Abstract Energy Painting: Clear The Mind & Do It

abstractI feel very blessed today. I’ve been wrapped in the energy of ArchAngel Etieliel channelling his energy into paintings. He likes to create abstract pieces so that the energy transfer is emotional rather than structured. And I am always excited to see what will emerge from our blending.

As I let him take over my hands we chatted about the process of channelled abstract paintings. I am always interested in how the Energy Beings choose to work with us because there are so many ways they do. My Guide Team encouraged me to start being creative with art nearly ten years ago now. Over that time I have worked with several different techniques. Depending on which Energy Being stepped forward to connect with me. Each adventure into a new way of working, with a new connector, has been a bit nerve wracking. But very rewarding. I love the pictures I have produced. Many of them have gone off to new homes. New homes where they can radiate the energy to every one who needs it.

I believe that more of us can work with Energy Beings to create pieces of abstract work that contains their energy. But are held back by believing that they can’t paint. That was the case for me. Until my Guides helped me to get over my fear. They encouraged me to get the materials they needed. Then they asked me to clear my mind as much as possible. When I was ready I started to play with the paint. Not focussing on what I was producing. Noticing but nor reacting when my hand and arm tingled. The signal that the connection was being made. And energy was flowing into the piece I was working on. In fact clearing my mind left me able to go with the experience rather than challenge what was happening. Letting the abstract image bring itself out of the materials.

It took me a while to perfect a resistance free method. My Ego mind wanted the abstract paintings to look like something. After all that’s the way it sees the world. Yet my Intuitive mind was keen to let the end result be whatever it was meant to be. So I persevered. With the love and support of my Guides. Is it time to listen to your Guide Team and get creative with colour, sound, materials? Positive loving energy can be transferred in so many ways. Remember, you have so much to give if only you try.

Day 1000 of my blogging challenge

Achievements: A Long Way From There To Here

achievementsPercolating through my tired brain today was the word achievements. The last wafts of Mercury turning from retrograde have created lethargy and exhaustion for me since Sunday. So a conversation yesterday stuck in my head until I could give it some room today.

I guess I also wanted to reflect on one of my biggest achievements. Spending nearly three years writing a daily blog has taken a lot of stamina. Only two more days after this one and the challenge will be completed. At the same time I have launched Letters From The Light Side and set up a subscription Newsletter for my predictions about the energy on it’s way in to us. Not to forget my first book! Plenty to consider. Perhaps there are many more achievements that have slipped by without me actually noticing. Or giving myself credit for. Women are trained to be less vocal about what they achieve and often believe saying anything is boasting. But when I consider the goal I initially set myself there is a lot to talk about.

In my very early days, when I had just started giving messages from the Spirit people, I asked my Guides to help me in a specific goal. I asked that one person could be affected so much by the message I passed on that it would change their life. They would open up to the possibility that there was life after death. That’s what I wanted to read in my Akashic record about this life. The name of one person. Today I thought about the thousands of messages I have given. And the students who I have been fortunate enough to teach. Of all the words I’ve said and written. And the positive feedback I have received. I have my fingers crossed that there will be more than one name in my book when I get to read it. I also thought that it might be time to set a new goal.

For a wider audience who might benefit from my words. These achievements have happened because I have a strong and loving Guide Team. They have put me in front of wonderful non-physical beings who have communicate through me. They have woven a wonderful tapestry of experiences for me to be able to reach my goals. Now there are new beginnings looming. I’m nervously excited but determined to achieve as much as I possibly can. Isn’t that what life is all about?

Day 999 of my blogging challenge

Transformation: Letting Guides Show You The Way

transformationI’ve always been intrigued when new Guides start to make their presence felt. I feel as if a transformation has started. From one Guide to the next. And by implication from one me to the next.

Several months ago I started to get a physical signal from a new Guide. He has told me the name he would like me to use for him. Although I know from experience that he has not given me his correct name yet. Because this process of getting to know one another is founded on faith and trust. It’s also build on the changes occurring within me. I am going through another transformation. It happens every time I pass a spiritual test, clear more of the stuck energy and progress to a a new level of self understanding. Working in the service of Guides is always about getting to a new level of understanding me. So that I can reassure others that changing is always a better option. And, of course, be of more service.

