Sentinel: My Watcher Waiting On The Beach

SentinelI love visiting a special place where I can sit in the energy of the Beings who work with me. Today I went to a spot where I can connect with a Sentinel. A Watcher. ArchAngel Dareshiel.

The Full Moon energy is starting to build. As is the pull of Mercury going retrograde. So the energy currents are unsettled and chaotic. I’ve been watching the rise and fall of these energies as they pass through me. And trying my best to stand steady. To keep my emotions from becoming too overwhelming. Going down to the beach allowed me to see the waves hitting the rocks. To observe the stillness of the stones as the water washes over them. The sky was cloudy too. The weather seemed to be reflecting the turbulence of the energy as well. I made my way to the sentinel rock. It always draws my attention. Gazing out to the sea. Watching the eternal flow of the tide. In this place I can take comfort from ArchAngel Dareshiel.

He is the one who helps me to detach from my emotions. Dareshiel helps me to become a sentinel in my own life. Not that I avoid my feelings. That would be very hard for me as my birth chart is ruled by Venus. But Dareshiel is supporting me to feel first and react third. His energy gives me a barrier of a sort. A second or two to process my feelings before I make a choice to act. That small nanosecond of reflection giving me time to work out how I want to deal with what I am feeling. Because my intuition also plugs me into the emotional energy of everyone on the planet. And that can be overwhelming. That’s why so many empathic people struggle to act and react in a balanced way. Especially when they have muddled up what they feel with what others are feeling.

Being a sentinel has served me well so far. I have been able to flow with the energy currents in the wider world. So that I can work out what I feel about any situation and then work out how it is best to act. Dareshiel is my sounding board whenever I get stuck. As well as my support in challenging energy. Finally, over the next two weeks, when you are struggling with your feelings why not ask Dareshiel to help you too?

Day 970 of my blogging challenge

Dare To Do Something New: Opening Creativity

dareIt’s been a very exciting day. After a lot of discussion my daughter and I have accepted a dare. We are going to collaborate on a project for the Earth’s ArchAngels. Something that may take time, patience and perseverance. But something that will also be fun, intuitive and full of love.

I’ve known for a long time that this very special bunch of ArchAngels would soon push me out of my comfort zone again. For the last nine years they have stepped me further and further towards my authentic self. In that process I have re discovered my love of painting, writing and music. All of these creative things had slid off my agenda. They disappeared into the background. To that place of ‘might have beens’. But dare by dare the ArchAngels pulled all of these things forward again. Along with many other abilities I had relegated to that place too. Public speaking, channelling, teaching, healing. Lots of steps and lots of new beginnings. So recently, when Etieliel, the leader of the group, started to discuss something I could work with alongside my daughter I knew there was another dare on the way.

I am already working on the book about the Earth’s ArchAngels and the role they take as Guardian Angels of Mother Earth. It’s being channelled in by them to help all of us make the most of their energy streams. Because they have all sorts of wysdom to share. And all sorts of challenges to help us remember that life can be an adventure too. Most of all, they would like all of us to wake up to our own creativity. And so they have given me another challenge. But to help me understand it all I will be working alongside my daughter. It’s also time for her to explore one of her creative talents. But more importantly, for both of us to work together intuitively with these ArchAngels. And to understand how a collaboration can mirror their ways of working together.

It’s a dare to work as one rather than as two. I already know that this is the first step in adding more people to the collaborative process. In building an intuitive team who can link in to the energy of the ArchAngels and show how much can be achieved together. Rather than individually. So dare to create as you may find the ArchAngels working with you too.

Day 963 of my blogging challenge

Shimea Shimmers In The Summer Sunshine

ShimeaArchangels took me by surprise. They walked into my life and turned it upside down. Today I was getting a print of ArchAngel Shimea ready to send out. It’s the first one to go out into the wider world as a result of a painting I did. I felt really proud to be connected to these Energy Beings because they have given me so much.

But right back at the beginning I really thought I had wandered into a strange space in my own head. Because I thought I couldn’t paint. And I was really uncertain if angels actually existed. Yet the energy I connected with was so loving, so patient and very clear. Every way I turned there was a confirmation. Or a message. And the paintings certainly took on a life of their own. However, it has taken me a number of years to feel confident enough to let my artwork speak for itself. Even getting the prints of Shimea done felt like a big step. And the ArchAngels gave me a gentle nudge because someone actually ordered a print when they saw a picture of the painting.

