Warmth Of The Sun: Feeling The Positive Flood In

WarmthThursday is my live broadcast day on Facebook. The sun was still giving some warmth as I crunched along the frozen path to the beach. A perfect place to open up and feel the presence of Energy Beings.

I found a quiet place to sit because the sun had encouraged more people onto the beach today. The rocks underneath me felt solid. They helped me to feel grounded. A key thing when I want to open up to energy connections. Mother Earth gives me a positive energy boost that helps me reach the vibrational level of those who want to communicate. I felt the angels draw in close and add their energy to the mix. The sun warmed me and I relaxed into the flow of their communication. It’s a kind of magic that the words I speak in that connection come from the Energy Beings.

Every time I do it I am in awe of the unconditional love I am given. I love the warmth and generosity of their gift. I try my best to pass on that feeling, that energy. Because it is meant to be shared. Love is universal. It connects all of us in a spiritual web. We can come together as our Spirit selves shining that love through our human existence. That’s why I love to share the energy, the wisdom and the ways that everyone can access this warmth. Sitting in the sun, watching it gently set into the sea, I thought about the ways each of us can give and receive love. It’s amazing to wrap mysel or someone else up in the energy too. Again it reminds me that what we give out we get back.

I let the warmth of the sun blend with the warmth of the presence. All things considered it was a Light filled afternoon. In more ways than one. Furthermore, I felt a wave of love race back towards me as the sun dipped lower. Of course I soaked up as much energy as I could. That love will keep me warm for a long time. Not to mention powering me into the next year. Take a moment. Power yourself with love. After all, there is a new year to enjoy!

Day 765 of my blogging challenge 

Objects And Orbs On My Walk: I Wonder?

The sky was blue. The sun was shining. A perfect afternoon for a post-turkey walk. On the path I noticed some objects. Little thought provoking prompts.

Objects 1The first of these objects was a bicycle stranded by the side of the track. It seemed to be undamaged. I wondered who had left it there. Was it a Christmas reveller who found the path a bit too muddy? Or a Christmas gift abandoned out of forgetfulness by a child who had run home? Someone had certainly stepped off the road for some reason. It was a red bike. The colour of action. Lying there it spoke of inaction. I thought about my path this year. It’s been muddy, tricky to walk. And I’ve certainly had lots of times when I’ve stopped, paused, abandoned my journey. Been inactive. Weary of carrying on. Each time I have had to get myself going again by reminding myself I had things to do, places to go, achievements to accomplish.

Objects 2Further up the road I entered the woods. At the edge is a Mother Tree. She has many large branches which create a central platform to sit on. Glancing down at her roots I saw a another one of the objects. It was white, standing out amongst the leaf fall and green moss. It was a small piece of quartz with a point. I looked at where my eye was being drawn and saw the ivy on the tree trunk. Sitting like green jewels in the lush moss growth. I always take ivy as a sign for faithfulness and protection. The image of the tree, stone and ivy reminded me that this year I have had the support of many faithful friends. Their purity of intention has helped me to stay true to my purpose even under pressure this year.

I gave thanks for those friendships and left the tree to walk on towards the beach. I was curious to see whether there would be more objects for me.

Objects 3At the turn in the lane I caught the sun in the branches of a tree. Below it were puddles of water from last night’s rainfall. I thought about the Light that fills all of us. And the human emotions that can enhance or drown that Light. I have the opportunity to grow and branch out in any way I like. It’s up to me how I weather all of the storms, soak up the sunshine or put out new growth. If anyone objects to my choices it’s up to me to decide if I want to pay attention to what they say. My journey this year has been a lesson in staying in the positive, higher emotions.  Even when others have been passing on waves of low or negative emotions. Like the tree I have been reaching for the Light whenever possible.

Objects 4Ambling along the lane I was deep in my thoughts when a dog raced by. A dog on it’s own with somewhere to go. However, he paused when he heard me say hello. I turned to face him as he stood in the middle of the lane and started at me. So I told him he was a good dog. He was weighing me up. I smiled at him considering me. This dog reminded me of me. I was born in the year of the dog. This year I have been practicing holding my ground and protecting my territory. That’s not necessarily a physical space, rather my inner world. I’m fiercely loyal but sometimes this year have forgotten to be loyal to myself. The dog and I paused, checked each other out and then went our separate ways.

