Snow Hat : Protection, Warmth and Cover

snow hatThe wind was bitterly cold today. Big gusts of icy air impossible to avoid. Good job I was wearing my snow hat. I’ve had it a long time and I love how it keeps my head warm. It is also my cover and protection. It reminded me today of the way I shield myself from negative energy.

I believe that all of our thoughts and feelings are energy. This energy flows out, around, through and back to us. It’s one of the reasons why sending healing thoughts to someone can help. My positive energy thoughts can rebalance their negative energy. Because I also believe that dis-ease is low vibrational energy that we are stuck in. The energy that I sense around all of us can be warm and loving or cold and uncaring. It all depends on what the other person, and me, are sending to each other. And what everyone in the world is generating. That’s why we can get caught inhale force energy storms of negativity. And why I need a snow hat to keep it out of my head.

When I started opening up my intuition, recognising it was there and sensing Energy beings, I had no idea that there were low and high vibrational beings. I was so excited to be opening up that I didn’t take much care of who I was letting into my aura energy. I am very grateful for my Guides who quickly stepped forward and gave me the Spirit equivalent of a snow hat. They helped me to see that I had to keep my mind clear and positive. So having a hat, so to speak, became an issue of protecting my energy, keeping myself in the warmth of love energy and hiding me from the low vibrational Energy Beings. I guess you could say I have had many psychic hats. Each one designed to keep me safer. I use my imagination to dream up bigger and better protective hats.

The snow and cold over the last few days has been a challenge. I have had to look after myself. In the same way I have been reminded I have to look after my energy. It goes with the intuition side of my life. Perhaps my current hat needs a revamp. Maybe I haven’t checked on it for a while. So I’m off to dream of a brand new hat in the Full Moon energy. How exciting!

Day 827 of my blogging challenge

Transition And Transformation: Happy New Year

TransitionIt’s the last day of 2017. Almost at the point of transition. The swap from a ten to an eleven vibration. Or, if you prefer, a transformation from one to three. And in the middle, for a moment, one foot on each side of a great divide.

I love numerology. And I’m excited to be on the point of moving into a new vibrational year.  It’s a moment of magic. The time for me to ask for my desires for the next year and to trust they will manifest. But it’s also the time to say thank you for all of the events and experiences of this last year. I went for a walk on the beach this afternoon. The wind was still strong in the aftermath of Storm Dylan. I could feel it tugging away at my coat. The sky was full of clouds. Yet I also saw a beautiful band of pink in amongst the clouds. I felt the Light of love shining through all that swirling energy. It reminded me that I have been through a transition this year.

I always think of ten as the beginning and the end. An infinity number. Because every end creates a new beginning and every new beginning creates an end. That was certainly true in 2017. It’s also a karmic number connected with releasing old energy so that a rebirth can take place. And one is the new beginnings number. Again something I experienced in 2017. My life became one long transition from who I had been to who I was becoming. The energy of transformation filtered into every aspect of me. So now I am ready, on the brink, waiting to step into the eleven energy. 2018 will bring a powerful creativity related to the power of the three vibration. Finally, eleven is a master number related to intuition, justice or balance and faith.

I’m waving goodbye with gratitude to 2017. In the end, I know that 2018 will give me more opportunities to continue my transition and transformation work. So long as I honour my intuition, have faith in my abilities and stay in balance. It’s up to me to use these opportunities to create the year I desire. Time to open up and say Hello 2018!

Day 768 of my blogging challenge 

Choosing To Use Intuitive Abilities

I’ve said many times before that I believe everyone has intuitive abilities. We are all psychic. That means we can read other people, energy waves and Energy Beings.

A long time ago I remember the late Colin Fry saying the same thing. But he made one important point – one that I agree with wholeheartedly – that not everyone was ready to use their abilities yet. He talked about the discipline and development that I believe we all need to go through to understand what we are doing. I feel it’s like giving someone three driving lessons then letting them loose on the motorway. Something none of us would dream of doing or encouraging. I’ve been thinking about this today because I often get contacted by people who are experiencing contact with Energy Beings. But those people don’t really understand what’s happening.