However, the transformation is not to rewrite my personality or my characteristics. The change is to become more ‘me’. My Guide Team expands every time I discover another aspect of me to integrate. It might be the painter me. Or the writer me. It could be the healing me. Even the challenging me. As a Spirit I have wisdom and skills from other lifetimes. Along with the wisdom of my Guides. They can see the talents that I find it hard or impossible to acknowledge. And the encourage me to use them. To play with the idea of what else I might be able to do. Transformation, for my Guides, is about learning to be joyful in exploration. Taking a chance on an adventure and seeing where it will all lead. Learning to be brave about being me.

People often ask how they can get in touch with Guides. First, ask them to talk to you. Second, pay attention to what you feel. And not to what you think. Finally, be open to the extraordinary within your everyday life. Understand that your Guides are there. Because all you have to do is take the first step towards them.

Day 949 of my blogging challenge

Sugar Sharing: How Good Vibes Come Back

sugarOne of the hardest things to do is to get in a positive flow of energy when you are feeling stuck. That’s when I remind myself of sugar sharing. My way to increase the good feeling in me and around me.

One day I was talking to a group of students about how we give out our energy vibrations. Even when we don’t realise that we are doing so. I know that all of us tend to take one another at face value. That what I say and how I appear may make people think I’m fine or ok. But what my energy may be saying is the opposite. Intuitively that will be picked up and people will go away feeling rather confused. They may also pick up my energy vibe and pass it on to other people too. That’s the way energy works and transfers. So what about sugar? As i tried to explain the idea of energy transferring my Guide stepped in. Thankfully the Team are always ready to help. And I was given a great illustration.

Imagine you live in a row of houses. Your neighbour pops in and says they have run out of sugar. They ask if they can borrow a cup. You smile and give them a bag of sugar. They promise to return it and you say it’s ok. You ask them to pass on the kindness. They take the bag of sugar home. Next day the next neighbour in the row calls into their house to ask for a loan of some sugar. In the spirit of kindness the first neighbour gives them the bag of sugar and asks for it to be treated the same. Passing on the kindness in return. The bag of sugar goes along the row of houses until the morning you run out of milk. And the neighbour right at the end of the row gives you a pint of milk with the request that you share the kindness to the next person who needs something.

What has happened is a good vibe all along the row and your original sugar returned in kind. You have been sweet and got that lovely energy back.

However, there is another aspect to this. What if your first neighbour had not passed on the sugar? If it ended only satisfying the first person’s need? You might be reluctant to share again. The other neighbours might have stopped asking your first neighbour for help. And may have refused to help that neighbour in future. What is being transferred is not the sweetness the sugar can bring. But the sadness of looking only after number one. In that scenario the only person who benefits from any energy is the first neighbour. But it is a short term fix. And there is unlikely to be any more positive flowing their way.

I love this explanation for giving with gratitude. What I give will eventually return to me. What I give can be large or small. A smile, a small or large loan or a roof over someone’s head in an emergency. There are so many ways to share the sweetness of the sugar. Each time I do it I know that I can look forward to when it returns. And not care when that might be. Or how it will be returned. I am sending out a positive vibe, sharing and caring for it’s own sake. Not with my eye on getting anything back. Because I know that there is a great balance going on. If I feel happy and someone else feels happy we are sending that wave of kindness out as far as it can go. Eventually that wave will remove the low vibrational energy flowing around the world.

So make today the day you think about sharing that bag of sugar. Remember how much it can shift your vibration. When you focus on what others might need you forget your own stuckness for a little while. You never know. What you might get back could be exactly what can clear away the thing that keeps you stuck.

Day 940 of my blogging challenge

Phenomena Created By Spirit People As Evidence

phenomenaOne of the things I have been working for over the last twelve years are phenomena created by my Guide Team that have a physical impact on the world. When these happen each one is a piece of evidence that our two worlds really can interact with each other.

