An Inventory Of My Don’ts: Breaking Old Habits

inventoryI know that old patterns die hard. Today I spent a little time taking an inventory of my don’ts. Thos things that will lead me back into old habits. As many things I could think of so I could avoid behaviours that pull me or hold me back.

My Guides always tell me that I an unique. They remind me to see all my life’s experiences as opportunities to help me love me better. However they also recognise that I have been and can be stuck in self defeating behaviours and attitudes. Beliefs that prevent me from making the best of myself. So every now and again they encourage me to make a list, take stock, have an inventory of my don’ts. To remind me what I have stopped doing. And to help me avoid staring doing them again. It also felt important to do this today because I am into the last fifty of my blogs. A record of nearly three years of my life. When I think about my blogs I can see some very clear messages about how to live my life going forward.

When my daily blog no longer provides a space for me to clear my mind before ending my day. I will still have these writings to refer back to. Because I have written through the good days and the not so good ones. Keeping an inventory of the challenges that I worked through. A record of my achievements and prototypes. All of the ways so far that I have explored being a Spirit in a human body. It’s interesting that some of my don’ts have settled in easily. Whilst others have required my constant attention and vigilance. That gives me a lot more to think about. To understand more completely what this blended being is that I call Annie.

I believe that we spend time here to embrace the absence of love. To learn how to recognise and love ourselves as completely as possible. And that enlightenment occurs once we can love our Spirt/Human self in spite of the events that happen to us in this material world. So the dont’s inventory is a great way to make sure I have swapped to loving me enough to be kind to me. Is it time you took inventory too?

Day 951 of my blogging challenge