Womb Life: How We Get Used To Waiting

wombI’ve been doing some healing today. One of the things I like to do is wrap the person in a blanket and keep the light very low. As I shut out the sunshine today I thought how it felt quite womb like in my healing space.

It got me thinking about that experience in the womb. That time of waiting as my physical body grew and matured. My Spirit encouraging that new physical life to shape itself and decide if this was the right life to enter into. My physical body being bathed in all sorts of external energies. Influenced by all of the conditions surrounding my parents and family. Because even in the womb I was intuitively aware. Able to feel the connection to my Spirit self and to all of the beings around me. But nothing is fixed until I decided, Spirit and human body, to finish my time of waiting and enter the world. It was only then that my ‘time’ began.

Now I am in a busy life. I move through my day from task to task. Time flies by. The quiet and shade of the womb is long behind me. Yet I also have to keep waiting. Waiting for the next client. Waiting in the traffic when I went out this afternoon. And waiting in the queue to pay for my purchases. Then waiting for my daughter to get home so we could eat. Because waiting is a way of experiencing the flow of energies, time, self. I am sensing my own movement from one period of waiting to the next. However, sometimes I forget all about waiting. I push helplessly against the need for waiting. Forget the timeless warmth of the womb which I carry as part of my sense of who I am. And that is when I become dis-eased. Out of balance with myself.

If I take the opportunity to return to that womb space I can reconnect with my ability to wait. My Spirit can remind itself that it is a being out of time. Because only the human part of me feels time passing. And that in no time at all this human body will be full enough of experiences to be set aside. The waiting will be over and I will return to that place of unconditional love. In the meantime I will wrap myself in a blanket and embrace waiting.

Day 891 of my blogging challenge

Tiredness? Time To Switch On Healing Energy!

tirednessSometimes I get so overwhelmed by tiredness that I can’t actually rest or sleep. It’s as if my body has clicked into a different way of functioning. So I find myself tired and getting more tired. Then I have to pause and remember that I can do something to help myself.

When I get focused on a goal I can plough on long after I should have taken a break. Or I can be so intent on doing as much as possible that I forget that rest is important too. And if I don’t pace my spiritual work my batteries can become depleted. Usually because I don’t ask for enough boosts of energy. I feel it’s a habit most of us suffer from. All that encouragement to set high personal standards, achieve everything to the highest level and the fear of letting oneself and/or others down. I find it easy to see the tiredness in other people as well in myself. And recognise that not everyone is aware there is help close at hand.

I know my body has a great deal of energy. But I have also learned that I can top it up any time I like. I can switch on my healing ability and draw in energy from all around me. A recharge of my batteries. Free and easy if I wish for it. Because that is how it is supposed to work. In an intuitive world energy flows freely from here to there, around and through us. It’s a matter of plugging in to the positive flow rather than resisting. When tiredness catches up with me, perhaps when I haven’t paid attention to the warning signs, I do two things. Firstly I slow down or stop what I am doing. I arrange some time for me to take a rest or a sleep. Then I ask for the healing energy to flow into me. Often I feel it switch on as my hands get hot.

In reality, it is the intention to deal with the tiredness that is the key. If I ask I will get. Being open to receive means I can let the energy boost me. I also trust my own ability to self-heal. It may have taken time to believe that it happens but I am certain that I will feel energised when I switch this energy on. My wellbeing is important. Is yours? Do you need to switch on your own healing too?

Day 778 of my blogging challenge

Energy Builds Up: Being True To You

Wave buildsThere has been plenty of healing needed today. Energy builds up in all of us. Just like it does on the planet. Then it needs to be released.

But there is another reason to pay attention to my energy at the moment. The next energy shift has already started to build. It’s on it’s way in and will wash over us on 17th September. I know it’s going to be a big blast. Because I also notice what is happening to Mother Earth. This year’s hurricane season is wilder than any other. Yet at the same time wildfires are affecting large parts of the world. And flooding is hitting harder and in more places. Like the way the energy builds in us it also gets more intense for the planet. All this energy brings with it challenges. Survival issues become the focus. And, I also know, the need to be authentic.