The afternoon was certainly full of objects, like signals from my Guides, that were showing me the high points of my year. I wondered what the beach would bring.

I’m always aware of the Energy Beings around me. Most of the time it’s in the back of my mind. They only step forward when I ask them to. Yet as I stepped onto the sand I felt the boost of their connection to me. The sound of the waves, the cry of a raven, the crunch of shells underfoot. Everything was heightened. The cool breeze mingled with the warmth of the sun. I felt that I wanted to walk into the waves a little. The tide was coming in. I watched the sea wrack bob along the surface of the waves. It was peaceful. I had the beach to myself for a few moments.

Objects 5Taking out my phone I decided to see if I could catch the view. Something about the stillness spoke to me about the waves of energy I’ve experienced all year. From a turbulent start I feel I have reached a place of calm. The waves of my feelings have gradually worn themselves away to a gentle flow. Standing in the water I snapped away. Sometimes I have been fortunate to get light anomalies, orbs, in my photos. Especially when my Guides want to remind me that I’m not alone. Sometimes I can see the orbs quite clearly with my human sight. Sometimes I rely on my clairvoyance. And sometimes I sense the energy but can’t ‘see’ it until I look at the pictures. Today I had a beautiful turquoise orb.

Objects on photos are often exlained as an aspect of the technology being used. Lens flares, flashes, shutter speed, angles and all sorts of other things. That’s interesting. But today I felt the presence of a Spirit and feel I caught it in my pictures. It reminded me to stay true to what I believe. In exactly the same way as I have all year.

Day 763 of my blogging challenge

Getting a Grip: Moving Saturn’s Lessons On

Getting clearPhew! What a heavy few days. Saturn has really been shaking that Leo pride about. And giving me wobbles too. Today I feel I’m getting back on track. At last!

I welcomed in the New Moon knowing that there was also some tricky energy sttached to this one. Saturn had stepped forward to play a leading role. I always struggle with Saturn. He is all about responsibility, duty and lessons. Saturn energy makes me want to run and hide. Mainly because it reinforces my sense of obligations. And the need to act like an adult. That means I have to own everything I feel, think and do. Plus Saturn makes me consider very deeply if I am creating positive energy in my life. Because he has a trick of getting me to think of all the times I’ve wallowed in negativity.

This is only to ensure that I have ‘learned my lesson’ so to speak. But I find it hard sometimes to look back. My old emotions and thoughts get triggered. And sometimes I realise I am still hanging on to things that are distorting my present life. Of course the good that comes out if this is that I redouble my efforts to let go. But before I get to that point I can be very wobbly. That’s exhausting. Taken to gather with the Leo energy, having to look at what I pride myself on, it’s been a sobering few days. An almost ‘I’m really rubbish at this or that’ few days. Even a ‘give up now’ sort of thought train in my head.

Getting through this thought-provoking energy has been my challenge. Staying grounded in myself, my abilities and the help I can call on has been a key focus for me.

After all, I know I require help sometimes. I’ve even freed up more room for me to receive it. Grabbing the chance to clear my internal clutter once more through the kind help of other people. I also realised that the process of clearing is almost at an end. The stuff that surfaced in the past week is really old, deeply stuck experiences. So I was very grateful today to feel like I am getting through this energy phase. I’m digging up the real me and starting to be very proud of her achievements and abilities. That is important. This month is all about letting in the Light. Reminding myself that I have a purpose underpinning my life. And that only by being my true self will I achieve what my Spirit desires.

August’s energy is all about re-dedicating myself to serving for my highest good. To the benefit of a greater good. However, I have to make my promises without any clear picture of what that service entails. Except that I know I will be getting a chance to use all of my skills and talents. In the best possible way. If I let myself do this. I also appreciate that there will still be fears to overcome, doubts to dismiss and uncertainty to rise above. But the Saturn energy has been showing me that I have done this before so I can certainly do it again. All I have to set my mind and heart to is doing my best in any given moment. Then to let the Universal energy take care of all the rest.

I’m getting ready for a big shift. That step into trusting myself, my life and my wisdom no matter what service comes my way. I know I can do it. Saturn has reminded me that I can. I’m ready to welcome the Light. Are you ready to join me there?

Day 617 of my blogging challenge

Seeing the Big Picture

I’m always grateful for a chance to step back and see the big picture. Today has been a long conversation with myself to bring to the surface all of the things I’ve been ignoring.

