Review, Reflect, Renew

img_2310It’s certainly been one of the strangest days this year. Not the only one. But certainly one to cause me to review, reflect and renew my commitment to living a positive life.

Perhaps the first day this year that I had to review what my life was all about was on 20th January. That evening I hit a wall of despair because of the impact of flooding in my town. It affected both my home and my business. Reflecting on what I was facing, perhaps the total loss of my business, I faced the fear of having to start all over again. The next morning, after a night of wobbles and little sleep, I somehow awoke with a renewed sense of determination. I knew I had to keep going. If only to demonstrate to me my belief in myself.

In April I had another strange day. I had decided to end my work with my local spiritualist church. I’d discussed it with my Guides in some detail. Although the church was recovering from the flooding as well I felt I had to take more time for myself. At the AGM it turned out that I wasn’t able to take a step back. Events had placed me in a situation where to do so might have created difficulties for the church when we were trying to get it open again. At home I reviewed my conversations with my Guides. Reflecting on what had happened I got the sense that they wanted me to renew my commitment to getting the church open. It was important to show my commitment to the Spirit World.

On two occasions now I have listened to political debates about potentially life changing decisions that affect huge numbers of people. Both Brexit and the US elections have brought to the surface vast amounts of fear, anger, hatred and aggression. So the days after people have expressed their choice have both felt strange.

Like I’ve stepped into a vacuum. Or that I’m in free fall. Still waiting for the world to shift back into it’s old pattern. Such emotional focus points, once discharged, leave a flat feeling for everyone. Listening on both days to the fall out, the discussions, the speeches, even the successful sides have been only low key in their celebrations.  It’s made me reflect on how we behave in community issues. Do we do what is fair? Or are we still stacking the odds against the majority view? Is it time for a new way of deciding important issues? Especially when those issues become charged with emotional energy that brings out the worst in us. I’m not concerned with who won or lost.

I feel it is important to consider the bigger picture. That picture is all about how our communities, including our global community, ensures that we work together in unity so that all of us can have what we need in life. I guess that’s my most striking reflection. Both of these political events have been about the sense of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. About finding someone else to blame when we feel that we are in the ‘have nots’ camp. Then we look to be rescued by a strong leader. It’s almost as if we become victims who refuse to accept that things have changed. The world has moved on and we feel left behind. Who to blame for this? Not the people with all of the economic resources. Certainly not those who hold on to resources that they claim to own but can’t take with them when they die.

It becomes an issue of pointing at ‘the other’. A scapegoat. Perhaps one that has no power to fight back. Or so we think. At the same time we argue that we are really the powerless one.

So where does that leave me this evening? What has my review of yesterday’s events brought up for me? I want to renew my commitment to myself. I am not a victim. Others are not to blame for my have or have not-ness. My Guides have been reminding me all day that love is the only way to build a strong and equal community. It’s time to renew my commitment to my spiritual beliefs. My life will continue in a positive way,  despite any national or global uncertainty, as I want to set an example for my daughter. She needs to know how to survive reversals of fortune by staying strong in herself. And that’s the final point.

My community can only work in unity if I play my part. It can only change into something better if I continue to review, reflect and renew my commitment to community. Me first thinking can only end if all of us face the truth of our fears, rise above them and work for unity. In the end, I guess it will all boil down to love. Me loving myself enough not to give up and become a victim. All of us learning to love one another enough to know we have to share everything with everyone. One day all of us agreeing, in our love for one another, that all that matters is the greater good ❤️️

Day 360 of my blogging challenge.