Winter Blast, Clearing Cold & A Spiritual Message

Into WinterI woke up to the delights of a full on cold this morning. One that had arrived out of nowhere. It was also icy cold outside and I felt the Winter blast reminding me that it’s not quite the right time to put forward my new shoots. It seems I still have to wait for a little bit longer.

A cold always reminds me that I need to clear the stuck energy from my throat, third eye and sometimes crown chakras. Energetically they have got bunged up and are now impacting on my physical body. I gave myself a mega blast of Reiki healing energy. Then I made sure I had drunk plenty of warm water. And that I was wrapped up well. I also thought about Winter. It’s a time of reflection. A dark, retreat time of year. A time to rest so that I can be ready to get going again in Spring. Now that the days are getting longer I can feel myself ready to rush off and start ‘doing’ again. Yet my voice and sight aren’t quite ready. My energy needs to be clearer.

Thinking about this I headed off to a prearranged afternoon at the cinema. We went to see Coco, the latest Disney Pixar film. It was a big surprise. The weaving of deep spiritual themes into a film for children is wonderful. As an adult I sat and cried, laughed and cried again, embracing the moving way the dead can be remembered. I love the message that family, our connections, are the thing that matters most in the world. For me family isn’t just the blood relatives. It’s each and every person who is part of my life. The film made me think about the cold of Winter and the warmth of family. I get my support from the people around me. They warm my days even when the frost bites hard.

Tonight it may be Winter outside but I feel warm. The seeds I need to grow are sheltered from the frost. They will show themselves when the warmth of love has been enough to get them shooting upwards. I can wait. I can embrace the love my loved ones send me. Finally,  I can look after my needs until my energy is clear once more.

Day 820 of my blogging challenge

Family Time: Both Sides Of Life Gather Close

familyIt’s nearly time to celebrate a new beginning. Letting the old year go so the new one can come in. I’m very fortunate to be with family at this time. From both sides of life.

It’s always hard to pass another anniversary without loved ones who have gone to the Spirit World. Yes, I have memories of their time with me. But it’s not quite the same as being with that person. That’s why I valued time spent with my Earth family around these anniversaries. Until I opened up to communicating with the Spirit World I wasn’t certain that those on the other side of life were actually there. Because I had no evidence that they were. Yet when I began to develop my mediumship they gave me more and more evidence. Plenty to show me that they still got involved in my life. Knowing that eased the pain of those anniversaries.

It also helped me make the most of family time because I felt the connection with those who had gone before us. And I could remind myself that we were all together once more. And would always be together. As each anniversary comes round again I count another year. However, I also understand that time is passing for me and not for them. So we join as a family on lots of occasions but, like any family, are there at any time for each other. Until we reunite again in the Spirit World and step out of time. In the meantime, back with my Earth family, we have been talking about old times. Looking at a group photograph and chatting about those in Spirit. Recalling gatherings. Telling stories. Passing on our history to the next generation.

Family is a connective thread. It can include blood and married in relatives. Mine certainly includes friends. A thread that joins all of us together whatever side of life we are currently on. When it’s time to sing Auld Lang Syne I know all of us will feel the pull of our connection to each other. Reminding us of times past and present. As well as taking us into the future.

Day 766 of my blogging challenge 

Space In My Diary For Me Instead Of Spirit

Lots of spaceI’ve had a sort of day off today. I say sort of because I know that Spirit people are never far away. But it was time for me to have some space for me.

I love my connections with Energy Beings. And I love helping people connect in any way I can. But I also have my own life to balance against the needs of others. Because that’s what the Energy Beings are. Other people who have a need to get messages across. The same need as me and all of the people who are physically here on the planet. So sometimes I have to put a space in my diary that marks out my boundaries. Otherwise I would be recieveing communications all of the time. Even when I was asleep. My Guides have always been clear that I had this choice. It’s up to me how much or how little Spirit communication I do.