Often they have become frightened in a fascinated way by the contact they are having. I suppose it’s like the reason we like to watch horror or danger movies. Human beings get an adrenaline rush from feeling fear. So a mildly scary encounter of any kind can feel like an exciting event too. That’s where I get called in though. because the encounters are acknowledged the Energy Beings get more active and the person experiencing them reaches a point of being too scared all of a sudden. I should also say that acknowledging contact tends to make intuitive senses develop more. So, as might be expected, the person concerned starts to see, hear, feel and know more.

Intuitive psychic abilities are like any other muscles. With work they get stronger. The more effort you make the more you will get.

Until the adrenaline rush of fear becomes too uncomfortable. Then people tend to want to turn off the switch. Or at least turn it down. Yet they might find they can’t if the draw of the adrenaline is stronger than the fear being generated, I know that people panic at this point. They think the Energy Beings will go away for good or become too strong or unpleasant. People still want to have the contact. But not in an uncontrolled way. And I know that this push & pull creates more difficulty because in trying to re-establish control the person is still foundering around out of control.

So what do I tell someone who is using their abilities but in a confused or muddled way? Perhaps even relying on misinformation or fake ‘facts’? I’m sure we all know that not everything on the internet is from a reliable source. For me the first thing is not to panic. That energy only makes things worse. Second I ask the person to think carefully about why they want the connection to Energy Beings. I know it’s not an easy thing to master because, in the end, you have to master yourself and your fear. If someone is not ready to adopt a disciplined approach to their psychic senses I suggest they shut themselves down. Not to do so is inviting more chaos into their lives.

For those who really are ready and want to use their abilities I suggest finding a good teacher. Or a place that offers a safe way to learn.

We are all learning. It’s important to accept that and find someone who feels like they know what they are doing to show you how to develop your senses. I normally start by explaining energy work then build in experiences to back up that information. To me finding someone who can explain things clearly and simply is a must. It’s not about mystery or superstition and a good teacher should start from where you are. Be prepared for leaps forward and steps back. For joyful connections and frustrating mis-connections. A good teacher will support you through all of this.

I also caution my students that this work will change the inner you. As well as the outer you. I know that experiencing the positive connection with Energy Beings brings in it’s wake a lot of reconstruction work. As a sceptic I had to pull down all of my assumptions and rebuild from conviction. It became impossible for me to deny the exsistence of the Beings who now guide and inspire me. So an open, questioning mind and a flexible outlook are vital. After all, my abilities, if I’m honouring them, have brought me challenges, change and certainty. To the point where I now know for certain that we are all intuitive and have psychic senses. Using my abilities has removed self-doubt, doubt about my purpose or point in being human and my doubt about an Afterlife.

All good reasons to develop my abilities. But most of all I have no doubt that I am an eternal being. That has removed perhaps the biggest fear of all – that of dying.

Day 557 of my blogging challenge 

Allowing Intuition To Emerge

I love helping people to let their intuition emerge. It’s been a passion of mine since I began to understand the process of accessing intuitive information.

Over the past couple of days I’ve had the privilege of seeing the hard work that people have been doing really pay off. I know that improving my connections has made such a difference in my work with the Energy Beings. Accurately representing them to others matters to me. So when other people work hard to understand their own energy connections I feel that we have taken another step towards Ascension Consciousness . Sitting with the groups of students trying to understand energy connections, plus a Reiki student this afternoon, I realised that I was seeing their Spirit Light emerge. Perhaps tentatively at first. But gaining in confidence over time.

