Completed! The Blogging Challenge Is Over

completedCompleted! It still hasn’t sunk in that this is the end of an amazing journey. My last daily blog is under way. And I’m stuck for words. Really stuck!

So much has come out of this daily task. Dreams completed. Thousands of words that I never imagined I could write. Love and support from great people. And my own deeper understanding of what it means to live an intuitive life. Searching out my authentic self and giving her a voice. Understanding that I can be Marmite. Stripping away the masks. Working as part of a loving, supportive team with my Guides. The process of developing intuitive abilities and mediumship there to inform anyone who wants to dive into the posts. So many gains. Especially in showing me that I can do anything I set my mind to. Task completed and space for a new one to be disciplined and organised about.

A chance to fall in love with a whole new way of working for the Energy Beings. So now that it’s completed I have to be able to let my blogs go. There is a sadness in waving them goodbye. And a relief too. I’ve stuck at this much longer that I ever expected. My Spirit is itching for a new direction, new passion, new inspiration. My writing has to go on a new journey. So there is also excitement. I’ve looked back at my first tentative steps into this challenge and recognise that will be how I start the next one. I know I will be able to use the things I’ve learned about myself to keep me going. And I also have the evidence from this work that I can get to where I need to be.

If I have helped, I’m glad. If I have explained, I’m delighted. And if I have encouraged you to open to your own intuitive abilities then I am overjoyed. Because that has been a key part of my writing. Finally, what have you wanted to achieve? Have you completed your challenge? In fact, are you ready for the next intuitive leap in your life? Enjoy your journey. I’m sure I will enjoy mine.

Day 1001 of my blogging challenge

Dare To Do Something New: Opening Creativity

dareIt’s been a very exciting day. After a lot of discussion my daughter and I have accepted a dare. We are going to collaborate on a project for the Earth’s ArchAngels. Something that may take time, patience and perseverance. But something that will also be fun, intuitive and full of love.

I’ve known for a long time that this very special bunch of ArchAngels would soon push me out of my comfort zone again. For the last nine years they have stepped me further and further towards my authentic self. In that process I have re discovered my love of painting, writing and music. All of these creative things had slid off my agenda. They disappeared into the background. To that place of ‘might have beens’. But dare by dare the ArchAngels pulled all of these things forward again. Along with many other abilities I had relegated to that place too. Public speaking, channelling, teaching, healing. Lots of steps and lots of new beginnings. So recently, when Etieliel, the leader of the group, started to discuss something I could work with alongside my daughter I knew there was another dare on the way.

I am already working on the book about the Earth’s ArchAngels and the role they take as Guardian Angels of Mother Earth. It’s being channelled in by them to help all of us make the most of their energy streams. Because they have all sorts of wysdom to share. And all sorts of challenges to help us remember that life can be an adventure too. Most of all, they would like all of us to wake up to our own creativity. And so they have given me another challenge. But to help me understand it all I will be working alongside my daughter. It’s also time for her to explore one of her creative talents. But more importantly, for both of us to work together intuitively with these ArchAngels. And to understand how a collaboration can mirror their ways of working together.

It’s a dare to work as one rather than as two. I already know that this is the first step in adding more people to the collaborative process. In building an intuitive team who can link in to the energy of the ArchAngels and show how much can be achieved together. Rather than individually. So dare to create as you may find the ArchAngels working with you too.

Day 963 of my blogging challenge

Humbug: Sensing Behind The Masks I Wore

humbugMy Guides often remind me to be my authentic self. Especially when it’s tempting to be one up or down. Or when I stumble across humbug. Either my own. Or the hypocrisy of others.

I know we have all put on masks. We want people to like us or approve of us. So we hide the parts of ourselves that we judge and find wanting. As soon as I started to engage more with my intuition I realised something very important. I could sense very clearly when I was lying to myself. When I had slipped on a mask so that other people would approve of me. Similarly I could also sense the masks of others. Those times when the people around me were talking humbug. For whatever reason. It made me ask my Guides what use my intuition was going to be if all it showed me was that people had masks firmly in place. I was rather surprised by the answer. Identifying my own masks would be easier when other people mirrored them to me.

