Keeping on the Bright Side: Avoiding Negativity

Bright dayToday has been a bright, sunny August day. One to lift my spirits. I always feel better when the sun shines. So what do I do to keep that light around me?

One of the challenges of being intuitively aware is that I can be affected by the energy around me. I feel it much more strongly because I’m open to recieve that kind of information. My internal sat nav is set so that I can navigate the energy environment. So it’s like having a voice going off every so often telling me to avoid this or avoid that. My intuitive mind knows it’s better for me to be surrounded by the bright, positive energy of others so it’s trying to steer me away from anything negative or low vibrational. But I can’t always avoid low vibrations. Especially when other people are busy broadcasting them.

I have had to learn to let any waves of negativity flow over me. By keeping my aura energy as bright and clean as possible. Just like the clouds float across the sky but then clear I let any low vibrations float past. On a practical level that means I don’t respond. Or get drawn into any drama. And I recognise that if someone wants to be in a low mood, argumentative or fearful that is their choice. I’m not responsible and I don’t have to take on their feelings. I remind myself that I have boundaries. Giving myself permission to stay bright even when everyone else is in the clouds. I also recognise when I am in the clouds. Because that is part of being human. So being able to let those feelings happen. But without it dimming my inner light.

Above the clouds there will always be bright sunshine. Even in the most negative times I remind myself to remember the sunshine. And to wait for it to be visible once again.

Day 629 of my blogging challenge