Coping With What I Have: The Rest Will Follow

CopingCoping Driving along the motorway today I was going through all the things I had packed. Had I forgotten anything? It’s my usual wobble, after I’ve left, that I have left  somthing I need. Which might mean coping without something vital until the shops open again after the holidays.

I also went through my list of all the things I meant to do before I left home. Even though someone is there to sort things out if I have forgotten anything. After a bit I started laughing to myself. I’ve spent a life coping with whatever was thrown at me. So why wobble when I was finally going off for a rest. Isn’t it strange that we do that. Human beings cope with the ups and downs of life one way or another. Yet there is that mini panic that somehow we won’t be able to cope at all. But I had made good plans. I set off a day early because the snow has been forecast. I packed all sorts of things in case I couldn’t drive anywhere tomorrow. The torches have new bartteries. And I have spares. There are warm clothes, hiking boots and waterproofs. Extra bread. Really, I felt ready for anything.

Which is perhaps as well. When I got to my holiday place there was no water. It needed to be turned on. And I didn’t know how to do that. Doing the obvious, like turning the stop tap, didn’t help. I could hear a trickle of water somewhere but perhaps it was a leak. So I’ve turned the water tap off. Coping without water isn’t too hard for a day or so. I’ll have to drink wine, of course, as well as use the bottlle of water I had with me. Bathroom arrangements are in place that hark back to the good old days. So a wash with baby wipes, staying off too much coffee and brushing my teeth with milk will also see me through. That’s what we are good at. Coping with anything. Something I often forget.

I know we can all cope. Coping is second nature for all of us. Although it might seem a hard thing to do at times. I am going to cope with this. And whatever tomorrow brings. Because I’m going to have that rest. And know that all things get sorted out in the end.

Day 857 of my blogging challenge