Trustworthy? Testing The Spirit Information

trustworthyI spent my day at a Mind, Body, Spirit Fair. It was a warm and positive occasion. I was there because I have learned the meaning of trustworthy. My Guides can be relied on because they are honest.

This came up in a couple of conversations as I talked about my book. I attended the Fair taking my book and CDs with the request from my Guide Team that I focus only on my writing. It made me very aware of the start of my public life as a medium. A reluctant medium to be sure. At best I stepped into my own spotlight because I was curious. Not at all because I thought I could be a medium. But I took what my Guides said on a sort of half trust and tried my best to do what they asked. However I do remember turning them down on several things I really was scared to do. They parked those requests and came back to them when they had ‘proved’ they were more trustworthy. And, of course, when I had proved that they could trust me too.

Although I wasn’t really aware that I was being tested to see if I was trustworthy. I felt I was ┬áhonestly doing my best to deliver on what they wanted. Although I did learn along the way that the honesty required meant a journey into finding my authentic self. Plus learning not to think about what others felt, thought or said about me. Then finding myself letting go of control so the Guide Team could steer my progress. To the point where I have stopped doing things they wanted me to stop. And started doing things they have asked me to focus on now. Like my writing and painting. I have tested, and they have confirmed, every request they have ever made of me. So that we trust one another enough to work the energy in the best possible way. Together.

I realised today that I look for others to be trustworthy now. Not in the sense of a blind trust in one another. But in a much more positive way. I look for the actions that people do. As well as trying to live as authentically as I can. When we all share a bond of trust – of honesty – the magic can really happen. Exactly as it did for me today.

Day 934 of my blogging challenge