Burst into Blossom

imageAfter a rather showery start its been a sunny and warmer day. As I walked home I saw the blossom had appeared on the trees. The flowers nodded their heads in the slight breeze. It was an uplifting sight. Even if my hay fever has been very bad all day! Seeing how the trees had burst into flower, almost overnight, I was reminded of a couple of conversations I’ve had today. At the Centre I offer a peaceful space so people can step off the world for a while. There are also groups to give people space and time for reflection and healing. It’s lovely to see people burst into their own blossom as the weeks roll by and they acknowledge what has been troubling them.

We arrive here in this human form with all the potential for a positive life. We have skills and abilities. We want to belong and be part of a community. From the earliest age we learn so that we can adapt and belong. If we are praised we are able to take risks and explore our potential. If we are told we aren’t good enough we shrink into ourselves, perhaps never to take a risk of being ourselves again. As we grow up its hard for us to believe in ourselves if the people around us don’t. We develop an ego mind. A mind that wants to keep us safe. It will interfere in all sorts of clever ways to keep us safe. It doesn’t care if we are miserable or happy. It just wants us safe. It becomes more active if we threaten to burst out and blossom.

The debate that the ego inspires can be really confusing. The fears can be hidden deeply away from our concious mind. Emotions can be stirred up that we thought we had got over long ago. We can once again feel small, inferior or invisible. To burst through the ego restrictions takes a lot of self belief. Not easy when your own mind is telling you that you have little or no value. Perhaps that judgement has been with you for such a long time you have forgotten who said it in the first place. It’s not only family surroundings that affect us. School environment, social groups we go to or society’s values also influence our feelings about ourselves. Today there was a protest about testing 6 year olds for numeracy & literacy. Six year olds have no need of labels, to feel like they are underachieving already or to be classified in this way. Children of such a young age are learning all the time. They are curious and enjoy exploring. Leave them to play, ask the questions their way and follow their interests. At eighteen they will be happy, well rounded citizens ready to burst into blossom, creating for all of us a new future.

It may be a challenge for all of us to burst through our limitations but it is a necessity. How can we enjoy the life we are capable of if we stay wrapped up in the fear the ego creates? I know from my own experiences that changing things requires a lot of effort. If I had stuck with the limitation my art teacher passed on to me at thireteen my beautiful art would never have emerged. I was frightened to paint or draw. I found out I was actually frightened to create because of a throw away comment so long ago. Something I was proud of then, that my family enjoyed me doing, was taken away. My uncertain, scared steps into creating works of art were hedged with the fear that people would laugh at my art. Or that it would be judged and found lacking. Yet the pressure to create kept building inside of me. One day the paintings burst out. Almost overnight like the trees today. I realised that I loved painting. That each piece was a personal victory over my ego. Years later I happily describe myself as an artist. I have blossomed.

Where in your life are you the budding tree? What abilities are pressing to burst out of you, to flower, to blossom? What is your ego saying? How much is it holding you back from contribution your uniqueness to the world? The flowers bloom. The force of Nature makes it so. Be the force of Nature in your own life. Embrace all of your skills, talents and  abilities and share them with us. The people who are a true part of your community will love you for the efforts you are making. They will encourage your steps out of your comfort zone. They will be as proud of you as you can be of yourself when you are in full bloom.

Day 169 of my blogging challenge. 

Flooded Lives – Four Months On

imageIf you have been reading my blog from my first day, way back in December when I started the 30 day challenge to prove to myself I could do it, you will have read about Boxing Day 2015. The town where I live & work was hit by some serious flooding bringing an abrupt end to our holiday enjoyment. It was followed by a big clean up which was a challenge whilst many of us were without power for more than three days. Today it’s four months on from flooded homes, businesses and places of worship. Oddly enough Mother Nature again showed us the power of an erratic climate. The sun shone brilliantly until about 2pm when snow took it’s place. Definitely a fire and ice day! That reminded me of Earth’s ArchAngel Rophea. She is the Angel who helps us balance extremes, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So it seems only fitting that my day has been one of extremes. As I worked my way through it I wondered how different things have become as a result of a flooded life.