His painting is listed as part of my entry for Hebden Bridge Open Studios. Something I have been taking part in for four years. All to build confidence to show my work to the world. And to understand that other people can also sense the energy in the paintings and prints. Of course Shimea, along with the others in this group of Earth’s Guardian Angels, knew this already. His energy leaps out like the sun on a hot day reminding me to enjoy the  Light. Yet he also draws on the energy of the cool places. Grass in the shade. Ponds, Sunlight through the forrest trees. And Shimea shimmers with the golden light of the fireflies, dragonflies and silver winged insects. He reminds me to take life easier. To hover above it all. Moving myself to where there is calm and ease.

I’m glad he walked into my day and reminded me that on a hot day it is wise to rest. That I can do what is necessary without driving myself too hard. And that the sunshine is here to enjoy too. Image posted. Time to wind down!

Day 944 of my blogging challenge

Hallowed Space To Work At Connecting

hallowed spaceI’ve had a day filled with angelic energy. At Gallery 339 where I sometimes do readings and workshops. Stepping into a hallowed, or sacred space, to help the participants meet the Guardian Angel and the Earth’s Guardian ArchAngels. It reminded me that creating the right energy space is a vital part of my intuitive life.

Hallowed or sacred space has been at the heart of all my energy work all along. But sometimes I need a reminder of how precious it is. That’s because a hallowed space is one where the energy that flows is full of positive, uplifting and loving energy. A place where I can go and connect with the Spirits of the place. Or the Spirits and Energy Beings who want to communicate with me. When I ran my Centre it was a significant undertaking to make sure that the energy was clean for everyone who came along. It’s the same with my home. I want to be surrounded by a flow of sacred energy to boost me when I have been exposed to all of the low vibrational energy that flows around our world.

Creating a hallowed place starts with an intention. A desire that my space is of a good, higher vibration. To make it so and to keep it that way I am aware of the clutter. Moving things on when they have served their purpose or are too full of old, stuck energy. I also have a space where my crystals and energy objects can be kept clean and tidy. To my eyes anyway. Because that is the blessing of a sacred space. It is how you envision it. Not how anyone else might have it. I like to include welcoming items. Certainly a kettle and mugs alongside the biscuit tin. Cushions. Throws or blankets. I use a burner or candles to make sure that my space has a pleasant smell. And I like colours that are easy on the eye too.

Most of all, creating a hallowed space is all about my ability to be relaxed yet attentive to how my space ‘feels’. Moving furniture or objects until I feel they are placed in the best energy position. And recognising that I have to treat my space the way I would like to be treated. Finally, I love my sacred spaces and places. And am prepared to recreate them wherever I happen to be working. Have you made yourself a hallowed space yet?

Day 920 of my blogging challenge

Paused: Never Easy To Stop Doing Same Old Same Old

pausedMy Guides are endlessly patient with me. Thank goodness. Every now and again I find they have paused what they have been doing to give my Ego Mind a chance to catch up. A chance for me to observe where I am still falling into old patterns. Or to consider if new patterns have finally begun to take hold.

I’ve been revisiting my All Things Angelic workbook today. I am running the workshop tomorrow so I wanted to check that the information was still relevant. As it’s some time since I first wrote it I have to make sure it is in line with what I now understand about angels. A subject that has changed for me quite a bit since I first began connecting with them. And channelling their energy. At the beginning I thought they were a convenient figment of my imagination. Because everywhere I turned there were so many beliefs about them woven into human history. So I paused for a long time. Trying to check if my imagination was drifting me into a twilight religious world.

After a series of stops and starts I finally decided to go with what was happening. Making sense of it all was something I chose to do afterwards. I kept on working to make the connections stronger. For my angels to draw in closer. Until it was time to be paused again. Although I had left my scepticism on one side it was still trying to trip me up. The Archangels who had begun working with me on all sorts of levels understood that the cynic in me was looking for the catch. The trick that would reveal they were all fake imaginings. I went through a long time of reflecting. I had to decide if I wanted the connections more than I wanted the doubts. A new pattern was on offer. But only I could choose it.