I know that there are two more energy shifts on the way in. It’s time to choose what I want for the next ten years. I also know that some of the options will hold me to old patterns. Getting a chance to look at the big issues, the fears and the opportunities is the only way to make sure I move forward in the best way. Helping me work through the information I have inside me has been a good friend and also my Spirit Team. Taking time out with an intuitive friend has always helped me to make sense of things. So I’m glad of the chance to meet up with her today.

Of course my Spirit Team are always around but do I always listen? Cue big sighs, laughter and a general feeling of never from my Guides. They must get fed up with me at times. That’s because I get dragged into the detail instead of staying with the overview. They ask me to trust that everything is working out perfectly as it should. Then I go ahead and try to manage the detail. But not for the rest of this year. Worrying about details is a pointless exercise right now. It’s time for me to set my intentions for the new energy in January. So I need to be thinking in wider ways.

That’s why I have been looking at the trends of the last nine years. Working out the numerology of my Nine life. Counting up what I’ve achieved as well as what is still left to be done.

I know that before I got here I set up my blueprint. My plan of what I wanted my Spirit to achieve from this life. Sometimes I’ve gone off plan. Occasionally I’ve dumped the plan altogether. Every now and then I’ve flowed with what I designed for myself. I can feel those times. Looking back over the last nine years there were great leaps forward. And a few steps back too. Or even stopping altogether. Yet here I am. With so much more still to progress.

I can’t move forward if I don’t look at it all. If I fail to consider the different interpretations of my experiences. Getting an outside view, with the help of my Earthly and Spirit friends, puts the big picture into context. I can measure up the options open to me by whether they are old habits or new ways to progress. I can choose a different direction, or intention, or lifestyle. There are so many ways I can go to grow myself more. Looking at the new year I can remind myself that I want to shine more of my Light. The Spirit in all of us can radiate through the human body and share more love into the world. My choices have to be based on that.

I believe it’s time to be all that I am. To share as much of the highest vibrations that I can. And I hope that as many people as possible will join me in choosing the Light over Shadow. Love instead of fear.

Day 387 of my blogging challenge.

One to One Intuitive Development

img_2359It’s been a kind of float along day. After a night of interdimensional travelling and prepearing for tonight’s physical mediumship circle I needed a gentle energy flow. So it was great to do some healing work and some intuitive development.

Although I love teaching in small groups or workshops one of my favourite ways of offering development is with one to one sessions. Getting over the barriers of disbelief, distrust and doubt about my intuitive abilities was really hard. I had to clear a lot of stuck energy from my aura. As well as old feelings and beliefs. Although I enjoyed attending a development circle I didn’t always feel like I got my questions answered. There were a lot of us with questions and only a limited amount of time each week. When my Guides asked me to help others develop I realised that I wanted to offer one to one opportunities.

However, it took me quite a few years to gain enough confidence to offer them as an actual route into development. It seemed to me that people were much more used to being part of a group. And I hadn’t quite worked out how someone would practice readings if they were only working with me. I also felt that I didn’t have a framework that I could offer. Having developed my mediumship rather more intuitively than in a structured way I somehow thought I should offer something with a logical order. It took me a few years to realise that what I had to offer was exactly what I had learned. Development of intuitive abilities is a process. But not a ridgid one. There is no right or wrong way to go about it.

In fact I was reminded very often by my Guides that I had to start from where people are. I do that in my workshops anyway. Offering one to one work would surely be based on the same idea.

Encouraged to give it a try I am very grateful for the people who became my guinea pigs. They helped me to work out individual bits of the process so that I could step someone through the exploration of their abilities in a way that was both personal and right for them. I became much more excited about this way of working with someone too. Giving my whole time and attention to one student meant that they got the best of me that I could give. Each session could flow intuitively from one to the next. Blocks and limitations could be worked through in private. Best of all, their Guides could prompt me with whatever development work was needed each time.

I also found that I could do this work with people online. Of course, it makes sense that energy work is not restricted by time and space. But it takes a while for that to sink in when you are used to a material version of reality. Being able to work with someone anywhere in the world was good for me. It meant I had to think about cultural and social differences. It also meant that I used all sorts of different models of development. In fact it reopened my Shamanistic, Wiccan and Buddhist experiences alongside Spiritualism and one or two other models of developing intuition.