We all have a Spirit Light. I’ve always called it my ‘secret messiah’. The part of me that wants to manifest for the greater good of all. The bit of me that has been trying to emerge all of the time I have been here on Earth. And the aspect of myself I have tried to suppress most often. Because that’s what we do. Misunderstand what it means to let the Spirit Light shine. I know that we accept the limitations we are exposed to. In a way I and nearly everyone else have been busy shutting down the intuitive connection every time it looked like it was going to open again. I learned to shut it down very early in my life. But I’m no different than anyone else. It’s the way of the Western world particularly to close off to intuition.

And perhaps that is why there has been such a spread of Eastern spiritual ideas. An attempt to get us to focus on what can emerge if we let it?

That’s the key. Am I brave enough to get past my fear of the unknown. How do I know what will emerge from within me? And will I really be a ‘better’ person? Of course over time I have worked through this knotty issue. A kind of push/pull debate about how to embrace more of my intuitive side. Letting my new nature emerge for a bit. Then dragging it back into the shade. Testing whether I liked the intuitive me. Wondering who I would be at the end of the journey. One of the mantras I used to encourage myself is ‘Om Mani Padme Hum.’ In a simple translation it is ‘the jewel is in the lotus’. I am the lotus. Within me is my jewel.

However, it can also be interpreted, through it’s six syllables, as a deeper appreciation of the steps necessary for enlightenment. I came across this mantra at a time when I was struggling to let my intuition emerge. I was still doubtful of my worth in the world. Because my inner confidence had been, as I felt, shaken by the events in my life. However, this mantra gave me something else to think about. Using the image of the lotus flower as it unfolds to reveal it’s heart I recognised that there are many intuitive layers to be understood. As well as many material layers to being human. It gave me confidence to keep trying. And to let myself work through each layer without fear. Now it is helping me to support others as they make their journey into enlightenment.

I am glad that I have been able to take what I need from wherever I found it. That the guidance has always emerged from the mess of my puzzlement. And that other people are making a similar journey to embrace the truths that hide in plain sight all around us.

Day 490 of my blogging challenge.

Why Intuition Matters To Me

The thread of my conversations today has been intuition. Who has it, why it matters and how to use it. Of course, since I started to live an intuitive life eleven years ago those questions have come up again and again.

When I first began my journey I thought that intuition was nothing more than the gut instinct I got from time to time. Occasionally I knew, somehow, what the best choice was for me. Or I got a feeling that something wasn’t right. It was a random ping in my mind with no real back up of why I felt that way. As I started to explore my psychic senses I was told over and over that these senses were a gift that only some people had. But probably or possibly not me. What matters about that advice was that it turned out to be wrong. Now I know, from my own experiences, that we all have psychic senses. They pick up information. If we pay attention to that information we can make better choices.

At the moment I have to make decisions about what I’m going to be doing next year. Because I pay attention to my intuition I have a strong sense of knowing what will be best for me or not. Often I hear myself saying what I’m going to do before it clicks with me what is right. In my head I’m nodding away thinking that something I’ve only just heard myself say is exactly the best plan. Then if I’m not completely sure, if my ego is wobbling, I have a second use for my intuition. I can ask my Guides. That is one of the best things to emerge from using my intuition. My psychic senses connect with the Energy Beings who want to help me have a happy, purposeful life. They can have a say too.

I don’t rely on them to make my choices. But I am grateful when they confirm that I am making the best choice for now. What matters is that they can encourage me to try something new.

I take a lot of comfort from the fact that these loving beings want to help me. Even though I know I’m the only one responsible for my decisions. And that sometimes I get it completely wrong. However, I usually know quite quickly that I’ve made a false step. Then my intuition and my Guides can help me find a way to change to a more positive track. In the end, what matters most is paying attention to what I feel not what I think. To let inspiration come in through my thoughts and to check how I feel about that. When I feel passionate, excited and ready to leap into something I know it will be a good choice for me.