My home was flooded but the main floor escaped damage. The power was out for three and a half days and the house became rather cold & damp. Yet my Centre and studio were warm and dry. I flitted between them microwaving, boiling the kettle, keeping in touch with the world through the Internet. My aunty and I wrapped up warm, dug deep into our ‘nothing is going to beat us’ spirit and kept each other going with laughter. On the 27th December I managed to get access to the local Spiritualist church where I am a committee member. The water had been up to nearly four feet high in the main body of the church (the basement was completely under water). Flooded furniture was thrown around by the power of the water. Hardly anything had escaped. It was the most dismal sight. A place where people came together as a community in muddy, soggy disarray. Yet on the 28th of December amazing people turned up from all over to help clear and clean the church. In fact, the town was full of people volunteering to help turn a disaster into something positive.

On the 2nd of January I went back to open my Centre. We sat around rather shell  shocked by the state of the town. Lots of practical help was coming in but we knew that the financial and emotional impact of Boxing Day would take much longer to heal. Flooded out homes and shops mean people had lost their income as well as their possessions. They would need to divert their funds to necessities so paying for holistic treatments – even if much needed – would be low on the priority list. My lovely practitioner friends, also reeling from the catastrophe, happily offered to donate their services for free or at very low cost. We decided that we would offer our community as much healing and emotional support as we could. There was a plan! We could do it if we worked together.

On the evening of 20th January I was sitting once again in my Centre. I had hit my own personal wall. I’d had the depressing task of looking at the finances for the month. There was talk of a grant to help businesses and crowd funding. I really didn’t know if I had any energy left. Nothing seemed to be straightforward at all. Being flooded isn’t only about the actual water entering a place. It is the way it weaves itself into the fabric of the debates people have. Should I feel survivors guilt because I hadn’t had water in my business premises or did beening flooded at the church and home make me eligible to ask for financial help. Do I keep topping up the Centre from my other business if no one is going to be able to use it anyway? What about the other practitioners who would be displaced if I closed? Did I have any business left at all? It was a very gloomy, hard place to be in. I actually came home with the intention of closing down.

What helped me turn the gloom around was a conversation with my daughter. She asked me who else would look after the people who needed healing. And if the church wasn’t open where could she go to get her messages from her Grandma. I bless that conversation every time I get stuck. She reminded me of the focus I have had for the last ten years. I want to provide a space for people to have sanctuary. A place where the Spirit World can be acknowledged. Somewhere where healing can happen. I want to share that space with people who have been down to the bottom too and are slowly climbing back up into the sunlight. Otherwise what would be the point. The water might as well have taken me with it. Being flooded has been a test of my intentions.

So what about now? What about today? It started on a very positive note. I began clearing out the clutter. When the flood siren went I realised that everything important needed to be upstairs but there was so much that wasn’t really important. At the moment every room looks like an upside down mess because I didn’t quite get chance to tidy up after myself. That’s because I had to zoom off with my daughter for some joint counselling about a different kind of flood that happened to us seven years ago. Containing the emotional fall out of that time has been hard but now it’s finally safe to let it go. Going along for the support we talked about how people get helped. She really enjoys the massage that she gets at the Centre with Caroline. I really enjoy that the Centre is still there and offering such professional, caring and positive support.

This evening I went to the church AGM. It’s a small, friendly place with a great bunch of people who have been willing week in, week out to keep it going. We have had some wonderful evenings of mediumship with love, laughter and healing in every service. It takes a lot to repair a flooded place. We are still very much in the process of getting things together so it was special to see all my lovely friends once more able to visit. I have to say that not everyone can appreciate the dedication of the people who are trying their best to keep the church doors open. Perhaps you had to be there on the 28th of December to understand why it matters. Perhaps community is really only something you notice when the bad times pull everyone together. And perhaps empathy is a challenge when you really haven’t appreciated what it’s been like in our town for the last four months. I’ve certainly come across quite a few people who don’t get it at all including people who say they are there to help.

