Communicating With Yourself First Opens The Door

communicatingI’ve been thinking about my journey into mediumship today. And how communicating with non-physical beings sort of crept up on me. Bit by bit. Quite a lot of the time I was unaware of one of the ways that the door to their realm could be opened. Instead I seemed to spend quite a lot of my time talking to myself.

Communicating with myself is, of course, something I’ve done all of my life. Billions of thoughts have crossed my mind. Information about feelings and sensations. Plans, dreams, fears and hopes. Worries of all kinds. Discussions of the right and wrong of any action. All of the analysis I have done to find meaning in my life. It’s all been there. It feels like a constant chatter that only switches down when I am asleep. But even in sleep the communication continues. My brain is never really silent. Yet in amongst all of that activity there were also messages and information from my Guides. However it took me a long time to find it because of all the other stuff filling my head.

Communicating with Guides became a lot easier once I started to deal with the chatter in my head. Not by shutting it up. But by listening to it and sorting it out. It’s amazing how many worries I had that were unlikely to happen. How many fears I allowed to run riot and shove me into defensive actions. All sorts of meaning that I had decided mattered to me. So that I was stuck in trying to achieve far too much. I realised that my thoughts were out of balance. Too many should, musts and oughts. A mind full of things to restrict or limit me. And I realised I had been carrying all of these for far too long. So I started to let them go. To deal with them. And to answer myself in positive ways.

Communicating with my deeper self also helped me to make some space to recognise the thoughts that belonged with others. Because there were plenty of these. Judgements, advice, instructions and rules I had taken on. And there, right in the middle of this muddle was the loving, encouraging and supportive energy of my Guides. Waiting to help me open a completely new door. I stepped through, never looking back. Is it time for you to find your new door too?

Day 961 of my blogging challenge