Stand Up, Speak Out: Working For Spirit

Stand upThis evening I went to Bankfoot Spiritualist church to do a demonstration of mediumship. It reminded me of the first time I had to stand in front of people and speak the words Spirit was giving me.

I was pertrified. Quaking. I found my voice coming out like a loud whisper. I had to work to get myself to speak louder. To stand tall and give what I got from the communicators. It was a relief to give the message and then sit down again. Yet now I look forward to standing up. I know I’m going to meet someone new and pass on their messages. That each Spirit person will want me to represent them as they were down on the Earth. And as they still are in the Spirit World. Because the Spirit people want to demonstrate the continuity. I love that they want to show us how life continues in their world. So me staying silent was never going to be an option.

I had to learn to stand up and speak as clearly and confidently as possible. That took practice. I had to learn to trust what I thought I was getting. To push myself to say what I was feeling, hearing, seeing or thinking. Asking myself if it was me guessing or the Spirit person actually passing things on. Eventually I found that the doubts faded. Each time someone said yes to what I was saying my confidence had a boost. I took every opportunity offered to me to give messages and practice my connections. I learned to get up on my feet at the first prompt instead of hanging back. It took time and patience but I learned to love serving the needs of the Spirit people.

How strange then tonight to stand in a church once more and recognise that this part of my life is closing down for a while.

My Guides ave helped me to understand that I need to stand up and speak out in a different way. That way is through my writing. Other things I do are being sidelined. My focus has to shift to to being of service in a different forum. I have a handful of services in churches left to complete this year. Then 2018 has to be the year that I write. Not everything connected with Spirit and intuition is disappearing. I’m still going to be working with people one to one in my mentoring. And of course doing my weekly Letters From The Light Side broadcast. But the big piece of work is to let Spirit through into my writing so that they can communicate to a wider audience.

I hope that my writing will offer people support when they are learning to stand up for Spirit. That sharing my experiences will give others the encouragement to keep standing up and speaking out. It really is the only way to practice getting the connection and, through that, the messages. It’s also the only way to remove the doubt and build the inner trust. I know that every person who learns to speak to the Spirit communicators will have a spiritual journey. And I also know that they, like me, will be asked to be of service. Because working on behalf of the Spirit people is all about increasing our understanding of life after physical death. It’s a way to remove fear. And to boost the love around us.

If you are inspired to stand up and speak on behalf of the Spirit World please try. Let your Guides help you, like me, to overcome your reluctance. I know they will find you the right teachers, mentors and supporters. It is a great service that you are being asked to perform. So step into my Intuitive World and stand alongside of me. The more the merrier!

Day 684 of my blogging challenge