So what about four months on? I’m still here, balancing work, home, church and personal life. I’m stronger, more prepared to be emotional and very vocal about the work that still needs to be done. My home town needs a lot more TLC. There is some work to be done to get the people holding the purse strings to understand how short sighted they are being in missing the opportunities to help small businesses. People still need emotional support and will do for a long time yet. We will continue to do everything we can at the Centre to offer a listening ear. The church will still be a place of respite. I will get my home neat & tidy once again. Life will settle down again eventually. Our community will be stronger and more supportive. Being flooded is tragic but being a community who cares is a wonderful response. Best of all – the community will be celebrating Christmas again on 25th June to reward all of the volunteers who turned up to help. I can’t wait to see what Santa brings me for being good, lol.

Day 162 of my blogging challenge.

Silence is Golden

imageOne of the things I love is being able to find some silence. It’s precious, golden, priceless to have moments with no outer distractions. Sitting in my Centre before the Drop In or later in the evening when the day is winding down is an opportunity to step off the planet for a while. I let the silence envelop me and listen to my mind running on about all the everyday concerns. It’s not quite like a meditation. I’m not trying to still my thoughts. Actually I want to listen to them to see what themes are going round and round in my head. It’s a way to let the worry and fear surface from the corners I’ve pushed them into so I can find out how I might be holding on to stuck stuff.

We are very good at keeping going. It’s one of our most impressive abilities. We can persevere in the face of many of life’s challenges by our focus on getting through. When we are out the other side of the challenges we often think that we still have to keep going, putting on a brave face and being strong. Letting silence surround us so that thoughts and feelings about what has happened can emerge can be the last thing we want to do. Or to let our thoughts about the future concerns come to the front of our minds. Most of us have been socialised to worry about the future. We plan for it, save for it and have expectations about it. It takes our attention off the here and now. In the background of our everyday thoughts there are strands of ideas all about the future and how we wish it will be. Getting to that future seems fraught with more challenges so we worry or are fearful that we will miss out on what we are hoping for.

When I sit quietly in the golden silence I notice all of these strands bouncing around my mind. I have the opportunity to check out if any of the worries or fears are actually real. I also have a chance to see if they are tied into my past experiences in case I am dragging my fears forward with me. It’s also the time when I notice other feelings and thoughts. Ones that seem to belong to someone else or more than one person. Letting the precious silence in gives me a chance to listen both to my higher self – my Spirit – and to my Guides. What I ‘hear’ is inspiration, encouragement, creative solutions and practical suggestions. There is a lot of comfort gained in letting other voices speak inside my mind. It’s also an activity that keeps me firmly in the now. Silence supports mindful practice because there are no outer distractions to remove your attention from the inner experience.

Our spiritual journey is always first an inward one. We have to find out and understand who and what we are before we can offer ourselves back out to the world to be of service. And being of service to ourselves and others is at the heart of practicing spirituality rather than simply talking about how spiritual we are. If we honour the silence by paying attention in it we will be ready to turn to the outer world much sooner. So for me, silence is golden. It is the most valuable time we can spend because we are spending it on and with ourselves. It is a space where our inner Light can increase because we are paying attention to truly knowing ourselves. Do you allow for silence in your life? Is it time to make room for the silence of contemplation and reflection? Why not start enjoying the silence right now!

Day 153 of my blogging challenge.

Magical moments to treasure

imageI’m sitting at home writing my blog and remembering some magical moments from today. It’s a bit hard to believe that my Centre has been open now for two years. Not long by comparison to my mediumship (into it’s twelfth year in public) or my counselling (into it’s nineteenth year). Yet the Centre represents all of the amazing things that can happen when you find a little bit of magic. It was so kind of all the people who came & shared in the party. Also of all those who sent messages & good wishes because they couldn’t get there in person. I wasn’t sure that we could get to our second anniversary. 2015 was a hard year in many ways, with a lot of clearing of energy going on. Then the flooding in Hebden Bridge that nearly knocked the stuffing out of me and left many of the local people in challenging conditions. Yet today there were tears, laughter, warmth and compassion shining amongst the many conversations.

