Completed! The Blogging Challenge Is Over

completedCompleted! It still hasn’t sunk in that this is the end of an amazing journey. My last daily blog is under way. And I’m stuck for words. Really stuck!

So much has come out of this daily task. Dreams completed. Thousands of words that I never imagined I could write. Love and support from great people. And my own deeper understanding of what it means to live an intuitive life. Searching out my authentic self and giving her a voice. Understanding that I can be Marmite. Stripping away the masks. Working as part of a loving, supportive team with my Guides. The process of developing intuitive abilities and mediumship there to inform anyone who wants to dive into the posts. So many gains. Especially in showing me that I can do anything I set my mind to. Task completed and space for a new one to be disciplined and organised about.

A chance to fall in love with a whole new way of working for the Energy Beings. So now that it’s completed I have to be able to let my blogs go. There is a sadness in waving them goodbye. And a relief too. I’ve stuck at this much longer that I ever expected. My Spirit is itching for a new direction, new passion, new inspiration. My writing has to go on a new journey. So there is also excitement. I’ve looked back at my first tentative steps into this challenge and recognise that will be how I start the next one. I know I will be able to use the things I’ve learned about myself to keep me going. And I also have the evidence from this work that I can get to where I need to be.

If I have helped, I’m glad. If I have explained, I’m delighted. And if I have encouraged you to open to your own intuitive abilities then I am overjoyed. Because that has been a key part of my writing. Finally, what have you wanted to achieve? Have you completed your challenge? In fact, are you ready for the next intuitive leap in your life? Enjoy your journey. I’m sure I will enjoy mine.

Day 1001 of my blogging challenge

Detective Work – Finding Stuck Energy

detectiveSome days I get to play detective. When I’m mentoring or working with Reiki I can sense stuck energy in the person I’m working with. It’s not always clear to them why the energy is stuck. Or even what the energy represents. However it is getting in the way of moving forward. That’s when I get my investigator head on.

Using my clairsentience always helps. I can ‘feel’ where the energy is stuck with my own body. Then I can reflect this back to my client so that they can ‘feel’ the stuck energy too. Because it might be causing all sorts of symptoms – some related and some not – for that person. That’s when the detective work begins. We can discuss the symptoms and I can relate them to the chakras that might be affected. I can also sense the energy as it flows around the stuck point. Is it blocked completely? Does some energy get through the blockage? Are there more than one patches of stuck energy?

That can prompt a useful discussion about how the person is experiencing these waves of energy. And for how long they might have been getting these signals from their body. Some energy can be age related. Especially when I consider the way we all have intuitive ability open and closed at different points in our life. It can also lead to a discussion about the energy of other significant people in my client’s life. We do take on each others energy. And even the energy of total strangers. The detective work also includes tuning in to their past lives. Karmic threads are still active in our present life. These can create situations of stuck energy too.

As I analyse the information, like a detective, I can usually find a probable cause for the issues my client is having. Knowing what is happening, what is creating dis-ease, is the starting point for dealing with releasing the energy. I enjoy this aspect of my intuitive work. Helping someone find a way to come into a better balance is very rewarding. Especially as I can ‘see’ the lift in their own energy as everything starts to flow again.

Day 916 of my blogging challenge

Living In The Flow: Perfect Timing

living flowIt’s been a day to go with the flow again. Living in an intuitive world often presents a few issues. Especially if, like me, you want to get on with doing things. My Passion Planner has so many alterations sometimes that I’m tempted to give up.

But I don’t. I like being able to plan. It gives me a comforting feeling. Like I’m in control of the way I’m living. Of course wanting to be in control can also be a sign of being afraid of where life will take me next. Or a lack of trust that everything will happen when it is supposed to. I know that being in control also leads me into impatience. I want things to hurry up and happen. To be here in my life right now. Yet one thing I have learned from developing my intuitive psychic senses is that manifesting my requirements and desires may take much more linear time because I can be trying to bring it what won’t suit me. Delay is the way of the Universe saying ‘Are you really sure you want that?’

I’ve written before about getting comfortable when my day turns out to be cancellations, changes and upsets. Because what always comes along is the action that it’s right for me to be doing. Whether that is having a rest, seeing someone for an urgent consultation or dealing with a loose end. Living with the uncertainty is much easier when I notice how my day is reorganised to make sure that I am where I need to be. Doing what is right at exactly the perfect time. I still occasionally get a bit flustered by my diary not running to plan. However I am able to accept that the flow of events is based on lots of other factors. It’s not all about me. I find that this actually takes pressure off me and I can wait much longer than I used to be able to do.

Living with an appreciation of the flow also helps me to recognise that time is a human, adult defined concept. Children don’t live in time. They live in flow. It’s only as we start to think that we adopt a shared standard of measurement. I’m glad that I have been able to move back to that more child-like appreciation of my days. I feel free to become absorbed in what I am doing. And let the flow carry me where it is best for me to go.

Day 816 of my blogging challenge

Getting a Grip: Moving Saturn’s Lessons On

Getting clearPhew! What a heavy few days. Saturn has really been shaking that Leo pride about. And giving me wobbles too. Today I feel I’m getting back on track. At last!

