Powering Blasts Of Energy: Playing My Part

poweringHere we go again. It’s a New Moon arriving with powering blasts of energy to blow my socks off! I’ve spent the day feeling very ‘spaced’ and determinedly working to ground in all of the vibrations intended to energise the Earth ready for it’s great changes.

It’s not the first time we have received these great blast of energy. It’s just that they are much more frequent now. I know it’s the time for powering up. Not only Mother Earth but all of us who live alongside her too. Whether we are aware of it or not. The Ascension process has been going on for along time but the last couple of hundred years have been the warm up to get us ready to shift the Earth, and ourselves, to a higher level of spiritual functioning. But it can still feel like a challenge. Because there is so much ‘heavy’ energy that is still circulating in and around us. That’s why I got the full on force of the energy in the middle of last night. It came into my dreams to remind me that it is time to let all my emotions flow freely.

Powering me up means that I can transmit that energy to everyone I am connected to. And if everyone on the planet is being powered up imagine how much positive energy is being shared around. That’s the issue though. We aren’t used to living at a higher vibration yet. I know I still have one foot in being human and one foot in being spirit. And that has to be balanced for a while yet. When I get that disconnected, out of phase feeling I know I have to release some of the energy into the Earth. As well as to the animals and other species that share the Earth with me. I have to share enough that I can bring myself gently back down to Earth. Powering up is going to keep happening to me.

It must so that we can all benefit when the big shift happens. I know that there will be several more major blasts of energy this year. I’m powering myself up in between to practice living at a higher vibration. And I am also practicing staying grounded too. So that I can help others to find a balance in all of these energy times. Together, if we all play our part, the future will become much lighter and brighter.

Day 930 of my blogging challenge

Counting Nine Hundred! Nine Tenths Of The Way There

countingI’ve been counting today. It’s my nine hundredth blog so it got me thinking about other milestones in my life. One of which is my daughter’s birthday. On a Monday afternoon seventeen years ago I gave birth to my very special Crystal child. The one who is responsible, at least in part, for these blogs and my book. When she fell to Earth she really shook my world!

Last week I also added up some of my life skills and how long I had been using them. Counting the different things I do made me feel very proud to have given so many things a go. I discovered that I had spent 40 years working with Past Lives, 30 years working with crystals, 26 years working with Tarot and 20 years working with counselling/mentoring. I’ve also spent 18 years doing Reiki, 12 years as a public medium, 10 years teaching mediumship & spirituality and 9 years channelling art on behalf of Energy Beings. Plus my years as a Mum, pet owner and running a business.

It all adds up. But I feel I often forget my achievements because I am so busy focusing on what what I can’t do. Or what I want to learn next. Watching my child grow up, checking her milestones, praising her achievements I found that I was counting on her behalf. Counting all of the successes. Praising her progress. Reminding her that there is so much she can do with her life. Somewhere along the way of my life I stopped doing that for me. Instead I got sidetracked into noticing the failures and mistakes. Telling myself off for not doing better or the best. Instead of recognising that I was building a solid list of achievements to be proud of.

That’s why this blog today matters. It is recognising, through counting, how far I have come. Reminding me that I have made a contribution to the world. No matter how small that may turn out to be. Or how big. I might never know which it is. But I’m going to keep on counting my good stuff!

Day 900 of my blogging challenge

Ode, Verse, Ryhme, Poem: Freedom With Words

Ode to the windI went for a walk today, words tumbling around my head. I want to write more. Could it be an ode, verse, rhymes or a poem. Actually, they are all the same in many ways. They are me letting the words out.

I’ve been working up to a decision. Part of it has been to publish my book. And to write my daily blogs. But underneath the writer is still hoping to be set completely free. So I’ve run five Inspired 2 Write challenges to make sure that for each set of twenty eight days I doubled up on my writing. And I’ve submitted articles against the pull of my ego which is trying to keep me in a box. But the decision has still been unconfirmed. Lurking in my mind but not necesssarily expressed. Though I have even set the publishing date for my next book. Today I was on the beach. Letting the wind blow the cobwebs away. Thinking about my love of poetry. Each verse, ode, rhyme or poem I could recall a snippet of.