I watched as, magically, new connections were made amongst people who were meeting for the first time, long established friendships brought reminiscing chats and a wave of positive love filled the room. I finally saw what I have worked for all this time. The Centre has it’s own tribe. A like minded community of very different people. People who want to take time out of the busy world for a while and share with others. A community is made up of people and the best sort is one that cares for all it’s members unconditionally. I have always believed that connecting people to one another was the best way to bring out the natural desire we feel to be helpful. Making that connection in a warm, homely and friendly environment helps every one to remove the masks they might otherwise wear. So the support, interest and genuine care that our visitors shared with one another was a powerful confirmation for me that I’m doing something good.

I couldn’t do that without support. Each step of the last two years there have been other people who stood with me, encouraged me and helped me develop my vision. That’s another magical thing. When you work with honesty, ethics and a shared belief in doing the best you can the focus shifts from competition to collaboration. From me, me to us, us. I hope to welcome many new people into the Centre over this next year. I know they will find a warm welcome, positive support and an actively listening ear. If they feel the magic then they too will become part of the tribe. We have room for many more in our community. That community also lives online through my blogs, Facebook and so through my broadcasts. You are welcome to join our tribe too so I hope to hear from you soon about the magical way your life is unfolding.


Day 146 of my blogging challenge. 

DIY & self-assembly of Spirit

imageToday eight flat packs were delivered from IKEA. When I say flat packs that also includes a sofa in bits. They are my DIY challenge for the next few days as I work to make my Centre more comfortable for visitors. Not that it’s uncomfortable now. However, since some of the seating can be a little bit bum-numbing after a while in the group room, it’s time for new furniture. I also want more display space for the wonderful products we have available so self assembly shelving is included too. Not to forget the shelves for the library so people can see the selection of holistic books they can read when they are enjoying a cuppa. Me and my flat packs are going to have fun once the carpets have been finished.

Thinking about the flat packs and all that self assembly got me pondering another bit of DIY. When I was learning how to connect with Energy Beings and Spirit Guides I looked around for people to help me. I read books, watched TV, went to Spiritualist churches and plenty of Mind, Body & Spirit events. There was so much on offer I didn’t really know where to start. It was like the worst self assembly instructions – lots of vague hints,  several ways to put things together and lots of bits left over when I was done. Reading some of the deeply personal stories of other mediums and psychics I couldn’t really recognise my journey in their experiences. Some of that was because I was a late starter and some down to my liking for questioning everything. It seems I’ve always preferred to be a Do It Yourself-er in most of my life’s adventures.

Learning to connect with Spirits is actually a DIY experience. Other people can explain, suggest, advise and recommend but the experience and way that you connect is uniquely your own. There are no short cuts to the process. It can be helpful to find out how others communicate with Energy Beings but in the end you still mostly have to work it out for yourself. Of course there are instructions from your Guides but until the communication is clear and understandable the info might as well be written in Latin or Ancient Greek. There is also the issue of the number of ‘flat packs’ you might end up assembling. You might think you are building a small book case only to find that you are putting together shelving for a whole library. Plus do you have all the right equipment? IKEA now sell assembly packs of tools containing all sorts of screwdrivers, hammers, grabby things with a name I can’t recall & admit to never having used, and not to forget the right Allen keys. So what psychic equipment is in your set? It’s no surprise that many people faced with this kind of DIY give up fairly soon & wonder if they can get a refund on their intuitive skills set.

What is wonderful, if you persevere, is the structure you have built. It will be useful, beautiful to look at. Cleverly designed. Last for years. And, of course, be entirely functional. You might be so impressed with yourself that you decide to do some more DIY spiritual journeying to see what else you can assemble. So order that flat pack now so you get the conversation going. Better still invite your Guides to lend you a friendly hand. Forget the instructions and have a great time working out how it all works for you.

Day 141 of my blogging challenge. 