When my survival is challenged in any way I have two choices. I can become fearful and panic. Or I can make plans and get through it the best I can. So it’s important that I do what builds my resilience. I have to acknowledge my fear energy and how it might be trying to rush me into panic. Instead of letting it increase I have to focus on the things I can control. Not the things that are outside of my abilities. And I can prepare for as many outcomes as possible whilst remembering I might have to deal with unexpected outcomes too. Making sure I am true to my feelings but not letting them get in my way is the key. Also making sure I let the fear energy out. Release it so it can’t get in my way.  And accept that there will still be a residue of fear left.

So as the next energy wave builds up I am letting myself feel the fear of change. Because it’s then less energy to carry when the wave hits me.

I’m also focusing on the power of positive. I believe I have everything within me that can help me make the best of the changes that are coming. Even if I can’t see or sense exactly what will happen I am emotionally and mentally preparing to survive. And to thrive. That will give me the best chance, as the energy shifts and builds, to deal with whatever arises on a daily basis. I’m also keeping my attention on healing energy. For me, for all the people I connect with, for all the people in the world, the animal kingdom and the planet itself. I can’t be Wonder Woman rushing in to save every one. But I can use the power of my intuitive abilities to focus on positive outcomes for every one and everything.

It’s a bit like waiting for that giant wave with a surf board, life jacket and motor boat. Downloading the healing energy from the Universe is a triple back up. I can’t cheat death but I can give him a run for his money. Because when my energy builds up if I can link in with others who are accessing the Universal healing then we might shift much easier. That’s what a community of Spirit can do. And I know that we are all Spirits in human form. So I’m going to be kind to me over the next ten days as I await the energy surge. I’m also going to be as compassionate as possible to everyone around me as they feel the energy build up too. Not like a perfect, plaster saint. But embracing the fear, anxiety and frustration of waiting. Knowing what matters is that I do this to the best of my ability.

As the energy builds up across the world ask for help to deal with it. Be patient with yourself as you feel it sweep in. And keep that healing channel open so you receive all of the help and support you need. Change is finally here. And it will be good.

Day 654 of my blogging challenge 

Land: Exploring, Reading & Repairing Energy

LandNext weekend I’m off exploring the land again. I love visiting different places and tuning in to the energy I find. Sometimes I’m also the channel for sending healing energy into Mother Earth.

It’s a piece of work more of us could do if we wished. And there are many people who do want to. But where to start? I feel lucky that my claresentience, feeling the non-physical energy, is one of my strengths. Because it’s the way I sense and translate what is all around me. It’s also the first sense I used when I became aware that my Guides were trying to contact me. Exploring that sense got me into ‘reading’ the energy of buildings, land and many, many places. And that’s when I discovered I could call in healing energy to rebalance places that were in need of positive vibrations. Or to clear the stuck energy keeping a place heavy or weighed down.

What I have learned is that what mattters is what you intend. And if you pay attention to the energy around you you can decide to leave positive energy where you have been. I’ve certainly visited places where negative energy has collected. And plenty of places where my energy has been recharged by the positive feel of that building, place or land. Sorting out which is which is fairly easy. So long as I keep my attention on my intuitive senses. It’s like a gut reaction. And I’m certain most of us feel that reaction but ignore it. So when I go somewhere new I notice how I feel. Happy? Sad? Heavy? Energised? Flat? Or that I want to get away as quickly as possible. Sometimes the energy is mixed. Because many people might have been in that place. Each one leaving a different energy charge.

The land and everything on it soaks up the energy we transmit. If too much low vibrational energy has collected then it will feel like an uncomfortable place to be.

When I get that signal I know that I can help clear the stuck energy. I ask my Guides and all the other Energy Beings to help me. Then I try to find a quiet place where I can open up my healing energy. Preferably somewhere where I can place my hands on the affected land, building or structure. Although I have also asked for the energy to be sent through me and transmitted through my feet if need be. And if it’s very busy I can do my work walking around too. I focus on the desire to transfer loving, positive energy into the place. Then I move from spot to spot if necessary. Usually I get warm as the energy starts to flow through me and I know it’s going to do what’s necessary.