The lines where whirling about my head as if a flock of birds had appeared. There was a seat placed handily at the edge of the beach. So I sat down to work out why my decision to write still didn’t feel like it was complete. Why I still felt a box around my creativity. I felt someone else on the bench with me. Suddenly the wind blew all those words in my mind into some sort of order. A poem started to write itself. Out came my phone and I pressed the keys as fast as I could to capture my ode to the wind. Ignoring the ego urge to make it rhyme I tapped away without real conscious thought. It felt so free. Writing that emerged from my creative brain. The intuitive bit. My Third Eye chakra tingled like crazy.

The wind blew my hair into my eyes. But my fingers tapped on. I had to capture the essence of this moment in my words. My ode had to be completed.

I felt it was an ode – the kind of poem devoted to the praise of a person, animal, or thing, written in varied or irregular metre, expresses deep feeling – though I’m not the kind of person to think of that term. But the Spirit sharing the bench with me clearly thought that’s what I should be writing. He kept reminding me to listen to my words. Out they poured. As if they had been waiting some time to be freed. When I was finished I sat and looked at the waves tumbling and turning as they flowed into the bay. Like the words had tumbled out from me. I remembered my love of words. Of writing. And I also remembered my poems. As a child I made up lots of rhymes and verses. I shared them with anyone who would listen.

Even my pets, the sky, my little brothers. Then somewhere about High School my poetry slipped away. Lost in all the comparisons about ‘great’ verse. My writing slipped away too. Gently, without much of a fight, I started to write the way everyone else did. Today I made my decision concrete. My ode is my freedom to write again the way I want. Because I want to express my love of words that way. In the end it isn’t about a great piece of poetry. It’s really about me expressing me. Taking that step of sharing my words because I hope that others will enjoy them. And making it possible for other people to be inspired. I would like people to read my words and say ‘if she can do it, so can I’. Because I am no different from anyone else. We all use words if we choose to.

Finally, I am willing to try to communicate in any way I can. As a way of sharing the love and power of words. Words used to heal, to teach, to share. So here is my ode. Although I suspect someone more technically qualified might call it a poem instead!

It’s choppy out at sea
On my bench all is calm
Yes, the wind whips through my hair
Lifting it the way it lifts the sea
Catching my clothes
And rattling my toggles
But I am peaceful
The storm inside has died
Washed away with my tears
Of regret, of anger, of fear, of despair
The wind brings tears of release
The freedom to be me
Steady and eternal, like wind and sea
Timeless Spirit
At home in any setting
Feeling the wind warp and wrap around me
Me and the sea, driven before the wind
As the waves crash their white tops
Share the constant energy of change and renewal
I am renewed too by the wind
I am me

And there it is. My words from today. I’m sharing it to urge you to explore your own writing. Ode, verse, rhyme, poem. It doesn’t matter what it’s called. Please try to write it down. I know you will discover the magical freedom of words if you try.

Day 678 of my blogging challenge 

Calling On Friendship: Help At Hand

Calling for helpI’ve been doing a bit more work to finalise my book today. It needs a cover. In a muddle I started calling on my friends for assistance. Thank goodness for their support.

I know I have a tendency to get in a dither. Especially when I know what I have to decide can make a big difference to me. Bringing my first book into being has had me calling on all sorts of abilities I wasn’t sure I even possessed. My writing for a start. Believing I could do it. And sticking with it through all the tedious bits. Now I have to finalise all those little details that make it as professional as possible. Checking the spellings, comma placements and grammar. Looking at what I’ve written with a fresh pair of eyes to make sure it’s relevant to the story. Making sure that there is a flow between each section. And trying to make sure it isn’t boring or long winded.

Having got through those things I’m left with how it will look when published. What should I put on the cover? That’s where I decided calling on my friends was a good idea. And they responded to my shout out. Not so that they would make the choice. But so that I could stop my ideas going round and round. I find that is a wonderful part of friendship. My friends knew that I needed to step back from the stuck spot. So they helped me do it. And they know that I will help them to step back whenever necessary. Get some space and look at things with fresh eyes.

Calling on friends wouldn’t have occurred to me a while back. I really thought I had to manage everything all by myself.