Because the real issue they wanted me to focus on was my own humbug. Our communications would be stronger if I was my authentic self. So I began the process of taking off my masks one by one. Every time I spotted someone else’s humbug I looked for where that was in me. Each signal or sensing was a gift. Giving me a chance to remove the inauthentic parts of me. Last night, in the middle of the night, dealing with difficult circumstances, I spotted another one. A little part of me that had been hiding. But one that was very powerful in pushing me to complain to myself.  Yet not to actually voice what I wanted to say. A small unauthentic moment. But an important one.

It showed me how quickly I now pick up on my own humbug. That gives me an opportunity to deal with my situations more honestly. Which also helps me resist putting on more masks. I am also comfortable with the masks other people wear. Much as I might wish them to take off their masks I understand that choosing to do so is a process. One that takes time to undertake. Just like the time it has taken me to boost my connections to my Guides.

Day 962 of my blogging challenge

Retesting All Sorts: Have I Really Moved On?

RetestingI had a wonderful adventure today. A trip to Cairn Holy to see the two cairns. And, of course, take time to soak up the energy of this Thin Place. It made perfect sense to find my way there after my reflections in the middle of the night. Because I realised I was actually going through retesting.

I view my life as a series of prototype me’s. I’m working to be the best possible me I can be. Often that involves moving through similar situations and events and deciding to do them differently. All based on what I’ve learned about myself so far. If I’ve noticed and if I’ve learned the lessons. So one test won’t do. I have to keep getting retested. Retesting, I will say, sometimes until it feels like to my destruction. But funnily enough that never quite happens. Every time I’m tested I seem to open up to finding a new way to decide or act. One that moves me forward to becoming more my authentic self.

Up at the cairns I thought about all of the testing and retesting the builders might have had to do so that these monuments served a specific purpose. The cairns are ladened with astronomical, mathematical and geomantic significance. All worked out thousands of years ago. Without the aid of computers. But full of symbolism for the people who used the cairns. I felt uplifted. My retesting is the same thing. Realigning and balancing me so that I respond more as a Spirit in a human body. So no wonder all sorts of things have been popping up. Questions about loyalty, trust and working with the best energy vibrations. Reminders that I need to keep my energy in a positive state,

What I’m happy with after my day trip is the recognition that, in spite of wobbles, I am much clearer about what I need to do. I’m also building up powerful evidence that I am changing how I handle my world. My voice is strong, my vision is clear and I am confident that I will succeed. The retesting will continue. I am ready for that. So will the emergence of the new me.

Day 861 of my blogging challenge

Relating To Self: More Divine Feminine Lessons

relatingFlashes of insight are coming through thick and fast to me at the moment. Last night’s musings, following on from my blogs about the Divine Feminine energy, were relating to all sorts of relationship connections.

It’s as if my Guide Team are taking me step by step through what I know so that I rework my understanding. It’s a really interesting process. Because every time I think I’ve got to the deepest understanding I can my Guides peel off yet another layer of certainty. I have to say I am finding this new way of relating to myself very exciting. And refreshing. Although not without the struggles that come from having to let my preconceptions and judgements go. I’m learning a lot about the focus of this cycle of Divine Feminine energy too. The first blast this year has put relationships under the spotlight.

Clearest of all is my relationship with myself. How I navigate my inner world. How I balance my masculine and feminine energies. And how I assume things about myself. Whilst carefully avoiding anything that I don’t want to have to look at. It’s brining to the surface those pressures and patterns that have kept me rushing to be the one picking up the pieces. The one taking responsibility for everyone else’s emotional states. That one sided view of the Mother that often slips me into Servant or Martyr mode. And the reminder that I have also lived a good chunk of my life in my pragmatic, practical masculine side too. Perhaps at the expense of my feminine energy.

So this time is all about relating to my inner self. Continuing the process of finding the authentic me. The whole and complete me.

To help me I have lots of relationships around me. Relationships that allow me to be me to various amounts. Some relationships bounce my sarcasm back at me. Others remind me that I enjoy a good laugh. Still others show me my dedication, passion and will to succeed.  Then there are those that remind me I still want to manage everyone’s lives. And those where I struggle to let go. Even if the relationship has actually run it’s course. I am sure that I mirror back in all of these relationships. That I represent something to each of the people involved. We are all learning about relating to our self so that we can relate to each other.

