Wanting To Let Go But Being Held Back

WantingI’ve been wanting to finalise my connection with the Centre for several days. Yet it seems that there is still stuff to shift. Not least some big items of furniture.

Running up and down the stairs for the third day in a row I was very much wanting to see the back of all this removals stuff. Yet I seeme to keep finding more things to donate, store or bring home. So moving out of my space has been a lot slower than I planned. I was thinking about that today when the men came to collect the settles and chairs. Unfortunately they were wanting to leave them behind. Mainly, I suspect, because they had already filled their van with collections from other people. I know I was first to be booked in. And I also know that I listed exactly what had to be collected. But I ended up last.

Wanting isn’t the same as getting. As I considered why the Universe was running in the opposite direction to my plans I thought about lovely Mercury. The influence of this current retrograde is to get us to reflect. To think again. Not about closing the Centre. But about my process of letting go. I know that I often imagine things will go the way I want them to. So when they don’t I can get very stressed. Today was a chance to see if I could go with the flow. For whatever reason the furniture has to stay where it is right now. Perhaps the people who need it aren’t quite ready to find it. Or a different group or charity will benefit more. I’m sure all will be revealed if I wait for it to be.

Wanting to let go is a process. It can only happen when everything is in alignment. So I am holding the energy until it’s the time for me to release the space back into the world. Everything will happen in perfect timing.

Day 743 of my blogging challenge