Ideas Drop Into My Mind When Least Expected!

ideasMore ideas have been dropping into my head today. Rather in random fashion. But inspiring me all the same. I love living intuitively. Though to my analytical, planning brain it can seem rather like a hodge podge of stuff all at once.

It all connects to the fact that I couldn’t remember what day it was. I’ve been going around as if it was Thursday. But it’s only Wednesday. It’s all that timey wimey stuff that happens when I get out of sync with the material world. Nothing makes that happen better than to get a chunk of time to myself. And when I am out of sync the issues that have needed a solution suddenly get solved. Because all sorts of ideas can make themselves visible to my conscious mind. And I often hear the chuckle that accompanies them. Along with the gentle ‘we’ve got this’ that comes from my Guides or the Angels. I know then that they have been waiting for me to clear away the logical, practical stuff so they can let me know where my answers are waiting.

Of course I get ideas all the time. However those are often what my logical mind thinks will be the best bet for me. That can mean they are influenced by my Ego Mind. The bit of me that can be pushing answers based on my fears. When I am in my Intuitive Mind I feel the energy of the ideas too. And I can tell much better what I need to do from a place of love. Because the intuitive ideas all arise out of the unconditional love that flows through my Spirit. My Spirit is connected to the Universal flow of energy and is able to ‘see’ what will bring the best outcomes for me and everyone around me. That makes it really exciting to get an answer, an idea, which will move something I am doing forward.

Getting intuitive ideas is all about becoming unfocused. Letting go of the issue and relegating it to the back of my mind. Sort of forgetting that it’s there in the first place. And understanding that when I need to know an answer it will drift in front of me. Like today. Three things I had let slide away bounced back. Three ideas that will deal with some exciting pieces of work. So, is it time to let the ideas surface for you?

Day 965 of my blogging challenge

Trusting the Connections

If I needed proof that trusting is the best thing to do then today has been miraculous. All day connections have been happening to me. It’s as if the Universe wanted to say Ta Da!

Wanted to show me what could be achieved if I adopted a trusting approach to my problems. Shifted my focus and let go of my worries. Because it’s hard to break the worry pattern once it’s been adopted by the Ego mind. I have seen the Law of Attraction in action all through my activities today. From the cup of tea with a friend who has a lot of knowledge about designing courses to the conversation at a digital training event about my Passion Planner. The gift of knowledge from another dear friend. And the in between moments when I was asked for appointments, sent out healing and had a great laugh with the pieces being posted in my Inspired 2 Write group.

What a contrast then to sit down at the training event and notice we were all on our mobiles. Hiding from saying hello to one another. Waiting for someone else to break the ice. It reminded me of something I read in my newsfeed earlier in the day. People often debate if mediums are special or gifted. They say only a few can do what I do. And go on to explain why they can’t do it. Often to the point of saying that connections aren’t real. Not trusting themselves to explore whether the connections can be opened up. Yet I know from my experiences that everyone can connect with Energy Beings. Every single person on the planet. If they wanted to. I certainly did. My curiosity pushed me to try. I refused to believe that this ability was restricted by genetics.

Trusting that my search for understanding would bring me evidence and eventually clarity I kept communicating. But like using a mobile I sometimes blocked what I received.

It took me a long time to become trusting enough to answer back the hello from the other side. To sit at a table of strangers and start a conversation. I wonder how many people sit at the table with their Spirit teams but are reluctant to say hello. How many distract themselves with looking busy. Or looking anywhere but around the table. I know they are missing out. There is so much we can learn by exploring our intuitive nature. Best of all I know that it led me to living on the edge. Taking a risk and living my life in happiness as much of the time as I could. Following my heart and trusting that what I required would come to me.