That’s the end game. The Divine Feminine energy recognises the creativity of collaboration. I believe that if we all contributed our abilities based on our authentic selves then we would experience a very different outer world. But the challenge is to get to that clear and honest state of communication. I know I have it with my Guides. They can read my energy, with my permission, easily. And they give me permission to read their energy, to know their authentic selves, in return. Of course I may choose not to see them as their authentic selves. When relating to others we assume so much. Mainly because it is easier to guess than to deal with the truth. Because the truth may involve uncomfortable emotions.

I wonder how many times I have stopped myself when relating to others? Turned away from the honesty that is available because I have been fearful of what I might find out?

Mainly because I assume that others are making judgements about me. Yet is that really true? Or are we all hiding in a pointless exercise not to be our true selves? And does that actually makes a barrier to collaboration? A barrier that prevents us from coming together, sharing and caring in a deeper way? I believe it does. This is a time of great change if we want to have a different world for our children and their children. I know that I have to show the outer world my authentic self. Relating to my inner self I have to become comfortable with being open for people to judge me if they wish.

But I have to step back from judging myself. It’s time for me to embrace the feminine, creative, collaborative energy that I have and share it to all of my relationships. It means I have to think about my relationships in a different way. And I have to create more authentic bonds between myself and others. That’s not to say that up until now I have been lying. Or hiding my true feelings and thoughts. It’s that I am more aware of more of the authentic me than I have been before. It’s that I want to share. And I want to engage with people who are finding their authentic me. Together we can shift our relationships to a higher spiritual level.

In the end, it will be a choice all of us have to make. Relating to one another has always been a challenge for human beings. I know we have all tried to search out simpler ways of ‘knowing’ the other people in our lives. The simplest one is through our intuitive, collaborative selves. I hope your journey into your beautiful, authentic self will be a great experience. It’s so you can find the truth of the Divine Feminine at the heart of who you are.

Day 796 of my blogging challenge

Another Milestone: Speaking Up And Out

MilestoneI’ve been thinking about passing another milestone. A marker of my progress towards my authentic self. How different my voice has become through my writing practice.

It’s been an interesting journey. From the scared to the confident. From ‘can I really say this’ to claiming my subject matter without hesitation. Past the wondering if people will read my blog to not caring if they do or don’t. All along the way I have been trying to reach the authentic words that live inside of me. The words that define what I believe and create with. A journey into me. Not to notice only the words I like about myself but to uncover the words underneath. All the little vocal sub routines that stop me being who I really am. Knowing that if I find them I will want to reshape them. To be, as my counselling self would say, congruent. Feeling, thinking, acting the same as my principles. Not an easy piece of work. A big milestone.

I set off on this journey on a tide of irritation. I’d watched a TV programme that seemed to have gone out of it’s way to find people who expressed their psychic selves in ways that the makers could easily ridicule. I know I was fed up of being expected to dress in black, or have bangles and jangly earnings, even to behave as if the Spirit people couldn’t shut up in every conversation. I felt it deeply. What I saw wasn’t me at all. Yet I wore the same label. However, I was an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. Things I knew everyone could do if they wanted to. I suppose that isn’t good television. And the programmes create such a lot of misunderstanding. Don’t get me wrong. I love that people are aware of psychics and mediums and ask questions. If only the answers given were more straightforward.

So my first milestone was to get thirty blogs done. My second was to talk about my life as a psychic and medium.

By the end of a month my third milestone was to keep on going for another nine hundred and seventy one blogs. As I passed the half way point of my daily blog target I realised that I was developing my writing voice. The blogs behind me were slowly revealing my true nature. Instead of being ‘how to’ pieces they were the review of my day. Inspired by conversations, feelings, thoughts and experiences I had. That’s when I decided to put a book together. As if, by exploring another writing path I could get extra practise at speaking for myself. In the end the book emerged. Not a reworking of my blogs. But a record of my journey into mediumship.

I feel it was another milestone in my progress to live in my intuitive world. To be brave enough to speak about how I ended up here and why. A counter-balance to the stereotype that psychic medium brings to mind. And the blogging continued. At the start of this year I found another milestone. A desire to help other women bring their writing voices to the table. To break the wall of silence imposed on intelligent, articulate women who didn’t believe it was ok to be themselves. Inspired 2 Write will have it’s sixth challenge next month. The voices that are emerging are speaking up and speaking out about women’s lives, our intuitive selves, in a different way. A powerful way.

