Showers Of Rain To Clear Away Energy

ShowersI am back in one of my favourite places for the weekend. The beach is close by as are the magnificent mountains. The forrest is calling me to take a walk into the wild woods. Overhead the clouds have gathered with their blessing of showers. Walking across to view the tide going out the heavens opened.

In a strong wind I embraced the showers. The rain blew into my face. It was quite a downpour. But exactly what I needed to experience. Out in the aura of Mother Earth I was cleansed of all the energy that has been surfacing. Because it needs to be released before I can take the next step in my spiritual service. I’ve had a long journey working through what energy is mine and what isn’t. It’s been a challenge to strip away all of the ego stuff and face myself head on. I haven’t wanted to. Yet each morning as I step into the shower I know I am getting closer to the authentic me.

The me that understands the difference between being kind and being nice. Becoming the person who will approach everything armed with tough love and empathy. The rain showers reminded me that I have a duty to myself to be myself. It’s not about pleasing others. Although I hope they are pleased to esxperience the true me. Because I’m not worried if they are displeased. In the end, my service to myself and others can only be effective if I am who I am. That means being down to Earth, unafraid and ready to do whatever I can. I want to contribute as much as I can during my time on the planet. As always there will be things I don’t get to do. But I am willing to do as much as I possibly can.

Showers blow into and out of my life. In these showers there was also a rainbow. Hidden and only visible for a few moments. But enough to remind me that I have a rainbow of colours, abilities, energy inside of me too. Finding them and sharing them is my next task. To finally contribute more. The more. Until I have achieved that goal of giving (to myself and others) as much as I can. Can you see your own rainbow? Do you need to go out into the showers and look?

Day 883 of my blogging challenge

Root Chakra Wobbles: Mercury Bows Out

root chakraWhew! What an active Mercury Retrograde it’s been. It’s almost time for Mercury to bow out of making us look at things again. I have to say I have really felt the push in this retrograde period, as well as the waning moon, to explore and acknowledge root chakra issues. All that stuck energy from childhood that still affects me now.

Root chakra is the place where my basic drives power out energy into my physical body. It’s the source of feeling that I have food, shelter, warmth, company and creativity. As these are basic drives they tend to be expressed in purely emotional terms. And can easily get out of balance. Especially as the root chakra is the first way a child experiences a connection to the physical world. The energy I lived in as a young child, before my cognitive functions developed around age seven, was processed through what I felt or sensed physically. Because memories were not recorded in my conscious brain they are stored in the sub and unconscious parts of my mind. Meaning I am often unaware of their influence on my actions.

That’s where this current Mercury retrograde has been a great help. It has brought to the surface those old feeling. Feelings that have perhaps become stuck because they were unexpressed or not acknowledged by the people around me. Even the energy of feelings that were belonging to someone else in the first place. They have come to my attention so that I can release them from my root chakra and balance my energy flow in a more positive way. That’s an important task. If I am to continue embracing my Spirit Within I also need to create a better energy space where we can meet. And better energy to send out into the world so that I live as a Spirit within a human body. Rather than only as a human being.

I also know that if I have a wobble in my root chakra there will be a wobble all the way through the rest of my chakras. Which could drive me to act out of fear instead off out of love. So I will be waving goodbye to this retrograde with gratitude. It’s been tough to surface all that I have needed to discover. But rewarding too. I can move forward with more clarity, confidence and certainty knowing that I am lighter by a considerable amount. I hope Mercury has been as helpful for you too.

Day 870 of my blogging challenge

Walking Towards Wellbeing: ArchAngel Help

It’s funny how themes pop up in life. I was writing some information about wellbeing today and ArchAngel Parashiel stepped in. Since he’s usually around when healing is required I paused.

Of course my Guides and Inspirers have been talking about the energy waves we have all been experienceing since last September. They have spoken to me about the shift due from 24th May to 10th June. And they have made sure it has been mentioned in my Letters From The Light Side videos too. What they want is to help me understand what  the shift represents. As well as how to deal with it. ArchAngel Parashiel is part of that story. He is the Earth’s Guardian angel responsible for all of the healing done here. It’s his task to guide us to wellbeing and away from dis-ease. That’s quite a job at the moment. Because, as he explained today, we are still focused on physical symptoms of energetic stuckness.

I have been discussing my own energy with him for a long time. Learning how to balance what I give and receive. Also ensuring I’m letting go of my stuck energy from earlier times in my life. Parashiel has also been working with me to teach me his forms of energy healing. That has required me to meet my inner energy issues head on. In my journey towards wellbeing I have asked to work with those who are serious about healing themselves. Knowing that anyone who chooses to do that is opting for action over words. I’ve been very happy to move people off the treatment couch into their new lives. In return I have been able to make progress on myself too.

So why did he step in today? What aspect of wellbeing was up for discussion?

The next bout of energy is a bit like a dose of chemotherapy. It’s a cocktail of different types of energy designed to bring the rubbish to the surface so I can release it. So the next couple of weeks are going to be a bit turbulent. I’ve been asked to take care of my own personal energy. To rest when I need to. Letting negativity pass me by whenever I’m near it. And to stay away from the dramas of others. A bit like being in quarantine apparently. I will need to do that so I can release all of my stuckness about who I am and why I’m here. There will also be time for me to really appreciate myself. To embrace all that I am. And let judgements about myself go.

I know that learning to love myself is tough. There is so much to strip away so I can see my own strength and ability. These are what I can offer to share with others. My wellbeing is me being myself. Whole. Complete. Balanced. That’s how each of us must be to move forward. Our authentic self. This journey will take some people longer than others. But each step is a positive if we allow ourselves to keep walking. Parashiel is there with his loving support to push us to keep going. I know I need help to stay focused on being well. It’s almost too tempting to say I’m stuck with things as they are. Yet until I take action for myself my life will drift along with more of the same.

So even if the energy waves are intense I’m going to make the most of them. I have Parashiel at my side with his healing Balm. Wellbeing is my goal. It’s time for action!

Day 546 of my blogging challenge

You can receive a healing wave from Parashiel through the video here on YouTube