I had no plan to go looking for physical occurrences that had no human interaction involved. I was too much of a sceptic to allow that Guides could affect my physical reality. Even when I was learning to communicate with them. But I had a lingering fascination with what is called physical mediumship. And probably not much understanding of it either. Yet physical phenomena have been reported since the beginnings of what we now call Spiritualism. The dictionary describes a phenomenon as ‘a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question’. In reports from seances all over the world there are physical events that seem to defy any explanation.

Most people have heard of ectoplasm, a substance produced by a medium when in a trance. Some people have heard about noises and tables moving. Yet there are also other things like apports (objects appearing that where not there before), temperature changes or voices speaking around the room. Most of these are said to happen only in blacked out rooms or with red light. And often these phenomena occur very infrequently. Or not at all if the circumstances aren’t right. So I was bemused when I started to find physical things happening around me rather than in me. Being clairsentient I was, of course, used to feeling like I was being touched by my Guides and the visiting Spirit people. Discovering that they could also affect the temperature and light in the room was a surprise.

Over time I got used to the phenomena happening around me.

Working as a Trance medium also helped me to understand how the phenomena could occur. So it was through that interest that my Guide Team led me into the production of physical phenomena. They created the circumstances where I could work with different groups of people, in all sorts of settings and conditions, where these physical things could happen. Over and over agin I have been present when noises have been produced, lighting altered or ectoplasm started to form. Unusually for me I have been less questioning than normal. It’s is hard to dispute with the evidence I have observed for myself. Instead I have been interested about why my Guide Team spend so much effort letting us know they can also work in our physical world.

The answer has always been the same. Whenever I have asked they have talked about their desire to let us know that they exist. That some part of me will continue after my human body disappears. Interacting with our reality is a good way to say, unmistakably, they are still here. And to say it in ways that I can understand. Because I have been present as it has happened. I have to say that their approach has been the best one for me. I am much more open to their presence because of what I have experienced. And keen to show and share with other people the phenomena that can provide evidence to them too. This kind of physical activity gives me a lot of comfort. I have heard the sounds, seen the tables move, had morse code tapped out using a glass ornament. Along with a lot more.

I enjoy working with my Guide Team to produce these phenomena. It is a very tangible and substantial way to evidence the presence of Spirit people. Along with being a great way for any Doubting Thomas like me to discover life is really eternal.

Day 939 of my blogging challenge

Trustworthy? Testing The Spirit Information

trustworthyI spent my day at a Mind, Body, Spirit Fair. It was a warm and positive occasion. I was there because I have learned the meaning of trustworthy. My Guides can be relied on because they are honest.

This came up in a couple of conversations as I talked about my book. I attended the Fair taking my book and CDs with the request from my Guide Team that I focus only on my writing. It made me very aware of the start of my public life as a medium. A reluctant medium to be sure. At best I stepped into my own spotlight because I was curious. Not at all because I thought I could be a medium. But I took what my Guides said on a sort of half trust and tried my best to do what they asked. However I do remember turning them down on several things I really was scared to do. They parked those requests and came back to them when they had ‘proved’ they were more trustworthy. And, of course, when I had proved that they could trust me too.

Although I wasn’t really aware that I was being tested to see if I was trustworthy. I felt I was  honestly doing my best to deliver on what they wanted. Although I did learn along the way that the honesty required meant a journey into finding my authentic self. Plus learning not to think about what others felt, thought or said about me. Then finding myself letting go of control so the Guide Team could steer my progress. To the point where I have stopped doing things they wanted me to stop. And started doing things they have asked me to focus on now. Like my writing and painting. I have tested, and they have confirmed, every request they have ever made of me. So that we trust one another enough to work the energy in the best possible way. Together.

I realised today that I look for others to be trustworthy now. Not in the sense of a blind trust in one another. But in a much more positive way. I look for the actions that people do. As well as trying to live as authentically as I can. When we all share a bond of trust – of honesty – the magic can really happen. Exactly as it did for me today.

