Valueless? How Should I Charge For My Experience?

valuelessI’m back home and working through my emails and messages. It’s an interesting experience responding to requests for readings, healing energy and other work. Yesterday in my Letter From The Light Side I found myself talking about how I value myself. How we all value ourselves. And sometimes feel that we are valueless.

Another word for valueless is worthless. Cubic Zirconia gems are often considered valueless because they are man made. Whilst Diamonds can be priceless because they are Earth made. Synthetic versus naturally occurring if you like. That made me think about my experiences. I arrived on the planet so I am Earth made. A naturally occurring human being. But my life has shaped me in so many ways that I could be classed as ‘man made’. Is my life experience worthless then? Or is it a very valuable part of me? Sometimes it’s really hard to get a balanced view of that. Especially when I have to tell people what I charge for my services.┬áThis is not a new discovery for me. Or for the many, many people who work int he holistic and alternative therapies or practices.

Even setting up a business can attract a great deal of comment about ‘God give abilities’ being meant to be used for free. That’s what the Inspirers wanted me to recognise yesterday. My experience isn’t valueless. In fact I need to be very sure to include it in my calculations about my own worth. Instead of dismissing the many years of searching, questioning, trying and testing I need to own those things. I have arrived at this energy level because I have done a lot of things. And studied many more. I have also worked to refine my abilities so that they are active at the best level I can presently achieve.┬áSo it’s important not to believe that I am valueless. I have a value.

And I know that I add value to the lives of the people I help and support. Therefore I have to make a charge for my work. In order to honour what I can offer to others. This is true for everyone on the planet. We need a wider debate about the distortions money makes to our ideas of self value. In the meantime, until there is a better balance, I will continue to charge what my study and experience is worth. Is it time you did the same?

Day 918 of my blogging challenge