I welcomed in the New Moon knowing that there was also some tricky energy sttached to this one. Saturn had stepped forward to play a leading role. I always struggle with Saturn. He is all about responsibility, duty and lessons. Saturn energy makes me want to run and hide. Mainly because it reinforces my sense of obligations. And the need to act like an adult. That means I have to own everything I feel, think and do. Plus Saturn makes me consider very deeply if I am creating positive energy in my life. Because he has a trick of getting me to think of all the times I’ve wallowed in negativity.

This is only to ensure that I have ‘learned my lesson’ so to speak. But I find it hard sometimes to look back. My old emotions and thoughts get triggered. And sometimes I realise I am still hanging on to things that are distorting my present life. Of course the good that comes out if this is that I redouble my efforts to let go. But before I get to that point I can be very wobbly. That’s exhausting. Taken to gather with the Leo energy, having to look at what I pride myself on, it’s been a sobering few days. An almost ‘I’m really rubbish at this or that’ few days. Even a ‘give up now’ sort of thought train in my head.

Getting through this thought-provoking energy has been my challenge. Staying grounded in myself, my abilities and the help I can call on has been a key focus for me.

After all, I know I require help sometimes. I’ve even freed up more room for me to receive it. Grabbing the chance to clear my internal clutter once more through the kind help of other people. I also realised that the process of clearing is almost at an end. The stuff that surfaced in the past week is really old, deeply stuck experiences. So I was very grateful today to feel like I am getting through this energy phase. I’m digging up the real me and starting to be very proud of her achievements and abilities. That is important. This month is all about letting in the Light. Reminding myself that I have a purpose underpinning my life. And that only by being my true self will I achieve what my Spirit desires.

August’s energy is all about re-dedicating myself to serving for my highest good. To the benefit of a greater good. However, I have to make my promises without any clear picture of what that service entails. Except that I know I will be getting a chance to use all of my skills and talents. In the best possible way. If I let myself do this. I also appreciate that there will still be fears to overcome, doubts to dismiss and uncertainty to rise above. But the Saturn energy has been showing me that I have done this before so I can certainly do it again. All I have to set my mind and heart to is doing my best in any given moment. Then to let the Universal energy take care of all the rest.

I’m getting ready for a big shift. That step into trusting myself, my life and my wisdom no matter what service comes my way. I know I can do it. Saturn has reminded me that I can. I’m ready to welcome the Light. Are you ready to join me there?

Day 617 of my blogging challenge

Poltergeist, Ghost Or Other Apparition?

I’m often asked about poltergeists, ghosts and all sorts of other phenomena. Usually because something is happening that has made someone feel worried or anxious.

Occasionally I find that someone has become so frightened they feel like they are being hurt or harmed by the presence of ‘something’ in their home. I know it can feel scary when things are being moved. With lights and other things being turned on or off. When there are noises. Or someone is sensing or seeing another non-physical person around them. However I know that our Spirit loved ones never intend any harm. They often do all sorts of things to try to tell us they are still around. I know they are busy still taking an interest in our lives. Wanting to share our ups and downs. Hoping to express their love for us. Yet they can be considered by the person here to be a poltergeist, ghost or apparition.

A poltergeist is considered to be a troublesome Spirit haunting a particular person. Although confusingly it can also be linked to a particular place. Ghosts tend to come under the same sort of category. As do apparitions. Sometimes these visitors are said to bring a warning about death or to want to scare the person who is seeing them. Or sensing them. What is noticeable about them is that the activity they cause usually happens when someone in the household is psychically open. Because they can sense, hear of see with their intuitive senses it can attract the Spirit people who then try to get our attention.

The Spirits usually want to communicate but it can be a bother when they are being too noisy. And the more everyone notices what they are doing the more the Spirit people think we are willing to communicate.

Most people assume the activity is bad but it’s all about wanting to talk to us. I usually ask the person contacting me to think about any changes in the house recently, any problems they has been having and asking for help with or any anxieties about the future. The person doing the stuff will be trying to reassure them. In which case I explain that the best thing to do is stay calm. Would you be frightened of your Nanna, Grandpa or other loved ones?  Also to tell the visitor very, very firmly to be quiet.

If the person really wants everything to stop it’s at this point that they have to stop paying attention to what is being done. After all, if they really don’t want to have all the ‘poltergeist’ activity it’s not fair to encourage it and then complain! If the person is happy to have some contact I suggest they tell their ‘poltergeist’ that there are house rules to follow. This could be the times they are welcome to visit and what room said they can be in. With a firm request that the belongings in the house are left alone too.

Someone might also need to understand about thier intuitive psychic abilities. There are blog pieces I’ve written that they could read. Or they could look for a good book to read about it. Not necessarily the scary stuff about poltergeist or ghost activity.

Even attend a workshop or find a development group to learn how to close down their psychic senses if they don’t want the Spirit people to connect with them. There are lots of ways that can help resolve the issue of communicating with the Spirit trying to get your attention. In fact I’m sure that a small part of the activity will be to encourage someone to explore their psychic side. Because our loves ones would prefer to connect with us direct instead of through a third party. I know they like to offer us their support as much as possible. At the moment that often means finding a medium every time.

