Body’s Connections To Full Moon Energy

Body'sSometimes it takes me a little time to put things together. Especially my body’s connection to the energy. I tend to forget that, as a clairsentient, I can ‘feel’ all sorts of things that physically don’t belong to me. Often when I notice symptoms I have to check is it me – or is it someone else.

Realising I was strongly clairsentient was like being told I had to learn the language of another planet. Spoken by an inhabitant of a third planet. It was a challenge. First of all I had to identify what I was feeling. Then observe my body’s response when the Spirit and Energy Beings were around me. I might feel their emotions. Or their physical characteristics. And had to cross check that those things were separate from my own body’s reactions. Not easy to sort out. However, because I’m tenacious I stuck with it. Until I was satisfied that I could tell the difference.

Then my Guides started to link me into Mother Earth, the Moon and one or two of the other planets in our solar system. I began to ‘feel’ their physical energy. Including their pain as well as their elation. Finding out I could do this was a surprise. But it’s actually a logical extension of being clairsentient and able to ‘read’ energy. Any energy. Now and again I’m called on to ‘feel’ the pain of the Earth and to transfer it away. Exactly like I would when I am working with healing energy for a client. I finally realised last night that I was involved in Earth healing as the Full Moon energy made it’s presence felt.

My body’s response to this Full Moon was painful. Especially in my root chakra. There was a wobble going on that I had to focus my healing energy on.

However all the Reiki I did for myself to release the pain seemed to make things worse. Until I checked with my Guides. It was a relief in one way to find out the root chakra wobble wasn’t mine. It was the planet reacting to the Moon energy. The ‘pull’ and ‘push’ of getting ready for new beginnings. As the Full Moon arrive this afternoon I walked on the beach letting the water sooth my energy. The pain was gone. Any wobble had disappeared. I felt ready to take a big leap forward. I was also sure that others would have been dealing with the Earth’s energy.

So I popped onto my Facebook to do a live broadcast. There are many strongly clairsentient people who will have been wondering what was happening to them. It felt good to be able to explain my body’s response to the energy. And hopefully others could take some reassurance from understanding their intuitive ability too. Then I thought about my last Letters From The Light Side broadcast. In it I explained there would be some strong energy from Monday night and through Tuesday. If only I had remembered sooner. My body’s reaction would have made sense much sooner.

I love the way I am still learning to put it all together. And that my Guides let me work it out for myself. Until I’m stuck and ask. Or cheer me on when I’ve got the bigger picture. I’m also honoured to be involved in clearing Mother Earth’s energy field. The more of us that can do this the better she will become. Next time you find yourself with random symptoms, aches and pains take a moment. Are you experiencing your own clairsentient ability?

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Saying Hello: Dawn On The Longest Day

This morning I got up at 4am. It’s Summer Solstice. The longest day. I wanted to watch the sunrise as we move into the energy influence of ArchAngel Etieliel.

Of course I wasn’t the only one up and about in the pre-dawn. All over the country people were posting their Solstice Blessings to my Facebook newsfeed. And when I did my live broadcast there were some people online watching for the sunrise with me. Needless to say it was a cloudy morning. Not a chance of catching a glimpse of the sun as it rose. But that didn’t put me off. I carried on with my broadcast because Etieliel, the leader of the Earth’s Guardian angels, wanted to bring in the light of love for the longest time on this longest of days.

As I stood with him I also felt the presence of Divine Feminine energy. I felt wrapped in a warm, strong love. My eye was taking in all of the beauty around me. Birds were calling making a musical backdrop to the lapping water where I stood. I was reminded that we all have a core strength. A gift of intent that keeps us going when all else fails. I felt a deep appreciation of my willpower. Of the way I somehow survive whatever is thrown at me. Even those things that I have created to challenge myself. I thought about the way in which we bend but never quite break.

For the longest time I thought I was weak. And useless. Because I struggled to achieve what I thought I should.

This morning as I blended with nature once more I felt relieved of that burden. The need to achieve has tripped me up a lot. I feel it trips all of us up far to much. It makes change the longest process going because we struggle to let go of things we can’t achieve. Not recognising that moving on to things we can achieve easily is the better option. When I look at what I thought I ought to do I see that I was driven for the wrong reasons. I wasn’t loving myself enough to work towards the things I do really well. The love pouring into our world this morning helped me to focus on what I do well.

I drove home with a renewed sense of myself. And what I’m good at. Magically, as if a gift to say well done, I caught site of a deer at the side of the road. It was standing in a garden area looking at me. I know we have deer around the hillsides but they don’t come close to people very often. It waited whilst I stopped the car and looked at it properly. Then it moved away back into the tree line. What is often hidden has been revealed. My abilities can benefit the people who require them. So no more hiding in a deep forest. I carried on home laughing to myself about the way messages get put across.

For the longest time I have held myself back from accepting positive feedback. Stuck with trying to achieve positive feedback for stuff that I’ve lost my passion for. Now I’m ready to shine my light in the way that suits me. Because on the longest day I know I am loved.

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