Determination Pays Off: Letting The Archangels Join In

determinationI run a couple of home circles with people who have been working through the mediumship learning curve for a while. I enjoy their determination to discover all they can about their abilities. So it’s always great when they start to sense guiding Energy Beings who bring the bliss of unconditional love with them.

I remember when I was struggling through my learning curve trying to connect with the highest and brightest of Energy Beings. Sitting in meditation or circles. And discovering that those non-physical beings came in all shapes, sizes and origins. It took some determination on my part to keep going. Angels, elementals, dragons, unicorns, star people and the cat race made their connections to me. It was hard because, at this time, I was still more sceptical than not. But sorting out the different energy signals, getting confirmations and new contacts unfolded naturally and easily. It was hard to hold onto doubt in the face of the evidence I was given. And in the face of the wash of blissful energy that regulalry greeted me in our sessions.

I knew I wanted more of that unconditionally loving energy. I decided that if I had wandered off the path of sanity then I was happily insane. As I accepted the connections to all sorts of inspiring Energy Beings I found myself working with a group of Archangels too. They tested me in the same way as I tested them. Determination kept us working the connection to get it as strong as possible. Because I knew they had a service for me to perform on their behalf. Part of that service, my purpose, was to help other people connect to these Archangels. I knew the people I was trying to connect up would be tested. In the same way that I was. I also knew that they would face a steep learning curve. Just like me.

I also recognised that anyone who did make the connection would feel the bliss. It was worth it. In my home circles people are reporting the feeling. Without knowing or being told about the Archangels they share the evidence they are receiving. Evidence I can validate. Their determination to work for the best connection has been rewarded. I’m very proud of them. And I know that their service is about to begin. The Archangels are stepping into their lives!

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Remember Old Times? Back To The Beginning

Remember I did a card reading this evening. Nothing unusual in that. However, as I started to read the cards for my client a lovely Spirit lady stepped in to speak to her. After the reading I sat for a moment to remember old times when I was just beginning to trust that there were Spirit people. It made me recognise how far I’ve come since then.

A lot of people dismiss Tarot and Oracle cards as a way of connecting with Spirit people. Cards are a psychic tool and are great for developing intuition and connections to energy. Early on I learned how accurate they could be following a reading of playing cards my friend did. I remember how sceptical I was.That’s what got me started into using cards at all. Remembering my friend this evening I wondered where the last 25 years had gone. I hope she smiles when she sees me pull out a pack of cards.  Because for a long time I thought the cards were the most I could do. It was only when I started to feel the presence of Spirits and their words started to break through that I began to take mediumship seriously.

Remembering those first few times of debating with the visiting Spirit I have to laugh. Laugh at my insistence that they couldn’t be real. And my determination to stick to only psychic communication. I certainly didn’t want to entertain the idea that I could connect in a completely different way. Part of me didn’t want to get confused. But I also know that another part of me was running scared. After all I had no idea where it might all lead. Thinking about my reluctance at that time I’m glad I stuck with having the experience of reading cards. Eventually I plucked up the courage to start developing the more direct Spirit connections. Because now I see how much those connections have given me.

Spending time remembering all those years back has been a really precious reminder that I don’t know where any path will lead me. Except that it will bring me surprises, adventure and a great deal of love. Helping people has always been a passion of mine and I can say that my life in the last twenty five years has been full to the brim with that. If you get a chance to use Tarot or Oracle cards remember you might be setting off on a wonderful journey!

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Cobwebs: Strands Of Memory, Patterns And Choices

CobwebsI went for a walk at the harbour today. It was windy and fresh. Perfect for blowing the cobwebs away. And, as ever, I was inspired to think about a few things.

I love looking at cobwebs. They are so detailed, intricate and delicate. Each thread criss-crosses with others to make a wonderful pattern. And when I started developing my mediumship cobwebs took on another significance. As a claresentient medium I feel Spirit connections in my physical body. At the beginning that usually meant feeling like I had walked into cobwebs and they were on my face. The threads of that contact linked me ever onwards to stronger and stronger physical sensations. Of course I ended up being able to translate these feelings very accurately. Which, in turn, led me to more and more work and development with my mediumship. Until my life became a new pattern. Something very different from where I had started.

In the last few months I have been exploring the patterns I’ve built up over the last eleven years. All patterns involve choices. But I’ve been checking if I need to change any of those choices. Fresh decisions mean a change in my patterns. And that is something that has emerged as well. To help me I have been letting the cobwebs blow away. The thoughts and feelings behind my past decisions have sometimes become unnecessary or incompatible with where I am now. I’ve been releasing them, along with the memories they are attached to, so I can enter 2018 ready to work up new patterns. Free to make new connections within the strands of my life. Creating a space where I have new options to choose from. Today it felt really good to gift the old energy to the wind. Ready to tap into fresh energy.