So I’ve set myself another milestone for next year. To bring together an Inspired 2 Write weekend for women. Another opportunity to hear my writing voice alongside those of other women.

It’s really necessary at the moment. The truth about what affects the lives of all women is being revealed. The recognition that women stay silent whilst they are disrespected and abused. A feeling of not rocking the boat. Even of powerlessness. The idea that sexual harassment is a normal, everyday occurrence and women just have to put up with it. Recognising the little voice screaming inside to be heard. This is not about men and what they can do. It’s about the experience of being a woman. And what I can do. Not only feeling irritated enough about the label psychic to challenge it but also inspired enough to challlenge the label ‘woman’.

I know that my blogs don’t always draw people to read them. I can see the website stats. After all I’m not posting about things that go bump in the night. Or Spirits that won’t leave me alone. Nor the tragedies inherent in the messages I give. That’s not my experience of the intuitive world so I don’t write about it that way. I’m proud of fact that my writing voice is clear, down to earth and getting stronger. That I keep putting in another milestone. Now I’ve also set myself the challenge to explore what being psychic adds to being a woman. I’m going to deal with all the energy of oppression that I have soaked up in my life. I’m not sure how but it seems like a good thing to do. Another part of my journey to bring out my authentic self.

Milestones are way markers showing me how I am growing. I’ve passed a few very important ones in order to speak up and speak out. Now I’m ready to head towards the ones that release me from silence on subjects people prefer not to talk about.

Day 700 of my blogging challenge

Darkness Pressing In: Dreaming of Freedom

I don’t know where I went in my dreams last night. But the darkness certainly felt like it was pressing in. I was restless. Keen to get out of the dreams.

Searching for my freedom from something I remember waking up trying to recall a word. I know I said it in my dreams. It seemed to connect them all together. And it also seemed to be the key to setting me free. Free from what I wondered? From my fears came bouncing back at me. Along with another thought. Voiced by someone else. Karma is when you recieve the pain you caused others. Then have to feel it. As well as live it. It took me a little while to get back into balance. Looking back at my life I know there are threads that tie together. Waiting in the darkness of my shadow side are patterns and habits that drive me even when I think I’m making rational choices.

I thought about the delight I felt yesterday when I made my book ‘live’ to be purchased next week. The first copy is winging it’s way to me already. Yet, following the feel of my dreams last night, today has been one of potential setbacks. One stride forward three thousand steps back. But I also realise that the darkness in me is trying it’s best to swamp me. After all, if I do make big changes in my life my Ego Mind has nothing to frighten me with. It won’t be able to keep me small. Does that mean that I will play out endless karma? How can I release myself from what I have created? That’s the reminder I was being given. It’s time to challenge myself to embrace that darkness and show it some light.

Yet I feel I have been doing that for a year. The darkness has been in and around me pulling me back every time the light has pulled me forward.

I know that the resistance from the Ego Mind is at it’s highest at the tipping point when change is only a fraction of a step away. Then there’s the fact that I am catching the energy of the second big wave meant to shift us all forward. September has been heavy with unpredictable energy. Surfacing, clearing and surfacing the fears for me once more. This shift, at it’s peak tomorrow, is all about letting us know that everything that can happen happens somewhere. What that means is that the energy between the parallel worlds is very thin. We get a glimpse down the trouser legs of time, as Terry Pratchett would have put it. I have been experiencing, through my dreams, the me who made different choices.

The exchange of energy has shown me who I would have been, and who I am, in another life. Also who I am with and what I am doing in that series of lives. Because I’m picking up more than one life. So it’s easy for me to get lost or confused about what is actually happening in this life. I know it’s a hard thing to process. I spent a lot of the morning trying to check which life I was in whilst my Ego Mind kicked up a load of fear energy. The point of recognising parallel lives helps me to let go of those fears though. Somewhere, in some life, I am doing all of the things I dream about doing in this life. There are infinite possibilities. So I’m also lucky that I like the way my life is now. And where it’s going. That way the darkness doesn’t suck me into a fear state.