Once again I’m amazed. Today has been wonderful. I feel as if I’ve passed another self test. My intuitive mind has taken the lead. I asked for help and I’ve been given so much. I want to stay on the edge of life. Ready to surf the waves knowing and trusting that I will always be safe. My connections to my Guides are strong. I’m ready to be of service. Where ever it;small going it’s going to be a fun ride 💜

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A Life Less Predictable

img_2286I would have liked to sleep in this morning. Instead I had readings to do, meditation to lead and a Drop In to run. Working for myself I fondly imagined I would be able to please myself about my day.

That is where I was wrong. Living an intuitive life means things are less predictable than I once imagined. Of course, as my own boss, I can set my own working hours. It’s just that sometimes I am drawn to say yes when perhaps I had intended to say no. I guess when I started out working publicly as a medium I assumed that there would be an even, steady flow of work. People who booked to see me would stick to their appointments. I would have certain days only when I was available. And I would have lots of time for the things I thought I would like to do.

I imagined predictable things would happen. Readings, church services, a bit of teaching and some healing. There would be a pattern and a flow so I would have a diary filled with organised days. Of course it has never worked like that. Not that I haven’t tried to make my days an organised dream. Or that part of me has been itching to colour code, block out and schedule everything neatly. As the years have clicked by each new diary has had planner and pages noted and marked. Events and workshops placed on dates where I am certain they will fit beautifully with everything else. Only to find six or eight weeks in the appointments and lists are a hotch potch of crossings out. All order thrown firmly out of the window.

I do it so often that redoing my diary is now predictable. Perhaps the only thing that is when I’m looking to the future.

For that’s another thing I’m often asked to do for people. They want me to predict for them without realising that not everything is set in stone. It’s predictable that if we always do what we have always done then we will always get what we alway got. The future is only available for me to read if the person concerned is willing to change course. Having something new happen relies on creating the energy and will to change the pattern we have now. So one of my biggest strides with my work and business was when I realised that old habits die hard. I had to learn to free myself up to the unpredictable nature of change.

My intuition always prompts me when change energy is on the way in. If I pay careful enough attention I can even predict what the changes are likely to be. Of course, I may resist the changes, especially if I have got too comfortable in my current pattern. Yet if I do follow what my intuition, or my heart, suggests I find myself in a better situation. I meet new and interesting people. There are fresh work opportunities. I have fun. Things change a bit and I hold onto the past less. Eventually something reminds me how much I have changed from the way I used to be. This is the process of evolution in action. My life is helping me to grow and thrive. I know it can feel strange or unsettled for a while but now I wouldn’t swap my intuitive life for predictability.

Day 347 of my blogging challenge.

Taking a Forward Look into 2017

img_2229There is a lot of full moon energy about today. I always enjoy the boost it gives me. Especially when it’s time to look forward at the new year.

I know that we still have a couple of months before 2017 starts but I took the opportunity today to have a discussion about my forward plans at the Down 2 Earth Centre. I find that when I explain things to others the sound of what I’m saying always pings when it feels right. It’s part of my way of living an intuitive life. I’ve spent so much time being steered by my head, following what I thought was best, but ending up not engaged in something I’m passionate about. To step out of that way of planning things was scary. After all it’s conditioning I’ve had since I was at school.

I have found it hard to follow my feelings. Especially because in school and throughout a lot of my adult life I was guided by what I thought. There is an expectation that we will do practical things. Work at what brings in money. Be driven by the need to survive rather than by the need to be happy. So when I planned anything it had to be structured around earning money, paying my way and making a useful contribution. Anything else got me thinking fearful or unconfident things. Even when I started working for myself nearly 20 years ago I approached what I was doing in a rational way. Strange that my plans didn’t seem to work the way I expected.

That’s the realisation I came to after years of forward planning that never quite took me where I wanted to go. So I looked around for a new way of looking to the future.

It helped a lot that by this time I was also learning about tuning in to energy. I was paying a lot more attention to what I felt. My Guides were making themselves known. I practiced being aware of my feelings before I made decisions. In time I realised that what made me feel happy didn’t always feature in my plans. There was a gap. What I wanted to do seemed to come second to what I thought I had to do. It was time to approach my forward planning in a different way. That’s when I started talking to people about my ideas and noticing what I felt as I spoke.