Letting the cobwebs flow away, dissolving the strands, I feel empowered to move in new directions. The air flowed around me. Reminding me that I have the space, time and creativity to revision my web of connections. And that, in the end, since everything is connected, my web can be as vast as I wish it to be. All I have to do is be open to seeing it. Meanwhile, is it time you cleared out your cobwebs?

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Feeding The Medium: How Much To Say?

feeding the mediumI’ve been chatting today about my early days of developing mediumship. About the way in which feeding the medium information can easily overtake getting and giving a message.

From almost the first moment I started to go and watch mediums I remember wanting to have a message for myself. I was fascinated to see what the medium might say about my loved ones. And what they might want to say to me. Especially since I was experiencing my own kind of awakening. I was having to grapple with not quite believing that there was a Spirit World and information that came to me on a regular basis from a part of me that said it was a Spirit person. I wondered if I was feeding an unhealthy mental state that I could be developing. Rather than being someone who was actually developing mediumship. I was keen to discuss mediumship with just about everyone.

So when people talked about ‘feeding’ the medium I wanted to know more. Thankfully the ladies of the local churches were happy to explain. Since a lot of people believe mediumship is all about ‘cold reading’ – guesses and skilful extraction from the person of personal info – mediums are keen to avoid being given any information from the person they are reading for. If someone says more than yes, no or don’t know there is a temptation to go on explaining. And I know, once someone has explained, if what they have told me is the next thing I’m supposed to say then it will sound lame. Even false. It could mean the person rejects the whole message. That’s a real waste of everyone’s energy, including the Spirit person.

Hence the stress on not feeding the medium any facts during the time the Spirit person is speaking. Which I found hard at first. Simply because I wanted feedback that what I was saying was correct.

I found there was an urge in me to want to understand the message I was giving to someone. That led me into another side issue. The temptation to feed myself with information by ending up asking questions. That’s a trap all beginning mediums fall into. But of course the questions are a form of feeding that can end up making the message sound fake. With the help of these very knowledgable ladies I shut down on asking questions. I turned my information into statements. And I insisted on yes, no or don’t know. Even though I understood, having been on the receiving end of messages by then, that all someone wanted to do was be helpful.

The urge to explain is a form of politeness. I don’t like to see anyone struggle to get or build a link with my loved ones. I’m also keen to hear what they might have to say. So jumping in and feeding explanations to the medium is a genuine attempt to make sure the message comes through for me. Although I’m also opening the way for me to doubt what is said. Or for the message to develop into some sort of conversation between me and the medium instead. That’s why now I stay as quiet as possible. I keep myself to yes or no answers as much as I can. And I only say yes when I can really understand what the medium is giving me. That means when the medium is giving me clear evidence my yes is strong.

Feeding the medium, apart from giving me a cup of tea & a biscuit afterwards, is something I avoid at all costs. Both in my own mediumship and when I’m getting a message. Because it makes the mediumship stronger. I am getting a clear connection with my loved ones and, as they know me, the evidence they give will help me trust the message too.

PS. No mediums were harmed in the writing of this blog. There have been ample supplies of tea and biscuits available at the end of each paragraph!

PPS. I include the Wikipedia link about cold reading although I don’t agree with the way it lumps all sorts of intuitive practitioners in with scam artists. I have been able to demonstrate my mediumship when in a room away from the sitter, with no visual or verbal cues to prompt what I have been given by Spirit people.

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Develop Mediumship: Practice Makes Nearly Perfect

DevelopI’ve been out to do a church service tonight. Afterwards there was a discussion about how to develop mediumship. And especially about confidence.

Like anything in life, when I start to learn something new, trying to develop a skill or ability, I go through a process of finding confidence in what I can do. But I usually start that process lacking in confidence. Perhaps feeling incompetent. Or even scared about what I’m expecting myself to do. That has happened with everything I have tried in my life. So it’s worth understanding that feeling like I lack confidence is a normal part of getting a new skill. When I take that on board I can be a bit less judgemental about what I’m managing to achieve. I might even be able to let myself see that I’m doing great for the stage of development I’ve reached. Best of all, I might even let myself start to feel a bit more confident.

Mediumship has to develop like any other skill or ability. It’s not something that is suddenly perfect. Or nearly perfect actually. Mediumship, like everything else, takes time, practice, discipline and that build up of self belief. It will continue to develop the more you do it. I know I am much better at connecting now than I was eleven years ago. Especially since I am confident in what I am doing. And I feel competent in what I’m doing too. However, I had to do an awful lot of practice to get to this point. And that was the point of tonight’s discussion. I had to give myself permission to get things wrong. To be comfortable, as much as possible, with hazy, incomplete or weak messages. I had to take every opportunity I could to be giving messages. And I had to stop being too hard on myself. Expecting too much too soon.

I could be talking about any achievement in life. It takes discipline, patience and persistence to develop yourself. I have learned to be confident that I will get to the standard I set for myself. Only not on day one, one hundred or one thousand. But that I will!

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