Even if it doesn’t end up feeling what I expected it to be like. Or being different than I thought. Because I’m here to evolve and grow. So sometimes I need the bigger challenges to help me be all I can be. And that’s the final use for intuition. If I let myself follow the prompts of my psychic senses I will learn so much about myself and my abilities than I thought possible. I’m going to keep paying attention to the psychic information. The last eleven years have been an interesting journey. I want more growth. More excitement. And more chances to help people just as my Guides have helped me.

If you find me sitting quietly with a distant look on my face you can be sure I’m tuning in to the energy flow. My intuition and I will be having an interesting conversation about what’s next.

Day 389 of my blogging challenge.

Developing Intuitive Ability

Today I’ve been focused on helping people develop their intuitive ability. I enjoy working with people one to one. And I also find it really great to help people in my D2E Psychic Club.

It’s been one of my realisations that we all have psychic senses. We can all use our intuition. This ability is both natural and normal. However, because it’s a very misunderstood ability, I also know that a lot of people are very unsure whether they want to tune into their psychic senses at all. That’s why I run a Psychic Club where people can come and try different things. I get the chance to explain what is happening and they get a chance to try it for themselves. I’m delighted to say that for the past five years many people have been given a lot to think about because of the Psychic Club.

Alongside the group meeting I also offer one to one sessions for people who are ready to make connections to Energy Beings. These sessions can be face to face, online or by telephone. It means I can work with specific issue that people have. And I can tailor the content of the sessions to areas which need attention. It’s a great way to make sure that someone can build on what they have already discovered. And it also means that I can pay particular attention to what their Guides want to help them with. After all, each person has their own Guide team to help them. Yet, depending on what the person is able to do, that team might still be out of reach. Helping make the connections is a really rewarding part of my involvement.

Sometimes discovering their ability is all a person wants. It might be enough that I help them to us their intuition more.

I never push someone to go beyond what they want. It might be my job to explain that they can do more. But the choice of how to develop is always with the person. That’s why I like my Club to be open. People can attend or not as they feel on the day. I also like people to explore more widely. There are lots of great books available on all sorts of subjects involving intuitive ability. There are workshops (including mine), events, videos and lots of other practitioners. I know that I spent plenty of my time doing all sorts of different things before I really started my development proper.

It’s true to say I still do. I love exploring different techniques, going to other people’s events and finding out the many, many ways that intuitive abilities are applied by others. To me the journey into mediumship comes from a curiosity about what I, as a human being, can do. What undiscovered skills to I have? What unexplored talents? I hope that I always have this curiosity. It would be lovely to feel that I will always be ready to explore me some more. If my life is a journey I would like it to take me to new and unexpected places. In the same way that I am ready to take myself on a journey I hope that my work with other people will be a signpost for their journey. Let’s travel part of the way together.

Day 349 of my blogging challenge.

A Life Less Predictable

img_2286I would have liked to sleep in this morning. Instead I had readings to do, meditation to lead and a Drop In to run. Working for myself I fondly imagined I would be able to please myself about my day.

That is where I was wrong. Living an intuitive life means things are less predictable than I once imagined. Of course, as my own boss, I can set my own working hours. It’s just that sometimes I am drawn to say yes when perhaps I had intended to say no. I guess when I started out working publicly as a medium I assumed that there would be an even, steady flow of work. People who booked to see me would stick to their appointments. I would have certain days only when I was available. And I would have lots of time for the things I thought I would like to do.

I imagined predictable things would happen. Readings, church services, a bit of teaching and some healing. There would be a pattern and a flow so I would have a diary filled with organised days. Of course it has never worked like that. Not that I haven’t tried to make my days an organised dream. Or that part of me has been itching to colour code, block out and schedule everything neatly. As the years have clicked by each new diary has had planner and pages noted and marked. Events and workshops placed on dates where I am certain they will fit beautifully with everything else. Only to find six or eight weeks in the appointments and lists are a hotch potch of crossings out. All order thrown firmly out of the window.

I do it so often that redoing my diary is now predictable. Perhaps the only thing that is when I’m looking to the future.