Very rarely the Spirit who is trying to connect is unsettled, lost or confused. As in life so in death. So that Spirit may need help to communicate what they need. Especially when they may not be sure what has happened to them. In those circumstances I will talk to the Spirit to explain that they are being a bit noisy or disruptive. I will also offer to help that Spirit sort out what has happened or to return to the Spirit World if that is necessary. I find that any poltergeist activity stops as soon as that Spirit person realised where they are and that they have been upsetting people.

One day I hope that any poltergeist or ghost will be able to announce exactly who they are. And why they have popped by. Because I and everyone else will be on their ‘wavelength’ able to communicate clearly.

Day 591 of my blogging challenge 

Intuitive Energy Awareness

One of the themes today has been about our awareness of our own intuitive energy. Helping people to connected with their intuitive senses is a big part of my life.

I guess that’s because it took me most of my life to even begin to explore outside of my Ego mind. So realising that I had an Intuitive mind that processed information too, just not the kind I’d been used to, meant a big jump in my awareness of who I was. Finding that I actually had intuitive psychic senses that collected the information was a bit of a game changer too. I wanted to know why I hadn’t been told about my natural senses. And why I was left to figure it out for myself. Remember, this was the time before I’d got a clear connection to my Guides. So everything was extremely hazy. I admit I felt a bit lost with it all.

As I struggled to understand and make sense of this new stream of information I also had to think about how it was happening. That’s when I started to learn about me properly. Of course I am a physical being. I can touch, sense and interact with my body. Accepting that I have an aura, layers of energy vibrating at different rates, I can expand my ‘self’ to take in a lot more layers. Then I have to add in an Ego mind plus an Intuitive mind. That’s a lot of awareness to take on board. Putting them all together I can see that there is a lot involved in being me. Because next I have to add in the presence of my Spirit somewhere in this energy cocktail. Phew! Is that all of it?

Once again I had to expand my awareness. My whole system runs on energy. I am a flow of vibrations with a solid middle. Particle or wave?

And what about all that energy. What is it doing? The middle bit is sort of stuck. Vibrating so slowly that I see myself as solid. Then I’m a particle. But the other layers of my Russian doll are vibrating much faster. They connect with the Russian doll layers of Energy being given out by other people. That’s how I get intuitive information about them. So I’m a wave. Connecting with other waves. Creating energy as we crash or splash together. Their waves disrupt my flow. And my waves disrupt their flow. My Intuitive mind is processing the wave information. It’s telling me a different story than the one my physical senses are listening too. That’s why I know when someone’s surface is different from their inner energy.

An awareness of the wave or particle nature of my existence has helped me to embrace my intuitive senses. I enjoy having access to two sorts of information about the world. If I can’t make sense of something one way I can always look at it from the other direction. In fact I’ve learned that my Intuitive mind is much more trustworthy. What it tells me is usually spot on. My Ego mind might be fooled  but my intuition never is.  So the journey into an awareness of my intuitive abilities has brought me a much greater understanding of who I am and the reality I live in. I hope you can make the time to explore your intuitive side ?

Day 462 of my blogging challenge. 

Waking Up Our Own Abilities

Several times today I’ve been in conversations about my intuitive abilities. And those of other people. About how we can all tune in to the energy around us. And to the Energy Beings we can’t sense with our physical senses.

I love that I have been able to make that connection with my psychic senses that allows me to connect in with Spirit loved ones. I’ve discovered abilities that I once believed were fake or imagined. As I’ve put them to the test week in and week out for the last eleven years I’m amazed at how strong they have become. My Guides repeatedly encouraged me to practice, practice, practice. They reminded me that any skill is improved with use. That whatever natural talent I had could become stronger with use. So I’ve done reading after reading. Service after service.

Sometimes I’ve been frustrated. Often elated. My learning curve has been more like a spiral. Because even with a natural flair my intuitive senses had been asleep for most of my life. Occasional breakthroughs, moments of inspiration looked like they could be my wake up call. However I kept pressing the snooze button. I took my time in waking up. My abilities stayed well below the surface. Because I lacked the information on how to open them up. Also because I had been told they didn’t even exsist. And because I had been scared by lots of misinformation and myths. Although, luckily for me, one day I did wake up.

Siting quietly after doing some readings I though about the changes my abilities have brought to my life.

I feel more fully me. Life has become varied and never dull. I feel that I can be of service to people who are seeking a connection to themselves and their loved ones. It’s amazing for me to be able to watch as someone discovers their intuitive abilities. And to see them embrace another part of themselves hidden behind the Ego mind. I couldn’t have imagined this eleven years ago. Perhaps not even five years ago. My days are nearly always full of joy and positive energy. In the space between conscious and unconscious I have bridged a gap between my human and my Spirit self. And discovered that I also have the ability to share my joyful, positive energy with many more people than I could have known.

I’m so excited about the next eleven years. What wonderful changes will they bring. Better still, what new abilities are waiting to be discovered!

Day 443 of my blogging challenge.