My Guides have also been quick to prompt me when I’ve actually made space in my diary. They remind me to take time out. Because it’s true. So much can pass by when I’m not noticing it. Due to having my head stuck in my work. Or my focus on things that turn out not to be that important in the end. I’ve been fortunate to spend my day with my family. Catching up, laughing and sharing how we all are at the moment. They are the people who anchor me into my life. They remind me of belonging, shared experiences and the warmth of love. I know they also help me to stay grounded. They know where I’ve come from. So they are also there when things get a bit tough. A reminder of the way all of us have weathered life’s storms. And still stand strong.

I’m looking forward to the next family event. It’s already taking up space in my diary. Time for me to enjoy a break from working for others. And notice all of the things happening in my family instead.

Day 683 of my blogging challenge 

Celebrating Life Events

imageI’ve spent this evening with my family celebrating a life event. One of my aunts is 70. She and my other aunt are the last of their generation of the family so being there was very important to me.

Our family stretches from the aunties all the way down to the latest member, our one year old. There are brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces, great aunts and grandchildren. As we enjoyed the chat, catching up and news, I thought about the wonder of a new life. As each new child adds on to our family tree I can see that the future of our family is being realised. The last names may change, we may move to other places or countries but we will still be linked. I love that idea. I feel like there is some continuity with my life. It’s there as my foundation. I know where I came from. And I know that my daughter knows her family too.

Of course, I know it’s not the same for every family. And I know that there are people who have not had the experience of a family connection. Certainly my family has lost connection with some branches of the tree. Time and distance has taken us out of each other’s orbit. Or the knowledge of who belongs in the family tree has faded away. I also know the challenges that face families in overcoming the hard life events. Illness, the death of a family member or a break up leaves a void. Grief, confusion and an empty place take a long time to heal. Especially when there are emotional issues creating unfinished business between family members.

Yet still I appreciate the wonder of a family life. We are social beings. Our preference is to live together in groups. Ties bind us and I am sure that these can be positive if we work at it.

I also feel we have to be prepared to redefine what we understand as family. There is often resistance to people who are newcomers – the ‘married in’s’ effect. Sometimes it’s necessary to step back from people who are already part of the family. I understand how I have free will choice and might possibly have to use it to remove myself from a family relationship if it become toxic. Knowing also that my friends can become family too. I watch their grandchildren in the same way as I watch my great nieces and nephews. If I can access the widest possible ‘family’ I can share in lots of life celebrations knowing that I am witnessing the continuation of a family tree. It’s the circle of life at it’s best. Whoever your family is I wish you many more celebrations, many more new additions and a family tree stretching forward as well as backward.

Day 292 of my blogging challenge.

Family Fortunes

imageDoing readings today I spoke to a Mum and daughter on behalf of their family in Spirit. Later this evening I was with my friends celebrating two birthdays. Surrounded by family the birthday couple represented two generations of a family who have been through tough times. In the late evening sun the third generation of that family were the topic of some of our conversation. Although these children will never meet the family members who are now in the Spirit World the love from that side of life will still surround them.

Tomorrow in the UK we will be celebrating Fathers Day. We also celebrate Mothers Day in March. I know that for some people the family fortunes have been such that the bond between parents and children has been stretched or broken. Sometimes so early in life that we have no idea who our family actually is. The loss of an anchor point, a sense of belonging, can make it a challenge to have a sense of self or identity. It’s as if a particular chunk of love that should have been ours has disappeared. I believe that the gap this can create is one of the reasons that our loved ones in Spirit try their best to communicate with us.

That gap also appears when our loved ones die. I remember the strange feeling when my Dad died. Suddenly I was an orphan. Well into my adult life I no longer had the rock of a mother and father to support me. I felt like I was cast adrift on an open sea. My family was incomplete. I was sad that my daughter would miss out on knowing her grandad when she had only just begun to connect with him as a child instead of a baby or toddler.   Tough times indeed. However, I did have something to help me. I had the love from my family in Spirit. My Mum, Grandad and Nanna came through in messages and took time to let me know that they were around me.

In another message this afternoon the lady I was speaking to refused to have a message given by her grandmothers. She only wanted certain members of her family to step in. She hadn’t met her grandmothers so found it hard to understand why they would want to bring her messages anyway. I don’t know what her family fortunes were but I felt sad that no one had kept the memory of these two ladies alive for her. They were very strong women who wanted to offer her support now that she needs it in her family fortunes.

