Homesteader or Adventurer: What’s Your Type?

homesteadersI love mentoring. It gives me an opportunity to help someone identify their strengths. And then work forward from them. Today I was working with an adventurer who is stuck in a pattern of being a homesteader. It was great to identify the differences. Because that means an old pattern can be left behind. Also a new pattern can emerge.

So what do I mean when I say homesteader or adventurer? One way of looking at life is to work out where I draw my energy from. In what ways do I want to serve my community? And how does that make me feel? Because the best source of energy comes from doing something I am passionate about. Yet I might be doing things that actually drain my energy. So checking what I like to do alongside what makes me feel stuck or bored will show me the best energy for me. Homesteaders like to serve and protect their community. They start from the basis that they are here to nurture and provide. They are also concerned to create stability especially for the more immature around them.

Whereas adventurers like to be on the move. They look for new information or opportunities. Adventurers go out into the world to discover useful things for the community. They act as guides and foragers. Their aim is to create a steady flow of abundance. They are more comfortable with uncertainty and can keep their wits about them. Of course, I understand we need both the homesteaders and the adventurers. It’s what keeps a community vibrant. But if I am a homesteader I will want certainty. That can mean rigid rules, set beliefs and a focus on the inward facing of the community. Adventurers are quite different. I would need opportunities to find new resources, to travel outside the community and to explore new ideas.

This is where being a homesteader in an adventurer’s role makes for a challenging life pattern. Or vice versa.

A homesteader has her intuition tuned to the safety of the community. An adventurer has her intuition tuned to what is outside the community. If I am linked to the wrong intuitive flow my pattern will be distorted and disrupted. I might feel very unsettled. Life might not seem like it’s full of synchronicity. In fact I might be passing up all sorts of choices that would suit me better. Homesteaders tend too like everything to stay the same. Adventurers tend to want change. I believe we need both. I benefit when I have a reliable home base, perhaps a feeling inside me of certainty about the world, that I can return to. It is how I am grounded into being human.

I also benefit from the inspiration that comes with being open to new influences. My world can expand and grow as I take on more of these ideas. I can create from a sense of a bigger picture. Ideally I will be able to swap from one type to the other as needed. But it’s often the case that this more fluid flow of energy is missed. I have spent chunks of my life trying to be a homesteader when I forgot to honour that I am actually an adventurer. I need to be on the move in some way. When I finally recognised my underlying type, and what made me feel passionate, I started to change my life to include plenty of adventuring. Now I feel that I have a better balance too. I can be a part of my community in both ways.

Deciding if you are a homesteader or an adventurer may be a little simplistic. There are a lot of other factors to consider. Yet it’s a good way to identify where you might feel unfulfilled, stuck or restless. Or where your current patterns and habits are keeping you from a more creative, expansive life. Understanding these types gives you more choice. I’m all for that. So, which type are you?

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Progress Through Focus and Determination

progress in loveThis Mercury retrograde period has been really good for looking at my progress. Especially in a year where there has been so much change energy. It’s also been something I have been lucky enough to encourage my mentees to do.

One of the things I love best about mentoring is that I get to share someone else’s journey through a period of self-development and change. I can monitor the progress they are making. It gives me a chance to remind the person how much they have actually achieved. Because when we are making changes it can sometimes be hard to see how we are different. And what has been achieved. Today I’ve had the chance to discuss with several mentees how brilliantly they are doing. I have been able to point out their determination to make their lives different. And the focus they have brought to getting nearer their goals.

I feel that all too often we ignore our progress. Certainly I do. I drift into looking at what hasn’t changed yet, instead of what has.  But I am learning to recognise what I have done differently, where I have grown and how positive I can feel about more changes. Because I want to keep going towards my dreams. Even if I have to keep changing what, when, where and how I do the things in my life. So sharing the successes of my mentees gives both of us a renewed sense of more progress to come. I’m really excited that anyone who sticks at it, understands the need for self-discipline and takes responsibility for themselves can achieve everything they want. And I am fortunate to be working with people who have decided to do just that.

Progress is what brings me back to the service I do for the Spirit World. They are already in a place where progress is a natural party of their community approach. Each one aligned to the results of what they doing being a part of the greater good. I know that my mentees will contribute so much more than they imagine at this present moment. Our community down here will benefit so much. Here’s a big shout out to everyone determined and focused on growing and contributing their best!

