Muddles, Messing, Confusion: Being Out of Sync

muddlesSometimes I need to do some deep energy work. When I do I get a little bit out of sync with the third dimensional world. I can find myself dealing with muddles and confusion because I’m not totally in phase. Which also means I can mess up anything I’m doing a bit more easily.

This Full Moon has been a time like that. Muddles have been happening for the last few days. My body has also gone out of co-ordination with this reality too. So cooking, cleaning and general housework has resulted in more mess that less. I’m confused about which time line I’m on and busy trying to complete a key piece of psychic work. If you are thinking it doesn’t sound like much fun I might have to agree with you. However I also know that some of the deeper healing that has to happen can only work when I am more in my Spirit than in my human self. It’s not necessarily something that is taught in psychic school. But it’s certainly something I have had to get my head  around.

I’m working in the Thin Places. So I’n riding through the muddles and confusion that being on the astral plane or other dimensions generates. Because I also know that I am only called on to participate in this work when there is a key point happening. A decision node, as my Guides would term it. Not necessarily my decision node. But something that I can add positive, loving energy to. I’m willing  to do this and I know I could say no if I wished to. I also know that I agreed to serve in whatever way I could that would benefit others. So today has been a balance of my physical body reacting to all of the high energy vibrations I have been channelling and the needs of those around me. Who are also participating in the healing work indirectly.

So please excuse my muddles and confusion. There are reasons why I am not quite myself. I am busy being my other selves in order to help something positive happen. Normal service will be resumed as soon as I get myself fully back into 3D reality!

Day 828 of my blogging challenge