Detective Work – Finding Stuck Energy

detectiveSome days I get to play detective. When I’m mentoring or working with Reiki I can sense stuck energy in the person I’m working with. It’s not always clear to them why the energy is stuck. Or even what the energy represents. However it is getting in the way of moving forward. That’s when I get my investigator head on.

Using my clairsentience always helps. I can ‘feel’ where the energy is stuck with my own body. Then I can reflect this back to my client so that they can ‘feel’ the stuck energy too. Because it might be causing all sorts of symptoms – some related and some not – for that person. That’s when the detective work begins. We can discuss the symptoms and I can relate them to the chakras that might be affected. I can also sense the energy as it flows around the stuck point. Is it blocked completely? Does some energy get through the blockage? Are there more than one patches of stuck energy?

That can prompt a useful discussion about how the person is experiencing these waves of energy. And for how long they might have been getting these signals from their body. Some energy can be age related. Especially when I consider the way we all have intuitive ability open and closed at different points in our life. It can also lead to a discussion about the energy of other significant people in my client’s life. We do take on each others energy. And even the energy of total strangers. The detective work also includes tuning in to their past lives. Karmic threads are still active in our present life. These can create situations of stuck energy too.

As I analyse the information, like a detective, I can usually find a probable cause for the issues my client is having. Knowing what is happening, what is creating dis-ease, is the starting point for dealing with releasing the energy. I enjoy this aspect of my intuitive work. Helping someone find a way to come into a better balance is very rewarding. Especially as I can ‘see’ the lift in their own energy as everything starts to flow again.

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Feelings: Mine, Yours, Theirs?

One of the questions I’m often asked is about how I know what Energy Beings are communicating. For me it all started with noticing my feelings. And then realising that some of them didn’t belong to me.

In fact it’s one of the things that I explain very early on when I’m teaching. Perhaps because I had to develop as a medium from my clairsentient ability. All that time I spent working out if it was my pain in my back or the back pain the Spirit person was trying to tell me they had did eventually pay off. I became very aware of my own feelings when I was working. That helped me to be aware of my feelings when I wasn’t working too. It made me aware that I often soaked up other people’s emotions. So much so that I got muddled most of the time.

Realising how much my psychic senses were switched on all the time I began to understand that I needed to sort all the emotions out. Sometimes a person with a strong ability to tune in to other people’s feeling is called an Empath. Highly empathetic people can have real difficulty switching off the emotional energy from everyone around them. In the same way, I can also switch into how Energy Beings feel.  As I learned more and opened more to the messages I was getting I knew I had to protect my own energy.

Since we have feelings all the time I knew I had to be able to close off from other people’s feelings.

Sifting through what I was feeling every day made me much more aware of what was my stuff and what wasn’t. So I started to ignore the feelings that seemed to belong to others. I also made an effort to be in a bubble of positive energy. If I knew I was positive any negative feelings that popped in were suspect. Of course there are always going to be times when I’m negative about things. But being aware of and thinking about my emotions really helps to own only mine. I also learned to work with the intention to mirror back any feelings that weren’t mine.

Imagining myself surrounded by mirrors I could reflect back those stray, random emotions. It meant my inner world became a lot clearer and much more manageable. Strong emotions are still a part of me but those are all mine. And I’m happy to deal with what I feel. Especially as I work to release the emotions in a way that doesn’t send them out into the world. I know that if I radiate energy outward it will come back to me. So I want to have the positives coming back. And not anything else.

This carries into my work with Energy Beings too.

At the beginning I could easily be swamped by the emotions they were sending me. It was all information to help me describe them. But it could be too overwhelming at times. Especially if they were experiencing an emotion I was feeling too. So that I could connect for them I had to ask for an agreement that they came in very gently. That they let me acknowledge the emotional energy gradually and that it cleared as soon as I had given it as information. Over time it has become possible to pick up the emotional information from very small blasts of energy.

So now I only get extra feelings when I’m tuning in for work. The rest of the time I’m protected from confusion, over-reactions and mistaking mine for theirs. I still feel. And react. But now I own that it’s all my own stuff.