Once this current ‘thin-ness’ between the dimensions passes it will be up to me how much darkness I keep in my life. My dreams also showed me that I can be free. The key to being free is being me. The one driving the choices in this life from my Spirit self, not my Ego Mind. The missing word is authentic. Puzzle solved!

Day 673 of my blogging challenge 

A Spiritual Test : When the “victim” is the aggressor

It wasn’t until I began to study counselling that I really started to understand the difference between victim and survivor. Or that these two words reflected a world of difference in how we choose to live our lives.

I guess you could say I’ve spent  most of my life slipping between both those positions trying to find a comfortable balance. Mostly hitting my head against resentment. Occasionally finding a position where I could exercise forgiveness. Finally realising that what matters is my authentic self. My truth. With a healthy dose of personal responsibility thrown in to balance out my rights. In working through this particular spiritual test I’ve also embraced the victim in me. And turned her into a survivor. Better than that, I’ve turned her into a ‘loud and proud’ voice for my beliefs. Best of all, I let my actions follow my words. Because I know this is the way to work from my heart centre.

So why the victim? In my experience there are a range of reasons why I or someone would identify themselves as a victim. Of course we have all had experiences where we feel that we have suffered some harm or abuse at the hands of others. Unfortunately that does happen and I won’t ignore that bad behaviour and treatment does happen far too often. However, it’s when we get stuck in defining all of the events in our life as being ‘done’ to us i.e being powerless, helpless, that a victim playing pattern begins to emerge. The person concerned, for whatever reason, turns all challenges, prohibitions and no’s into another justification for reacting as if they were a victim.

The boundary between the outer world and the inner world becomes distorted. Sadly if the label victim is embraced by the person eventually everyone else becomes the ‘enemy’.

This is where aggression can further distort the perception of the victim. Because the person is defending a belief in powerlessness everything becomes a battle to assert power. Whether the facts support the assertion or not. Aggressive words and actions follow in an effort to reclaim the ‘lost’ power. Except that this response often reinforces the sense of powerlessness when the other person/people respond. In this distorted energy circle it can be really hard to break through a victim mentality. Which is where the word survivor can be of real use. I have had all sorts of bad experiences. In order to move on from a feeling of powerlessness I have had to consider my life events from a different point of view.

I’ve become a survivor. This is a powerful way to define myself. It acknowledges that bad things have happened. At the same time it gives me a sense of myself as able to cope, powerful enough to get through all of the consequences and become whole again. Whole but different. It also removes any sense of guilt or shame that I was powerless. What I have experienced will have reshaped who I am. But not to my detriment. Survivors endure, persevere, are resilient. If I hold this self image I can continue to experience the world without bitterness or fear. There will be no need for my behaviour to be as if everyone else is an aggressor. I will also be able to respond naturally to the aggression of others with kindness. Perhaps even understanding. Rather than perceiving threats everywhere. As a survivor I will be able to handle conflict and confrontation.

Understanding the difference became a cornerstone of my counselling practice as I supported many people who moved from victim to survivor. Then I started to wonder what the spiritual significance of victimhood represented.

Why did I want to experience this particular life view? Especially more than once! What purpose did it serve? Of course it took me ages to understand why I was choosing to use this energy. It was all about use and abuse of power. Another recognition came quickly after that. Sometimes I am the mirror for another person. The karma agent. Being the victim offered someone the chance to experience being the persecuted. It might seem off the wall to want to play these roles (or archetypes) yet I found it helped me to understand my spiritual journey. We aren’t here looking for love and connection. I know we have that in the pink perfect. We are here to experience the absence of love. Self-love.

Following on from this it seems clear to me that if I am the victim I can also be cast as the persecutor. I have to mirror that energy as well. What a spiritual conundrum. In any exchange which am I being? What is the truth? Victims need persecutors. Or to perceive me as the ‘baddie’ so that they can continue to experience victimhood. That certainly made my counselling supervision and spiritual guidance lively. Similarly, as a survivor I had taken on aspects of self-love. Perhaps embracing the reality that connections between people have many, many layers of meaning. What is on the surface is not the reality at all. The surface is the place where manipulation can happen. Guilt-tripping. Fighting fire with fire. Self-justification. An absence of shared truth.

