Channelled Message For Light Workers Everywhere

channelledSometimes I forget how long I have been connected to Energy Beings. Their channelled messages have been coming in loud and clear for ten years now. But it’s hard to keep track of what was said. Unless they make it pop up in front of me again. Like the one in today’s blog!

I received this message in July 2009. It was channelled in from my work with Kuan Yin. She helped me to understand about mercy and about forgiving myself. Her energy was very gentle and loving at a time when I was challenged by my life. It was also a time when I had to decide how I wanted to move forward and embrace my spirituality. There were difficult things to do. And I cried many tears. She always stressed that I had to be compassionate with myself so I could offer compassion to others.

A channelled message for all Light Workers

We wish to speak to you about the compassion of the open heart. Willingly give and you will willingly receive. Do not be fearful and close your hearts against us. We continue to support and help. We are your light and guide. We bring you the lesson of compassion.

Where you find it is hard to forgive, or to understand, or to receive the hurtful words from another, be aware that this is you lesson in compassion. If you can receive these insults, this trouble, this turbulence into your heart without pain, without judgment, without self-doubt, you will transform this energy; so that instead of hurt and harm this energy can be re-transmitted, soothed and massaged by your compassion, turned forward into love and sent again to the person who sends it to you.

This is one of your tasks. Your group energy is about compassion. Not everyone will understand the path they are required to be on. Not everyone has your insight and clarity. You are workers for the light and you must open your heart centre and send forward the transformed energies of love so that whoever tries to send you harm and pain receives instead love, understanding and forgiveness.Remember you have chosen them to cross your path so you may take this lesson. Remember also that they have chosen their own lesson. They may feel doubt, they may feel uncomfortable. They may feel that they want to reject the love that is returned to them. But, by offering that love and sending it and transforming their energy, they will, in time, be transformed. These shifts in energy are subtle. They are not always visible in the outer world but be sure that the inner world will change and eventually the outer world will reflect the sending of love and compassion.

I could weep tears for the number of times this lesson is missed. I could weep tears for the frustration and the hurt that you take upon yourself instead of learning this lesson. Release to me, Kwan Yin, your own tears and fears and pain and hurt. For it is compassion that will help you. It will change in your heart centre anything that is sent in a negative way and it will retransmit it. So that as well as workers for the light, you are workers of Universal LOVE. LOVE is all and LOVE is the Divine.

Please take this message, take it as far as you can – share it with others, be it in words, be it through feeling but the biggest sharing that is available to you is the transformation through your own heart centre. I am here to share with you and will take from you energies you feel you cannot manage but also you must know the lesson is never too hard. You have within you the capacity to complete this lesson and to be successful in what you hope to achieve.

We are with Mother Mary and Sophia. We bring you this message, this learning, this teaching. Know also that you can place your fears and doubts in our arms and we will help you. We are only a call away. Many times the pupil struggles to try to grasp the lesson when the teacher stands by just waiting to help. Do not be a pupil who forgets to ask for help. We send our love. Go well with this lesson.

I hope you can share this channelled message and let it support your own Light Work. It is a valid today as it was nine years ago. The world is in difficult times and we all need to stay  focused on sending out positive energy. That is best done by acknowledging and recognising our own negative energy. And being compassionate with ourselves.

Day 903 of my blogging challenge

Christmas: Peace And Goodwill? I Hope So!

ChristmasIt’s that time of year again. The TV is filling up with Christmas movies and ads, the daily countdown has begun and the shops are stocking shelves full of Christmas goodies. Yes. It’s inescapable. One of the most stressful times of the year is almost upon us again. However, there are ways to make sure you stay with the true Spirit of Christmas.

There is a Christmas carol called ‘It Came Upon The Midnight Clear’ which has the line ‘Peace on Earth, goodwill to men’. I love that line because it reminds me of what can be so special about the festive season. The desire, for however short a time, to feel the peace and goodwill all around. Families, friends and all sorts of strangers become more open to the idea of giving and receiving. People wish one another well. We all hope for a few days where the news that comes across our TV screens is all positive.