For that’s another thing I’m often asked to do for people. They want me to predict for them without realising that not everything is set in stone. It’s predictable that if we always do what we have always done then we will always get what we alway got. The future is only available for me to read if the person concerned is willing to change course. Having something new happen relies on creating the energy and will to change the pattern we have now. So one of my biggest strides with my work and business was when I realised that old habits die hard. I had to learn to free myself up to the unpredictable nature of change.

My intuition always prompts me when change energy is on the way in. If I pay careful enough attention I can even predict what the changes are likely to be. Of course, I may resist the changes, especially if I have got too comfortable in my current pattern. Yet if I do follow what my intuition, or my heart, suggests I find myself in a better situation. I meet new and interesting people. There are fresh work opportunities. I have fun. Things change a bit and I hold onto the past less. Eventually something reminds me how much I have changed from the way I used to be. This is the process of evolution in action. My life is helping me to grow and thrive. I know it can feel strange or unsettled for a while but now I wouldn’t swap my intuitive life for predictability.

Day 347 of my blogging challenge.

Freedom to Explore Intuition

imageFor the last eleven years I’ve been running Awakening workshops. My aim has been to encourage people to discover and explore their psychic side. Sometimes we need to be given permission to do so.

The theme for the past couple of days has been about the teaching work I do. I love the idea of getting people to explore.  How better to discover your intuitive senses than with people who want to feed your curiosity. I can’t help but feel that our current education system leaches away the natural curiosity that children have. Instead ‘learning’ becomes the rather dull purpose. Exploration, adventure, discovery are all words that no longer fit. I’ve watched my daughter’s progress towards examinations and qualifications. Questions aren’t allowed. Focus and discipline have driven away the natural excitement at finding out new things. Will she be a better employee for all this standardised knowledge? Or will she be a better citizen? I believe that what the world needs is imaginative, curious and open minded people. I find it hard to see how schools currently deliver that.

I’m not having a rant at education itself. I believe that we should all take an interest in the world around us and how it works. That way I am sure we can find better ways to do the things we need to do for a positive life. However, I do feel that we ignore a great deal of our world by approaching education in a standardised way. A way that appears to divide people into talented or not. Academic or not. Contributing or not. As I write this I can feel the judgements behind the idea that we can be divided into useful or not. It certainly appears to me that a lot of children leave the education system feeling second best, untalented and hopeless. Yet they are the future of our world.

I’m not sure how we got to this state but it has to change somehow. Where do I start? What can I do?

One of the things I know I can help with is intuition. And I can give people an opportunity to reconnect with their psychic senses. Because I feel we have forgotten about these almost completely. Generally we are told they don’t exist at all. And if we try to find out more we are met by a wall of fear. I know that many people avoid using their intuition because they think they will be perceived as mentally ill in some way. Because it’s common knowledge apparently that my voices in my head are an illness. In the distant past intuition was a valuable skill. Mainly because it helped us to navigate a challenging world. As our environment became more controlled intuitive information became less necessary.

I have experienced the challenge of opening up my own psychic senses again. In a world that is relatively much safer and apparently more tame than before learning to pay attention to intuitive information can be hard. To do so I had to explore how this way of gathering information worked. I had to accept I could do it. And I had to pay attention to what was being received. Finally, I had to become confident and trusting in myself and my intuitive abilities. Luckily I was prepared to explore that part of my inner world where my intuition lives – my imagination. I was also fortunate to meet people along the way who inspired me to explore too.

It’s really special to meet people who share your passion for discovery. They give an implied permission that it’s ok to want to find out. I found the encouragement from others really kept me keen to know more.

Of course, not everyone has a passion for finding things out. I have come across closed minds. People who have settled for ‘it is what it is’ without wanting to ask why that should be so. I feel that’s such a shame. What great opportunities they are missing out on. Or the people who have read lots and lots but never gone out to explore. Or gone inwards either. They have taken what others have told them as the absolute and only facts. I know they are letting their own abilities down. Yet it’s so rewarding to see other people find out how talented they are. I love having the freedom to teach others in ways that I feel will support their own adventures. It’s a real gift back to me when they rediscover their curiosity and start to question again.