How do I step out of this cycle of victim-survivor and regain my personal power?

It took me quite a few spiritual lessons to work this one out. When I looked at the underlying energy of this type of situation I realised that what the victim wants is power and what the survivor wants is power. The power of love instead of it’s absence. Then it seemed an awful lot clearer for me. I already had power. It had been with me all the time. In life shit happens. Always. It’s how I shovel it that matters. So I stopped giving away my power. If things happened I asked what I had done to help them turn out this way. I acknowledged when I was self-sabotaging myself. And I loved myself enough to stop. I also understood that I could step out of the game any time I wanted. It became possible to give voice my views about game playing too.

I stopped giving my power to others. Stopped loving them more than I loved myself. And I make a commitment to examine my own feelings, thoughts and behaviour. So that they couldn’t be manipulated by others. Twisted against me by aggression. Or pulled into blame, shame and guilt by those who needed to feel like victims. I understood that stepping out of the game would make me more visible. People who are prepared to stand in their own power are often feared. Because we have escaped. And we are not afraid to tell it like we see it. Most of the time nowadays I let the power struggles pass. I will always speak my truth, especially when called upon to witness aggressive behaviour by others. Because I have no vested interest in outcomes. I call out their behaviour because until we end power games unconditional love will struggle to get a toe hold in this world.

There are too many victims, not enough survivors and too few of us standing in our power. So sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

Day 541 of my blogging challenge 

Go Forward With Love

A thought has been in my mind all day. Go forward with love not need. I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about my authentic self. How do I live a life where I am being true to myself?

I have a lot of support from my Guides. For a long time they have been helping me understand more about living a spiritual life. Each of the choices I make, the actions I take, have consequences. Payback comes in this life and, I believe, in my future lives. I’ve written before about what you give out you get back. But sometimes it can be difficult to know which way to go. I want to do the ‘right’ thing but how will I know that it is? Especially when other people may not agree with my definition of what is right. As I know I can over think things I also know there is potential for me to get very stuck about taking action.

When I sense an issue may have the potential to get me bogged down I go straight to my Guides. Not for them to tell me what to do. I have free will and my life has to be lived by me. But to help me work it out as best I can before I get too stuck. There are some big challenges facing all of us at the moment. How do I respond to the violence and aggression that is surfacing right now? What do I do about my part in that energy? Am I contributing fear or love? What is my authentic self feeling, thinking and doing? Because if I say I am a person of peace and love is that what every bit of me is showing and doing? Of course it means stepping back from myself and taking a long hard look into me.

To go behind my mask, to see the true me, makes me vulnerable. I am opening myself up to judge myself if I’m not careful.

Yet I do want to acknowledge the bits of me that play into my fear and hatred. I know we all have those bits. Even if we try to hide them from ourselves. Looking at the ways in which I can be mean, nasty, judgemental of others, cruel, harsh or aggressive help me to choose if I actually want to give out that energy. That is a powerful way of helping me to step back from the shadow side that all of us have. Because the shadow side is driven by need. The need to put others down. A need to hide my own insecurity by targeting others. Even the need to hurt others because I am hurting. And definitely the need to make others fearful so I have some company in my own fear.

How do I go forward if I am driven by these need. The simple answer is that I don’t. I wallow. I drown in hatred and fear. It festers within me and my world becomes a steady progression of ‘wrong’ choices. Choices that take me where I really don’t want to go. But put me in the fear nevertheless. I understand why my Guides have been telling me all day to go forward with love not need. I have to love myself enough not to choose the shadow side options. It’s important for me to see every human being as valuable, unique, special so that I work from a loving place. And it’s vital that I resist the need that my shadow side tries to drive me along with.

If I go forward recognising that I have everything I require to live a happy and full life then that is what I will have. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy whichever way I do it. And I prefer love to fear any day of the week.

Day 501 of my blogging challenge

Oxygen Mask Required?

9d615800-7c7a-4ec4-acc9-8f6f2ae802cb-pngHere is the first step into my next year. I’m continuing to blog. I feel that the times are rather challenging at the moment so my blog is a necessary blast of oxygen that helps me get through the turbulence.