The lines before that one mentions angels bringing a message of peace. Angels represent the kind of love it can be hard to find – unconditional love. The feeling that happens when we recognise completely that the other person is the same as us. A human being. So when Christmas stress all gets a bit too much for me I love to find a church, quiet place or or open space where I can remind myself that we are all the same. I sit quietly and ask the angels to help me both feel peaceful and to behave towards all others in a peaceful way.

I also look very carefully at what I am doing. Am I bulk buying enough stuff for a month when I only require food for a few days? Is my list of presents to purchase getting too long and involved? Do I really intend to go out for a Christmas meal every night for a month? And lunchtimes too? Then I visit a local charity shop to remind myself that I actually have all that I need but others might not have. It’s important for me to consider those who don’t or can’t celebrate Christmas. Giving is a way to share goodwill.

That makes me realise that perhaps I’m putting stress on myself. The smiling, relaxed me has disappeared inside a het up, frantic shopper! So I step back and smile at as many people as I can. I go and watch the children queuing to see Santa looking for the excitement and wonder in their eyes. I make a date with family and friends to watch the Christmas lights get switched on. And sing loudly through the carol service in the square. So that when the day finally arrives I can wake to a morning world with peace in my heart and goodwill in my thoughts.

Whatever your beliefs, over the coming month I wish you a happy, peaceful, sharing and compassionate time. 

Day 737 of my blogging challenge

Conversations Sharing Compassion And Wisdom

The stand out feature of today has been my conversations. Wonderfully full of compassion and wisdom. I love sharing this way.

One of the gifts of being human is that I can have conversations with other people. All sorts of vibrant discussions, debates and exchanges of ideas. My blogs often feature inspiration for the chats I’ve had with all sorts of people. What is also a feature of these chats is the sharing of compassion and understanding. When we discuss things it gives me and you the chance to explore each other’s point of view. Not to persuade one another to change our views. But to help me and you to find common ground. Ways in which both of us can live comfortably side by side.

I feel that we have to focus more on our conversations. On actively listening to each other as we share our own views about the world. If I come to a conversation with a compassionate intent I can enjoy both the differences and similarities that arise. In a sense I can live and let live. I am also opening myself up to the possibility that our conversation may contain wisdom that will help me live my life better. Because a conversation stretches my mind to open to another perspective. It allows me to consider what I take for granted from a different place. It may even help me to understand myself, my world and other people better.

That’s why I love conversations. Held in an atmosphere of compassion these chats have the power to unite us in our humanity.

In the same way my conversations with Spirits and Energy Beings feature compassion and wisdom. They talk to me about my life, answer my questions and help me to navigate a spiritual path. Never seeking to change my mind but asking me to think about things in a deeper way. And if I am the medium through which a conversation can take place between loved ones then the loving kindness overflows. Ever helpful but very aware of our right to free will the Spirit and Energy people hold to that rule. In the discussions there is never a do this or do that. Just gentle encouragement to decide from the heart.

What matters to them is our choices work out better when we follow our heart intuition. Not the head logic. And my Guides and loved ones in Spirit certainly understand how the heart and head can get muddled up. That’s why they have so many conversations with me. Getting me to listen to my intuition instead of my fears. To acknowledge my feelings and not my anxieties. Having compassionate conversations with me until I have sorted myself out and can choose wisely. In whatever way the speak to me I can benefit from listening.

I feel it’s time to put compassion at the heart of all we say. No matter who we talk to we all want to have a positive way forward in our lives. Is it time to find the wisdom contained in all of your conversations?

Day 584 of my blogging challenge

Victorian Values? Time To Move On

Last night I went to see the film I, Daniel Blake. When I was writing yesterday’s blog I was still processing it’s values. Or more importantly what it said about our values.

With the background of the Manchester and London bombings already highlighting the less than positive values some people hold, I watched a story full of judgements. The belief that there are deserving and undeserving people. Punitive measures against some of the most vulnerable people left high and dry by a view that they are resources to be discarded when there is no work. Or when illness strikes and their ability to be a worker bee is temporarily or permanently ended. People being disenfranchised. Left with no voice and no option because the people with the money don’t need their services anymore. Where did all this uncaring, unloving treatment come from?