The Awakening workshops will continue to be there for anyone who wants to learn in a different way. Added to them are the Earth’s ArchAngel Odyssey courses and workshops. I hope to keep fulfilling my purpose of “Each one reach one teach one” for a very long time to come.

Day 293 of my blogging challenge.

Balance the Energy by Boosting your Vibration

imageOne of the things I do as a teacher is to hold the energy of my group. By that I mean that I keep an eye on what energy everyone is radiating so that I can make sure we all blend together. I make it all balance.

The reason for making a balance happen is so that we can all learn together in a positive way. When I started teaching about intuition I didn’t have any particular vision of how it would go. My Guides had asked me to start doing workshops for other people so that’s what happened. As I ran my first few I know I was learning as much as the people attending them. Not particularly about the subject, but certainly about working in energy. Energy that I can’t see, touch or sense with my physical senses.

I’ve been fascinated by the ideas of quantum physics and string theory for a long time. Perhaps it’s because of all those science fiction books I read, lol. Understanding consciousness, what reality is and how I experience the world have been a life-long passion. So when I began my journey into mediumship looking at the world as energy rather than as a fixed state was easier than I expected. The idea that we are all really energy did still tie me up in knots from time to time. How could something so solid be a wave form instead! My Guides helped a lot. They gave me pictures, stories and models that made the energy world a lot more meaningful.

They needed to help me balance the solid with the fluid of our human experiences. I had to understand the impact of willpower on what is manifested into existence. I admit it took me some time.

The reason I had to understand was so that I could move beyond what I could observe about people into what I could sense about people. I’m sure I, like everyone else, settle a lot of the time for what I can see. So anyone who can keep a poker face can be hard to ‘read’. Someone who is smiling at me may actually be very unhappy with me. Not all smiles are genuine. After all we pay people vast sums of money to make movies that are full of false smiles. So if someone is good at making their face a mask I may take them at face value. I could actually be very wrong to do so.

I’ve also found that people smile when they are feeling really fed up, angry, fearful or upset. We call it putting a brave face on. But it’s actually a false face. I know there have been many times when I felt uncomfortable with someone but didn’t know why until afterwards. I realised eventually that their energy was telling me one thing but their appearance was suggesting the opposite. How to deal with this? It became a much bigger issue when I was leading groups. Then I found I could have a real mixed up muddle of energy but lots of smiley, happy people. As I explored how to recognise and sort this energy out I learned one of my best lessons. If someone’s energy was out of balance it pulled the energy of the whole group out too.

Once again I looked to my Guides for help. Thankfully they were ready to help me sort it out.

They showed me how to ‘feel’ the different energy strands, follow the ‘colour’ of each flow and notice where it was blocked or out of shape. I found it was a bit like untangling a ball of wool that a kitten has been playing with. It I concentrated I could decode each strand of energy – each person’s signal – so I knew if they were in a positive flow or not. As the energy flows out and between each of us I could also see where there was too much emphasis on low vibrational energy. I could then apply more positive energy to that point and ‘free’ the participants to work in a better blend with each other. The balance achieved generally took the group from slower connections to improved connections.

Of course not everyone responded to the positive energy. Some people carry too much low vibration with them at all times. Yet to connect successfully it really is important to be in the most positive energy you can find. I know that anyone opening up their intuition will have to clear out old, stuck feelings that are low vibration. However, connecting isn’t the only positive thing to happen if you do get rid of fear, anger, hate etc. etc. etc. When you pay attention to the energy you give off and make sure it is positive life gets a whole lot better. I know this for certain. It’s something I’ve learned by my own experiences. As I struggled to bring a balance of feelings into my own life I noticed that staying positive works.

