Sentinel: My Watcher Waiting On The Beach

SentinelI love visiting a special place where I can sit in the energy of the Beings who work with me. Today I went to a spot where I can connect with a Sentinel. A Watcher. ArchAngel Dareshiel.

The Full Moon energy is starting to build. As is the pull of Mercury going retrograde. So the energy currents are unsettled and chaotic. I’ve been watching the rise and fall of these energies as they pass through me. And trying my best to stand steady. To keep my emotions from becoming too overwhelming. Going down to the beach allowed me to see the waves hitting the rocks. To observe the stillness of the stones as the water washes over them. The sky was cloudy too. The weather seemed to be reflecting the turbulence of the energy as well. I made my way to the sentinel rock. It always draws my attention. Gazing out to the sea. Watching the eternal flow of the tide. In this place I can take comfort from ArchAngel Dareshiel.

He is the one who helps me to detach from my emotions. Dareshiel helps me to become a sentinel in my own life. Not that I avoid my feelings. That would be very hard for me as my birth chart is ruled by Venus. But Dareshiel is supporting me to feel first and react third. His energy gives me a barrier of a sort. A second or two to process my feelings before I make a choice to act. That small nanosecond of reflection giving me time to work out how I want to deal with what I am feeling. Because my intuition also plugs me into the emotional energy of everyone on the planet. And that can be overwhelming. That’s why so many empathic people struggle to act and react in a balanced way. Especially when they have muddled up what they feel with what others are feeling.

Being a sentinel has served me well so far. I have been able to flow with the energy currents in the wider world. So that I can work out what I feel about any situation and then work out how it is best to act. Dareshiel is my sounding board whenever I get stuck. As well as my support in challenging energy. Finally, over the next two weeks, when you are struggling with your feelings why not ask Dareshiel to help you too?

Day 970 of my blogging challenge

Feelings: Mine, Yours, Theirs?

One of the questions I’m often asked is about how I know what Energy Beings are communicating. For me it all started with noticing my feelings. And then realising that some of them didn’t belong to me.

In fact it’s one of the things that I explain very early on when I’m teaching. Perhaps because I had to develop as a medium from my clairsentient ability. All that time I spent working out if it was my pain in my back or the back pain the Spirit person was trying to tell me they had did eventually pay off. I became very aware of my own feelings when I was working. That helped me to be aware of my feelings when I wasn’t working too. It made me aware that I often soaked up other people’s emotions. So much so that I got muddled most of the time.

Realising how much my psychic senses were switched on all the time I began to understand that I needed to sort all the emotions out. Sometimes a person with a strong ability to tune in to other people’s feeling is called an Empath. Highly empathetic people can have real difficulty switching off the emotional energy from everyone around them. In the same way, I can also switch into how Energy Beings feel.  As I learned more and opened more to the messages I was getting I knew I had to protect my own energy.

Since we have feelings all the time I knew I had to be able to close off from other people’s feelings.

Sifting through what I was feeling every day made me much more aware of what was my stuff and what wasn’t. So I started to ignore the feelings that seemed to belong to others. I also made an effort to be in a bubble of positive energy. If I knew I was positive any negative feelings that popped in were suspect. Of course there are always going to be times when I’m negative about things. But being aware of and thinking about my emotions really helps to own only mine. I also learned to work with the intention to mirror back any feelings that weren’t mine.

Imagining myself surrounded by mirrors I could reflect back those stray, random emotions. It meant my inner world became a lot clearer and much more manageable. Strong emotions are still a part of me but those are all mine. And I’m happy to deal with what I feel. Especially as I work to release the emotions in a way that doesn’t send them out into the world. I know that if I radiate energy outward it will come back to me. So I want to have the positives coming back. And not anything else.

This carries into my work with Energy Beings too.

At the beginning I could easily be swamped by the emotions they were sending me. It was all information to help me describe them. But it could be too overwhelming at times. Especially if they were experiencing an emotion I was feeling too. So that I could connect for them I had to ask for an agreement that they came in very gently. That they let me acknowledge the emotional energy gradually and that it cleared as soon as I had given it as information. Over time it has become possible to pick up the emotional information from very small blasts of energy.

So now I only get extra feelings when I’m tuning in for work. The rest of the time I’m protected from confusion, over-reactions and mistaking mine for theirs. I still feel. And react. But now I own that it’s all my own stuff.

Day 390 of my blogging challenge.