I thought today about my history lessons. About the values of Victorian business owners. There is an almost 200 year history of those with means employing those without anything and, in a lot of cases, forgetting that they were dealing with their fellow humans. I live in an old mill town. The mill owners houses crowd the tops of the hills whilst in the marshy valley bottom the narrow terraced houses march row by row for the workers. The mills were surrounded by the homes of the employees. The mill managers and owners looked down on all of this. Perhaps that is how the judgements became so entrenched. It was hard to rise to a place on the hill so when you did there was a temptation to keep others down. In case they did better than you. And ended up rising above you.

Whatever the roots of these values they still rule our lives today. Women are paid less than men. You are not respectable unless you work hard every day. It’s necessary for you to pay your way.

So when you don’t live up to those values you become an outsider. Even an outcast. It’s not the fault of the business owner who has laid off employees to boost his profits. It becomes your fault for not being in a job. So there is incredible pressure to get back into work. Even when there is no work available. Most people aren’t aware that many of the things we take for granted, the NHS, pensions, benefits and support safety nets are less than 75 years old. For the hundred or more years before that there was no systematic support for people. There was only charity and the poor law. I believe that if we are an advanced civilisation then these are not enough. So why are we busy dismantling the safety net that the most vulnerable need?

It’s not about money. There is more than enough to go round if everyone contributed according to their means. It seems to be those harsh judgements contained in the very Victorian values that need to be removed from our understanding about being a community. Who knows. Some of those very values may be part of the background to what makes a young person choose to be a bomber. And what about our future citizens? The children on the receiving end of poverty, hunger and lack of shelter. Are they going to grow up thanking us for applying Victorian values? Or will they tell us that we failed them in a fundamental way. That we could and should have found more intelligent and creative solutions.

So what is the value of values that perpetuate injustice and inequality? Is that why it’s easier to put the blame on others? To target those of a different colour, beliefs or gender?

That way I don’t have to take any responsibility for living with outdated beliefs. I don’t have to look at myself and address my prejudices. It’s possible for me to walk on by, not looking at or noticing those who are suffering, quietly telling myself thank goodness it’s not me. But that’s the issue. Life turns up side down without warning. What if I join those undeserving people? What price my values then? Surely it is better for me to recognise these outdated beliefs and work to change my values now? Perhaps that’s what this election is really about. I feel it’s time to change the way we live with one another. There has to be room for love and compassion. Not just in our thoughts but in our actions. Including in our laws and structures too.

The mills have long gone. So have most of our Victorian industries. My child faces a future that is very different to my life choices. I’m looking to our leaders to care about communities rather than big businesses. It’s important that we have principled people with solid values who help us shift from the Victorian era to the technology era. There is always work when people innovate. New ideas create new jobs. Continuing the same old same old leaves so much talent going to waste. I believe it’s time for all of us to call for reform in a very different way. To re-establish compassion for others. I care. You care. What if we all cared enough to demand new values?

Day 560 of my blogging challenge 

Compassion? Who Cares?

img_2385Today I had to contact several call centres on behalf of an elderly relative. I was trying to make sense of a couple of letters which affect how much income comes in and what bills gets paid. Who cares about how easy or difficult we make it for people to sort out their finances?

Interestingly the organisation that had suspended everything had acted on incorrect information. I explained that a mistake had been made. However I was bounced off to another organisation who apparently made the mistake. The second organisation said they hadn’t and all the first organisation had to do was look at the shared database. I went back to the first organisation. Nothing they could do for five working days I was told. They would get the back office to make a request for up to date information. It seemed quite clear that no one cares about the stress this has placed on someone having to manage a budget.

Then I contacted a third organisation to make sure that the best option for paying bills was in place. What a change! Both people I spoke to quickly updated records, gave me information and adjusted one thing that could make a big difference. They advised me of other options that were available and when it might be best to use them. Speaking with compassion and consideration these two operatives put in place a couple of other things as a back up plan. I came off the phone feeling like my faith in others had been restored.

