night about being flooded and having to find a safe way to get to higher ground. This could be related to living in a lovely town that has had flooding in the past. The river was high yesterday and we all tend to keep an eye on it. When the flood siren sounded today I had to put my flood defense gate in front of my main door. So at one level the dream was surfacing my fears. At another level it could also be about excess emotion (water can represent feelings in dreams as can the moon). I have certainly been dealing with some personal emotional issues where the dam might burst at any time. Having to find a new way to navigate rough water has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now.

As I stood on the bridge this afternoon looking at the river level I noticed a cheery little robin on the side bank. The little chap was looking for a bite to eat. He kept fixing me with his eye. Each time he looked at me he danced a little closer to where I was standing. At one point it was as if he bowed to me. It was an enchanting moment. I felt the presence of my Guides reminding me about new beginnings (this is what robins represent). To embrace new beginnings it’s also important to clear away the old energy – another use for water, lol. So the flood in my dream & the physical flood in the town (there was a small breach of the river walls) may also be a reminder that I have to give myself permission to release energy right now.

We are closing the energy of 2015 and getting ready for a new year. It has been a challenging year, energy wise, for everyone. The shift has been from the fear of being who we are to the confidence to show our authentic selves to the world. All the people who have taken this 30 day blog challenge are aiming to share their authentic voice to a wider audience. To do so we have all had to let go of fear (of disapproval, of being public, of being vulnerable if we share, of being judged).  Being authentic is also about speaking with feeling, finding what we are passionate about and sharing that with others. Not because we want to please, or be famous or for approval. Sharing what we care about puts new ideas in front of other people. It gives those who share our passion a chance to connect with like-minded people. If we can show others how to be true to themselves too we are generating the energy of truth.

As was once said, the truth will set us free. Not just my truth, but our truth. I am certain that we do not enter into this Earth journey to be bad people. I am certain that we can all live peacefully together. That there are some truths that are universally shared among all of us. So in this energy of new beginnings let’s get focused on what we can do to generate the energy of truth. The new moon prompts us to look around for the opportunities that are being offered. The new day, the new year, the new authentic you are ready for launch. Let go of the old and welcome the new. Embrace the change and challenge of the new by sharing your authentic voice with as many people as you can.

We have a wonderful opportunity to manifest for the greater good of humanity with every wave of new energy – are you ready to start?


The Blog Challenge Begins!

Annie Conboy, MA(Couns), MSWG

Annie Conboy’s blog challenge

Much as I love all the stuff about the ‘woo woo’ side of being a psychic, it really isn’t the way I live. Having reached a stage in my life where things have to be simple – senior moments are lurking around the corner – & preferring to be down to earth about what I do, I’ve taken on a challenge to write a blog a day for the next 30 days.

Immediately there is a problem. I have a book full of the first 2 paragraphs of blog posts. They never seem to get finished. There is always something else I find I need to give my attention to. Even my first go this evening had to stop so I could make my daughter a meal, then run off to my Centre to open up for someone using a room & finally off to my local Spiritualists Church to chair for the medium doing the service. Now I’m feeling the pressure! I promised myself & I want to do this yet getting the focus is hard.

What to write about? The question I’ve just answered, very briefly, on Facebook about synchronicity? The chat I had with someone this evening about why their particular loved one didn’t come through in a reading? The social media posting I do to encourage people to find the positive in every situation – no matter how difficult that might seem? The Reiki meditation I did to send out healing? There are so many things that fall under the general titles of medium or psychic. So the easiest thing is to write about my day, every day for the next month. Sorry in advance if it gets boring but hopefully at the end you will see that my life is really no different than anyone else. Oh, OK then, perhaps the same with a few extraordinary bits added in, lol.

So to begin. I’m going to talk about the energy work I was involved in yesterday afternoon as today has been about following up the experience & processing what happened for me. On a Monday at my Down 2 Earth Heart Centre I run a session called Walking the Spiral. It’s something fairly new that my Guides encouraged me to offer to people because I know the benefit of personal development work in spiritual growth. In fact, I first used a circle for my own search for understanding when I read about vision questing in Denise Linn’s book Quest in the late 1990’s. So this session involves creating a safe energy space in a circle, spiral or labyrinth so that the participants can access, understand & release unconscious emotional energy that might be blocking the messages they are receiving psychically.

I often work with people who have got stuck in their psychic & mediumship work. They can sense their Guides, pick up on psychic energy & often have ‘breakthrough’ messages. Yet they aren’t able to boost the energy enough to pick up info more easily or to make sense of what they are getting. Yesterday we used a White Light circle – candles & crystals creating a physical space within which to work & the energy of our Guides & the Earth’s ArchAngels to guard & boost the energy of the space. After welcoming all of the energy beings we took our places in the circle & began with some chanting. So that the energy could be boosted some more I entered a light trance and one of my healing Guides stepped in to blend with me. Having created a strong healing vibration my Guide left me so we could continue the work. We were visited by at least  5 Guides who could be seen clairvoyantly. What followed was a long conversation amongst the participants as information was given by our Guides concerning energy blocks & ways to release them.

