Sun Setting On A Special Day Of Friendship

Sun setttingI woke up to find the mist had descended this morning. No sign of the sun which had been waking me all week. On the day I was going to visit good friends in their new home. So I ended up driving into the foggy morning to get my first glimps of their place.

The fog reminded me that I don’t always know where I am going. Quite a lot of the time. It also reminded me that the sun is there more often than I sometimes recognise. Up above the clouds,  waiting to peep through again. The visit to my friends was special because they had set off on a journey to their dream home six years ago. It started with them recognising it was time to consider a new home. One more suited to the way their interests were going. Both are wonderful healers but were stuck in the material work concerns that can swamp us all. Putting a wish out to the Universe that they would like to live in a place they had just visited  got them opening up to a new dream.

By the time I arrived the sun was starting to peep through the mist. An afternoon and evening of bright sunshine was on the cards. Six years on it was a delight to see my friends so energised and happy. Their new home glowed with positive energy. And the land around them welcomed them. And me as I wandered around. It reminded me that dreams do come true. The path to this dwelling had been up and down. Snags and hitches along the way. But the consistency of my friends dream kept them positive even when exploring other options. They understood that the sun was shining just above them. They had to wait for the mist to clear.

This evening I watched the sun set behind Mill Knock, Ben John and Bartholm Hill. It created a vivid red and pink sky. Reminding me that dreaming is an essential part of manifesting. As is taking action. Because investigating possibilities, following up options and confirming what I want are all ways to help the Universe deliver my dreams. In the way they are meant to arrive.

Day 917 of my blogging challenge