As I sat in the sunshine this evening and we talked about people now in the afterlife I felt the joy from the Spirits around us. They were delighted to be there celebrating too. Being mentioned brought smiles to their faces because they were ‘gone but not forgotten’. The next generation of this family will hear the stories again and again. The Spirit family will live on in the family still alive here. Families fall in, fall out and fall in again. Time changes many things but the connections we have with our loved ones in Spirit endure outside of our earthly time.

No matter what your family circumstances the love of your Spirit family is always with you. Enjoy the family connections you have here on Earth too. No matter how challenging the relationships or circumstances. You chose to surround yourself with these lovely Spirits to help you grow, evolve and understand what unconditional love is all about.

Day 215 of my blogging challenge.

Healing the Family Vibe

imageOne of the things I love to do is a family Reiki session. Everyone gets an individual mini blast of Universal energy whilst the whole family are sitting in the same energy too. Doing Reiki in groups is a wonderful way to share. It promotes everyone’s self healing. And the combined energy from everyone is shared by all. I find working with families also promotes interesting conversations amongst the participants. Anything that has happened to the family unit can be experienced very differently by the individuals in that family. The chance to comment on what they are experiencing from the Reiki tends to start a freer discussion about the stresses the family is currently under.

Members of a family usually assume different roles – the caregiver, the breadwinner, the emotional supporter, the peacemaker, the challenger, the rule maker etc. Sometimes the roles are played by only one or two people, sometimes they are interchangeable and sometimes the role becomes stuck with one or another person. It’s the group way of navigating life events so communication between the different ‘roles’ often follows familiar patterns. So when the family comes under stress each individual responds in their expected ‘role’ to the events as they unfold. They communicate following the script already given for that role. Sometimes that script is unable to meet the needs of the events the family are experiencing, especially if there is significant change involved, so the stress & strain increases. Significant life events can be so stressful that the fabric of the family is so damaged that it can’t continue as a single cohesive unit.

I feel this is when family Reiki can really help. Reiki healing energy is not dependent on any particular belief system. It doesn’t require any particular rituals or practices. It can be passed on with a minimum of fuss and it will always find the energy vibration that needs to be healed. During sessions with families I explain what the energy is doing and ask the participants to tell me if they sense anything. What I have observed is that as each person describes the tingles, tickles, heat, cold, colours etc they may be experiencing the rest of the family is chipping in with comments, support and validation of those. I can pick up on the words the individuals are using and often repeat back what they have said so the discussion moves into comparing the Reiki experience. Giving voice to how each person is feeling in the Reiki session tends to get a more general exchange of conversation going. It’s lovely to see the Reiki working on healing the family communication too as often there are breakthroughs in understanding. I feel this is because the topic of Reiki itself is a safe subject to the family, within which the discussion of feelings arises naturally.

Best of all is the way in which the family vibe can shift in the space of one session. As families we spend time with one another, mostly caught up in day to day living, trying to make sure that we make the best of our lives together as a group. Yet when we are under strain we often deal with getting help as individuals. In a sense that suggests that the rest of the family can manage without support. Or have to manage without support. It’s a bit like saying the broken leg can have a plaster cast but the other leg, that has to take more weight for a time, isn’t worth extra support too. Unless we accept the need for a walking stick or crutches. And then the hands and arms might be taking the extra strain so what about their support? When I give family Reiki it is amazing how supported everyone feels. Families leave my Centre with much more positive energy than when they came in. They come back and tell me of the ways in which they are coping better with the ups & downs of life. They have a second, third or more sessions.

I’m a supporter of holistic therapies. Science may not have recognised the reality of energy work yet but I go by what I experience and observe. Treating the whole family unit is also holistic. It is recognising that ‘no man is an island, and no man stands alone’.  We are creatures of community and connection. So I believe in working with the whole family, helping it to heal and grow stronger. Shared experiences can bring us closer together. Participating in the healing of the people you love the most, and healing yourself too, is a wonderful way to affirm your love. Next time the winds of change whip up a tornado around you and your family why not consider a family Reiki session to heal the dis-ease?

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