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Toothache? Collective sensitivity?

imageOne of the things I love about stepping out of the world is that I have time to notice the synchronicities more. Opening up my intuitive side, paying attention to my energy field and connecting with others was an eye opener. I found that lots of people seemed to experience what I was. Today the issue is toothache!

My Facebook newsfeed has been full of mentions of toothache. I have been battling with toothache too. So have my friends far and wide. My logical mind is very dismissive. It would tell me that I’m seeing all of these mentions of toothache because that is my focus at the moment. Certainly it’s true that when we focus on something we notice instances of it more often. Like the game kids play when travelling called car bingo. Looking for all the red cars there seem to be loads. That’s because we are looking. However, looking for all the cars that are red VW Beetles and seeing three in a row, might be a bit more special.

When I consider all the incidences of toothache they seem to be my sensitive, intuitive friends who are affected. And all of us seem to have been dealing with it over the last week or so. What has happened to bring this to the surface? Too much sweet stuff? A fear of visiting the dentist? I’m fascinated by the idea of Carl Jung that there is  collective unconscious. To me is suggests there is an ocean of energy underneath our everyday energy that sometimes sends a wave of shared energy up to the surface. Those of us who are sensitive enough ‘feel’ the wave and react. So a wave of toothache might represent some throat chakra issues being brought to our attention.

But why toothache? Why not a sore throat or chest infection?

When I started to get aches it was a couple of months ago. I got it checked. No reason for the toothache. Then I had a conversation with my Guides. I usually do this if I have aches and pains but there is no physical cause. Being clairesentient I find I can occasionally mistake the presence of a Spirit being for my own physical symptoms. So I asked. The answer I got was that the pain was related to the need to speak. Either I, or whoever was with me when my teeth, gums or jaw started aching needed to speak out about something. I wasn’t convinced. But I also found that most unusually the pain didn’t respond to Reiki.

Eventually I asked people if they had something they needed to get off their chest. Or I thought about what I needed to say. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when discussing something actually made the pain disappear. My Guides were spot on again. So I asked them about why this signal was being used right now. They explained that the energy waves being sent into our consciousness at the moment are about releasing very old, stuck stuff. Releasing is faster when we find our voice and speak out our issues. They told me to get ready for much more of this when Mercury went retrograde and the Earth’s throat chakra began it’s clearing too.

When you think about it, holding back words often involves clenching our jaw. Even grinding our teeth. No wonder the signal is aching teeth, gums or jaws.

So am I and all of the people in my newsfeed sharing in the stuck energy of the Earth’s chakra? What would Mother Earth want to say to us? Perhaps some not very kind things about the way we are treating her gift to us. And I also thought about all of the stuck words that human beings carry. I know I have a little voice inside my head that tells me to be polite, be kind, don’t upset anyone, say little. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has learned to keep back the angry, upset or sad words in case it upset anyone. What happened when we all start releasing that energy? Perhaps all us sensitive, intuitive and empathic people (those labels all boil down to the same thing in the end) are feeling the swell of that releasing wave of words.

And perhaps the words aren’t only from this lifetime. How many of past lives involved holding back on speaking out? I know I’ve had a few. So much so that finding my own voice in this life has been very challenging. As I think about all of these possibilities I understand that Reiki will clear the stuck energy once I give it the right intention. I don’t want to hold back on clearing my past lives or my present life. I’m sure I’ll feel so much lighter when that energy has gone. I also understand that being part of the collective unconscious I will also have to help release all the stuck energy generated by human beings. I was part of who created that energy in the first place in all my various incarnations.

And I do see the abundance that our Earth Mother provides us with. I know that I will have to help with releasing her pain too.

I have a feeling that my creative work whilst I’m off the grid will be about our home, the planet that we sometimes care so little for. It will be interesting to embrace, love and release these teeth, jaw and gum pains. If we all do our best to find our own true voices, if we speak up for ourselves, one another and the Earth, how wonderful that would be. I can turn an ache into a voice. A voice into a chorus of voices. We can speak with one voice and change the way we share our planet and it’s abundance.

