Newsletter Time: Inspiration Flying Out

newsletterAround this time every month I pull together a newsletter. Some months I have two to do as I enjoy sending out information and inspiration to my email people. Quite a bit of the content comes from channelling what the Energy beings say. And I love to see each newsletter flying out to be read.

My first newsletter is called Newsetter From The Light Side. It links in with the live broadcast I do on facebook every Thursday. The videos have been going for more than a year. To add to them my Guides asked me to start a monthly subscription email with content that doesn’t appear on line. Rather tentatively I started to do that in June 2017. I was uncertain how it would be received. But determined to trust my Guides who wanted me to get it going. I have to say that I have really come to enjoy doing the channelling. What comes in is always helpful to me. And, from the feedback, it has also been helpful to others.

That  inspired me to start another newsletter for my work as the Down 2 Earth Intuitive Medium & Psychic. It has some channelled information, news about what I am doing next and special offers on my books and artwork. It has been going out occasionally but today I decided that it would become a monthly newsletter too. I am looking forward to getting feedback on this one too because my Guides have asked me to offer people more support. Especially about all things intuitive. There is a big shift happening right now as people switch on their intuition. But access to good quality information is sometimes a bit lacking. My newsletter is all about pointing people in the right direction. That’s an exciting change for me.

I hope that these newsletters, like my blogs, will be of interest to many people. And I already know there will be a third newsletter in the near future for the people who use my mentoring services. It seems the way forward for me is more writing and channelling. That’s really exciting. I hope you will join me on this new journey.

Day 878 of my blogging challenge

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Research Versus Experience

11870676_1532919073649767_7136739335786519311_nI’m sitting in my office with a cup of coffee & several ginger biscuits thinking about how I’ve got to day 5 of my blog about my psychic life. And about the past few days when I’ve been aware that I would be writing a blog that shared something of my activities. The challenge to write about my day has made me take more notice. It’s  sharpened up my observation of what has been happening. It’s also helped remind me of all the great things I get to do and why I chose this life. It’s also reaffirmed how much I enjoy sharing experiences that help people view their lives in a different way. I realise I’ve turned into an active learner – curious, ready to give things a go, to get stuck in & make sense of it afterwards. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given.

I love books & always have. As a teenager most of my angst was discovered in the pages of books. I read anything & everything – fiction & non-fiction. It’s a cherished habit I still keep (even if I don’t make so much time to read as I once did). Books opened me up to other worlds, other cultures, the experiences of others. The words flowing across the page are spellbinding. If I get a book that grabs my attention I will stay up most of the night to finish reading it. I found it painful to realise that the wonder of books isn’t always carried over into the ‘real’ world. So in my 20’s I diverted into research – or rather, reading about research. Other people had the experiences, drew the conclusions & suggested ways I should filter my experience of the world. Think about all those diet books, DIY, cookery, travel books that are sitting on your shelf at the moment. Have you done what they all write about? Best of all, the books about parenting. I had loads. But they all contradicted themselves & I gave up reading them when I found the ‘one’ that appealed most to me. I can’t say I followed it but I did read it.

So where is all this going – more words, lol. I love books but I’ve stepped away from them. It wasn’t a painful separation as I still read. But now I read a lot less. I came across a subject that has had so many books written about it in the last 150 years that it would be impossible to read them all. Yes, it’s the info about being psychic or a medium. I have read a lot in the last 15 years or so but my reading list would still only scratch the surface. I read because I wanted to understand what this phenomenon was. I read because I was sceptical. I read because the personal stories were fascinating. I read across, around, and to the sides of the subject. The reading didn’t help me truly understand what being psychic or a medium was about. But still I kept reading.

Ten years ago I had some events happening in my life that were undeniable evidence that ‘something’ was actively trying to connect me with the world of mediumship. Total strangers were giving me indirect messages about developing my psychic ability. It was too random to be chance, if you know what I mean. So I found a spiritualist church near to me (but not the one that was closest) & stepped inside another world. Not necessarily a world I was totally unfamiliar with but certainly I world I had never experienced. And that is when the magic happened. In stepping into that new world – opening my mind to the possibility it might be ‘real’ – I found a new way of living my life. Contact with Guides can’t be learned through the covers of a book. You have to be open & listening. The books I’d read & continued to read helped me to understand some of what was happening & the process I was engaged in. It was the personal experiences, each random (at first) contact, each experiment to connect & each botched attempt that showed me how I connect & work.

Now I realise the value of experience. Not just because I’m in the second half of my life. I know that to try something might help me decide if I want more of it or less. Might help me to encourage others to try if they want more or less of something. That experience leads to choices. Giving people the choice to see me connect to Energy Beings through trance, or a reading or when I do a service in a church or spiritual centre can help them to decide if they want more connection or less. I’m not one for hiding aspects of my work away. For making the language or the process of experiencing Spirit contact difficult. So I intend to keep on sharing my experiences with others via my blog & my work in the hope that one day you will try out your own psychic abilities too. Having restated my purpose in life I’m going home for a rare evening off!