At the end of this work, with a lot of new information to consider, we closed the circle. I always ask for feedback as I’m curious to see how the energy work has been experienced by others. It’s always good to find that they have become somehow lighter by what they have seen, felt & thought about in the circle. Also that blocks have been released & they are ready to carry on experiencing the guidance & contact with their own Guide teams. It’s also an experience for me – I’m a participant too. So today I’ve been meditating on a couple of vivid dreams I had last night. Sometimes I’m too stubborn to take the guidance I’m given so my team have to send me the messages over & over again in different ways. Today was one of those days. I finally understood about writing this blog, lol, because half way through I had a deja vu moment! So I must make it through the 30 days somehow, and people perhaps won’t be too bored, and a barrier to my development will have been released. I love my psychic life!

Is Death the End?

IMG_0186 As a medium I’m often asked to prove that life goes on after physical death. But what proof can I offer? I have many, many conversations about the contact I have with my Spirit Guides & the other beings who step forward to give me information. A lot of those conversations take the form of messages in readings or spiritual churches & centres. The rule of thumb is to give ‘evidence’ that life continues after physical death; that our loved ones are still there; and, that they wish to talk to us. Some would argue that ‘evidence’ is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Yet I never feel it’s my task to prove anything to anyone.

I have always been an open minded sceptic. Around about 9 years old I started to question the religion I was brought up in. By 13 I knew it had little to offer me – mainly because I didn’t want to be either of the female role models it offered me as life choices. Although I remember on one occasion listening to an old style ‘hell fire & damnation’ preacher tell us we were all going straight to hell unless we believed & supported our church. The fear I was supposed to feel didn’t happen. I think at that point in my life hell sounded a lot more attractive than heaven because what you had to do to get in there was all the stuff normal teenagers want to do anyway! So my thoughts about an afterlife were mostly to hope that there wasn’t one except if it was going to be more broad minded than my religion. 

Throughout my 20’s & 30’s I searched across religions for something that I could feel gave me a sense of the afterlife. In those years I did a lot of past life work & experienced for myself some interesting events that hinted much more at the continuance of a non physical part of me even past my death. Yet at the same time my analytical brain refused to join in with my searching heart to agree there was evidence of the afterlife. I returned again & again to psychology, psychiatry & plenty of vox pop sources which were definite that life after death was a comfort blanket for a mind not ready to accept that this was all the life we get.

I was at war. My thoughts vs my feelings. I really had a yearning to believe. Yet the logical part of me refused. And everything remained unresolved despite my own experience of touching heaven in my late 30’s. However, I’m nothing if not fair so in my 40’s I started to let my feelings lead me in discovering if there could ever be evidence that there was somewhere/when that we progressed to after out body was no longer fit for purpose. As always this became a philosophical project! I read & read & read everything that crossed my path about views concerning the afterlife. It’s amazing how much has been written through out the ages to try to explain the spark that makes us more than a clay overcoat – the bit that is greater than impulses, hormones, patterning of behaviour. The spark that seems to go away when the physical body just stops working.

And the range of explanations about what happens to that spark is vast too. Not just religious explanations but scientific, philosophical & cultural explanations. After what seems to have been years of following the intellectual path for understanding I started to experience a sense of connection. Connection to what & how & why became my next puzzle. That is when I followed my feelings at last, gave up on the mind as the way to explain & began experiencing with a fully open mind as to what it all might mean.

I feel we all end up following this process eventually. Perhaps it is because I’m in the second half of my life. Perhaps it’s because I’m a parent. Perhaps it’s because what I was feeling seemed to come from completely outside my range of previous experiences. But I could sense other beings – see, hear, feel the touch or emotions of, smell & taste. And most perplexing of all, I just knew. The feeling of ‘knowing’ it wasn’t me is so hard to pin down & easily dismissed yet it continued to happen that thoughts, feelings, information that were not mine regularly appeared within my mind.

What to make of this? This was personal experience that couldn’t be dismissed. I wasn’t trying to fool myself for any reason. Nor was I vulnerable & needing to believe in any way. Over a long period of contact with my Spirit Guides I have come to accept what I have experienced as valid evidence for me that we don’t die. It’s not intended to prove anything to me. Rather it is an experience I choose to enjoy & trust. My loved ones are really around me all the time & I find that awe inspiring. So I work now to speak out the evidence for others. Not as proof positive but as a prompt to ask each person to challenge what they believe in a positive way. To ask everyone to expand their view of life & be open to the idea that we might not have the full picture & need to remain curious. If anything, when I am asked to ‘prove’ there is an afterlife I would ask that proof be provided that there isn’t.