Community involvement

imageToday I’ve been sorting through all sorts of stuff at the Centre because we are having a refresh of the energy. And new carpets! As I sorted through things with one of my fellow practitioners the word community kept coming to mind. One of the things we often forget about is our connection to one another. We think we have to do things all by ourselves or to be the one driving our life forward. Then in an effort to make connections we rush around giving our energy to everyone without considering if they are part of our community or not. I experienced community in it’s best sense following the flooding here on Boxing Day. Many many strangers came along to make sure our area got help and support. Many people in my town who had been strangers to one another gave help and support to each other. Each of these circumstances opened up more opportunities to recognise that we were a shared community both locally and nationally.

Seeing what worked in the way of help and support, and what didn’t, some of the practitioners in the Valley, myself included, offered free emotional support to our community. The support was in many holistic ways through a variety of events, groups and listening ears. Yet the response from another perspective was to pass the need for emotional support onto the services provided by local or national government bodies. It almost seemed that the underlying assumption was that the community couldn’t offer support itself. When you need a listening ear do you really want to access a time limited, resources driven organisation?  That thread of thought brought me to Coronation St. I grew up in an area very like the TV soap. People knew each others business. People were nosey. Yet people also rallied round when there was a need for support. The small area of streets I lived in were a strong community. Emotional support came from neighbours and friends willing to listen and share. Have we become too private about our lives that the community is unable to support us because we don’t even recognise it’s there?

There was a sort of community meeting this evening and I went along. It’s interesting to look at who is part of my community. There were interesting presentations about a lot of issues affecting the wider community but not very many voices speaking up. Not because they weren’t allowed to but because they weren’t there. So how do we know what the wider community thinks or feels? And does it matter if we all disappear behind our doors every evening and never interact? I know it’s very different in the Spirit World. There is the widest definition of community that can be applied. Each individual Spirit is quite clear that they are part of the whole community of Spirit. They take an active interest in all that is happening. Support is something they don’t even have to think about. It is a natural occurrence. It is a giving and receiving from one to another without asking. When one wishes then all wish. I’m building a community at the Centre. A community based on giving and receiving with no strings attached. That is hard for people to get their heads around because the understanding of community has become blurred in our world. People react in all sorts of uncomfortable ways, especially to receiving anything other than material things, yet giving is good for the whole community and opportunities to receive create chances for others to give.

So tomorrow it’s on with the refurbishing, the giving and, hopefully, the receiving. I wish you many opportunities to receive too ?

Day 140 of my blogging challenge. 

Refurbish, Refresh, Renew

Since we've remodeled, you are no longer here.

Since we’ve remodeled, you are no longer here.

Although today counts as a day off I’ve been busy planing to refurbish my Centre. On the 10th April it will be our second birthday. There have been times when I wanted to quit, times when I was certain of my vision and times when I took a step off the cliff. I have had some wonderful companions on my journey who have supported me in all sorts of ways through the changing times of a spiritual business.

When we opened on our first ‘official’ day we had refurbished a set of rooms that had been unused for some time. Everything had a smell of brand new paint. An eclectic collection of second hand, much loved furniture had been positioned around the rooms. We were looking good. On our first birthday there were more little changes. Some of the furniture was moved around. Different stock was brought in to expand our range of products for sale. The smell of new paint was replaced by the fragrance of PartyLite candles. Now it’s time to do a little more. A refurbish this time includes replacing the carpets, renewing some of the paintwork, a massive window clean to refresh the view (most of our exterior wall is actually window!) and repositioning some of the library & sales areas.

You might wonder why we refurbish, refresh & renew before each anniversary. I sense energy so it’s important to me that the stuck or flagging energy of the last year is cleared away. Keeping the wonderfully positive energy that has been generated through the year so that it can be the foundation for the next year helps the Centre go from strength to strength. If I didn’t pay attention to the spent, worn out energy it would get in the way of new sources of energy. Being placed on a ley line it’s also a good idea to make the most of the positive blasts of energy that flow through the Earth’s energy lines too. In the end, the benefit is to everyone who calls in or works at the Centre. It’s much nicer & healthier to work surrounded by positive and peaceful energy. And as energy flows the positive energy boost that people gain from being there removes some of the negative energy we all carry around with us.