I love feeling the lighter energy of the land as the low vibratonal energy clears. When it feels like everything is back in balance the healing energy will switch off. What I like the best is that everyone visiting that place will find more positive energy. It feels like a good way to spread more light into the world. I also encourage people to think about the energy they are carrying around. I believe we are all connected so I can ‘share’ my energy, whatever I am feeling, just by being in that loop. Also in the loop is the place we happen to occupy at any moment. If I am blasting out anger, fear, sadness or any other low vibrational energy it’s going everywhere. Including the land. That’s why intention is so important. Helping myself to share positive energy keeps the land from collecting any negative energy from me.

Now all I need to do is remember I can help the land by helping myself stay in a state of wellbeing. And every time I visit somewhere new I can bring the loving energy with me to keep Mother Earth in balance.

Day 647 of my blogging challenge 

Healing Hands For All: Getting Started

healing handsI was asked a very good question today. All about hands on healing and who can do it. And how to get started with doing healing.

I believe we all have the ability to heal. It starts with being open to healing ourself. Then it tends to go outward into healing others. Our healing ability often surfaces in a big way when we have a wellbeing challenge. If my body is out of step with my heart and mind then I might notice that my own self-healing is trying to get my attention. Usually I can find that my hands get hot at certain times when I am feeling unwell. Or when I am around someone else who is ill. I might also need to consider if I need to do some work for my spiritual wellbeing as when all four aspects of my being are in balance I can remove my dis-ease.

To get started all I have to do is be willing to receive the healing energy. Sitting quietly I ask for the healing energy to flow into me and through to my hands. I place my hands on my body, usually my legs, and let the energy flow in. I like to have some music to support the healing process Or I play my Parashiel’s Balm video which will boost the energy I’m getting. Sometimes I also use a meditation, a mantra or positive affirmation to be open to receiving the Universal healing energy. One of my favourites is “Let the healing flow through me to where it’s needed”. I keep my hands in place until I feel that the energy has stopped flowing. When I have finished I ask for the energy to be turned off until the next time I need it.

I am also able to ‘give’ the healing energy to anyone I wish. Or to the Earth or the Animal Kingdom. As with self-healing the energy flows through my hands and out to wherever it is being sent.

I do this by putting my hands on the person’s shoulders if they are present. Once again I ask for the energy to flow through me to where it is needed. Or I hold my hands up like I do in the video and imagine the healing transferring from me to them. This is great for sending positive energy over distances when the person or animal is somewhere else. If I’m transferring energy to the Earth I might notice it flowing down my body and out through my feet into the ground. Sometimes I like to touch a tree, a stone wall, a hedge or anything else that can represent the abundance of the Earth. It’s my way of making sure that the Universal energy knows where it is intended for.

When I work with my healing I notice that my hands get hot, tight or tingle. Depending on the way someone’s healing is meant to work my hands may also go icy cold or slightly numb. It means that the energy is coming through to them. And going where it is needed. Other things that happen when I’m healing include information about the cause of the dis-ease or feeling like someone is with me guiding me. And even knowing things about the person I am healing that I didn’t know before. This is all normal. It’s happening because I am connecting intuitively through the energy exchange. I keep that information private unless the person asks me about it. 

If you find that you are activating your own self healing you might want to look at training in healing techniques. I teach Reiki because it helps focus the healing energy but there are lots of other kinds of energy healing. I’m sure you will be guided if you start to use your healing ability!

Day 637 of my blogging challenge

Being Good Enough: What Do I Value

Good enoughIt’s funny really. I have always had a streak of perfectionism. The desire to be good, better, best. To get it right every time. An inner competition with myself that I could never win.

That thought cropped up several times today. I know I was being asked to focus on what being good enough means. There is an underlying assumption that spiritually equals goodness. So if I’m living a spiritual life I have to be good. But by what standards? The religion I was brought up in? Where it meant being quiet, following the rules and always doing what others expected of me. Or the definition set down in our law? Telling the truth, not harming anyone and, once again, following the rules. Maybe I should be following the conventions about being female? I should be quiet, nurturing, accepting and doing the homemaking. So many standards to be perfect in.