I’m glad to say that being paused was a very positive experience. I learned a lot about my social conditioning, about me and about the Archangels. It allowed me to notice my old patterns and do something about them. I’m cautiously optimistic that I am now well on the way to holding onto the new patterns. Especially since I know my Archangels will use the pause button any time I drift back into old ways.

Day 919 of my blogging challenge

Heal With Energy Carried By ArchAngel Wings

healToday is the day I do my live broadcast on my Facebook page Letters From The Light Side. I’ve been doing these weekly broadcasts for more that twelve months now. Although I was initially reluctant to start. Even though my Guides told me that the videos would help people heal themselves.

Tonight my favourite healing ArchAngel came into the channelling. Parashiel works to spread his Balm to all of the healers on the planet. And that’s an awful lot of us at the moment. Our task is to heal Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. To share the power of love and compassion so that we deal with the fear that surrounds us. I know that the healing has to start with me first. I have to deal with all of the stuff that has warped me. Turned me away from my Spiritual self. Kept me from being kind to myself and others. As if I have forgotten my authentic self.

Some of this energy is being released through my dreams. But there are still some parts of me hidden from view. In the end I know I might have to work a little bit harder to find them. And to heal them may be a bit of a challenge. They will be hidden for all sorts of reasons. However I know I have help. I have the energy of Parashiel’s Balm. A constant flow of loving and empowering energy. It feels like a warm hug from the inside. Exactly what I need to deal with the stuff that is out of sight and out of mind. Because I am determined to move my life forward. There is a whole new me waiting to have adventures when I heal myself.

Finally, there is another important reason for me to heal myself. I know we are all connected in the flow of energy. If I am well and happy that positive energy contributes to a positive flow of energy towards others. I am surrounded by wonderful people, animals and a planet that gives me everything I require or desire. Therefore I want all of them to enjoy the healing energy carried to me by an ArchAngel’s wings.

Day 910 of my blogging challenge

Raised In Praise: New Beginnings

raisedIt’s a red letter day! I finally jumped off another cliff. With much love and support from some special friends I raised my game and drew the face of an ArchAngel. Something I believed I couldn’t do. All because of art lessons where criticism was the background to everything I did.

I know that our Crystal children are different. As were the Indigo children. Here to help prepare the planet for a huge energy shift, both these sets of young people had a lot to deal with. Schools, where we placed them to be raised, were often places of repression. And energetically toxic. I still find it hard to understand why people think it is an excellent idea to corral fourteen hundred teenagers together. And expect everything to be plain sailing. Raising our children often becomes an everyday battle to shield them from negativity. I know that some teachers are amazing. But not the ones like my art teacher.

Her words have blocked me for most of my life. Instead of praising where I had got to she was critical. I soaked up that energy. Her cynicism and dismissive appraisal of my early efforts to engage with art. My English teacher worked on praise. Raising our esteem with kind words of encouragement. I’m not surprised that I got great exam grades in English and didn’t even take art. Today I thought about all of the wasted potential we create when we deny our children praise. When the positive words from home are ripped away by the cruelty of some people in our schools. And when we are raised to be limited. My Guide Team have persistently worked to raise my vibration. So that I can pass that on to other people.

Let’s make a promise to our children’s children’s children. I know we can start this straight away. Raise your standards. Root our the inner critic in you. Do all of those things you thought you couldn’t. Praise yourself. And finally, start raising your children with praise. Help them to see that they are able to try anything they want. Because they might find they have loads more ability than they expect.

Day 907 of my blogging challenge

Sharpness Arrives With The ArchAngels

SharpnessI’m away from home for some reflection. Finding a clear space to work through the energy impact of the first half of the year. Sorting out the muddles and confusion. Getting sharpness back with my vision. And here are the ArchAngels ready to help.

Standing with me are Darashiel, Samesh and Parashiel. These of the Earth’s Guardian Angels are supporting me because I do need to have sharpness right now. There is no time left for distractions. I have to get in with what I came here to do. So Grandfather Samesh is grounding me and reminding me of the Earth as a planet of pleasure. Parashiel is giving me his healing Balm so that I can release myself from the prison of my thoughts. Whilst Darashiel is helping me to watch my emotions. To feel them, understand them and to let them flow away from me. All three of them bring me Divine love. And Divine understanding. I am floating in the energy of unconditional love reminding myself that I am a Spirit full of that love.