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Psychic Pain

imageThere are times when my body aches. Or I get stray random pain. My teethe ache. My shoulder feels sore from the inside. My feet feel tight and uncomfortable. There are times when these aches and pains seem unconnected to anything I might have been doing. Or to any illness. At these times I always consider if I’m having psychic pains.

There is a type of pain defined as psychosomatic. In other words the mind is making the body feel physical pains. Often there are strong emotional causes for the thoughts which in turn create the pain. In some conditions the emotional trauma of certain events can be displaced into physical discomfort. Treating that also requires identifying and working with the underlying cause. Often the solution is to release the emotion or thoughts creating the sensitivity. The psychical aches go away when the person feeling them stops reacting to the thoughts and emotions causing the soreness.

In any situation where there are aches, soreness, discomfort it’s important to listen to the message your physical body is sending you. Ignoring pain may actually end up making the symptoms much worse. But what if the physical issue has no apparent cause? What if your body is fit and well but there is still an ache somewhere? Is it always a psychosomatic reaction to emotions and thoughts in you? I am suggesting another way that we experience painful physical symptoms. That is the acknowledgement that we can also pick up psychically through our intuition on the aches of other people.

One of our psychic senses is that of clairsentience – ‘clear feeling’ – where it is possible to ‘feel’ the emotions and physical conditions of others. It’s most often talked about as a form of mediumship where the aim is to connect with an Energy Being – usually a Spirit who has been human. However, what is less discussed is that our intuitive psychic senses also process the energy from the people physically around us as well as the Spirits who are no longer physical presences. As we start to recognise the energy of other people by paying attention to the info our psychic senses bring in we might also become aware of their pain.

I feel we are all more comfortable recognising emotional info that we pick up from others. Sometimes we feel that a friend is sad, or a colleague is angry or a family member is in a low mood. We are often prompted by that to ask how someone is feeling. Or to do something spontaneous to help them feel better. At the same time it is also important to check out if you have connected to their physical aches too. When I do Reiki healing I often find I am healing not only the person in front of me but also the person whose pain they are carrying in their aura too.

When we care about someone the energy link is strong so it is perfectly sensible that we get a bigger ‘hit’ of anything that might be affecting them. With this in mind, whenever I get an unexpected soreness or ache I always check if it might belong to someone else. Of course if I have been rock climbing (lol, not an activity I can do nowadays) and stubbed my toes I can expect the discomfort. If nothing else can explain what I am feeling I consider who I know that is in pain at the moment. Or when I might have been around someone in physical pain. Then I can send out a healing thought to that person and clean my aura by releasing the energy.

There is also another thing that I like to consider. If the soreness is reluctant to depart I also think about my past lives. The past life info in eighth chakra does filter into the aura. Especially if we are working to clear past life karmic consequences. It can recreate the injuries and illnesses we had in that past life. These physical symptoms are a reminder of something important that we discovered in that life. They appear to help us understand the wisdom. Clearing the really old stuck energy will end the karma they are helping us to pay attention to.

Becoming more aware of the source of the painful physical symptoms we experience has a positive effect. Knowing the underlying cause means we can take steps to deal with the experiencing of pain in a different way. Honouring our body’s mechanism for alerting us to dis-ease is a big step in removing that dis-ease.

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Energy Sensitivity

imageOne of the things I started to learn very early on in my development of my intuitive abilities was that it meant I could sense energy. Not just make a good guess at how people were feeling but that I could feel how people were feeling. This energy sensitivity got stronger as my clairsentience improved. It got so strong that I could ‘feel’ people’s pain, fear, love, sadness very clearly. I could also feel their physical aches and pains too. When I connected to Spirit people I could use the sensitivity to feel the illnesses, physical characteristics and features they had when alive. It was a shock to experience the heart attack one Spirit gentleman had passed with. The pain I ‘felt’ made me wonder if I was actually having a heart attack too. Learning to separate my physical and emotional feelings from other people and from Spirit people was a key part of understanding energy vibrations.

