Baking Cakes Full Of Love And Joy

Baking eatenI’m a fan of The Great British Bake Off. I love baking but sometimes get a bit rushed to do much cake making. Yet there is something very important about cooking.

It might sound a bit strange to talk about intuitive energy and baking in the same sentence. However I do want my food to have positive energy. After all, it’s my fuel. It’s going to run my body and give me the power to get through my day. So I want the food I eat to bring with it a sense of goodness. That’s why I have been on a sugar challenge for the last few months. I’ve learned that my body is addicted to sugar but not in a positive way. Too much sugar makes me sluggish, slows down my digestion and keeps me feeling hungry. Especially if it’s processed sugar. Sugar also masks the energy of the food I’m eating. It tastes sweet but it can actually be lacking in positive vibrations.

When I started to open up to my intuition I realised that I was getting a lot of messages from my own body. Intuitive signals telling me where my energy was out of balance. And why I had aches and pains because of that lack of balance. As I tackled clearing the stuck energy I also realised there were lots of negative blocks. Some caused by thoughts. Others by feelings. Then I also realised some were being created by the food I ate. Baking, boiling, mashing, roasting and processing food also affects the energy of the ingredients. And what about those ingredients? Were they the highest vibration or not? There was a lot to think about. Especially concerning what I put on my plate.

I though about it for quite a while. All the way back to my grandmothers and their baking. Of how delicious the food tasted, smelled and looked. And how much I enjoyed eating it.

It made perfect sense. Both my grandmothers were well known for their standard of baking. What I also recalled was the way they loved making dishes and meals for us to eat. They enjoyed the pleasure we got from home cooked meals. And I realised they were putting love and joy energy into those meals. No wonder I dream about my Grandma’s soda bread and my Nanna’s jam tarts. They were the ones who taught me to enjoy making and baking. By playing alongside them as they cooked. They also encouraged me to look for fresh ingredients. To peel with care. And to chop like it was the most important part of the dish. That’s also why I enjoy Bake Off. Because I can see who is putting love and joy into their creations.

Over the past few months I’ve also started to pay more attention to the way I prepare my meals. If I’m positive then the food will get a good blast of positive too. If I enjoy the transformation from ingredients into a dish of delicious food then I will also get a blast of that joyful energy. I know I will be feeding myself the love and care that I have taken with my food. It’s a wonderful reason for getting creative in the kitchen. Even when the meals have to be turned out very quickly. And it works. My body feels happier. I have a sense of wellbeing after a meal. And I can also recognise, when someone else has done the cooking, if I’m getting a meal full of love or another block of negative energy.

I always shop for the ingredients that will make my baking a happy meal. It goes without saying that I choose very carefully where I eat out too. Is it time to pay attention to the food you eat? To how it ‘feels’ according to your intuition? And to make sure you fill your body only with live and joy?

Day 648 of my blogging challenge