Vacant – When Nothing Is Coming Through

vacantEvery now and again I find I’m vacant. My intuitive mind is blank. That doesn’t matter much when I’m relaxing and away from work. But not necessarily helpful when I’m trying to do a reading. Or a live broadcast.

It doesn’t happen very often. But I know it’s a matter of trust. When my intuitive mind goes vacant, when I’m empty of anything to say, I have to pay attention to the energy that is in and around me. Connecting to the Energy Beings relies on having positive energy feeds. If the energy is too ‘heavy’ or I am loaded down with issues there is likely to be a blank in my mind when I want to communicate. That’s why I have learned to explain what is happening. And to stop trying to connect until I am in a better energy. It may also be that my energy is too wobbly. That I am struggling to hold the flow well enough. Again I have to recognise why. And step back if necessary.

A vacant mind can be useful too. There is space for my Guides to drop new ideas in front of me. Sometimes that is what it’s about. My Guides want me to work on whatever is next. So they clear my mind of any connections. And work with me directly about me. Again it’s about trust. When my mind goes blank I recognise that the conversation might actually be going out in the very back of my brain. Out of my sight and hearing. So that what will eventually emerge will not be filtered out by my Ego mind way too soon. Actually I love the way the inspirations emerge fully formed. All possible arguments sorted and resolved. With no questions left to ask. So that I can get on with doing what is the best fir for my Spirit blueprint.

For the past few days I have been letting go of my blogging challenge. It’s nearly over. Yet there is still a vacant spot about what comes next. A blank. I’m trusting that the next new thing will emerge when it’s needed. I’m sure the Guides have got it covered!

Day 997 of my blogging challenge

Blank Screen, Blank Mind: Pass The Inspiration Please!

blank screenSometimes when I sit down to write my blog my mind is blank. I can’t think of anything I want to write. My day may have too much in it. Or too little. So I stare at a blank screen.

Waiting for help and inspiration. Hoping that one of my Guides will switch on a light in my mind. Eventually my fingers get moving. Words start to peek out from the darkness and I find I’m off and away. Even then it can feel quite a relief to get to the minimum word count to make my blog respectable. And I give a sigh of relief when I write the closing sentence. Job done. I can return to being blank once again. Of course this also applies in my life. Moments when it seems I can’t find any inspiration. Or creativity. Once this used to panic me. I would search desperately for something to overcome the lack of thought. And end up feeling even more stressed by my blankness.

Nowadays I’m a lot more comfortable with my mind going blank on me. It happened when I meet people but can’t remember their names. Or I’m about to say something but can’t remember what. I laughingly call these my senior moments. But I’m getting better at recognising that I might have blanked out because there is too much in my mind. That’s why one of the things I had to learn, so I could communicate with the Spirit and Energy Beings, was to park my thoughts. Move them to a side corridor in my mind. Let them pass along without bothering me. Not to still my mind. Because I want to be able to get the information out of my mouth and that requires letting my brain work my voice. But to go into ‘the zone’.

When I work I want to be able to know which thoughts and feelings are mine. And which ones belong to another presence. Going blank, moving my own thoughts out of sight, is a way I can do that.

In this way I can pick up the inspiration and guidance that is being dropped into my mind. I can notice the sensations in my body that don’t belong to me. Or the words I can hear in my head that are in another voice. That puts me in ‘the zone’. The place where I can be a blank screen for the visitors to write their stories on. Doing this takes a lot of practice and a great deal of trust. I remember all the doubt that clouded my mind for quite a while. Is it my thoughts really? Am I imagining this information? Have I read about this and am simply recalling what I already know? It’s very tempting to dismiss the inspiration because of the doubt.

However, what I also learned was to receive the information and wait to see if it proved to be correct. I gave what I got. Surprisingly, or not really, what I shared from my blank mind was validated by the people who understood it. They confirmed the accuracy of what I said to them. After a while I stopped doubting what I got when I was in ‘the zone’. And my mediumship improved a lot. My trust was an extra boost of positive energy that made the connection even stronger. I carried that trust into my blogging. My Guides asked me to write a blog. A regular blog. So I started, hit the hurdle of a blank screen and blank mind and stopped. But they kept reminding me to trust myself and write. Eventually I did and now I’m more than two years into another zone.

If you find yourself going blank stop for a minute. Work out if your brain is too full of busy thoughts. Or too overloaded to organise itself to think clearly. Try putting all those thoughts in to a separate room in your mind. Then listen carefully. I am sure if you try it you will discover your own Guides waiting to inspire and support you.

Day 750 of my blogging challenge