I’ve had several conversations recently about an ‘out of sorts’ feeling that seems to affecting many of us. Knowing that the energy is shifting is one thing. I find dealing with the actual shift something else. Noticing my general muddled headedness I’ve been trying to be kind to myself and not push too hard to get anywhere with anything. I’ve also been very aware of a general level of shadow side thoughts and feelings that I’ve been expressing. And so have many other people. This clearing out is good. It gives me room to breathe in the oxygen of positivity. My Guides have always encouraged me to be more aware of myself. Because then I can choose what energy I radiate out into the world.

It’s the same for every one of us. We are tripping up over our own shadow and the energy we have put out there at some time in the past. That’s why the apparently resolved issues are cropping up again. It’s time for all of us to find a new way of being ourselves. Whenever I think about this process my Guides are really good at giving me a mental prompt to help me. It was their energy that got me to pay attention on a flight to the words in the safety demonstration. The airplane is pressurised so if anything compromises the seal oxygen escapes into the sky. At the point when the cabin looses pressure the oxygen masks drop out of the storage compartment. The instruction is to put your own mask on before you help others to put theirs on.

It makes perfect sense really. Oxygen is what keeps us alive. But there is a limited time we can hold our breath for.

So we need the masks. But if your are struggling to get a mask on someone else you are depleting your own energy. If you get your mask in place you can breathe the oxygen whilst helping all those around you who can’t breathe yet. So being kind to me is about putting my own mask on first. Then I can help by being kind to others. Of course, someone gasping to breathe might not agree with my choice. I actually know what that feels like since I have asthma. Yet the worst thing is if anyone panics for me. The more calm I and they stay the sooner I can draw a breath again.

It’s about choice and what the greater good should be. I know that when I consider my own oxygen mask I realised that sometime I put the mask on, sit back and say well, I’m ok. Sometimes I put my mask on then run up and down the plane choosing who ‘deserves’ my help. Sometimes I do the best thing . I put the mask on and start helping anyone within reach so they can help others too. Yet there will still be people struggling to breathe who might feel upset that I haven’t chosen them. The reason I try to help those around me is that when they have their oxygen mask on they can also help. Together we can make sure the whole plane has the energy to survive.

It’s that kind of time at the moment. The world is on a flight towards a greater understanding of how we connect intuitively to one another.

The energy blasts, including the two in December, are the releasing of pressure in the cabin. Eventually we will be flying smoothly again when the pressure is rebalanced. But in the meantime we have to be ready to share the energy of survival. The oxygen we need is positivity. I am working hard to stay in the optimistic flow of energy. I want to see a changed and better world so I live at the moment with that vision in my mind. No matter what surfaces I believe that human beings all have the capacity for compassion and love.

If I hold onto that I am giving myself pure oxygen that can lift my spirits and get me over the hurdles. Of course there will be those who try to pass along their fears or negativity. Some of the people who are too far away for me to reach their oxygen masks might be upset. Or unhappy that they have to wait for help. Perhaps they may even decide they aren’t going to help themselves. In a very real and practical way I have to accept that I’m not there to rescue the whole plane. No one is. We start with ourselves and then help how and where we can.

When I think of the times I rushed around the plane trying to help or sat back concentrating on only being ok myself I recognise another strand to this.

Sometimes I grab my oxygen mask or someone else’s because I’m looking to be a hero. I’m doing it because I want approval or praise. The fear of disapproval is a strong urge in all of us. Being authentic and true to self may attract adverse reactions from others. Especially where our choices and actions are described by others as selfish. There is a fear and judgement that keeps us being ‘nice’ in the wrong kind of way. I know that a bit of me wants to help so that I get a reward. It’s the bit of my ego that can trip me up by making my service to others a self-seeking exercise. But I know this shadow really well.

Now is the time to shift that energy out of my life. Because the oxygen of compassion and love can help me to change for the better. I know that service is actually it’s own reward. Most of the time that is how I choose to do what I do. Knowing that I still have a way to go doesn’t disappoint me. I am living my life as authentically as I can for this point in my life. I am sure that there is plenty of room for improvement. No wonder that I am going to grab all the change energy that is around at the moment. Life is about change. Life is about loving myself enough to change. And if I change then an optimistic life of service to others will be all the reward I need.

Day 366 of my blogging challenge.