As my senstitivity to these vibrations grew I also noticed that I could pick up the energy of objects, other living things and the land itself. Psychometry – getting information about objects – is a psychic technique based on sensing the energy of something you are touching or holding. I got very good at psychometry by understanding that the energy of many people can be in layers around an object. The secret is to sort out the energy of the current owner from all the rest who might have handles the object. I once read a ring for someone who couldn’t understand any of the info I was giving her. It turned out the ring was second hand so who knows whose memories I was connecting to. That taught me to always consider the info I get very carefully before passing it on. And to focus better on the info I was going looking for.

Eventually I also started to tune in to the energy around us and to the land itself. Mother Earth has a conciousness and an energy vibration. We are all a part of the energy flow. So it is possible to ‘feel’ the feelings of our planet. Standing with our feet on the ground we have a direct connection with the Earth’s energy if we choose to pay attention to it. As this aspect of energy sensitivity opened up for me I found that I could be involved in directing that energy from point to point around the planet. Mostly the energy being transferred is for healing purposes though sometime it’s also necessary to balance the Earth’s chakras and aura energy. What is also apparent when you work with Earth healing is that the flow of energy is also connected to the wider solar system and the Universe. We are all receiving blasts of energy from a Universal source too.

The planet and everyone on it is regularly bathed in the incoming energy. If we tune in, or if we happen to have been open & sensitive all of our lives, then we will respond to these regular blasts of energy more strongly than people who are still zoned out. There are cycles to the energy blasts. They tend to build up, peak and then die back. At each pass of energy we react by surfacing stuck energy, releasing fears and increasing our overall energy vibration. This is the same for everyone whether you can sense it or not. Symptoms of a positive energy wave tend to be heightened awareness, a general increase in noticing how others are feeling, feeling the need to release stuck emotions, tiredness, poor or restless sleep, exhaustion, stronger intuition and a feeling of just knowing. The waves of energy are designed to bring about healing so towards the peak of the wave people can be more irritable, angry, fearful or gloomy. As the emotions are released the wave fades out leaving a drained feeling but also an underlying positive energy feeling. New ideas, choices and options emerge out of the release of stuck energy.

Another wave is currently with us. It’s a strong one that will peak on 26th April around 23.23 GMT. It is surfacing anger based on injustice, fear of lack and judgemental attitudes. If you are already energy sensitive be kind to yourself when these feelings surface in you & the people around you. Don’t develop an over sensitivity. I always tell myself it’s a phase everyone is going through. I also try to focus on letting the feelings go as easily as possible. As the energy fades over the next five days remind yourself that you are a valuable Spirit in a human body doing the best you can to experience life positively. Be gentle with yourself when around other people who are also getting the same blast. Let them get on with clearing their stuff whatever way they can and don’t take anything personally. We are in a waking up phase. There will be lots more energy waves this year to get us aligned with living the life that is positive and joyful for us. To do that we have to be self aware and prepared to heal ourselves.

Ride each wave as if you were the best surfer in the world, not afraid of being dunked in the water now and again, always ready to climb back on your surfboard to meet the next big rush of energy. And remember, sensitivity to energy can be a powerful way to improve your life.

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Spirit Makes Contact With Me!

AnnieOne of my strongest psychic senses is that of being able to feel Energy Beings – clairsentience. I can feel their emotions, their physical conditions and their touch. By describing what I feel in my own physical body or emotions I can give evidence to a person that will confirm I am speaking on behalf of someone they know. I love teaching people to open up this way of communicating.

My first recognisable contact with a Spirit came from feeling their energy. I felt like I was tingling all over or had suddenly developed goosebumps. At the time I wasn’t sure what this feeling was but it seemed to keep happening. I had read about psychic senses – most people seemed to talk about seeing and hearing Spirit – so I was left wondering what was really going on. My sceptical mind wanted more proof that these feelings weren’t random, that there was some intelligence behind them and that it really was caused by something other than myself. I began saying thank you in my mind whenever I felt the tingles. I have to admit I felt strange doing so. Some of the books I had read suggested that if you acknowledged what was happening it would make it happen more often. Strangely enough (or not!) I found that the more I said thank you the more the tingles happened.