Day 934 of my blogging challenge

Swapping Over: Is It Time To Do Something Else?

swapping and changingYesterday in my blog I mentioned that I’m used to my Guide Team organising the work I do for them. Often without notice but always because they can see the bigger picture. I was thinking today about how much swapping and changing I have to do. And how that has been a constant thread in my life.

I’ve noticed that every eighteen months or two years I start to feel restless. I want to start new things. Sometimes without finishing old stuff. Because swapping my focus seems to energise me all over again. Of course I didn’t always notice that pattern. It was only afterwards that I would think about how quickly things had changed. As I developed my mediumship I started to realise that my Guide Team seemed to be happy swapping my work on a fairly regular basis. New tasks and experiences seemed to flow in every time I thought I had got to a competent level. In fact, just as my confidence in what I was doing started to rise.

When I pointed out that new work was coming in just as I was finally feeling ok with something they encouraged me to keep an open mind. And to learn to recognise when I was really ready for that change of focus. I know they brought things to me so that I wouldn’t get complacent. Or get comfortable with something so much that I would be unable to move to the next area I needed to develop. It seems they wanted me on a rapid learning curve. Because, actually, that type of learning suited my personality. I like to grab the essentials, understand the detail and then get practicing. I know I learn best when I’m practicing my abilities. My Guide Team were chopping and changing because it suited me.

I take their point. I have spent a lot of my life hanging on in there. Doing things that I should have stopped long before. This way I get the push to move on exactly when I need it. Are you ready to try something new? Is it the right point in your personal development to try something fresh? I’m sure your Guide Team will be letting you know if it is. So get swapping. It will be worth it!

Day 890 of my blogging challenge

Green Light For Workshops: Guides Set The Pace

green lightI’m sitting writing this blog in waves of incredible energy. It might feel like a hot flush but I know it’s the Guide Team energising my events. After a few months of stepping back from workshops they have once again given me the green light to teach.

By now I’m used to the way they chop and change my work around. I remember kicking up a fuss with them when they first asked me to teach people what I knew. And I suppose I kept asking for confirmation that it had to be me. Until they actually got me off and running. However, I like to work in small groups, with people who are ready to learn what I can offer, so my workshops were not a key part of my business model. It’s a good job too. Because even though I could plan is as many as I wanted they only happened when my Guides gave me the green light. Sometimes there aren’t enough people around who are ready for the energy that is passed on from the the Energy Beings.

So it was nothing unusual at the start of this year to close down the workshops. In fact my planner was full of all sorts of other things. yet I knew that workshops would feature again once the green light got switched back on. And this week it has. I had a couple or three dates earmarked in my diary. For what I wasn’t sure. Then, at the start of this week, I did a trance mediumship demonstration. While I was with my Guides they told me I could confirm what workshops would run on the dates. I’m so glad. I love teaching, sharing my experiences and listening to other people make sense of theirs. The Guides are always present to make sure everyone gets the support and information they need. And I get to talk about the subjects I’m passionate about.

So June is going to be a busy month! I have the green light to offer three workshops – Exploring Intuitive Energy Connections, All Things Angelic and Discovering Past Lives. Three key areas of knowledge and experience that will help anyone wanting to change their intuitive life for the better. Thank goodness for those Guides and their ‘bigger picture’ planning. Everything happens at the perfect time.


Day 889 of my blogging challenge

Shutting Up Internal Chatter: Listening For Guides

shutting up chatterIt must be a necessary theme this week – working with Guides. Yesterday I wrote about my latest new Guide and today I’ve been chatting to several people about the way I work with mine. Explaining that our connection couldn’t get off the ground until I learned about shutting up my internal chatter.

As a human being I have learned to keep my mind active. Not necessarily by choice. But because I have always been expected to process lots of information. Firstly by my Ego Mind so that I can keep myself out of danger and stay alive as long as possible. The chatter that flows through in my thoughts has a big chunk of assumptions, options and debates about what to do for the best. Not only about crossing a road or driving. But also how much my gas bill is, the price of food and if that person really did mean to be nasty to me. The Ego Mind is expecting uncertainty and attack. Shutting it down completely is hard because I want to stay safe too. So it gently rumbles on yacking at me all the time.