That meant I wasn’t valuing my friends in the best way. Because they wanted to help. It was me who was stuck on not asking. Or even when I did, on not receiving the help. Nor was I valuing myself. My friends wanted to help because I had helped them. We were in relationships based on giving and receiving. Except that I was unwilling to receive. It took me a long time to recognise that I was suffering from a serious shortage of self-worth and self-belief. Fortunately my friends kept calling, sticking with me until I had figured it out, making sure I had the chance to learn to accept.

Today I thought about how much better I am at receiving help. About asking for it in the first place. And I’m writing about it because I know that many other people are also stuck about asking for help. It’s part of the difficulty that hinders that community feeling we all hope for. When everyone is focused on giving and no one is receiving we have a one sided  society. And the energy of compassion is stuck. To make it flow I have to become open to receiving and passing in all the goodness that is offered to me. Fortunately my friends have helped me get into a better balance with this. Now I can help others to notice and experience the balance of giving and receiving.

I owe my friends a lot. They have improved my life by calling on me to receive as well as give. Today I showed I could ask for help. And they very generously gave it. I’m delighted to receive their inspiration once again.

Day 622 of my blogging challenge 

Anahata – Love is in the heart

Anahata1My Centre is called the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre for many reasons but I wanted to share with you the inspiration that led to choosing that name. I’ve been thinking about Anahata – the Hindu word for the Heart chakra quite a bit today. It’s been a lovely Drop In session preceded by the Mojo Club first thing & then my lovely colleague Alastair Bishop with his stress busting group. This afternoon we have had the laughter of children hunting for Easter eggs, the relaxation of people chatting about life & spirituality, treatments for the body and the sharing of intuitive information through readings. There is something special about the love that unfolds in this place. I feel protective of the space and energy because I know that love is channeled in for everyone.

I originally opened the Centre with the word psychic in the place of heart. We ran for about a year as a psychic centre but it was clear that a lot of people didn’t know what was on offer inside the doors. In fact, it seemed that some people who might need to find us were put off by the word psychic. I’m very proud of what I do but I understand, having been there myself, that anyone considered to be psychic can be seen in quite a negative light due to misunderstanding, misrepresentation and disbelief. Perhaps there will be a time when we can reclaim the word psychic – when people really understand & acknowledge that we are all psychic. So my debate with myself when I approached the first anniversary of the Centre was wether to stick with psychic in the name.

I often substitute intuitive for psychic. People are much more comfortable with thinking about intuition – now linked with gut reaction – as a part of what they are able to do. Intuition implies a sense of listening to your feelings whilst psychic is taken as listening to dead people. So a year ago I sat down to consider if the Down 2 Earth Intuitive Centre would mean anything better for people. Some how the name didn’t feel right. It sounded a bit clumsy and it certainly hadn’t captures anything about the many things we do here. So how about holistic? How about spiritual? Not forgetting therapy? Nothing seemed to quite fit. As I thought about what I do here every day I began to realise that the most important part of my working life is my passion for what I’m doing. I love working with my Guides, Inspirers and Energy Beings to bring their love – the Divine Love – to all the people I meet. In fact, one of the most important parts of my whole life is to reveal the Divine Love within me so that I can share it with all of those I love too. Felling like I had half an answer I started to list in my head the people who work at the Centre. As I thought about their reasons for being part of my working journey I recognised that they were all passionate about helping people too. Each in their own way was offering loving support to others.

The next step was very easy. I felt the wonder of the love flowing through my heart chakra. Anahata is the lotus flower with 12 petals in the Hindu tradition. It translates as ‘unhurt, unstuck and unbeaten’ and represents the union of the Supreme Being with Mother Nature. In the balance, calm and serenity created by this union of higher and human selves the heart can represent to us the wise decisions of the Higher Self. What I wanted to offer was the calmness and serenity in a physical space so that the voice of the Higher Self could ‘speak’ to anyone who was seeking help. I also felt that by offering a listening ear in the drop in sessions I would be helping people to become free from hurt, capable of rising above the blows of life and able to move forward with strength. So a year ago we became a Heart Centre. I have to say that the love has never stopped flowing – tough love included. We have all been on a journey to learn to love ourselves accompanied by many visitors & clients. The conditional way we learned about love from our earliest childhood experiences onwards placed us in chains. We limit ourselves with so many “I can’t’s” or “I won’t’s”. Here in the Centre it’s ok to say I can and will. To love your body, mind & spirit without restriction.