With this method I decided to put in place the ideas or options that made me feel good. I stopped judging what I do from a money, survival or ‘because I ought’ point of view. Now I look at the next year from the position of ‘will this make me feel happy’. I do more of what I like and a lot less of what I ought to do. My aim is to get to the point where I really only do what I love doing. So my admin tasks will definitely be shifting next year, lol. Instead there will be a lot more teaching. And healing. And Earth’s ArchAngels.

After all, who said my business had to be serious, routine or dull? That is what it would become if I stuck to the same old same old. Or felt I should, must or ought to offer only those things that would make me a profit.

Finding someone who could be my sounding board gives me a chance to check that what I’m planning is going to be fun, interesting and stretching for me. If I’m loving what I do then those who want to join in will get a blast of that energy too. The wave of positive can spread. Which is why I also like to be the sounding board for others. It’s great to hear their out loud forward planning. Between us we can share the excitement of identifying plans that come from the heart. We can offer each other support when stepping out of a comfort zone is required. Together, I feel that we can make our next business year an emotional success.

It may seem a bit odd to talk about business as an emotional success. However, I know that I put much more effort into things I’m passionate about. I also know that successful business people do the same. How much passion you have can turn a stressful treadmill of effort into an exciting adventure. I also feel that an emotional success links directly with spirituality. When I know that I am doing the happiest thing for me I am flowing with the evolution of my life. Being here is, I believe, all about learning to be in alignment with my higher purpose. Finding contentment, commitment and happiness in the work I do brings me into that alignment. Because my heart will always love doing what I, as Spirit, planned to do.

So my plans are emerging. 2017 is going to be a great year and I’m going to do what I love doing? What about your plans?

Day 335 of my blogging challenge.

Ride the Wave of Fear

img_2221It’s been a funny year. Wave after wave of energy pushing us to pay more attention to the choices we are making. Global events drawing our attention to the absence of compassion. It’s no surprise that I’ve been asking myself how on Earth we are going to change.

Yet I am sure that the changes will be positive. My Guides have kept telling me I must ride out the energy storms. They have been encouraging me to focus on doing what I can to create inner and then outer positivity. Today I have talked to several people who are doing the same. In one way it’s reassuring to find that I’m one of many having to deal with my own inner fears. In another it’s also slightly unsettling. With all these waves of energy who of us has actually got a calm life at the moment? That’s why I’ve found myself surrounded by Energy Beings radiating love and compassion. They are around us. They can help.

I watch the news in small snippets. My daughter points out, quite rightly, that the focus is all negative. We struggle to find stories that are celebrations of life events. Yet I feel I must watch the reports. These stories are the real lives of other people. They are happening to human beings. As I ride the energy of aggression, violence and hatred I know that I have to acknowledge it exists. These reports lack balance. I know that they create fear. And they also have us turning away from the real issue of people hurting and killing other people.

I guess that it can be easy to ignore the images of death and destruction when it’s not in your street. It’s all happening in some remote place so why bother. And what can I do anyway?

Funnily enough, that’s a pattern humanity has followed for thousands of years. Telling ourselves that we can’t do anything. Ignoring that the children who survive our lack of compassion will be warped out of shape. That we will reap what we sow when it’s their time to take charge. So how do I make a difference? What can I do? My Guides are always swift to remind me that I can be compassionate. I can be helpful to all of those who I connect with. My area of influence might be small. Perhaps only a few people. But I can send those people compassionate energy. I can support them as we all ride the waves of fear together. I can stay calm.

Remembering that I am Energy and what I give out I get back I can choose not to send out fear. If I recognise my own fear but work through it so can those I connect with. I can encourage everyone I know to face and understand their fears. That way they can become loving and compassionate about themselves. In turn this will radiate out to everyone they connect with. How powerful would it be if even one tenth of humanity started to live from love? Really live from love? If we let go of all of the judgements we make about ourselves and others? I’m certain that a powerful wave of love right around the world would make more change happen.