Too many in fact. Being good when it equals being perfect is a lot of hard work. And I have to resolve conflicting rules rather too much. Over many years I’ve come to appreciate that being spiritual isn’t about applying yet another set of rules to myself. It’s actually about me going back to who I am and the way I want to be in the world. I can choose to value my kindness. Or my forcefulness. I can praise my problem solving ability. Or I can recognise how good I am at being a hearer. And a healer. But I don’t have to be these things perfectly in every moment. I can be good enough to the best of my ability. From moment to moment. I can value myself for what I can offer because it will be the best I can give at that time.

When I operate from ‘good enough’ I value myself more appropriately. I can give what I feel able to give. Not what I feel compelled to give because of some unattainable standard. Saints and holy people don’t exsist. But Good Enough people have changed the world for the better. Have you been good enough today? I know I have.

Day 626 of my blogging challenge 

Hospital Bed Revisited: Well Done A&E

Some days turn up side down in moments. Today was my back to work day. But it turned out to be a hospital day instead.

As I sat with my auntie in A & E I couldn’t help remembering the last time she was brought into hospital. Of course when I get to a certain age I expect bits of me will get grumble and need attention. So I know that my auntie may find herself relying on this kind of care more that I would like. She’s been embracing all sorts of physical problems for a lot of years. Aging tends to bring us all to the recognition that our bodies tend to develop physical limitations. I guess I’m glad it’s not limitations of her mind that trouble her. I know it can’t be avoided though and she wasn’t the only elderly person in a cubicle.

It struck me that many independent older people really struggle to accept help. I suspect I might be exactly the same myself. Yet the staff were patient, polite and caring. Even with people waiting in the corridor as the morning picked up pace. Unfortunately there were no free cubicles because there were no hospital beds. The wards were full already. That stood out from the last time we were there. As I sat in the cubicle overnight that time to see if a bed would become free I wrote my blog on paper to type up later. It’s clear to me the pressure hasn’t eased any for these dedicated people. Around 1pm a whole load of juggling began to see if anyone could be moved to side wards or discharged. Not easy decisions to make but the pile up was getting worse.

Once again I thought about the importance of hospital beds. If my auntie ended up needing one it might be another long wait.

I feel it’s too simplistic to argue that we should privatise care, restrict care or divert people to GP surgeries. After all, the earliest appointment she could get to see her own GP was 13 June unless she phoned in at 8am in the morning for an emergency slot. One of the things I know we are really fortunate to have is a health care system that covers everyone for everything. In some other countries this morning’s visit to the hospital would have cost thousands. Money that she doesn’t have. The fact that she could get treated for free was a blessing. So how do we respond to the taking away or slow dismantling of such a system? Should we even be doing that in the first place?

My Guides were sitting with me as I watched my auntie sleep for a while. I understand that she will have to depart for the next life at some time. But I confess that I’d rather keep her here with us as long as possible. How would that happen without the hospital care? I felt an immense gratitude towards those people who are working to make sure that she still has quality of life. We all sat sending out healing to everyone in the department. It must be soul destroying at times for the staff. When they said she could go home I was thankful. But left wondering what the solution was. How to ensure that sick people can get help to be well again? Perhaps the staring point is to help people learn how to stay in energy balance.

Our physical body will fade out. It’s time is limited. But I can help myself avoid putting pressure on the hospital if I focus on my own wellbeing.

Keeping my energy clear and balanced. Letting go of stuckness and seeking positive energy. Listening to the signals of my body and dealing with them as quickly as possible. Using my intuitive healing ability on myself. Asking for the healing support from the Energy Beings who work with me. There are so many ways to achieve wellbeing if I wish to do so. Perhaps I also need to be active in the debate about our health services. I do believe it’s time for more holistic approaches, more listening ear sessions and intuitive connections to what dis-ease is. Instead of the medical model I’d like to suggest the holistic model. Medicine has it’s place in treating illness but there is scope for so much more.

My auntie is home and I’m grateful. She has had large blasts of energy healing and I’m grateful for that too. I appreciate everything the A & E staff did for her. But I recognise it’s time for change. We escaped sitting in the corridor and cubicle for 14 hours this time. Others haven’t been so lucky. Nor are the staff who have to deal with this on a daily basis. Whenever you can please send a positive healing thought to the people in hospital beds, the staff caring for them and the families affected by illness. Finally, if you want to change the system then you have to enter the debate. It’s no good waiting until you need the A & E department!