Also chatting away are my feelings. Who said what, when and why. Debating if I feel hurt, proud, upset or angry. Linking what has been said to things in my past and dredging up old feelings. Chattering about assumptions of what is going to happen in the future if I have to speak to that person again. Going round and round judgements, conversation points and individual words. Constructing my answers for next time. Or the things I really wished I had said. I play these over and over again in the safety of my internal world hoping that I can deny them or reinvent them to sound more positive to me. Using up lots of energy keeping myself in the past rather than accepting the conversations and moving on. And all because humans don’t show each other how to deal with feelings immediately.

Shutting up chatter therefore becomes a lot more complicated as I fall into all of these internal dialogues. Swapping Ego Mind with feelings endlessly. So how can my Guides break through that noise?

It’s important to acknowledge that my Guides communicate with my Intuitive Mind. The part of me that processes the information from my intuitive senses. It’s a part of me that has been pushed into he background. I’ve been trained to believe that I actually don’t have intuitive senses. So how can the information break through if I’m not even paying attention? My Intuitive Mind is chattering very quietly to itself. Gradually shutting down the information coming in because all the other chatter is drowning it out. Until it’s almost silent. I’ve even forgotten that it’s there. Unless I get a random prediction right. Or have a moment of deja vu that wobbles my certainty in the material world. Even denying that I might have seen a non-physical being.

So here I am with far too much chatter going on in my head. Yet the voices or connections I want to experience are shutting up. In my experience the only way to deal with this was to start closing down the chatter and opening my intuition. I began with learning to meditate. Letting myself turn down the volume on my Ego and feelings. But turning up the volume on my intuitive senses. I also learned to sit very quietly so that the chatter could calm down, slow down and fade a bit. Music for relaxation helped me too. I started to write my questions down and let myself answer them. I paid attention to any thoughts and feeling I had that seemed not to be mine. And I kept asking for more. telling my Guides to give me the information again.

With a lot of practice I gradually learned how effective shutting down the chatter could be. Because I had a space in my head where other impressions, thoughts and feelings could emerge. It took me some time to trust that this was my Guides communicating with me. Yet when I finally accepted it was my mind chatter became a wonderful, purposeful conversation instead. Is it time for you to stop chattering and start listening?

Day 855 of my blogging challenge

Introducing A New Guide: Beginning A Relationship

introducingI’ve know for a little while that my Guide Team was shuffling about. It’s happened before and I’m sure it will happen again. Yet it always makes me a little on edge. Because Introducing a new Guide takes time. Because we have to make a relationship that will work so that I can carry on doing my spiritual work.

I think my team started introducing this particular guide about four month ago. To be honest it could have been much longer as I’m sometimes a bit reluctant to acknowledge that things are changing. I can trust the team members I already know. Someone new might not be as easy to work with. Or know all my likes and dislikes. A new guide might also think that s/he can tell me what to do. Or want me to do work that I’m not confident about doing well. Really, it’s like any other new relationship. Lots of doubts, false starts and a period of really getting to know one another. It takes time. And I can be really impatient to get on with what I’m supposed to be doing.

That’s the issue. Introducing a new guide means that my work will also be changing. So I hold on to what I already know I can do. And try to run away from what I’m being asked to do in the future. Tonight my new guide, Rafe, stepped in to help me with my live video broadcast. It seems he is going to work with me on my YouTube venture. But I hardly know him. Even though we have been testing one another out for the last four months. We are busy introducing some changes to my Guide Contract, negotiating working arrangements and trying to get a sense of who each of us is. It’s hard work! Starting a relationship is always a tricky venture when the person is physically in the world. And I find it’s even more so when hey are non-physical.

So I’m looking forward to some bonding, some clashes and some getting to know one another days. Working together means introducing new ways of communicating. As well as new things to do. So I’m delighted that he has finally given me a name I can use. It’s a trust thing. I’m excited that he is working with me. And I’m optimistic about our adventures together. Let the relationship begin!

Day 854 of my blogging challenge