Covering the Basics: Revisiting, Reminders, Refreshers

Covering the basicsI’ve been watching a few cookery programmes this week while I’m off. Some of them have been covering the basics of how to prepare food. Stuff that’s easy. Things I learned at school. But a useful reminder.

It got me thinking about the basics of connecting with Energy Beings. No matter how long I’ve been communicating with my Guides they have always used opportunities to take me back to the basics. Covering how it all works once again. Helping me to understand more so that I can expand my work more. This evening I saw a course advertised being run by someone I worked with in my early days. Paul helped me to uncover the basics of mediumship. Then we ended up working together to teach other people. And that launched me into my own teaching. Something that is changing in response to the needs of new students.

For many years I’ve worked with people to share the basics of intuitive abilities. Each course or workshop is a chance for me to revisit what I know about how psychic ability works. I’m reminded of my feelings and thoughts, as this experience I didn’t really believe in ¬†kept happening. And I can also refresh my own understanding of connecting when people ask me their questions. Working with others, covering the process of developing, keeps me aware of my own development. Because it never ends. Each day I find a new aspect to what I’m doing with the Energy Beings. I discover a different level of ability I hadn’t been acknowledging.

That’s why I love covering the basics. Like a skilled chef I have to keep practicing the skills that got me started. And pushing myself to learn more. With the help of my Guides, my students and other colleagues I keep myself open to new ways of doing things. There is room for inspiration, opportunities and new skills. Have you been covering the basics recently? If not, is it worth revisiting them?

Day 645 of my blogging challenge