Day 554 of my blogging challenge 

Bringing Waves of Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. That’s what I tell myself if I’m in need of a boost. Although some days I forget the accuracy of this idea. Especially when I’m feeling ill or stressed. That’s when I find my Guides bringing me giggles.

Laughter is also something I notice the Spirit people bringing to their loved ones. Grief and sadness can be set aside for a few moments if we can laugh about something. A shared story of a memory. Something that brings us to tears because it’s funny once again. I know that I often get silly pictures in my mind. Random evidence so that the person I’m reading for will remember the fun times. I also know that my Guides bring me amusing things when I’m feeling low. They get me laughing so that I can step out of the low feelings for a while.

The power of a few minutes giggling. Or chuckling and laughing out loud. It can move me from feeling sorry for myself into feeling like I’m ok. That’s what is so powerful about a wake. Having a space to both laugh and cry about the person who has gone to the Afterlife. And long after the passing of a loved one the laughter can still be shared. When I’m bringing in the evidence and messages the warmth of laughter still connects love one to loved one. Today I met a lovely Spirit man. He was bringing the laughter to the person I read for. I discovered it was badly needed. Because sometimes we are hard on ourselves. When it’s not actually necessary.

That gift of fun boosted both of us. We started laughing. Healing energy flowed into the room as the tension was released. The causes aren’t important. What was wonderful was the moment when laughter took over.

I love that this Spirit and my Guides worked to get me some lightness today. I’m still a bit off balance. My car decided to have a problem and I had to cancel another event. Something I don’t like to do. I really needed to rest again. But was giving myself a hard time about doing so. After the reading, with that blast of laughter energy still making me chuckle, I took myself off to bed. Where I had four hours of peaceful sleep. How precious that bringing the laughter has helped me do some more healing.

Day 474 of my blogging challenge.

Healing Energy Given to Give

One of the best things about opening up to my intuitive ability has been the chance to be part of sharing healing energy with others. Through my connection with Reiki, the Earth’s ArchAngels and Spirit beings I am often given energy to pass on.

Although I enjoyed my work as a therapeutic counsellor and knew I was part of a healing process I did sometimes feel that something was missing. At that time I hadn’t started to see the world as an energy environment. I knew about thoughts and feelings. I understood that these would influence choices and actions. But I didn’t recognise the energy that flowed as I thought or felt something. Healing support was given by medicines and talking therapies. When I opened up my connections to Energy Beings it shifted the way I understood my world.

It also changed the way I understood what healing meant. I became aware of dis-ease as an energy form. And that other energy could be given to release, change or disperse that energy form. As I explored more about energy healing I realised that I was being given regular blasts of healing energy. In the first place that healing energy only worked to help me remove stuck and damaging energy from my aura and physical body. Over time, however, I began to get more healing energy than I needed. That’s when my Guides suggested I learn to give that energy to others.

That began my journey into Reiki and Spirit healing. Learning to transfer what I had been given across to other people.

Even though I’ve been doing this work for a long time I am still awed by the way that the healing energy flows for all of those who come along for a treatment. Or the feedback from the videos I’ve issued that send out the healing energy too. I love that we are surrounded by all the positive flow of energy that we could ever wish for. That it is available to every single person. And all we have to do is be willing to receive it. So when I get a day like today, working to pass on the healing vibrations, I always enjoy giving all I am given.

My healing energy work has also given me the opportunity to become a healing teacher. I try to encourage every one I can to find out about the Energy world. Each time I do another Reiki attunement I know that another person will find that what they give out they also get back. I know that if we all approached our wellbeing from an energy point of view there would be much less need for medical intervention. If you are feeling like you’re out of sorts, out of balance or in need of a boost please think about asking for healing for yourself. I am sure that you, like me, can benefit from what is given to all of us.

Finally, please share in the discussion and information about energy healing. There are many ways to access help and support. You don’t have to suffer through things. Energy is being given so that you to can learn to give to yourself ?

Day 417 of my blogging challenge.