The ‘push’ we receive to Spring clean is from our intuitive side. We are being asked to recognise the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. Planting for the future goes so much better if we have cleared out old energy that may disrupt our intentions if we don’t let it go. To refurbish anything doesn’t take a lot of expense or energy. We only need to look at everything with a fresh pair of eyes and ask ‘is this still useful to me?’. On a personal or professional level that question will help identify where the duster, mop or paintbrush can help and where it is time to recycle by sending things on their way. Doing the refurbish on a physical level, looking at the Centre and how it is as an environment to work in or visit, has also prompted me to consider how I feel & what I think about the Centre. Does it still make people feel welcome to step inside it’s door? Do they feel that they can be comfortable enough to step off the world for a while? To talk? To receive a treatment? To leave their burdens behind when the go out the door?

What about me? Have I refurbished, refreshed and renewed myself? Or am I standing in stuck energy? Looking at myself is always a challenge. Seeing things as they truly are can be hard because we are all used to wearing masks. If I want to be authentic and allowing myself to evolve then, like the Centre, I choose to have a look at where I am at on every anniversary. I’m the one holding the vision to be of service to the people who work and visit the Centre. The vision that was inspired by my Guides and formed part of the plan I set out for myself before I came here. Any vision has to move with the times, so to speak, so acknowledging that I am not the same person as the Annie who opened the Centre, or celebrated it’s first birthday, is very important. I am the Annie of now. The second birthday Annie who is able to modify, redesign and redevelop the vision for the next year. I feel a sense of personal freedom when I consider that my choices are endlessly flexible. There is also a freedom to let the vision for the Centre evolve as it may knowing that wherever we end up it will be the right place for that time & Annie.

Does something in your life need a refurb? Is it time to refresh and renew yourself? Take a step away from your usual patterns and find out what no longer serves you so you can let it go. Start your new growth cycle with the spring in your step that new energy creates.

Day 135 of my blogging challenge.

Feeling out of sorts

imageWhen I was growing up my Nana had a favourite saying for those days when nothing quite fitted. She would tell me I must be feelings out of sorts. She meant that I wasn’t sick, though an out of sorts day was often the run up to being ill, but I wasn’t feeling quite right. Or balanced. And that I didn’t know why. She was right. Even now when I have a day that seems to be slightly off key I remind myself that it’s ok, I must be feeling out of sorts. It’s a useful saying because it covers all sorts of situations and events.

This morning someone wanted to be served before me though it was my turn. Then a couple of people I said hello to were a bit cranky back. There was the man who insisted in being in front of me crossing the road. And the lady who frowned and told me off because I had offered her a leaflet. People were ever so slightly off balance. My smile got me more frowns than smiles in return. Even though the sun was shining it was as if everyone had got out of the wrong side of the bed today. There were a lot of Mr & Mrs Grumpy’s around – including me. It’s as if my brain decided it had really had enough so it had wandered off to find somewhere quiet to hide. Even the computer & mouse protested about having to work.

Sometimes the whole energy of the planet is out of sorts. We might not know why but we do feel the difference. After all we are part of the Earth’s aura too. The why might be so hidden under layers of other energy that we can’t find the answer no matter how hard we look. Perhaps the planet or all the humans on it are about to have a bout of illness. Not necessarily physical symptoms but we may be responding to the energy of our home planet as changes take place. I always feel that we are experiencing the impact of global warming or the planetary shift in axis or the changing activity in the solar system on these out of sorts days. For whatever reason we feel out of sorts it’s important to recognise it. When we do notice the feeling we have a chance of doing something about it. Ignoring the feeling and carrying on sending out grumpy energy only adds to the general out of sortsness.