Very soon we are going to have to make a choice. I know that it is between love and fear.

The new way involves living an intuitive life, tuning in to the energy waves and generating more loving kindness in oneself. The old way is to stay inside the limitations that fear places on us. To cling to old patterns that keep us all in the shadow side of life. What I would wish for my daughter, for all the children of the world, is that we choose love. I have been changing my choices all year. I don’t want the same old same old. From my little spot on the planet I’m learning to choose love for myself and for others. In the end I will leave this life clear that I finally recognised my biggest challenge and tried to ride way above that wave of fear.

Day 331 of my blogging challenge.

Diary: Loving Myself Enough

13625373_10201848968303434_254503665621293958_nToday I bought my 2017 diary. The back of my current one is getting a bit messy as I try to sort out where I’ll be and when. Sometimes I have to smile. Actually my diary is only the potential where and when. The Universe may have a different plan!

That’s the fascination (and occasionally frustration) of living an intuitive life. I can diary something in for next week but there is no guarantee that I’ll be doing what I expect. It took me a while to get used to events and plans shifting around. Most of my life I’ve believed that it was important to control my days. To structure the chunks of time so that things got done. Yet I often had to change things around. I know that a part of that need to plan came from my Mum and Nanna. Monday was wash day. Tuesday was ironing day. Wednesday was cleaning the bedrooms … and on and on. It’s also from school. There is a timetable and lessons happen when the school thinks best not when you are at your best.

It’s the same with my working life. I guess I still cling to my diary there too. I know that it has been a slow journey from rigid working hours to working when I want. I’m going to show my age here, lol. In the 1980’s when computers suddenly became the thing to have in the workplace – all that modern technology – we worried that we would have too much leisure time. How would it be to only work 3 or 4 days a week. Or to, gasp, work from home. I find it really interesting that my freedom of working hours has come through working for myself rather than a shift in the way all work is organised. Though I still prefer a paper diary rather than the one on my phone!

Where does that leave me with time management? What am I putting in my diary? And perhaps what should I make sure doesn’t change?

I’m writing this during my Reiki Refresh session. Tonight no one else came. In my old working life I would have been stressing about that. Worrying if I had done something wrong. In my intuitive life I’m grateful that no one did come. I’ve treated myself to a lovely Reiki meditation and got some healing for me. And I can write my blog early for a change. That will give me more time to relax after another new beginnings day that was rather more stressful than I expected. I love being a Mum but sometimes the tough love is hard. The Universe understood perfectly. I got a chance to change my plans without any fuss or bother.

There is also another lesson that I need to notice. In my diary I have to have time for me. I find it hard to ignore when someone wants my time and attention. Or when I have business things to sort out. Yet I have to make sure that I have put time for me in my diary. Whatever else happens I have already blocked out my 2017 diary with my holiday weeks. I have restricted the number of church & centre services I can do. Finally, I have reorganised my working week from September this year to give me time away from work. If I choose to work at all hours of the day and night (that’s especially important when we have different time zones) there must be a balance of time off somewhere.

The key to my intuitive life is loving myself enough. Making sure that I understand my needs matter too. Giving but also being prepared to receive.

There is a lot of fear around the idea that we can be considered to be selfish. I know that the fear of that judgemental word pushed me to over compensate for a lot of my life. I took back very little of what I gave out. Even when people were desperate to give back to me. I see so many people doing the same. It’s wonderful that we care about each other. I love that it is in our nature to give rather than take. But there also has to be a balance. My Reiki Refresh is a way of letting people get used to receiving. I give. It’s something I love to do. Yet I’m happy to receive and in a roundabout way everyone who usually attends gave back to me tonight.

So whenever my diary changed unexpectedly I know that I will need that time. There will be something else I’m going to do. Something that will make perfect sense. A bit of giving or taking. An opportunity for me to look after me. I hope you can enjoy an intuitive life too. As I often tell myself ‘Go with the flow’.

Day 281 of my blogging challenge.