Striving For The Best: Connections To Love

strivingIt was my live broadcast this evening. Although I was striving for the best of connections the wi fi was patchy. Yet the love flowed through from the Archangels all the same.

It’s not the first time I’ve had to work with wi fi that faded out and in again. Nor with energy connections that switch on and off. In fact it makes me smile how similar connecting with non-physical beings can be to chatting online when the signal is erratic. When I first started channelling I got quite frustrated with myself about the way the signal could suddenly drop. Especially as I was striving to make the connection as strong as possible. My Guides were very loving though. They helped me to understand that the signal strength also depended on the energy I was surrounded by. And the way I was feeling and thinking too. So I focused on getting as good as I could in balancing my own energy and holding it steady.

That meant striving to love myself more. So that I could be relaxed when other energies interfered with the connection. Because that happens sometimes. Especially if what is being channelled through is likely to have a big impact. And share more love around. In fact my good friend Alan Cox and I always laugh about this. When I join him on his radio show we often get ‘interference’ in the energy. Interference designed to hide the message and make sure it gets lost. But I don’t give in to that. Because the Energy Beings always find another way to make sure they are heard. They direct their messages to lots of other people who are also striving to make strong connections. So that, in the end, many of us are helping to spread the love.

If you have been striving to connect with your Guides and wondering why the signal is a bit iffy keep going. It’s natural that the connection will fade and then strengthen. What matters is sharing the loving energy of these Beings. And passing on that loving vibration to all of those who you are connected to in the material world.

Day 994 of my blogging challenge

Balance the Energy by Boosting your Vibration

imageOne of the things I do as a teacher is to hold the energy of my group. By that I mean that I keep an eye on what energy everyone is radiating so that I can make sure we all blend together. I make it all balance.

The reason for making a balance happen is so that we can all learn together in a positive way. When I started teaching about intuition I didn’t have any particular vision of how it would go. My Guides had asked me to start doing workshops for other people so that’s what happened. As I ran my first few I know I was learning as much as the people attending them. Not particularly about the subject, but certainly about working in energy. Energy that I can’t see, touch or sense with my physical senses.

I’ve been fascinated by the ideas of quantum physics and string theory for a long time. Perhaps it’s because of all those science fiction books I read, lol. Understanding consciousness, what reality is and how I experience the world have been a life-long passion. So when I began my journey into mediumship looking at the world as energy rather than as a fixed state was easier than I expected. The idea that we are all really energy did still tie me up in knots from time to time. How could something so solid be a wave form instead! My Guides helped a lot. They gave me pictures, stories and models that made the energy world a lot more meaningful.

They needed to help me balance the solid with the fluid of our human experiences. I had to understand the impact of willpower on what is manifested into existence. I admit it took me some time.

The reason I had to understand was so that I could move beyond what I could observe about people into what I could sense about people. I’m sure I, like everyone else, settle a lot of the time for what I can see. So anyone who can keep a poker face can be hard to ‘read’. Someone who is smiling at me may actually be very unhappy with me. Not all smiles are genuine. After all we pay people vast sums of money to make movies that are full of false smiles. So if someone is good at making their face a mask I may take them at face value. I could actually be very wrong to do so.

I’ve also found that people smile when they are feeling really fed up, angry, fearful or upset. We call it putting a brave face on. But it’s actually a false face. I know there have been many times when I felt uncomfortable with someone but didn’t know why until afterwards. I realised eventually that their energy was telling me one thing but their appearance was suggesting the opposite. How to deal with this? It became a much bigger issue when I was leading groups. Then I found I could have a real mixed up muddle of energy but lots of smiley, happy people. As I explored how to recognise and sort this energy out I learned one of my best lessons. If someone’s energy was out of balance it pulled the energy of the whole group out too.

Once again I looked to my Guides for help. Thankfully they were ready to help me sort it out.

They showed me how to ‘feel’ the different energy strands, follow the ‘colour’ of each flow and notice where it was blocked or out of shape. I found it was a bit like untangling a ball of wool that a kitten has been playing with. It I concentrated I could decode each strand of energy – each person’s signal – so I knew if they were in a positive flow or not. As the energy flows out and between each of us I could also see where there was too much emphasis on low vibrational energy. I could then apply more positive energy to that point and ‘free’ the participants to work in a better blend with each other. The balance achieved generally took the group from slower connections to improved connections.

Of course not everyone responded to the positive energy. Some people carry too much low vibration with them at all times. Yet to connect successfully it really is important to be in the most positive energy you can find. I know that anyone opening up their intuition will have to clear out old, stuck feelings that are low vibration. However, connecting isn’t the only positive thing to happen if you do get rid of fear, anger, hate etc. etc. etc. When you pay attention to the energy you give off and make sure it is positive life gets a whole lot better. I know this for certain. It’s something I’ve learned by my own experiences. As I struggled to bring a balance of feelings into my own life I noticed that staying positive works.

Even more exciting, that positive feeling generates more positive feelings in me. And if I share my positive energy then others start to share the positivity back. We come into balance with each other.

That is a really great outcome. It means that even if I’m surrounded by people who are in their lower emotions, full of anxious, worrisome or distressing thoughts, I can alter that if they are willing to accept a blast of positive energy from me. I call it my sunbeam moments. A short blast of the light, bright, loving energy, that comes from the Universe and is free to all, is all it takes. Why not join me in some sunbeam moments?

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