Pressure: The Push To Bring In The Dreams

PressureToday has felt hampered by all of the Eclipse and Mercury retrograde energy. Yet underneath I have been feeling a pressure. Something reminding me that dream do happen.

My internet and mobile phone connections continue to play up. Letters I’m waiting for haven’t arrived. I felt like energy was draining out of me. All that stuck stuff I’ve been carrying finally disappearing. But it left me feeling tired. Because it takes energy sometimes to move energy. The final piece of frustration was trying to complete the upload of my book so it could be printed. Nothing was going anywhere. Certainly not the cover art or the file I’d formatted. I noticed I was starting to feel a pressure to get something, anything completed. But it ended up that I didn’t.

Instead I walked away from my desk and took a break. Yesterday was busy and lots happened. Then overnight, as well as dreaming I was in New York, I had some contacts with Energy Beings. They kept moving things around and wanting to channel information. In my barely aware state I let them get on with some of it but after about an hour I told them to come back later. I know they are helping me manifest all of the things I’ve asked for so I’m willing to give them space to work. But there are limits! No wonder today I felt a bit spaced and distracted. As well as low in energy. However, I also feel the excitement of new beginnings. A pressure on me to be ready, get clear minded and able to set off at a moment’s notice. I’ve no idea of when, where or how.

So what about those dreams? Have I built from a solid foundation? Have I asked for everything in the best possible way?

This afternoon, to take the pressure off, I sat down and listed out my requirements and desires. All of the things I want to have in my life. Even those things I don’t know about yet. Yes, I’ve put a sentence to allow me to receive all that is best for me even when I don’t know what it is. I believe in covering everything. Because I know I don’t know everything. My list is as complete as I can make it. I’ve asked my heart what I desire and pretty much left my head out of the debate. There is no time to let my Ego mind throw up lots of objections or distract me. I don’t want to have my abundance derailed by fearful thoughts. It’s important that I stay focused on recieveing all of the good things into my life.

After I had written my list I felt a lot better. The pressure had eased. I know the push that is coming will be really helpful to my life. But I also understand that I will get what I ask for. So picking the right things matters. No wonder that intutive part of me was kicking up a fuss. Working to get me to notice the shift in manifesting time we are all experiencing. Often what has frustrated me is that it seemed so long between asking and receiving. So long that I’d forgotten what I asked for in the first place. Now the things I ask for are popping up almost immediately. Sometimes no sooner thought than visible in my life. That’s fast. And I have to be quick to accept and be grateful for what I have received so that I keep that lovely flow of materialisation going.

Are you feeling the pressure? Do you need to sit down and write your list of dreams? Over the next few weeks there is a great opportunity to reconfigure your life. But you have to be clear about what you require and desire. Then it can be delivered to your doorstep straight away.

Day 638 of my blogging challenge 

A Total Eclipse of the Human?

The incoming energy today has been amazing. It’s solar eclipse time again as well as the run up to the new moon in Pisces. What a spiritual energy combination. No wonder I’ve been dishing out healing energy from ArchAngel Parashiel.

Whenever I tune into the energy I get a taste of what is on the way in. That’s why I like to get people to open to their intuition. When I ‘read’ the energy I am able to keep myself in balance as ups and downs occur. I know that at the end of the Zodiac cycle we embrace the spiritual completion of Pisces. My journey of the last twelve months is over. I need to reflect on what I’ve learned about myself in that time. To think about what changes are required and consider my new direction. What are my next steps? How do I continue to evolve. What will I be asking the Universe for in the next twelve Zodiac months? So lots of soul searching. All being conducted with eclipse energy and a bit of Mercury & Mars for good measure.

So it’s time to communicate with myself. Probably forcefully. Whilst the energy of the eclipse disrupts the normal influx of New Moon’s new beginnings energy. The Moon will be blocking out the light from the Sun potentially making us experience darkness during the daytime. What that means is I’m like to be very confused, energised and stuck. Again. Because what these forces are doing is about getting me to recognise the truth of myself and my life situation. As a spiritual being I respond in a different way than as a human being. Where I might want to charge into something, perhaps laying down the law or being demanding, my inner self is seeking peace, harmony and using compassion. The mix of eclipse and moon energy stirs up that cocktail of impulses to show me where I might be rushing in where angels fear to tread.

So what can I do about the eclipse distortions? How to I maximise the new beginnings energy of the Moon?

That’s where I have been with the healing energy today. Taking things very gently. Looking after myself as well as being compassionate to others. Keeping my feet on the ground. And avoiding making any earth shattering decisions about my life. Until I can see more clearly once again I’m letting the energy wash over me. I’m not only talking to myself but I’m listening to myself too. It’s been a very demanding year with lots of experiences to grow through. One or two I admit I’ve backed away from. I’m sure they will be back around some time soon. But I feel that I’ve met most of my challenges head on. By doing so I believe I’ve arrived at a very positive place. I’m ready to push myself on again and grow some more.

Letting myself recognise the best time to make decisions is a big step too. Learning not to dive into action when the sea of energy is turbulent has been a big gain. I’ve begun to let the energy storms pass by or, if I can’t, to be in the eye of the storm. Calm and centred. Grounded to Mother Earth. Taking each moment for what it is. It is a time for all of us to come to a true understanding of ourselves and our current reality. I’m letting the energy ocean do the work for me. Staying positive whilst I wait for more truths to emerge. Recognising that ‘truth’ isn’t necessarily the hard fact I was taught it was.

There is truth behind the ‘truth’ and the current energies highlight that. Which means that I am healing too. Healing from the conditioning I’ve experienced whilst being human. Allowing more of my Spirit within to shine out. That can only be a positive improvement in my world.

Day 459 of my blogging challenge.