At a Distance from the Drama

One of the things I’ve learned is about keeping a distance between me and any drama. It’s taken some years for me to step out of getting involved. To remind myself that the energy of negativity creates emotional chaos.

And to remove myself from any emotional involvement that disturbs my balance. I can’t say I’m completely there with this discipline yet. But I’m much better than I used to be. I feel it’s easy, especially as I am intuitively aware, to get involved in the negativity of other people. Especially if I over-sense their energy. The healer and nurturer in me switches on. I want to save the day by rescuing everyone and making it all come out well. Learning to operate at an emotional distance has been hard. I seem to have come in hard wired to gather everyone under my wings.

Add to that a healthy dollop of responsibility that goes with being the eldest child and it’s no wonder I played the peacemaker so often. Unfortunately it took me a long time to work out that diplomats also get the blame for outcomes too. Because you can’t please all of the people all of the time. A hard lesson for me to learn. One that often ended up with me being judged by all sides. And found wanting by all sides. So imagine how complicated it makes it when I know how everyone is really feeling. They might smile and talk positively. But I know the truth underneath. And there is nothing I can do about that.

Mainly because most people are still operating behind polite masks. They distance themselves from their true feelings. And have to make all sorts of complicated manoeuvres to feel comfortable creating drama.

At times that has frustrated or bored me. Or annoyed and upset me. Stepping out of the drama was hard when I felt I was supposed to justify myself. Yet another thing I’ve learned though is no matter what I say I’m talking to closed ears. People drive things on the way they feel they should go. Or try to manipulate the outcomes to fit their own agendas. So over the past few years I have stood back from situations as much as possible. I like to observe what people do rather than listen to what they say. I also step aside from as much negative energy as I can. A toxic environment is no good for anyone who is on a positive journey.

That’s the real reason to distance myself from drama. I prefer to flow in positive energy. It makes my connections to Energy Beings much stronger. It also means I can share positive energy and beam it out to anyone who might need a boost. The recipients don’t need to know I’m doing that. Hopefully they will feel a little bit better about their life or situation. And want to do something positive to change their outlook too. I’ve also tried to stop,creating my own drama too. I’ve stopped hanging on to things that need to be let go. Walking away from people and situations that create negative feelings in me. Knowing that I choose not to have those feelings.

Drama and turmoil is a life choice. I’ve learned that no one creates my drama for me. Putting the distance between me and my drama as well as the drama created by others has created a peaceful flow to my life. Since I want to keep my life this way I will be carrying on stepping into the distance.

Day 435 of my blogging challenge. 

Maintaining My Balance

I’m a Libra so I’m always trying to find the balance in life. Maintaining a balanced energy state is my challenge this life around. Whether you believe in astrology or not I believe that being in balance is the way to wellbeing, peace and love.

Why do I feel balance is so important? And why do I work hard at maintaining my balance? It’s one of the most interesting creative touches about the human race that we are the product of duality. Female and male. Love and hate. Ego and Spirit. Fear and bliss. I’ve been blessed with a mind and a heart. Sometimes my feelings and thoughts are in agreement. A lot of the time they are in opposition. I believe it is this state of opposites that sets free will again spirituality. Our unique challenge is to choose wisely. To me that means choosing from a point of balance.

Of course that balance will shift over time, events and options. But every time I choose to exercise my free will I can affect my state of balance to move more in one direction or another. In a real life example, I have been deciding what to do in my Centre for the next year. It’s third birthday is fast approaching. Maintaining the Centre as it is would take me to one end of the scales. Moving it into a new phase of activity will take it to the other end of the scales. I’ve been working out where the middle ground is. What point should I balance on? How far can I push in either direction. Most importantly where do I feel comfortable?

That’s the sticking point when trying to balance. How do I know if I’m in balance. Can I trust that comfortable feeling? Do I need to push a little bit further so it’s not so comfortable.

As far as my Centre is concerned I have had to weigh up the needs of other people who use it and my needs. Within the community who access the services there are many viewpoints. I’ve had to consider them all. And set them alongside what I need from my working day. Then add in the needs of my business. Plus the needs of my Guides and the Energy Beings. Considering all of those views I’ve also had to unpick my thoughts and feelings. It sounds like a lot of work. It is. Yet it is also an important way to be sure that I am doing the best I can for as many people as possible whilst honouring my own journey.

Because it’s the only way of maintaining positive forward momentum. From the balancing point, which is also a pushing off point, I can see the next decision that is required. If I stay in that state I can also give myself the best chance of keeping my heart and mind working together as one. My focus is on a step by step progression. I believe that we are happy, well, peaceful and loving when we feel we are able to influence our life journey. Not control it. But, like a ride on a surf board, I can shift my balance moment to moment so that I maintain my position. I can ride the waves of energy instead of finding myself in the water time after time. Decisions about the Centre have been made and I’m moving forward!

Day 430 of my blogging challenge. 

The Body Remebers Good Habits

imageToday I’ve had a fitness session with a personal trainer. I want to be more active to boost my own wellbeing. I wondered what shape my body would be in. It’s a lot of years since I did anything to exercise.

Linda worked me through some basic stretches and cardio exercises to see what work I would need to do. She also took time to see if my body was in alignment. Alignment affects how we move, balance and where we ache. It seems my right shoulder has drifted off on a tangent of it’s own. Repeated computer use (about 30 years worth, actually) because I’m right handed has shifted the way my muscles hold that shoulder. And where. I’ve got a bit of continental drift!

It explains why I also get aches and pains in my neck and right hip. So, over time my body has adjusted into a new alignment due to those repetitive movements. Now I’m getting the fall out of not sitting properly. The positive is that I can do something about it. As well as changing my posture when I work at the computer I can exercise to realign myself. Of course that will take time. But I’m looking forward to releasing all the discomfort caused by muscles and bones working in positions they weren’t meant to.

One of the wonderful positives from my session is that my body remembers all the fencing, aerobics and gym training I used to do.

I was really excited to do the lunges, stretches and box steps. Perhaps not as quickly and effortlessly as in my active days. But not bad for a layoff of rather too many years. As I though about this later it really brought home to me something I encounter a lot in my healing energy work. The body does act as an memory card for us. Significant traumas, old emotions and negative beliefs about ourselves can become stuck even in our cells. It’s quite a big thing to realise that my body is busy letting me know what I’m holding on to even when my concious mind hasn’t got a clue.

Also I’m so used to checking my chakras for alignment. I want to know that the energy is flowing up and down these power centres. If my chakras are aligned it is easier for me to connect with Energy Beings. I also want to ensure that emotions and thoughts are clearing through my aura rather than being piled up for later. Yet, until today, I rarely thought about my physical body’s alignment as part of that process. I suppose I did in a peripheral kind of way. But knowing something and acting on it are two very different things.

After all, I know that being in alignment is all about balance. My body needs balance as well as my mind, feelings and Spirit.

If I continued to let my right shoulder drift off whoever it’s decided to go, eventually I would be so much out of balance that my aches would become much more painful. With the consequence that I would find it much harder to feel and be well. Yet my body is clearly ready to forgive the drift. It remembered the moves and stretches from my old training routines. The old positive patterns are still there in me too. I know that with a little bit of effort I can reconnect to those patterns and use them to my advantage.

That’s the positive I’m taking from today. No matter how long it’s been I can get myself back into good habits. I can care for my body, making sure it is in alignment with the positive energy it is entitled to and I can have all the wellbeing I wish for myself. Thank you for the reminder Linda ?

Day 284 of my blogging challenge.