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Forest, Beach and Rainbows: Grounding and Releasing

ForestThis morning I went for a walk in the forest getting in amongst the trees. It was very quiet and peaceful. As I stood in the sunshine I looked at the abundance around me and wondered why I often forget how much Mother Earth has to offer us.

It was wonderful to see the clover, moss and mushrooms still covering the forest floor at this late point in the year. The trees proving their shelter for all this growth. And the birds swooping and circling still able to forage and survive. I love the idea of an eco-system that supports all of the varied life forms it contains. And I also thought about the way we have grouped together in human eco-systems. It seems to me that we have forgotten how to shelter each other. How to provide for and sustain each other. And how many people are left to fend for themselves in the most challenging of times. Looking at the trees that had been blown over by the recent storms many of them were still viable. Because they had been ‘caught’ by other trees and propped up.

I was fascinated that some of the roots were still in the ground and the trees had greenery. They would survive to see a new spring and summer. No longer upright. But still living as part of the forest eco-system. I left the forest and went down to the beach. The tide had washed up thousands more shells. The bay supports an abundance of life as the shells confirmed. They made a carpet under my feet. Once again I thought about a sustainable eco-system. Layer on layer of shells showing me that there was a delicate balance being played out on this part of the land too. Old shells discarded for new life to begin. The sun was setting. It has been a day of rainbows. The wet sand glimered like gold in the last of the sun. Life continues.

The forest and the beach reminded me that I can be part of a sustainable eco-system too. If I remain grounded in the present, aware of myself as part of a community and release the fear of lack. With that in my heart I know that if this is my last day I know I have wanted for nothing. I am at peace.

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Loving Community: An Aim For All

Loving community. That idea popped up again today as I channelled the ArchAngels in my  Letters From The Light Side video.

I grew up in a loving community. Sharing with each other was the natural response to all sorts of circumstances. Embracing newcomers they were quickly taken into our community. Not perfectly. But always with the understanding that as a street, a group of streets, we had a connection with each other. I remember the births, marriages, deaths, troubles and joys of this vibrant place. I couldn’t get up to much mischief as everyone knew who I was. It was like I had thirty or forty parents instead of my Mum and Dad. I was never far away from someone who would keep an eye on me. I learned to love the idea of being part of a community.

It was second nature to share with others in their good fortune or tragedy. I ran errands, scrubbed steps and played in the gardens all over the area. I felt safe and secure. Yes, everyone knew my business but that was a small trade off for that sense of belonging. As I grew up that sense of community seemed to disappear. We moved to a new neighbourhood. The people I knew were a long way away. It took a long time to become part of the new community. I’m not saying they were any less loving but it was a bit more judgemental. Although I eventually found my feet in this community I felt inside that I’d lost something I needed to find again.

A loving community takes care of and enfolds all it’s members. Vulnerable or struggling people have support and kindness. Each person offers what they can.

So I wondered today where that sense of community had gone. Because I feel it is missing in so many ways right now. I learned to love the loving community I grew up it. It taught me how to be a citizen of the world. It was diverse and vibrant. Never perfect but always good enough for all of it’s members. Yet it seems now that only tragedy brings people together. At the worst of times we do show our best. But what about those times between tragedy? I feel fortunate to live in another community where there is a very positive attitude to diversity. Difference is encouraged and enjoyed. I know that my home community isn’t perfect. But on a daily basis we are good to one another. Not everyone has the same experience.

Loving kindness is in short supply in some areas. I’ve certainly lived in one or two in my life. There seems to be no desire to emphasise community. And I feel that is spreading. The last few months have shown how divided we are as a country. The ‘big’ community we all live in. Perhaps it’s also because it seems division has taken hold across the global community of humanity. Yet we are all part of a global community of Spirit. Under the skin I know we are all the same. Why has that been forgotten? Or, at least, let drift out of our consciousness. I believe that we have to return to being loving communities. I also feel we have to learn to love that community feeling once more.

It’s time to remind ourselves that we all want the same out of our lives. To remember the loving kindness that makes a strong and peaceful community work well. I know we have to stop acting only for ourselves and start creating a shared, equal and positive vision for the future. An aim for all of us?