I know it’s sometimes hard to work in a pressurised environment. Who cares for the operators answering call after call?

When things go wrong it’s all too easy to try to sidestep the issue. I know that I get defensive if I feel like I’m being blamed. That’s a natural reaction to the way we treat mistakes. Because blame certainly isn’t coming from a place of compassion. So how do we change a blame culture into one that accepts mistakes happen. I guess all I wanted from the first organisation was an apology and the issue being corrected. What I got instead was someone trying to shuffle the blame in another direction. And certainly no prompt action to resolve the issue.

Yet I found the third organisation cares enough for it’s staff that they feel able to go that extra mile for callers. There had been a mistake too. But I found that they corrected it with a clear and sincere apology. They showed compassion and I felt I could respond in kind. So how do I create the environment around me where compassion and caring are clear in what I do? That’s a big question. Because I also have to assess how I can be compassionate and caring to myself. There is a balance required. One I know from my life experience it can be hard to find.

What is encouraging, and why I will keep trying to find the balance, is that today showed me it is possible. A large organisation can do it. And if they can, so can I. My starting point is to care for me so I can also offer that care to others.

Day 386 of my blogging challenge.

Oxygen Mask Required?

9d615800-7c7a-4ec4-acc9-8f6f2ae802cb-pngHere is the first step into my next year. I’m continuing to blog. I feel that the times are rather challenging at the moment so my blog is a necessary blast of oxygen that helps me get through the turbulence.

I’ve had several conversations recently about an ‘out of sorts’ feeling that seems to affecting many of us. Knowing that the energy is shifting is one thing. I find dealing with the actual shift something else. Noticing my general muddled headedness I’ve been trying to be kind to myself and not push too hard to get anywhere with anything. I’ve also been very aware of a general level of shadow side thoughts and feelings that I’ve been expressing. And so have many other people. This clearing out is good. It gives me room to breathe in the oxygen of positivity. My Guides have always encouraged me to be more aware of myself. Because then I can choose what energy I radiate out into the world.

It’s the same for every one of us. We are tripping up over our own shadow and the energy we have put out there at some time in the past. That’s why the apparently resolved issues are cropping up again. It’s time for all of us to find a new way of being ourselves. Whenever I think about this process my Guides are really good at giving me a mental prompt to help me. It was their energy that got me to pay attention on a flight to the words in the safety demonstration. The airplane is pressurised so if anything compromises the seal oxygen escapes into the sky. At the point when the cabin looses pressure the oxygen masks drop out of the storage compartment. The instruction is to put your own mask on before you help others to put theirs on.

It makes perfect sense really. Oxygen is what keeps us alive. But there is a limited time we can hold our breath for.

So we need the masks. But if your are struggling to get a mask on someone else you are depleting your own energy. If you get your mask in place you can breathe the oxygen whilst helping all those around you who can’t breathe yet. So being kind to me is about putting my own mask on first. Then I can help by being kind to others. Of course, someone gasping to breathe might not agree with my choice. I actually know what that feels like since I have asthma. Yet the worst thing is if anyone panics for me. The more calm I and they stay the sooner I can draw a breath again.

It’s about choice and what the greater good should be. I know that when I consider my own oxygen mask I realised that sometime I put the mask on, sit back and say well, I’m ok. Sometimes I put my mask on then run up and down the plane choosing who ‘deserves’ my help. Sometimes I do the best thing . I put the mask on and start helping anyone within reach so they can help others too. Yet there will still be people struggling to breathe who might feel upset that I haven’t chosen them. The reason I try to help those around me is that when they have their oxygen mask on they can also help. Together we can make sure the whole plane has the energy to survive.

It’s that kind of time at the moment. The world is on a flight towards a greater understanding of how we connect intuitively to one another.

The energy blasts, including the two in December, are the releasing of pressure in the cabin. Eventually we will be flying smoothly again when the pressure is rebalanced. But in the meantime we have to be ready to share the energy of survival. The oxygen we need is positivity. I am working hard to stay in the optimistic flow of energy. I want to see a changed and better world so I live at the moment with that vision in my mind. No matter what surfaces I believe that human beings all have the capacity for compassion and love.