So the second anniversary is fast approaching. I am passionate about continuing to share the love. Because love is in the heart of every single one of us. Please take some time to find Anahata – your Heart Centre – and give yourself some loving kindness. It flows to you from Divine source whether you believe in it or not. It is still there beaming unconditional Love direct to your heart.

Day 131 of my blogging challenge.

The Blog Challenge Begins!

Annie Conboy, MA(Couns), MSWG

Annie Conboy’s blog challenge

Much as I love all the stuff about the ‘woo woo’ side of being a psychic, it really isn’t the way I live. Having reached a stage in my life where things have to be simple – senior moments are lurking around the corner – & preferring to be down to earth about what I do, I’ve taken on a challenge to write a blog a day for the next 30 days.

Immediately there is a problem. I have a book full of the first 2 paragraphs of blog posts. They never seem to get finished. There is always something else I find I need to give my attention to. Even my first go this evening had to stop so I could make my daughter a meal, then run off to my Centre to open up for someone using a room & finally off to my local Spiritualists Church to chair for the medium doing the service. Now I’m feeling the pressure! I promised myself & I want to do this yet getting the focus is hard.

What to write about? The question I’ve just answered, very briefly, on Facebook about synchronicity? The chat I had with someone this evening about why their particular loved one didn’t come through in a reading? The social media posting I do to encourage people to find the positive in every situation – no matter how difficult that might seem? The Reiki meditation I did to send out healing? There are so many things that fall under the general titles of medium or psychic. So the easiest thing is to write about my day, every day for the next month. Sorry in advance if it gets boring but hopefully at the end you will see that my life is really no different than anyone else. Oh, OK then, perhaps the same with a few extraordinary bits added in, lol.

So to begin. I’m going to talk about the energy work I was involved in yesterday afternoon as today has been about following up the experience & processing what happened for me. On a Monday at my Down 2 Earth Heart Centre I run a session called Walking the Spiral. It’s something fairly new that my Guides encouraged me to offer to people because I know the benefit of personal development work in spiritual growth. In fact, I first used a circle for my own search for understanding when I read about vision questing in Denise Linn’s book Quest in the late 1990’s. So this session involves creating a safe energy space in a circle, spiral or labyrinth so that the participants can access, understand & release unconscious emotional energy that might be blocking the messages they are receiving psychically.

I often work with people who have got stuck in their psychic & mediumship work. They can sense their Guides, pick up on psychic energy & often have ‘breakthrough’ messages. Yet they aren’t able to boost the energy enough to pick up info more easily or to make sense of what they are getting. Yesterday we used a White Light circle – candles & crystals creating a physical space within which to work & the energy of our Guides & the Earth’s ArchAngels to guard & boost the energy of the space. After welcoming all of the energy beings we took our places in the circle & began with some chanting. So that the energy could be boosted some more I entered a light trance and one of my healing Guides stepped in to blend with me. Having created a strong healing vibration my Guide left me so we could continue the work. We were visited by at least  5 Guides who could be seen clairvoyantly. What followed was a long conversation amongst the participants as information was given by our Guides concerning energy blocks & ways to release them.

At the end of this work, with a lot of new information to consider, we closed the circle. I always ask for feedback as I’m curious to see how the energy work has been experienced by others. It’s always good to find that they have become somehow lighter by what they have seen, felt & thought about in the circle. Also that blocks have been released & they are ready to carry on experiencing the guidance & contact with their own Guide teams. It’s also an experience for me – I’m a participant too. So today I’ve been meditating on a couple of vivid dreams I had last night. Sometimes I’m too stubborn to take the guidance I’m given so my team have to send me the messages over & over again in different ways. Today was one of those days. I finally understood about writing this blog, lol, because half way through I had a deja vu moment! So I must make it through the 30 days somehow, and people perhaps won’t be too bored, and a barrier to my development will have been released. I love my psychic life!