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Magical moments to treasure

imageI’m sitting at home writing my blog and remembering some magical moments from today. It’s a bit hard to believe that my Centre has been open now for two years. Not long by comparison to my mediumship (into it’s twelfth year in public) or my counselling (into it’s nineteenth year). Yet the Centre represents all of the amazing things that can happen when you find a little bit of magic. It was so kind of all the people who came & shared in the party. Also of all those who sent messages & good wishes because they couldn’t get there in person. I wasn’t sure that we could get to our second anniversary. 2015 was a hard year in many ways, with a lot of clearing of energy going on. Then the flooding in Hebden Bridge that nearly knocked the stuffing out of me and left many of the local people in challenging conditions. Yet today there were tears, laughter, warmth and compassion shining amongst the many conversations.

I watched as, magically, new connections were made amongst people who were meeting for the first time, long established friendships brought reminiscing chats and a wave of positive love filled the room. I finally saw what I have worked for all this time. The Centre has it’s own tribe. A like minded community of very different people. People who want to take time out of the busy world for a while and share with others. A community is made up of people and the best sort is one that cares for all it’s members unconditionally. I have always believed that connecting people to one another was the best way to bring out the natural desire we feel to be helpful. Making that connection in a warm, homely and friendly environment helps every one to remove the masks they might otherwise wear. So the support, interest and genuine care that our visitors shared with one another was a powerful confirmation for me that I’m doing something good.

I couldn’t do that without support. Each step of the last two years there have been other people who stood with me, encouraged me and helped me develop my vision. That’s another magical thing. When you work with honesty, ethics and a shared belief in doing the best you can the focus shifts from competition to collaboration. From me, me to us, us. I hope to welcome many new people into the Centre over this next year. I know they will find a warm welcome, positive support and an actively listening ear. If they feel the magic then they too will become part of the tribe. We have room for many more in our community. That community also lives online through my blogs, Facebook and so through my broadcasts. You are welcome to join our tribe too so I hope to hear from you soon about the magical way your life is unfolding.


Day 146 of my blogging challenge. 

Community involvement

imageToday I’ve been sorting through all sorts of stuff at the Centre because we are having a refresh of the energy. And new carpets! As I sorted through things with one of my fellow practitioners the word community kept coming to mind. One of the things we often forget about is our connection to one another. We think we have to do things all by ourselves or to be the one driving our life forward. Then in an effort to make connections we rush around giving our energy to everyone without considering if they are part of our community or not. I experienced community in it’s best sense following the flooding here on Boxing Day. Many many strangers came along to make sure our area got help and support. Many people in my town who had been strangers to one another gave help and support to each other. Each of these circumstances opened up more opportunities to recognise that we were a shared community both locally and nationally.

Seeing what worked in the way of help and support, and what didn’t, some of the practitioners in the Valley, myself included, offered free emotional support to our community. The support was in many holistic ways through a variety of events, groups and listening ears. Yet the response from another perspective was to pass the need for emotional support onto the services provided by local or national government bodies. It almost seemed that the underlying assumption was that the community couldn’t offer support itself. When you need a listening ear do you really want to access a time limited, resources driven organisation?  That thread of thought brought me to Coronation St. I grew up in an area very like the TV soap. People knew each others business. People were nosey. Yet people also rallied round when there was a need for support. The small area of streets I lived in were a strong community. Emotional support came from neighbours and friends willing to listen and share. Have we become too private about our lives that the community is unable to support us because we don’t even recognise it’s there?

There was a sort of community meeting this evening and I went along. It’s interesting to look at who is part of my community. There were interesting presentations about a lot of issues affecting the wider community but not very many voices speaking up. Not because they weren’t allowed to but because they weren’t there. So how do we know what the wider community thinks or feels? And does it matter if we all disappear behind our doors every evening and never interact? I know it’s very different in the Spirit World. There is the widest definition of community that can be applied. Each individual Spirit is quite clear that they are part of the whole community of Spirit. They take an active interest in all that is happening. Support is something they don’t even have to think about. It is a natural occurrence. It is a giving and receiving from one to another without asking. When one wishes then all wish. I’m building a community at the Centre. A community based on giving and receiving with no strings attached. That is hard for people to get their heads around because the understanding of community has become blurred in our world. People react in all sorts of uncomfortable ways, especially to receiving anything other than material things, yet giving is good for the whole community and opportunities to receive create chances for others to give.

So tomorrow it’s on with the refurbishing, the giving and, hopefully, the receiving. I wish you many opportunities to receive too ?

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