If I hold onto that I am giving myself pure oxygen that can lift my spirits and get me over the hurdles. Of course there will be those who try to pass along their fears or negativity. Some of the people who are too far away for me to reach their oxygen masks might be upset. Or unhappy that they have to wait for help. Perhaps they may even decide they aren’t going to help themselves. In a very real and practical way I have to accept that I’m not there to rescue the whole plane. No one is. We start with ourselves and then help how and where we can.

When I think of the times I rushed around the plane trying to help or sat back concentrating on only being ok myself I recognise another strand to this.

Sometimes I grab my oxygen mask or someone else’s because I’m looking to be a hero. I’m doing it because I want approval or praise. The fear of disapproval is a strong urge in all of us. Being authentic and true to self may attract adverse reactions from others. Especially where our choices and actions are described by others as selfish. There is a fear and judgement that keeps us being ‘nice’ in the wrong kind of way. I know that a bit of me wants to help so that I get a reward. It’s the bit of my ego that can trip me up by making my service to others a self-seeking exercise. But I know this shadow really well.

Now is the time to shift that energy out of my life. Because the oxygen of compassion and love can help me to change for the better. I know that service is actually it’s own reward. Most of the time that is how I choose to do what I do. Knowing that I still have a way to go doesn’t disappoint me. I am living my life as authentically as I can for this point in my life. I am sure that there is plenty of room for improvement. No wonder that I am going to grab all the change energy that is around at the moment. Life is about change. Life is about loving myself enough to change. And if I change then an optimistic life of service to others will be all the reward I need.

Day 366 of my blogging challenge.

Ride the Wave of Fear

img_2221It’s been a funny year. Wave after wave of energy pushing us to pay more attention to the choices we are making. Global events drawing our attention to the absence of compassion. It’s no surprise that I’ve been asking myself how on Earth we are going to change.

Yet I am sure that the changes will be positive. My Guides have kept telling me I must ride out the energy storms. They have been encouraging me to focus on doing what I can to create inner and then outer positivity. Today I have talked to several people who are doing the same. In one way it’s reassuring to find that I’m one of many having to deal with my own inner fears. In another it’s also slightly unsettling. With all these waves of energy who of us has actually got a calm life at the moment? That’s why I’ve found myself surrounded by Energy Beings radiating love and compassion. They are around us. They can help.

I watch the news in small snippets. My daughter points out, quite rightly, that the focus is all negative. We struggle to find stories that are celebrations of life events. Yet I feel I must watch the reports. These stories are the real lives of other people. They are happening to human beings. As I ride the energy of aggression, violence and hatred I know that I have to acknowledge it exists. These reports lack balance. I know that they create fear. And they also have us turning away from the real issue of people hurting and killing other people.

I guess that it can be easy to ignore the images of death and destruction when it’s not in your street. It’s all happening in some remote place so why bother. And what can I do anyway?

Funnily enough, that’s a pattern humanity has followed for thousands of years. Telling ourselves that we can’t do anything. Ignoring that the children who survive our lack of compassion will be warped out of shape. That we will reap what we sow when it’s their time to take charge. So how do I make a difference? What can I do? My Guides are always swift to remind me that I can be compassionate. I can be helpful to all of those who I connect with. My area of influence might be small. Perhaps only a few people. But I can send those people compassionate energy. I can support them as we all ride the waves of fear together. I can stay calm.

Remembering that I am Energy and what I give out I get back I can choose not to send out fear. If I recognise my own fear but work through it so can those I connect with. I can encourage everyone I know to face and understand their fears. That way they can become loving and compassionate about themselves. In turn this will radiate out to everyone they connect with. How powerful would it be if even one tenth of humanity started to live from love? Really live from love? If we let go of all of the judgements we make about ourselves and others? I’m certain that a powerful wave of love right around the world would make more change happen.

Very soon we are going to have to make a choice. I know that it is between love and fear.