Sharpness can also help me cut ties that no longer serve my higher purpose. I’ve been rethinking the activities I do for the past month. And paying attention to the weaving energy of the year so far. I know that the Divine Feminine creative energy has been surrounding me. But have I used it wisely so far? This is about recognising what work will bring me passion and lock me in to more of the loving vibration. Because if I do what I love that positive flow of energy will be shared with all the people I connect with. Yet the niggles of this week have brought their share of wobbles to. Uncertainty replaced sharpness for a short while.

Now I have been able to step out of the rush of life I can apply the sharpness of vision I require. I really do know where I am going. Because I am listening to my intuition. To my heart as it sings when I find the right things to do. My  life has a point. It’s up to me to stick with it.

Day 905 of my blogging challenge

Grounding From The ArchAngels: New Moon Energy

groundingIt’s New Moon energy. All day I’ve been sending out wishes and dreams so the energy of my desires will return to me. Yet I’ve also been aware of the Earth’s Archangels. They have come into every conversation and also into my meditation. I felt the pull of their grounding energy sinking me knee deep into Mother Earth.

On Sunday I am giving a talk about these interesting ArchAngels. They have been channelling through me for a long time. Filling my mind with challenging questions. And testing tasks. It’s taken me a while to get accustomed to their energy. As well as to their mind-set. But in everything they have given me there has been one loving push. That of getting me to ground myself in the Earth’s energy. Reminding me that if I have fallen to Earth then I have done so for a purpose. A purpose that requires grounding into and accepting the energy of this place. Like locking myself into the energy waves that are unique to this place.

I know grounding myself here on Earth has been hard. I’ve resisted being human quite a lot. I certainly didn’t want to find myself back here quite so quickly. Yet I volunteered. I wasn’t pushed. My reward has been to work with lots of people who felt the same as me. And to help them ‘click’ into their human lives. Or not. Because it is always a free will choice. At every step of the way I could have said no. Refused to do what was asked of me. Stopped the energy and ignored what I was being asked to do. I’m glad I haven’t done that. The ArchAngels have gifted me so much. Now in this time of New Moon wishes I know they want to give me more. All I have to do is ask for it. And be ready to receive it in return.

That’s the interesting thing about grounding though. I have all of my requirements met. Most of my dreams are already on their way in. But I feel the pain of the planet. So I am asking for others. For the planet, for the animals, for all of the people. I’m asking that the Earth’s ArchAngels help all of us to realise our full potential. That in doing so we discover the peace and contentment of sharing the energy together. As one whole, united Earth bathed in loving kindness.

Day 901 of my blogging challenge

Archangels Fill My Days With Insight

archangelsI guess you could say I have been paying attention to Archangels ever since I first connected with Archangel Michael. It was a period in my life when I needed some serious, heavy duty support. To raise me above all of the negativity I felt I was drowning in. Of course, I wasn’t entirely sure he was an Archangel. Because I was mostly a sceptic.

I know about angels and archangels because of my upbringing and studies of world religions. They have been a thread through my life. I’ve called on them for help. Disbelieved that they exist. And hopped from one foot to the other about them being a figment of the human mind. Yet there was something intuitively right about the connection that began to form many years ago with an Energy Being who finally revealed himself as Archangel Michael. Although I took a long time to trust his presence. Or even to listen to his guidance. Yet when he finally channelled through me with my trance mediumship all my doubts fell away. If you have felt an angel inside your skin you will know what I mean.

After that experience it seemed I was ready to channel other Archangels. The ones who have been here, close to the Earth, for millennia. The Earth’s Guardian Archangels sent me on a rapid learning curve to understand all things angelic. It’s a good job Michael had already put so many interesting books in front of me. Because the Earth’s Archangels expected me to sit my exam and get a pass. So they crammed information in to me. I repeatedly asked for confirmation. If you have been reading my blogs you will know I am the eternal questioner. Trust is earned. So their contact and information had to be cross checked. I’m delighted to say that it was. Especially when I was sent more obscure books and lore about angels.

Now I have a wonderful flow of inspiration from the archangels. Every day they send me an interesting idea, an inspirational thought or a message to share with others. They hold me in their unconditional love. Especially at those times when I am making my own love conditional. And they continue to expand my knowledge. As well as stepping in and channelling their energy vibrations into the world. Is it time for ou to take another look at the angels and archangels in your life?

Day 888 of my blogging challenge