Gifts: Giving And Receiving For Balance

giftsI love giving gifts. All, sorts of items that I hope the recipient will appreciate. Of course I love receiving gifts too. But I’ve often struggled with the idea of receiving anything, feeling that it was me who should always do the giving. This last year has been a lesson in receiving though.

Gifts have come to me in very many ways. I have had time to be listened to. A gift of a car. The opportunity to find a place of retreat. I have received an amazing amount of healing energy from all sorts of sources. There have been so many positive compliments about my work. I have been treated to lunch, dinner and nights out. Books, CDs and films have been recommended to me because I would enjoy them. Many hugs have come my way too. I’m delighted to say I have received them all with open arms. Because I have finally grasped something fundamental to gifts and giving. There has to be a balance.

Just as I like to give so do the people around me. Including my Guides. Yet if I keep on giving and never taking someone is denied the pleasure that giving gifts can bring. I love looking for that something special which will have meaning for the other person. Or being able to do what, to me, might be a small thing. But it will make a big difference to the person receiving it. It’s not about thank you either. Giving creates a warm, fuzzy feeling in me because I’m sharing the love. I hope that those giving back to me get that same warm, fuzzy feeling too. After all, the more the love goes around the brighter our world.

Receiving is the other half of an important equation. An equation that is all about balance. When we get it right in giving and receiving gifts everyone feels the benefit of more love. I’m looking for other gifts to give this week. And open to receiving in return. I hope you have a gift filled week too.

Day 809 of my blogging challenge