I enjoy helping people. It’s great to have another way of offering someone support whilst they learn about their intuition. And the end product is someone else ready to shine their Light in the world. I’d call that a win/win ?

Day 376 of my blogging challenge.

Moon Messages Of Love

imageDriving home from Blackburn Spiritualist Centre tonight after my service I couldn’t help but notice the Moon. Half full, bright and dark, she was lighting my way home.

I started to think about my year. I spend quite a bit of time giving messages, one way or another. This year has been no different in that respect. Yet quite a few of the people I have spoken to on behalf of their loved ones have been dealing with the shadow side of life. Death has taken their loved ones in what seem to be particularly cruel ways. How can that be, they ask. I do my best to get the strongest connections I can for these people. I know that their loved ones will want to bring reassurance, comfort and sometimes explanations to those of us left behind. Like the moon, sometimes the whole story is hidden. Yet, like the moon, I know the Spirit people want to bring light.

Grief brings with it many shadows. I know that from my own personal experiences. The nagging doubt that I could have, should have done more. The regret at the last quarrel or missed opportunity. All of the should’ves, would’ves and could’ves. The sense of it all being far too late. Many questions about did I forget something. And one that I think is the worst of all …if only. Yet there is no undoing the past. I know that. But I still wished it many times. So I welcome the messages I can pass on to loved ones. The contact that can lift the shadows away somewhat. The messages that can encourage us to live every day to the full.

The light of the Moon seems to me to be the perfect reminder that in the dark places there is still room for hope.

Even when the grief was at it’s deepest I knew that somehow there would be a time when the sadness and loss lifted a little. Our loved ones come to remind us that life goes on. That they want us to go on with our lives. I have heard them say love is eternal so many times. It makes perfect sense to me that I will be with them again. So I try to pass on as much as I can to the people who have joined my on the journey through grief. If I can share my experiences and my communications I might be able to bring a little light as well. Knowing that life has a shadow side I can go forward by finding as much light as possible.

Every day I count my blessings. I share as much laughter as I can. Each day is a precious gift of more time to spend with those I love. I hope that today has been a light day for you.

Day 301 of my blogging challenge.

August 1st – Let the Light Shine

imageIt’s appropriate to be here in Scotland on the First of August. It’s Lughnassadh, the day of Lugh, when the harvests would begin. Als.o known as Lammas. It’s a good time to think about what I have grown this year.

August is the month which turns my thoughts to the approaching autumnal breezes. I enjoy the sunshine as much as I can whilst most of this part of the world are all away on holiday. Many of us are enjoying a rest from our toils before we start storing up for the Winter months. So it’s a good time to reflect. The Celtic, Gaelic or Pagan tradition (there are several definitions that boil down to mostly the same thing) about Lugh, the god who gave his name to this celebration relates to his efforts to win a good harvest for mankind. To our ancestors a good harvest of crops was certainly something to celebrate. And it could also have been hard won too. We are much less connected to the harvest in modern times because our industrial mindset means we can have all sorts of things out of season.

At noon today I went up into the forrest with my candle and crystals to be part of this first August harvest day. Doing this is a way I can reconnect with those ancestors who held the land to be a precious part of their lives.

I also wanted to acknowledge one of the meanings of Lugh – the Light. When I set out on my spiritual journey I wanted to shed light on why I was here. My search for meaning led me into dark corners as well as light spaces. I had to face my fears about life. And about myself. Being on a retreat away from the busy world for the last week I’ve been walking the paths of my past. I’m busy writing a book. Recalling my journey has brought yet more to the surface. I’ve had to consider what has worked out for me and what hasn’t. There has been some refocusing going on too. Taking my journey forward is only possible if I acknowledge where I’ve got to so far.

It’s time for me to harvest all that I have grown. And to understand those ventures that have floundered or failed. Sitting at the base of a ‘mother’ tree I lit my candle. I asked for the Light to continue to guide me forward. Then I spent some time in meditation, checking in with what I have harvested within myself. None of this would have been possible had I chosen to ignore my spiritual connections. Through my contact with the Spirit World I have discovered my deep faith in the existence of Divine. I have been fortunate enough to ‘feel’ the presence of something pure and Light.

