Family, Friends, Festivities

It’s been a day to remember family and friends as I enjoy the Christmas festivities. This time last year the flood alert had been sounded and it was an anxious time. Today I’ve spent a peaceful time knowing that the people I care for are celebrating too.

Whether it was messages to and from family members above and below or a visit to my local pub to say hello to everyone I loved the festivities. Yet quite a chunk of the day was spent on my own. I’m comfortable in my own company. The solitude is something very precious to me. As is the opportunity to be with my family later in the day. Even though the town is quiet I’ve chatted to people I know. This mix has made for a perfect day. From my first cuppa, through cooking dinner and watching TV with a glass of wine I’ve loved my day.

As I sat watching an old film this morning I thought about all the small things that make for a perfect today. Greetings cards. A cup of tea. Presents ready to be opened. Facebook and text messages from family and friends. The joy of a perfect present that cost almost nothing. Harry Potter. Brussels sprouts. Laughter. Tears. There is love and joy flowing through my life. Theses festivities have shown me how much is precious and priceless. Because the memories will long outlive the day. Whether I’m sitting here on my own or sharing my time with others.

However, not all of us have family, friends or share the festivities. But that doesn’t mean the day is any less a perfect one. Each new day gives me an opportunity to send out the energy of love and joy. Every day is a chance to store up good memories. All I have to do is recognise that option and choose to make it so. At the end of my wonderful day I send you wishes for lots more joyful, memorable days ❤️

Day 406 of my blogging challenge.

Joyful at the New Beginning

This month I have three anniversaries of loved ones passing over to the world of Spirit. Although they have happened over a number of years it took me a while to feel joyful about their loss.

I know it might sound strange to say that their loss was joyful. I felt the pain of their going. An empty space was created just at the point of the year when I feel the connection most to family and friends. Grief at a time of celebration is hard to handle. With each loss I struggled to immerse myself once again in the festivities surrounding the turn of the year. Sitting around the dinner table knowing that these people had gone beyond my means of connection. Remembering that they were frozen in time now. Lost to me as my years clicked by but theirs didn’t.

This was long before I understood about the Spirit World. The afterlife that I now believe waits for all of us. I walked through my grief thinking I had lost these loved ones forever. Each December I remembered their absence with a pang. Death happens. It is a certainty in an uncertain world. Yet I struggled to understand why these people had been taken away from me. I wanted them back. There were lots of natural reasons for my desire to make the world back into what it had been. In some ways I was still a child, afraid of the unknown, wandering in the dark.

Eventually I started to discover my ability to communicate with Spirit people. It was a frustrating and joyful process.

My views about the exsistence of an afterlife changed as a result of my experiences. I learned that there were Spirit people ready and able to talk to me. So long as I paid attention to them. I also learned that they enjoyed making the connections with us. They wanted to remind us of their love. But I found it hard to get to speak to my own loved ones. Over and over I asked them to talk to me. It seemed that they had gone silent. I wondered if they were really there. Or if they did still love me. It was my lesson in patience.

Of course I asked my Guides to help me all the time. Even they seemed slow to respond. Until one particular day. They must have decided I was ready to hear what they needed to tell me. I’m not sure I was listening as much as I should. But they have told me exactly the same many times since. My Guides asked me to think about death from the perspective of the person who had passed over. They asked me to think about this change as a birth. A new beginning or a return to where we had left off in the Spirit World.

My Guides wanted me to consider what it would feel like to wake up dead. And to find myself surrounded by loved ones.

It was a question which I thought about a lot. How would it feel? I thought at first I would be a bit shocked. Perhaps sad that I’d had to leave the Earth. But I would also feel glad to be seeing the people I loved once more. Maybe I would wonder if I’d left anything unfinished. Perhaps I would be relieved that all physical pain had disappeared. Or wanting to go back and be with someone I’d left behind. I began to see that moving from this life to the next would provoke such a mixture of feelings.

At this point my Guides reminded me that I would be reunited with people I had missed, perhaps for a long time, and there would be catching up to do. I finally had a light bulb moment. It would be a celebration to find myself back with those people. I would be joyful to see all of them again. And surely they would see this as a joyful occasion too? Even if there is no such thing as time in the Spirit World they would be meeting me as a changed person from the one they knew. One of my grandma’s died when I was a child. I wonder what we would talk about if I met her now?

That became another interesting question. How joyful to finally reconnect, share, and discuss our life together with a lady who I will always remember from a child’s point of view. Inside or perhaps hidden underneath the grief is an opportunity to once again share the love we had in this life. I am remembering my loved ones tonight with joy knowing that they found joy in returning to their loved ones. And I will share in that joy when it is my time to become Spirit once more.

Day 401 of my blogging challenge.

Passion to Create

imageFinding my passion to create is one of the really special aspects of the journey I started ten years ago. I began to acknowledge that there was something more to this life than what could be experienced in a material way. Stepping fully into an exploration of my intuitive abilities opened so many new doors for me. It also gave me lots of experiences where I could be creative. And I gave myself permission to create and to enjoy doing so. Today was a day of more creativity.

My good friend Jan and I are getting ready to launch something new in June this year. It is the end of a strand of work that has kept up us creating for four years at least. We have regular catch ups to keep us on track so sitting together today we talked about the end of one phase being the beginning of another. That is what happens when you get creative. When you find your passion in an inspired activity you end up with lots of interesting projects, prototypes and seemingly endless work. As one step fades into another you move forward to the next challenge. The excitement of creating keeps you bouncing new ideas around. Out if this process you can end up with some wonderful products or services.

The passion to create returned again later in the day when I was doing some business mentoring. I tend to work without a structure. I don’t make formal plans as such. What I keep in mind for my business is all about my passion. I have always wanted to help people. Then I learned that it was important to wait until they had identified what help they needed for themselves. By creating the right circumstances I was able to help people work it out for themselves creatively. Then I could get on with providing some of what they decided they needed. In the same way when you decide to work for yourself you have to be prepared to follow your passion. Successful businesses are built by the owner who loves what they are doing, can ignore the ups and downs and can hold the vision of the eventual outcomes. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, in any walk of life, then your activity is without joy.

Joy is an important ingredient. We all recognise brilliant customer service when we get it because the person giving it does so with joy. We can recognise the absence of joy in anything when it really isn’t there. The energy vibration of loving the work you do is very strong. In a world that understood energy vibrations we would certainly want to have only those things that were filled with joy. Passion, the feeling of joy, in being creative can be about finding a solution to an issue, making a new product, writing a blog or painting your own pictures. My passion for creating has included all of those activities. So I’ve had a lot of joy from my business over the years.

If you decide that you want to run a spiritual business you have an even greater responsibility to follow your passion. The whole of my business life is about spirituality in action. I want to walk the walk not just talk the talk. Otherwise I will struggle to find joy because I’m not being my authentic self. Deciding what to create for my business vision, putting that into action and dealing with unexpected outcomes will be draining if there is no joy in what I do. Before you step into your own business it’s wise to make sure you understand what it is you want to create. What is the passion that drives you forward? Is it enough to keep you going through the challenging times? Write it down. Write it down again. Write it down for a third time. Are you still clear about what you want to create? Is there enough passion and power for you to launch your new project?

We are all creative beings – really good at finding new ways & ideas – with a passion for producing all sorts of ‘things’. Some of those things are concrete and some are more insubstantial. Recognising our creativity, making sure that we use it and doing what brings us joy, because we can, is the perfect ‘working life’ we deserve. How much joy does your work give you?

Day 163 of my blogging challenge.