Phenomena Created By Spirit People As Evidence

phenomenaOne of the things I have been working for over the last twelve years are phenomena created by my Guide Team that have a physical impact on the world. When these happen each one is a piece of evidence that our two worlds really can interact with each other.

I had no plan to go looking for physical occurrences that had no human interaction involved. I was too much of a sceptic to allow that Guides could affect my physical reality. Even when I was learning to communicate with them. But I had a lingering fascination with what is called physical mediumship. And probably not much understanding of it either. Yet physical phenomena have been reported since the beginnings of what we now call Spiritualism. The dictionary describes a phenomenon as ‘a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question’. In reports from seances all over the world there are physical events that seem to defy any explanation.

Most people have heard of ectoplasm, a substance produced by a medium when in a trance. Some people have heard about noises and tables moving. Yet there are also other things like apports (objects appearing that where not there before), temperature changes or voices speaking around the room. Most of these are said to happen only in blacked out rooms or with red light. And often these phenomena occur very infrequently. Or not at all if the circumstances aren’t right. So I was bemused when I started to find physical things happening around me rather than in me. Being clairsentient I was, of course, used to feeling like I was being touched by my Guides and the visiting Spirit people. Discovering that they could also affect the temperature and light in the room was a surprise.

Over time I got used to the phenomena happening around me.

Working as a Trance medium also helped me to understand how the phenomena could occur. So it was through that interest that my Guide Team led me into the production of physical phenomena. They created the circumstances where I could work with different groups of people, in all sorts of settings and conditions, where these physical things could happen. Over and over agin I have been present when noises have been produced, lighting altered or ectoplasm started to form. Unusually for me I have been less questioning than normal. It’s is hard to dispute with the evidence I have observed for myself. Instead I have been interested about why my Guide Team spend so much effort letting us know they can also work in our physical world.

The answer has always been the same. Whenever I have asked they have talked about their desire to let us know that they exist. That some part of me will continue after my human body disappears. Interacting with our reality is a good way to say, unmistakably, they are still here. And to say it in ways that I can understand. Because I have been present as it has happened. I have to say that their approach has been the best one for me. I am much more open to their presence because of what I have experienced. And keen to show and share with other people the phenomena that can provide evidence to them too. This kind of physical activity gives me a lot of comfort. I have heard the sounds, seen the tables move, had morse code tapped out using a glass ornament. Along with a lot more.

I enjoy working with my Guide Team to produce these phenomena. It is a very tangible and substantial way to evidence the presence of Spirit people. Along with being a great way for any Doubting Thomas like me to discover life is really eternal.

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Trance Tripping

imageToday I’ve been on a trance trip ? I’ve been back to my home town of Oldham to the Spiritualist church to teach trance mediumship. It was lovely to help people discover their ability to make a deeper blend with a Spirit. However, trance mediumship is often misunderstood or confused with possession. People are unaware of what exactly is happening when this kind of overshadowing happens. So it’s always good to bring the info & experiences to people so they get a better sense of this way of working.

So what is this type of mediumship? The spirit person places their energy into the medium’s aura and physical body so that they can produce a transfiguration – change the appearance of the medium. The spirit person can also, with the permission of the medium, use their physical body in order to speak or sign so that communication can take place. There is no ‘taking over’ of the medium in the way that is implied by the way the term possession is used. The medium is always in control and can return to her body at any time. People are often confused that to make a better blend of energy the medium usually works in an altered state of consciousness (trance) similar to a deep meditative state. Some transfiguration can take place in quite a light medative state especially if the medium is experienced with this type of work. However the deeper state is often required to produce ectoplasm for a detailed face mask.

Ectoplasm? The face that appears when a medium is transfiguring is usually produced by a fine layer of a substance called ectoplasm. It’s made from the medium’s body and can appear like a white smoke, a more fibrous or substantial material or similar in thickness to cotton wool. For most mediums a fine layer is substantial enough to imprint with the spirit’s features which then overlay the medium’s face. People see the shadows forming in the substance or over the medium’s face and then notice features changing shape, size or even ones that were not on the medium’s face e.g. mustach, beard. The medium isn’t usually aware of this process happening. It can be a little strange to see one face build up on top of the other. If the overshadowing is more intense it may also be possible for the spirit person to use the vocal chords of the medium to speak to the observers. The medium’s voice may or may not sound different so this has to be taken with any other effects, like changes of features, before it is possible to say that a transfiguration has happened.

Why do it? One of the key points in the contact between our and the Spirit World is the desire to show that they are there and exist alongside us. This type of mediumship is designed to give us in this world more experiential evidence for the reality of a Spirit World. The key point is that it is an experiment in contact that we can try for ourselves if we wish. It’s not necessary to be the medium doing the trance – watching it happen can be challenging enough. Being involved in a trance session can give you information that you have obtained with your own eyes. That information is presented to you to get you thinking. A lot of people are unsure what happens after we leave our physical body. Seeing a  trancefiguration we may find ourselves opening up to the idea of anothe kind of existence.

I love working in this way. It’s a deeper connection with loved ones, with positive Spirit energy and an interesting experiment every time I do it. If you get a chance to see a transfiguration medium why not go along and see what you see & sense?

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