One of the things I happened to be doing today was a meditation group. I run this every Thursday as a way of encouraging people to take a little time out for themselves. I let my Guides inspire me with what the meditation ends up being because they will identify what each participant needs & give me the words to make it happen. They also contribute their energy so that the space is full of healing. I also enjoy taking part in the meditation too as I am always gifted uplifting energy. Today we did a tree meditation (not surprising since my Guides reminded me of them in yesterday’s blog). Connecting with another being who shares the planet with us gave me an opportunity to check in with my out of sorts feeling. Although the tree was getting the same out of sorts energy he was able to offer me shelter, safety and a peaceful space out of our time for a few moments. I came back to myself feeling much more in sorts, peaceful about the out of balance energy and aware that I could remain balanced within myself.

I know it’s hard to find a balance when you aren’t really sure why you are out of balance. Whatever you have been feeling today remember that you have also been responding to the energy around you. The best way to feel more positive is to centre, ground and balance yourself. In fact, if we all took a few moments to do that we might find we understood why there was a collective feeling of being out of sorts. Then we could change whatever energy was driving the out of sorts feeling. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to change the feeling of the whole world in a day?

Day 122 of my blogging challenge.

Somebody replaces Nobody

imageIt was a typical day at the drop in. Somebody called in for a reading. Clients were having massage & reflexology treatments. Someone wanted some quiet time. The meditation group went out the door filled with peace. Practitioners caught up with one another. Children sang, meditated and celebrated a birthday. Mums enjoyed a relaxed cuppa. No one went away without some lift in their energy. Time passed me by in a blur because all these lovely people were popping in and out to share in the warmth of the Centre experience. In one moment of the day a lovely friend shared a Mr Men story. The story of Mr Nobody who couldn’t remember who he was or where he was from or what he should be doing. He was a blank. Mr Happy took him along to see the Wizard who turned him a yellow colour so that he became a Somebody. The hole in his middle was filled. Although the story was told to illustrate a different point it hit home to me that we all suffer at some time in our life from being Mr Nobody. Especially when we first hit the planet by being born.

As Spirit beings we communicate through exchanges of energy. We translate energy into it’s meanings and know information without spoken word, sight or sound. This makes perfect sense when we remember that a Spirit has no physical body so no mouth, eyes or ears with which to communicate thoughts and feelings. Yet the Spirit World is far from quiet. The energy flows here, there and everywhere to be ‘read’ by any Spirit as necessary. It’s only when our Spirit takes on a physical body that we get the apparatus for sight, hearing and speech in the way we human beings understand it. So a new born baby will still be communicating mainly on a Spirit frequency through vibrational energy. A baby is expecting that the people around will pick up & pay attention to the energy broadcast she is making. After all we all have intuitive senses that ‘read’ this energy all the time. Sadly most of us have forgotten how to access, process and respond to intuitive communications so the baby’s efforts at first contact go mostly unnoticed. Bit by bit the psychic senses of the baby then toddler sieze up. The small child struggles to learn the language of the alien planet she’s found herself on. The Spirit within keeps encouraging communication through intuitive channels but as the child grows and intuitive experiences are denied the psychic senses eventually close down almost completely.

Most of us are completely unaware of this process taking place. We can’t remember it from our own childhood. Our imaginary friends are long gone – after all we were told that they weren’t real. In a human sense we have become Mr Nobody. We have no idea who we really are, where we are from and what we should be doing. Our minds are a blank concerning our Spiritual purpose. There might be vague random thoughts or feelings that somehow we are missing a key part of our lives. There might be a deeper sense of unease, loss or depression that it hard to pin down to any rational reason. We may search and search and search but never really fill the empty space within us. You see, we don’t know what is missing so we don’t know where to find it. That is when we need a Mr Happy. Someone who sees through the masks we wear in the world. Someone who is brave enough to identify us as a Mr Nobody and who is willing to help us find the inner wizard who will show us we have been Mr Somebody all along.