Siting here writing a blog that is a numerological 8 I feel the connection to infinity, to the ArchAngels and to the Light. Being in the forrest today I also felt the connection to Mother Earth, to the plants, animals and people who share her with me. A beautiful harvest. So much magic in all that is ?

Day 260 of my blogging challenge. 

Standing in the Light of Love

imageI’ve had an amazing day. I love meeting new people. Making the connections I am supposed to make.

I feel so privileged to help people see that they have been standing in their own Light all of their lives. When people do finally stand in their own Light they are able to become new people. The person they had hidden underneath all along. I know that we all have a tendency to stand back from our own Light. I’ve been judged so many times, often without actually meeting the person doing the judging, so it’s no wonder that the energy of those opinions has ‘soaked in’ to my view of myself. My thoughts have become less accepting of myself. I have become less loving of who I am. So I’ve definitely been standing back.

At the Psychic Club today I led an exercise to help everyone feel their individual intuitive vibration. This is a great way I use to get people aware of how Light they already are. Then I take them further into the exercise so that they can raise the amount of Light energy they are receiving. I guess for Light you could substitute the word Love. To me Light and Love are one and the same. When we are standing in our own Light we are loving ourselves enough to recognise how unique we are. It also means that I am ready and able to shine out that Love to others.

I often feel that’s the big mistake we make about love.

We believe we have to first give it to others so we can get it back. But we don’t see that energy is a circular flow. What we carry in our aura energy goes out to others. If I’m standing back from loving myself I know my aura will also be standing back from giving love to others. Perhaps what I am giving out isn’t really love at all. Maybe I’m sending out an energy wave because I feel it’s my duty or my responsibility or because I ought.

I can tell myself it’s love. But how can I understand if it is when I’m not prepared to receive love from myself. So standing in my own Light/Love is a way to both give and receive. To and from myself and others. If I wish to have more Light people in my life then it makes sense I have to give myself Light. That way I will radiate the Light in my aura energy out to others. And based on the principle of what you give out you get back, hey presto, more Light arrives!

What can I do to step into my own Light then? Especially as doing so can have more benefits for all of the people I connect with. This is often the hard bit. I have to recognise that in any moment I am unique. There is no other Spirit on this planet who has the same set of energy vibrations as me. Never mind that I have human flaws. What counts is my unique contribution to the energy ocean that we perceive as this life. So what is that contribution? I can choose to shine my Light or I can surround myself with darkness. By shining my Light I can light up the darkness so others can shine too.

All of my teaching work is about standing in my own Light so that others are encouraged to shine too.

I dream of a world where all of us are bright, twinkling lights joined together and radiating such strong Love that fear, aggression, hate and war would be a dim memory. Please find and shine your Light by learning to Love yourself. I want to join you in making the whole of Mother Earth a beacon of Light!

Day 251 of my blogging challenge.

The End of the Tunnel

imageSome days it’s hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Or even to realise that you are in the tunnel to start with. I’ve written before about the flooding that hit the Calder Valley on Boxing Day last year. It took the community quite a while to find our feet again even though lots of practical help was on offer. Being plunged into the darkness (literally for a lot of us as the electricity was out for three days) of devastation on a large scale was disorienting. Now as the Valley rebuilds we are finally noticing the light at the end of this particular tunnel. So much so that we are having an alternative Christmas Day on 25th of June to celebrate our recovery and thank all the people who helped in any way.

We are not the only place to have dealt with extreme weather over the last six months. I am sure that the extremes will continue until we adapt our ways of working in partnership with Mother Earth. There is a big challenge facing all of us. We have to find different ways to generate the power we need, to build the shelters we need and to feed ourselves. Yet a massive part of our energy is put into aggression towards one another – into war. Weapons that could be food or shelter instead. Money spent in bomb shelters and defensive fortifications when people live in slums and shanty towns. We are still in the darkness. We may have talked about the tunnel but not all of us recognise we are in it. And there is very little said or done to help us find the light at the end of it.

When I hear about the natural and man made disasters that flow through the evening news I look for the light. What are these events about? Where is the positive news? The reports focus on the pain not the courage. Why is that? It’s a debate I’ve had with my Guides over and over. We give our attention to our fears they reply. We focus on the low energy emotions and thoughts. We forget to look for the tunnel. We ignore the light. We stay stuck in the misery so the same things have to happen time and time again. Each one bigger, worse, more challenging. Until we decide to come out of the tunnel into the Light. When we recognise that we are all the same. We are all humans. When we take responsibility for ourselves. When we recognise that we share the Earth between us and that no one has any greater claim to it than anyone else. When we understand that we own nothing. When we learn that we can take nothing with us from this world into the next. When we reject all man made religion and replace it with love and compassion.

