Like Minded And Open Minded: Groups Matter

like mindedI’ve had a really wonderful weekend. A retreat with like minded people who are also open minded. Then a day out at a Mind, Body & Spirit Fayre meeting up with lots more like minded and open minded people. Some whom I have the pleasure to have know for a long time. But seen only infrequently.

I’ve always know that one of my spiritual jobs was to bring together groups of people. Trying to introduce like minded people to each other. Not to sit agreeing with everything that each person said. But to have a debate. A wider discussion around the edges. The places where the views differ. Not for me to convert people. Or them to covert me. But for the sheer joy of finding out. Sharing knowledge. And valuing differences. I feel that this world really lacks that acceptance. The understanding that you can be like minded and open minded too. I met so many closed ┬áminds when I first set off on my journey. Because I was a little bit closed minded too.

Now, after my years of learning, practice and teaching I know who will slot into a group. And who won’t. I always ask that those who I am unable to connect up find the best people to help them. Because the spiritual journey can be a long and lonely one when the positive vibe of a like minded group is missing. I know that from personal experience. We progress faster when we are bouncing ideas and energy around. I do believe that the whole group makes big strides forward more easily. And natural wobbles can be shared, supported and worked through together. My greatest wish is that we could connect more as a human race into like and open minded groups.

Being entrenched in a negative viewpoint that is constantly being reinforced spreads discord. Strife follows rigidly held views. If there is no space for questions and differences something beautiful is lost. Shared love, shared support, shared lives come from like minded, open minded groups where there is always room for love to grow.

Day 906 of my blogging challenge