It might take a Unicorn wand. It might be a pair of listening ears. Or the offer of a cup of tea. Perhaps it is the gentle energy of acceptance. Or the feeling of being home. Of belonging. Whatever it is that helps us find our self, our colour, our connection isn’t really important. It’s that we reconnect with our Spirit self. And from that inner connection we can find the outer connections to other Spirits both physical and not. The life we live can become more meaningful, richer and more joyful. Every week I watch people make this joyful discovery. They find there are new choices about how life is lived. They realise that they are Somebody who counts. They set off on a great adventure leaving Nobody behind. I wish that we never had to experience the life of Nobody. Until we become Somebody we don’t actually know that we are missing out. So if, every day, I can help Somebody replace Nobody I will be Ms Happy ?

Day 115 of my blogging challenge.

Wish, believe, receive

imageI wish! I wish! How many times have you though about something you wanted and sort of implied to yourself you would never get it? It’s very easy to ask for something and at the same time limit the chances you have of getting it. After all, the world is full of messages that give us a belief that we can’t have what we want. One of the key messages is that you have to ‘derserve’ good fortune. That you only get it by earning it. That you have to work hard. And even then you still might not get it because it’s not meant for you.

Today I was sitting in the Centre with a group of interesting people drinking coffee and eating chocolate biscuits with my pink slippers on. We were relaxed and chatting about all sorts. It was one of those ‘pinch me, I must be dreaming’ moments. There I was, at work apparently, having a wonderful time in fab energy. There was no stress. It was lively. People were enjoying the moment. As I looked around I felt contented. My world was perfect for that moment. I felt the lift of my heart. Early this morning I woke from a dream feeling rather stressed. I had been chasing around trying to find where I needed to get to for a meeting. The clock was against me. It was as if I’d gone back to my old corporate life. It took me a moment to remind myself that it was old feelings coming to the surface to be released. Apparently my mind felt it was now safe to let go of that stuck energy. I spent a few moments Reiki-ing it away. As it cleared I wondered how much other stuff I’m carrying that I’d be better off without. Later in the day I also realised that I had an opportunity to appreciate how different my working life is now. These two moments in my day showed me how much passion I have for my work now compared to back then.

There was a point in my life when I wished that my working life could be different. So I changed direction and job. I wished for a new working life but still thought I had to earn it somehow. I spent a lot of time still stressed out but in a friendlier environment. Underneath I was still wishing that my working life could be different. It took me several changes of job to recognise that I carried the stress with me to each new start. What was missing was belief. I wished for better but didn’t think I deserved better. So I ended up getting more of the same. I feel very fortunate that I was brave enough to switch on my intuition. Doing so sent me off on an inner journey. I had to take a long look at what I was wishing for and the way I was sending out those wishes. I found that lack of belief in myself. I notices all my wishes were half-hearted, half-baked and half-right. No wonder the changes I needed never came about. How could they when I wasn’t even convinced I wanted or deserved them in the first place.

That is the point when I decided to take action on myself. I set up a ‘Wish’ and a ‘Granted’ board. I wrote down my wishes and pinned them to the board with pictures or items to represent the wish. As I got my wish I moved the wish, picture or item to my granted board. I felt a bit foolish doing this at first. I also realised that some things I really wished for weren’t even on the board in the first place. How could they ever happen then! I treated myself to a crystal wand and started waving it about in front of the wish board whenever I added a new item. I wanted to show the Universe I meant what I wished for.  I got more ambitious in my wishing. I asked for more significant things. I allowed myself to spend some daydream time imagining that I’d got what I wished for. It’s surprised me that the more I wished and believed the more I received. Not always in the way I expected but certainly in a way that gave me a great feeling.

Now I have a slimmed down wish list. Most of what I’ve asked for has arrived and I can sense that the rest is on its way in. I believe beyond doubt that anything I wish for will be delivered. So I ‘work’ with passion in an easy, stress free way and I have an abundance of everything I want. One of my most useful wishes is  “I want to feel like I’ve won the lottery every day.” I don’t wish about winning the lottery – it’s the feeling that matters to me. If something is going to make me feel that good every day I want more of it. So the Universe delivers – small, medium or large wishes so that I can honestly say that I have that lottery win feeling at least once every day. Today it was the contentment of knowing I’m no longer a wage slave. Who knows what it will be tomorrow. So make your wishes, believe and they will come true.


Day 110 of my blogging challenge.