By this time I was hooked. I really wanted to work out what I was experiencing. So one night I sat down determined to get more than tingles. Sitting in my comfy chair, gathering all my courage, I asked if there was anyone there. I have to say that if anyone had answered yes I would have run a mile. The old, old social conditioning of a religious background still existed somewhere deep inside of me so I was scared. Really scared. But curious too. And stubborn. I wanted answers even if it turned out I had gone mad. What I felt was a warm tingle on the back of my right hand. The tingle became a feeling of pressure as if someone had gently touched the back of my hand. The pressure got stronger. It was unmistakable. Something or someone was touching my hand. Somehow I had the presence of mind to ask ‘if that’s you, please touch the back of my other hand’. The pressure on my right hand stopped. My left hand began to tingle on the back. The same gentle pressure of a touch was there, exactly where I had asked it to be. I was holding my breath by now. Saying thank you again I asked if whoever was there could touch my right shoulder. So they did. Then my face. And they did. By this time I was shaking with excited amazement. I sat for a long time alternating between belief & disbelief at the feel of that touch.

Once I got used to the touch on my hand, which seemed to come in rather randomly at times, I wanted to find out who was doing it. This is where clairsentience gets challenging, frustrating and annoying. We are so used to seeing and hearing the world rather than feeling that we haven’t got a language for feelings as detailed as the words we can use to describe the sights and sounds we experience. I could tell it was a touch but what was that touch meant to convey to me? It became a guessing game. Did a touch on the shoulder mean well done? Or don’t worry? Or steady on? What about the feeling of sadness  that came across me? Or of anger? Or of love? I was still no nearer to knowing who was communicating and what they were trying to tell me.

Fortunately my Guides are a tough lot. They had finally got me paying attention and weren’t prepared to let me slip away again. They sent me a light bulb moment. Sitting feeling frustrated with the touch on the back of my hand – something so amazing only a short while ago – I said ‘if it’s you help me find a yes or no response’. Instantly the touch changed to what felt like two taps on the back of my hand. Remembering all of the stuff I’d read about seances I asked ‘if that is yes do two taps again’. Of course there were two taps again. I had found a way to get info from the communicator. I was delighted. No more misunderstanding for me then. Then I realised that it would only work on questions that could be answered with yes or no. Multiple choice & either/or questions had no chance of being answered.

The next sessions of contact were hard going. I didn’t know what to ask, there were lots of questions with too many answers and I was uncertain that I was picking up the right number of taps. After a particularly frustrating evening I wrote in my notes GIVE UP! Fortunately the next day there I was again sitting ready to communicate. I had decided to ask for a different way to get yes and no. I also had a long list of questions I’d drawn up to keep me going and speed up the process. When I felt the pressure on the back of my had I asked that the yes signal be changed to a touch on my right hand and the no signal be a touch on my left hand. Then I started with my list: Are you male; are you female; are you family to me; are you friend to me; are you a Guide? The game of 20 questions went on for some time. At the end of it I had worked out that the male energy who was with me was my Guide and that we knew each other in some way. It was exciting. At last I was getting somewhere.

Encouraged by this clear message I continued to work through sessions of asking questions. I found that as I worked more I understood the meaning of what I felt more. There came a point, when I was getting a touch on my hand, that I suddenly seemed to know the answer in my head too. It was as if I had an answer slightly before I asked the question in my mind. What had happened was that by developing my clairsentience I had also started to improve my claircognisence (direct knowing). This breakthrough really energised me. I put more effort into my development than ever before. Today I have all the ‘clairs’ to a stronger or lesser degree and teach many people who start with only their clairsentience up and running. That first set of tingles from the Spirit World has brough me a long, long way!