Even more exciting, that positive feeling generates more positive feelings in me. And if I share my positive energy then others start to share the positivity back. We come into balance with each other.

That is a really great outcome. It means that even if I’m surrounded by people who are in their lower emotions, full of anxious, worrisome or distressing thoughts, I can alter that if they are willing to accept a blast of positive energy from me. I call it my sunbeam moments. A short blast of the light, bright, loving energy, that comes from the Universe and is free to all, is all it takes. Why not join me in some sunbeam moments?

Day 289 of my blogging challenge.

Giving birth to another dream

imageWhat a frantic few days! Church services, a Centre to run and PartyLite candles to find out about. All alongside the deadline for my first manuscript to be completed. Also how exciting! I get to do all sorts of things that I enjoy and call it work.

I’m always amazed at the way my life has shaped itself around things that I’ve finally realised I am good at. It’s like living a dream come true. When I gave birth to my daughter I though my biggest dream had finally happened. However, I’ve been lucky enough to dream more dreams. And to watch them manifest in the world. There are more dreams to birth in the next few weeks and I’m so excited yet full of butterflies at the same time.

Today one of the most personally rewarding dreams was born. Those of you who have followed my blog will know that I started all those days ago because I wanted to help myself overcome writers block. I was sure that if I stuck with a blog a day I would find enough words to make a book. Hopefully one of the ones I’ve had stuck in my head for years. Now it’s a reality. I have sent the first draft of my manuscript off to my editor. I know it’s not the finished article yet. There will be a lot of polishing to do. Yet I’m sure that at the end I will have what I wanted. My words will be out of my head to be shared with others.

I have always written this blog with two aims. One, to help me reflect on my day. I like to take my experiences and explore what they are all about. The second has been to let people see what a psychic life is like.

A psychic, or as I prefer, intuitive life is all about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Extraordinary in the sense that not everyone is doing them yet. I’m sure that when cars first appeared people thought that their drivers were extraordinary. After all horses, feet and carts had got us all from place to place for hundreds of years. Why use a contraption to get around that was noisy, fast and dangerous? Nowadays we don’t bat an eye at all the cars on the road. Driving is seen as an ordinary thing. People do it for a job. Everyone wants to be able to do it. And most of us can.

I am certain that one day we will all use our intuition to connect with one another. It will  seem odd not to. It will be an ordinary thing. I’m also certain that one day we will all use our intuitive ability to connect directly with our loved ones in the Spirit World. There will be no need to visit a church or a medium. It will be an ordinary thing to chat with out Guides, family and friends in the Afterlife. It’s all about getting over our connection block.

Having finished my book it’s time to birth another writing dream. I’m looking forward to  another two books. They are in my head and need to be on the page. It’s also time to start manifesting the biggest dream of my mediumship so far.

I’m about to launch the Earth’s ArchAngels Mystery School. Three years of hard work, going forward then into reverse, has delivered the ArchAngel’s Wysdom Odessy online training course. It’s also brough forwards Parashiel’s Balm energy healing and waves of support from the rest of the ArchAngels. Now it’s time to teach their mysteries. Students have been coming forward one by one to take up the opportunity to immerse themselves in ancient knowledge. Soon I’m off to visit the Dragon Tree on Tenerife to pick up another set of energy vibrations for the school.

The Seekers and Custodians who join the Mystery School are the people who will help to birth that acceptance of intuition. They are the designers of our next model of working with Energy Beings. They are like the drivers of the first cars. People who like to develop, test and push the boundaries of what we think can be done. I know it’s going to be an exciting, challenging time. It’s also going to be frustrating, irritating and hard to wait for this vision of Earth to finally manifest. My Guides tell me I will see it happen whilst I’m alive. How wonderful that will be.

Please dream your dreams. Make them extraordinary. Believe in them, in yourself and in the support around you. Stick at it. Keep sticking at it. Your life can change so that you give birth to your dream too. I know it can ?

Day 280 of my blogging challenge.