First Time For Everything? A Day Of Cards

first cardsI remember back in 1991 I discovered the art of reading cards. However my interest in Tarot cards started much earlier than that. I became fascinated when I had my first ever card reading. My sceptical side struggled to take in the information I was being given. All because it was really accurate.

I guess that threw me into a real wobble. I had been persuaded by a friend to go along to a local psychic. So I was very up tight, hardly saying yes or no and rather shocked at what she was saying. It was as if I was an open book she could read. It unnerved me for quite a while so I pushed that first experience to the back of my mind. Where it sat for quite a long time. Until I was ready to explore card reading for a different perspective. When I wanted to learn how to read them for myself. My interest had been sparked by a friend who was learning to read cards herself. So I got a book and a pack of ordinary playing cards to make my first attempt at getting information about me.

It’s safe to say that I have come a long way from those first stumbling steps. I have lots of packs of all sorts of cards. I love how they respond to the questions I ask. Enjoy the insights they give me. And appreciate they are always positive about my ability to deal with the issues in my life. Today I did a series of card readings at a local shop. Nearly every person who came was having their first card reading. As they reacted in surprise to the accuracy of what they were hearing I thought about my reaction all those years ago. I understood how mystical it can seem. So I was delighted that my cards, trusty friends, brought so much positive energy into the readings.

Of course it’s been a long time since my first reading for someone else. I now know the why and how of card readings. However I still enjoy the ‘magic’ of a successful reading. Because I hope, like it did for me, that it will inspire another person to get curious about Tarot and Oracle cards. Perhaps, one day, they will pick up a pack and decide to give card reading a go. And open up to the wonderful support and guidance that this particular psychic technique can provide.

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Remember Old Times? Back To The Beginning

Remember I did a card reading this evening. Nothing unusual in that. However, as I started to read the cards for my client a lovely Spirit lady stepped in to speak to her. After the reading I sat for a moment to remember old times when I was just beginning to trust that there were Spirit people. It made me recognise how far I’ve come since then.

A lot of people dismiss Tarot and Oracle cards as a way of connecting with Spirit people. Cards are a psychic tool and are great for developing intuition and connections to energy. Early on I learned how accurate they could be following a reading of playing cards my friend did. I remember how sceptical I was.That’s what got me started into using cards at all. Remembering my friend this evening I wondered where the last 25 years had gone. I hope she smiles when she sees me pull out a pack of cards.  Because for a long time I thought the cards were the most I could do. It was only when I started to feel the presence of Spirits and their words started to break through that I began to take mediumship seriously.

Remembering those first few times of debating with the visiting Spirit I have to laugh. Laugh at my insistence that they couldn’t be real. And my determination to stick to only psychic communication. I certainly didn’t want to entertain the idea that I could connect in a completely different way. Part of me didn’t want to get confused. But I also know that another part of me was running scared. After all I had no idea where it might all lead. Thinking about my reluctance at that time I’m glad I stuck with having the experience of reading cards. Eventually I plucked up the courage to start developing the more direct Spirit connections. Because now I see how much those connections have given me.

Spending time remembering all those years back has been a really precious reminder that I don’t know where any path will lead me. Except that it will bring me surprises, adventure and a great deal of love. Helping people has always been a passion of mine and I can say that my life in the last twenty five years has been full to the brim with that. If you get a chance to use Tarot or Oracle cards remember you might be setting off on a wonderful journey!

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