On a Go Slow: Feeling Out of Sorts

It’s been a slow day. I woke up feeling out of sorts. Nothing I could put my finger on. But heavy energy.

Sometimes it’s not clear to me why I feel that the energy is heavier. I know all sorts of things might be going on in the energy ocean that surrounds me. But I can’t quite get to the heart of what is shifting around. At this kind of time I have to be kind to myself and acknowledge that I’m not feeling just quite right. It doesn’t happen often. Because usually the waves of energy are very clear. And I know that everyone around me is feeling those same waves. Yet today it felt like some of the waves were definitely flowing in the opposite direction. So were many of the things I planned to do.

When this happens I know that things might appear to be going in reverse. So I feel like I’m not moving forward but back. Given that it’s also the start of a new moon with some interesting impacts from both Mercury and Saturn yet in the outspoken Leo it’s no surprise that everything I’ve been doing has come back under review. I have been busy manifesting my desire but now I also have to check if they are really what I want. Then I have to do the work of making sure they come into being. And that might be the challenge. Taking the right action when there are all sorts of things I can choose to do. I’m being asked to be decisive. Not a good thing if, like me, you tend to procrastinate quite a bit.

However, the time for thinking is almost past. I have one more go round in this heavy energy before I start to put my creative talents into bringing in my dreams. September is launch time. In this heavy energy I need to rest, review and refocus all sorts of intentions. How about you? What will you do?

Day 609 of my blogging challenge 

Spiritual Spam – Blocking Messages

One of the things I’ve got used to with my websites is spam. Like my email feeds the comments option on my blog sometimes brings me a lot of potential posts that are rubbish. Or negative. Or trying to promote stuff.

I have a spam filter on my emails, my web pages and some of my social media. I’m also very aware of phishing, ‘like’ farming and all the circular posts that are designed to block up my Facebook newsfeed. Perhaps what is less well known is that I also get Spirit spam. We all do. It can’t really be helped. It’s a big ocean of energy so sometimes there are low vibrational messages trying to get through. It’s why I and most mediums ask to work with ‘the highest and brightest’ Energy Beings.

So what is the purpose of spam? On your computer it’s unsolicited junk mail. In your letter box it’s all those flyers and ads that you haven’t asked for. And I know it’s the same from the Spirit side. There are people who have passed over still keep their human personality. So they like to play tricks, bring upsetting information or mislead. My Guides tell me that these Spirits are being encouraged to move into higher vibrations. But you can’t always teach an old dog new tricks. Mediums train themselves to move above the vibrational levels of the more unevolved Spirits so they can give positive, uplifting evidence that our loved ones live on.

It’s not about ignoring the lower vibrational Spirits. It’s about helping them to be able to communicate more effectively. Without being unwanted down here.

I also want to mention another kind of spam. It’s the unsolicited energy from the people around us. Sometimes the pull of someone else’s energy can get in the way of a strong connection. After all I’m swimming in the same energy ocean as billions of other people. That’s mind blowing enough. But their energy is sending me unwanted messages all the time. The sort of ‘spam’ about how they are feeling, what they are doing and all their anxieties. Plus I’m getting any needs they have. Especially if they are trying to pull in positive energy when they are feeling negative. Or desperate to get a message from only one Spirit or Energy Being.

That’s why, once again, I and many other mediums practice keeping our aura, our energy field, free from stray random energy. Like junk mail my space can become overfull of all sorts of requests. And information. Or sort of begging letters. Wanting me to do things or give things. Requests, not always positive, for my time and energy. Sorting out what is spam and what is useful is also a learning curve. Most days the delete button has a big part in sorting out what I read or pay attention to. Although I always look for the genuine, the ones I can help, or the connections that will be good communications.

In the end, I know I can always block the ‘spam’ around my energy field if I really want to. That’s the ultimate choice I have. So try as they might, unhelpful Spirit messages don’t have much chance to make it through.

Day 450 of my blogging challenge.

Shifting Childhood Fears

img_2342One of the things I’ve learned as a counsellor and healer is that our childhood experiences often stay deeply buried. Sometimes those experiences have created fears that end up driving our adult lives.

When I look at the world as an energy environment one of the strongest energies is our emotions. Every day what we feel is radiated out into the communal ocean of energy. So what I feel in any given moment also washes over anyone who happens to be around me. That’s lovely if the energy is love or joy. Not so nice if I’m angry or upset. And if I am afraid then the fear washes out to join all the other emotions around me. Learning about my intuition through my psychic senses opened my mind to the impact of a childhood spent in the energy of others.

That’s a point I try to make in all of my healing when it becomes necessary to clear deeply stuck energy. The energy may manifest as phobias, panic attacks, irrational bouts of fear where the cause is unknown or self-beliefs that don’t fit the reality of the person in front of me. Where do children learn that they are lazy, stupid, annoying, powerless or insignificant? It may not be because they are told that every day. But sometimes there is that kind of energy around them. They sense it and start to believe it. Because small children don’t have a rational thought process. They can’t check if what they sense is correct or the truth. Early childhood is a place not held in cognitive memory. I remember snippets from smells, sounds, senstaions.These are the prompts that make me react in all sorts of ways without quite knowing why.

Childhood reminders are everywhere. But I know that they are not open to rational exploration. The stuck energy has to be re-experienced in some way for the release to take place.

When I’m working with the difficult childhood times that others are stuck with it’s important to find a balance. Too much re-experiencing can be as traumatic as too little. Creating a safe way for the energy to be cleared may involve me in calling a halt to the healing work of a session if necessary. I may also have to highlight the precious, positive childhood times too so that there is an appreciation of that same balance. Nothing is black and white. Especially where feelings are concerned. And helping someone to recognise that the stuck energy may not even be theirs is also a positive.

We all swim in that shared ocean of feelings. Sometimes the energy we get stuck with is actually from the emotions of someone else. When we are small we don’t know the difference between our emotions and the emotions of others. We haven’t learned that skill yet as it comes along when we are able to think. Childhood, as I’ve said, isn’t about thinking it’s about feeling. Working through issues as an adult by checking out who the feelings actually belong to often clears stuck energy almost miraculously. Once I know it’s not my feelings I can choose not to be swayed by them. Whatever the feelings are. And whenever they originated.

So although I am influenced by my childhood I can release the fears through understanding how that energy got stuck there. And whose energy it really was to start with. Then I can try to radiate positive energy to all of the children I come in contact with. That is one way to change their future.

Day 367 of my blogging challenge.