Treasures On The Beach: Time To Reflect

treasuresI went for a walk on the beach this evening. Amongst all of the treasures of the sea. I was trying to find a quiet spot to do my Letter From The Light Side broadcast. Quite an ask as my technology has been very temperamental all day.

It’s been Newsletter time. My regular email about what I’m doing in the next month or so. Along with some tips about intuition. I started to compose it last night and left myself some bits to do first thing this morning. But I couldn’t get a steady internet connection. No matter how many times that I tried during the day. I was getting a little concerned as every Thursday I do my live broadcast. How would that go? As I also like to go down to the beach or up to the forest to find a good energy connection struggling with a web connection was the last thing I needed. I decided that the beach was a good place to be. Especially as I always find treasures when I go there.

So off I went. The first treasure was the wonderful cloud patterns above my head. Then I spotted in amongst the clouds the pale moon. She was hanging there in the blue sky, clouds around her like a robe, sending me creative energy.  I walked to the rocks to find a place to sit. As I went I spotted several lovely shells. And a flat pink stone. Treasures for my pocket. Finding a good spot I opened my phone to do my broadcast. Horrors! No connection. No matter what I did. My Guide Rafe was with me. I asked him to sort it out. He asked me to think about the treasure I had been given instead. The abundance of the sea creating the vast number of shells on the shore. The stones worn by the tides but still strong. These will outlast my technology.

As will my Spirit essence. My emotions shape me in this life. But they can’t break me. Energy washes over me but I can stay strong in my own energy. And my connection to the non-physical realms is clear and true. It doesn’t need Wi Fi at all. These are my inner treasures. And they are worth more than any outer technology. More treasure from the beach!

Day 966 of my blogging challenge