The new way involves living an intuitive life, tuning in to the energy waves and generating more loving kindness in oneself. The old way is to stay inside the limitations that fear places on us. To cling to old patterns that keep us all in the shadow side of life. What I would wish for my daughter, for all the children of the world, is that we choose love. I have been changing my choices all year. I don’t want the same old same old. From my little spot on the planet I’m learning to choose love for myself and for others. In the end I will leave this life clear that I finally recognised my biggest challenge and tried to ride way above that wave of fear.

Day 331 of my blogging challenge.

Compassionate Practitioners

compassion-quotes-positive-provocationsOne of the themes to emerge from this busy day of connections, achievements and insights has been the choice of practitioners to become compassionate in what they do. In several discussions today it became clear that most people experience the practitioners they encounter as somewhat detached, even non-involved, in the outcomes of their work with people. Having trained as a person-centred counsellor many years before my spiritual journey became the focus of my life I understood that the relationship between counsellor and client was a major part of the therapy. Working at a relational depth that allows the counsellor access to the client’s inner world seemed to me to be an obvious way of starting from where the client was. It was a bit of a surprise to explore other modalities as a professional counsellor and realise that starting with the client’s inner world didn’t always apply. Although I met many compassionate people working as counsellors it seemed that when they stepped into their professional role they unhooked or bypassed that loving feeling.

As a counsellor I used to believe that I could counsel anyone about anything so long as I had had the ‘right’ training. I studied specialisms & specific ‘illnesses’. I researched abnormal psychology. Armed with this knowledge – whether I really understood or not – I launched myself into work with clients confident that I could relate to them no matter what the issue. After all, knowledge plus a listening ear would help me enter their world once we had formed a relational bond. As I learned more and more about relationships, positive and negative, as a therapist, my experiences steered me to think deeply about compassion. How could someone describe their inner world in a space that felt safe enough to do so unless there was some show of empathy? Perhaps understanding wasn’t actually enough.  I feel that this was the point when I began to look for the spiritual aspects of counselling and began the journey into my own mediumship.

Compassion is a word that is thrown around a lot nowadays. It’s a buzz word, a short cut for some kind of loving kindness that we can all express. One dictionary definition is ‘sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.’ Not sure I would want sympathy and pity when I was experiencing life’s challenges. Another definition is ‘the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.’ The second definition is certainly more to my liking. But here is a definition I really love – ‘Compassion is passion with a heart’. When I work I am following my passion. I put all of my heart into what I do and hope that the relationships that are formed will enable others to change whatever they wish to in their lives. I can’t think of a better reason to run a spiritual business.

It’s often said that you get the clients you need. Clients are mirrors for the practitioner to see their own reflection in too. If we offer positive relationships, based on honesty, tough love and compassion, both the practitioner and the client can practice relating in a deeper and more meaningful way. I am surrounded by some wonderful practitioners who also have a passion for thier work that demonstrates compassion combined with professionalism. We love that we can support people from whatever their starting point is. Making relationships that listen to the inner person, validates their experiences and offers choices is a very empowering experience for both parties in the relationship.

I feel that this is a new model of working which gives a greater choice to all. Too many professionals work from a knowledge base that insists on a detachment from the warmer emotions that we might naturally feel when seeing someone’s struggles. Teaching, medicine, law, government, care & support systems all present an opportunity for services to be delivered with compassion. Too often the ‘system’ takes over and the users become numbers, nameless & faceless, sent away with a quick fix solution. The people who have the passion for service in these professions are eventually driven away by the frustration of not being able to start their work from the heart of the client’s issues. For many people the service they receive becomes a ‘one size fits all’ sheep dip process.

I am fortunate that I can run my Centre in whatever way I feel is best. We will continue to offer compassionate professionalism in whatever we do. If you are passionate about helping, can start from where the other person needs you to start and want to make a difference to they way services are organised please share this blog. The more we discuss compassion as a natural part of our working lives the faster we can really make a significant change in the lives of those who we feel compassionate towards.

 Day 136 of my blogging challenge.