Complete Retreat: A Day For Me

Yesterday I was glad to complete a spell of being really busy. Both practically and in my spirit work. It seemed perfect timing that I have three days off.

It’s also the case that I have had to complete a lot of unfinished business. Part of the clearing I’ve been doing all year has been to get myself unhooked from old energy. It’s certainly been time to put the past in the past. But doing that requires effort too. Looking back and cutting old energy ties stirs up emotions and memories. To complete that work has taken time and patience. All alongside of continuing to do the things my Guides put in front of me. Balancing serving others with serving myself. Although they are also turning my path in a new direction. Gently easing the letting go of old work with an influx of new work. I have to admit I’m still not sure where I’m headed but I know it’s somewhere.

So today I’ve taken the opportunity for a complete retreat. Stepping back from my phone, social media and all of the usual contact with my Guides. Instead I’ve been in a bubble of silence. Resting. Reading. Letting my mind wander. I’ve been put on pause and I’m glad of the chance to have this time. I’ve been around my home enjoying the feeling of not having to do anything at all. Except feed myself and the cats. To complete my day I’m doing my blog. Not actually because I have to. Although the blogging challenge matters to me. But because I can acknowledge to myself that I need solitude sometimes. I believe we all need some space to rest from the practicalities of life. And much more, we need space to step out of life for a while. I believe that’s when my mind can complete the process of ‘what next’ thinking.

Until I give myself time to myself I’m not letting myself be aware of the process I’m going through. Change can be wearisome. Time for me means I can recharge. Then I’ll be ready for more changes.

Day 551 of my blogging challenge