It’s a big ask. It means we have to grow up and stand up for love and compassion. Not by  more violence and aggression but by behaving the way we would wish to be treated. We have to help each other notice the darkness, realise the tunnel that we are trapped in and turn towards the light at the end of it. I am sending out healing thoughts to all affected by violence and aggression today. I’m also asking the Universe to bring an end to the conditions that create in people the urge for violence towards others. I know it’s going to be a big ask but I trust that if enough of us are sending out that request the Light of a peaceful world will eventually dawn on all of us. Please join me ??? so that one day we may all celebrate as one.

Day 210 of my blogging challenge. 

Sprinkles of sunshine

imageOne of today’s themes has been all about sprinkles of sunshine. First of all the sun came out from behind the clouds. Here in the UK we focus endlessly on the weather because it really can be unpredictable. Living in a place where it tends to rain a lot any sunshine is a nice bonus. That wonderful combination of sun and rain means I’m also lucky enough to live in an area that is very green. The trees are budding, daffodils are bouncing into flower and my garden is full of the signs of Spring. Although I have to say my friend the Gnome is still a bit grumpy with me for not yet tidying up around the flower pots. And yes, I do mean a gnome, an elemental who lives to be of service to Mother Earth, who has a warm heart but tells me off every time I go in and out of the house.

There was a ray of sunshine too when I dropped off a donated TV to someone who needed it. I love to be involved in re-homing things. We have become so used to disposing of things once we have the next new technology that we forget what it cost Mother Earth to provide the old technology for us. Even the carpets in the Centre, when they are replaced this week, will be going on to a new home. They are still usable and will help someone who might not be able to get comfy new floor covering yet. Also this week in the Centre two car booster seats and a uniform have found new homes because other people also look to re-home not throw away. So plenty of sprinkles of sunshine around those acts of giving.

I’ve been fortunate enough today to sprinkle some rays of sunshine on behalf of the Spirit World too. I love doing readings for people. Connecting them to loved ones and Guides is a great privilege. Not only because I can pass on the love, laughter and positive encouragement of their loved ones. I get to work within a beautiful, loving energy too. The Spirit World are kind enough to share their energy with me so that I feel like I have spent hours in the sunshine too. On top of that, as my Mum is one of my Guides, I also got to catch up with her today too. She was ‘on duty’ in my Guide team and looked after all of the Spirits who stepped in to talk through me. Another sprinkle of sunbeams!

There were also sunbeams in all of my conversations with people who dropped by for a while. It’s lovely to sit and listen to how everyone is doing, to catch up on thier news and to notice the progress they are making in their lives too. Helping conversations turn into positive affirmations about our lives is a fab outcome for me. So much positive radiated from all of the conversations. New ideas, fresh directions, interesting options and powerful choices featured – even when the person speaking might not have realised that that is what they were saying. Sprinkles of sunshine are contagious. It only takes one person to say something positive, or be excited about something that is happening, and everyone wants to join in. Chat, smiles and laughter soon follow when we are all celebrating our successes.

Finally, a huge sprinkle of sunshine happened during my one to one teaching session. I love helping someone to find their Guides and inspirers. Building up a relationship of trust is a key part of starting to believe in your own abilities. Guides are our first opportunity to trust that what we are seeing, hearing or sensing is real. They can help us remove the promptings of our ego doubt. So being with someone as they make those initial steps of connection is wonderful. The Guides who came brought the confirmation that my student had been looking for. The sun really did shine on this way of working closer together.

I tend to write my blog last thing of the day. It helps me to reflect on what has happened, process how my day has felt and clear my energy field for the new day ahead. Today I have been in so much Light, surrounded by peaceful, loving kindness and hope. I will treasure the sprinkles of sunshine that I’ve stored away in my memory to help me when the clouds roll in. Life, like the weather, is unpredictable, changeable. My store of sprinkles will keep me in the warmth of the Light until I notice then next sunbeams that fall into my day. I wish you many sunbeam sprinkled days to balance the clouds.

Day139 of my blogging challenge.