Karen, Gray and a Love Filled Day

It’s been a wonderful day. I have been with the family and friends of Karen and Gray as they celebrated their handfasting. Love was certainly in the air. And all around.

We joined in a joyful, meaningful service where Karen and Gray made a life long commitment to one another. I saw the love flowing between them as our friends Bishop David Parry and Father Alan Cox lead this simple yet profound ceremony. The room was also filled with those from the World of Spirit who came to bring their love too. I listened to the lovely messages and readings that people felt inspired to give. I watched the smiles on the faces of all present. It was an uplifting event.

I know from my own life that making a commitment to another person is a challenge. Especially if that commitment is expected to be lifelong. As a mother Karen made a commitment to her children. And as a father Gray made that commitment too. As members of two families they made the commitment to be there for their families. Today they also made a commitment to be there for one another. Listening to their words I wished them well. I know that their commitment to one another has already been tested by life. I also know that it is the love they share with one another that has strengthened that commitment.

Today they took the step of telling all of us that they wanted to share their love with one another for the rest of their lives together.

In my life I have been to many weddings. I have watched people make that commitment. I’ve even made it myself. But I have also seen the love fade, wear away and die. Even with the best intentions I know we can get it wrong. What should be unconditional love ends up being conditional. Because of that the relationship falters. Then flounders. Finally it fails. Mine did. So I admire everyone who is prepared to take that step to pledge themselves in love to another person.

I remind myself that underneath all of our Earthly lives there is the energy of love. Karen and Gray have recognised the love that they feel for one another. Today I saw them acknowledge it in a deeper way. I felt the love that was given and received. All of us did. I’m sure that we will all benefit from the love that they share. Their happiness will be ours too. Because all of us love them. My Spirit lifts when I see the people I love being happy. And my Spirit joins with theirs so we are all united by love. That is the energy of the Afterlife. As above, so below. I hope Karen and Gray can enjoy their own little bit of heaven as the love flows between them ❤️

Day 391 of my blogging challenge. 

Belief in the Divine Oneness

Bishop David Parry & Alan Cox

Bishop David Parry & Alan Cox

Today I have been on a little trek down to Dudley in the West Midlands to be part of a historic ceremony. My lovely friend Alan Cox was being ordained as a Gnostic priest by Bishop David Parry. It’s always precious when someone discovers a calling to serve others, especially in matters spiritual, because a belief in something we can’t see and touch fights a battle against social conditioning that suggests scientific fact is all there is.  The belief in any kind of Divine ‘something(s)’ has also become wrapped around with rituals and teachings that attempt to interpret that Divine ‘something(s)’ for us.

After the ordination there was a lively discussion at our table. Bishop David, Deacon Paul, Reverend Sue, John, Gray, Karen, Kirsty and myself come from all sorts of backgrounds. What we all have is open mindedness. Gray & Karen love to do paranormal investigations, David & Sue enjoy offering spiritual guidance and, of course, I’m always ready to talk about the deeper nature of Spirit in a human body. What was so lovely was to carry out a wide ranging discussion which had at its core a belief that we all shared. Whatever way we individually choose to express it we all have as a central point in our lives an acceptance of a Divine Oneness. Not necessarily a God, Goddess or Gods & Goddesess. A sense that within each of us is a connection to something ultimately loving and positive. This belief connects us with all of humanity and has done for thousands of years. Human beings have always chosen to acknowledge something intangible that exists as the connecting bond to encourage us to offer service from an altruistic perspective.

Of course we can reject this belief. We can doubt it, analyse it, criticise it. We have freedom of choice. It’s interesting that in the end the majority of us return to a belief in the Divine. It sets a context within which we can offer to be of service for the greater good. Not a rule or requirement. Not a responsibility. It’s a choice we make freely and exercise to the best of our ability within the limits we place on ourselves. It is also an encouragement to give and receive love to our selves and other. I believe that love is the fundamental force in our Universe. I believe that love energy flows outwards from the Divine Oneness and we receive as much of that force as we allow ourselves to. Alan’s acceptance of the ministry he is called to follow will put him more deeply in the flow of that love energy. He will be able to pass on to those who seek it more of the Light radiance associated with Divine Love. He will be able to do this because of his belief in a Divine source of love.

At the start of the ceremony we listened to Imagine by John Lennon. It’s one of my favourite inspirational pieces of music. Pure poetry. As we discussed belief and the barriers man made religions place around the direct connection to Divine Oneness the song reverberated around my mind. When will we return to love for one another? When will it be possible to hold very different understandings of the nature of life, the Universe and everything and be at peace with each other? When will we start to serve one another from a heart full of love? Some days it seems to me like Mission Impossinble. Other days, like today, it seems like a peaceful world is just in front of us if only we could reach out and grasp it. Whatever you believe I wish you a peaceful world, love and understanding.

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