Hiccups? All Part Of The Rebalancing

hiccupsI had a short bout of hiccups today. Both physical ones and life ones. All to do with the flow of energy through my day of course. A little bit of an uncomfortable feeling for a while but nothing to get stressed about.

In fact the physical hiccups got me thinking about the little niggly things that happened. And why I might be feeling niggled at all. I love it when everything is going smoothly. When my plans work, I suppose. When things go off plan it sometimes catches me without a back up plan and that’s something that irritates me still. I have been practicing going with the flow for a long time. But every now and again I get a reminder that I’m not quite there yet. A hiccup throws me out and I have to rebalance.

I know that the energy at the moment is all about rebalancing. So the hiccups have given me a chance to practice letting things unfold the way they are. They have also helped me to see what situations still get me reaching for my stress head. Instead of staying in the calm and peace of ‘everything works out in the end’. That’s really important to me. If I don’t know what the stressors are I can wander blindly along collecting more of that energy. And I’m on a mission to reduce my stress to zero. I’m doing that for two reasons. Firstly, I enjoy my life when I am not stressing about the experiences I’m having. Secondly, I am staying clear of the stuck energy stress can collect up for me.

In my work to connect with Energy Beings having a muddy aura gets in the way of the communication. Stress energy makes my aura muddy. Therefore catching myself before I get any stress is a vital part of my work discipline. The hiccups today got my attention. I stepped back from the stress. And my aura is clear. If you are working to connect with non-physical beings take a look at the way you handle your stress.

Day 790 of my blogging challenge

Realiging Energy at Home

imageOne of the things I really enjoyed exploring is Feng Shui. This Chinese system of considering the energy of your home or workplace is said to help put us into to a positive flow. Today I have been realigning one of my rooms to enhance the best flow of energy.

My home is very precious. I’m sure that we all want to live in a nice place. A place that feels secure and comfortable. Not necessarily a place full of material things or that has cost too much. I am very fortunate to have a home that is just right for me. Yet over time the energy of my home can become a little bit worn out. Weary. Or stale. So I have been clearing the old or stuck energy from my bedroom. The rest if the house will be done next!

I’m doing it because my energy has changed over time. The energy my possessions have gathered may no longer fit with the vibration I have today. I’ve also been around other people. I’m sure that I will have picked up some of their energy and brought it home. That happens to all of us more often than we realise. Of course, if the energy has been positive I’m delighted to bring it into the house. However, not all people are giving off positive energy. More often than not they aren’t aware of their aura energy at all. I’m not blaming anyone or saying that they are in the wrong. I know that I have had days when it’s been hard to beam out the loving vibes. And I also know that there are days when I have picked up energy because I haven’t been paying attention to my own aura.

Its important to think about the impact of energy, especially in the room in your home that you sleep in. Different rooms, because they have different purposes, need different energy states.

My bedroom needs to be a calm, balanced and restful room. If I am to meet all of my commitments to doing the services Energy Beings ask for then I need to be well rested. I have noticed this year that my bed and furniture ‘feel’ out of alignment. My room is not as restful as it could be. For the last couple of months I have had the urge to move everything around. Today as I set to and shifted furniture I also had to empty things out. What a great way to see all of the stuff I’d been hanging onto. Because I could see things I no longer use. Clothes that could be recycled to charity. Items that could be gifted away to others. And those items that were broken and could be disposed of.

Interestingly, as I began moving and clearing I was reminded to get my Bagua, a ‘map’ that helps me to consider the energy flows, to have a look at what I had planned. Of course, when I got mine it was reassuring that my intuition had been directing me in the right steps all along. Continuing to listen to my intuition it was easy for me to release all those things I no longer need. A walk to one of the local charity shops with my first two donation bags felt really refreshing. Back home I rapidly filled another two bags. Already the energy was feeling like it was moving again. I still have more energy to release from my piles of books and CDs. Some are calling out to go to new places too.

Then when I am finished with my bedroom I can start to look at the other rooms in my home. After all, a change in energy is a wonderful way to acknowledge that I have changed too. Clearing the old energy will also make room for, and invite in, new energy, possibilities and choices. Just what I need!

Day 294 of my blogging challenge.

Closing Down? Protecting Your Energy’

imageTo day I went for a trip to Leeds. It was a pleasant train journey. I got done what I wanted to get done. Yet I still found myself irritable.

Perhaps it was the hot weather? Or too many people? Could it have been all the walking about? Or a lack of coffee? I don’t spend time around large crowds nowadays. Unless I’m with a lot of positive people. That’s because I know that energy can affect me. However I thought, when closing down my aura this morning, that I had done enough to keep my energy clear. Maybe I wasn’t as closed as I should have been.

One of the first things I learned, and what I tell everyone to do, was how to stop the flow of intuitive info that comes in simply because we are all giving off energy. Yet I had put on my bubble of protection. Actually I never take it off, lol. I had added in my invisibility shimmer so my I and my energy would slide past everyone. Finally, I’d armed myself with lots of love energy so I could give out what I wanted back. Tripple measures should have been enough. So why was I getting irritated?

Closing off from the energy of other people works well when they are people you don’t know. However, closing down to the people you care about is a lot harder.

As I wandered around Leeds trying to solve the puzzle of my feelings I finally noticed that my daughter was being a bit snappy about everything. I guess that’s when the penny dropped. We share an energy link. It’s impossible not to be connected when you love someone. That link is a way for energy to be passed backward and forward. Closing down to that connection is a lot harder. Yet my experience today confirmed that I have to put a filter in place.

It’s lovely to be able to share positive feelings in the energy. But it’s uncomfortable or intrusive to share negativity. Just like when I sit and talk to someone who is negative and end up feeling that I’ve joined them in their misery. Staying positive means keeping a little distance, energetically speaking, so that the negative doesn’t spread even further. Of course, this morning I forgot to check that my negativity filter was in place. It wasn’t so I lost a little of my positive momentum. Until I realised and adjusted my aura once more.

There is one other step to consider. What if we stay ‘open’ all of the time?

I’ve met quite a few people who prefer not to close down. Or who are wide open without knowing it. They don’t consider the energy they are in to be anything to do with them. I encourage everyone to think about being able to ‘receive’ all of the feelings and thoughts of all the other people around who are around. I can confirm, after one particular difficult week when I did just that, that it’s a nightmare. Too much energy is exhausting. Trying to sort out what thoughts and feelings are actually yours is confusing. It’s a situation likely to end up with you firmly negative about everything.

If you haven’t yet noticed the world as an energy place I encourage you to do so. Pay attention to your own personal energy, as I do with mine. Finally, pay attention to the energy of the people around you. The make sure that you detach from any negative, toxic or fearful energy. A little bit of attention to the detail of what you are experiencing can shift your day into a whole new positive perspective.

Day 274 of my blogging challenge.

Standing in the Light of Love

imageI’ve had an amazing day. I love meeting new people. Making the connections I am supposed to make.

I feel so privileged to help people see that they have been standing in their own Light all of their lives. When people do finally stand in their own Light they are able to become new people. The person they had hidden underneath all along. I know that we all have a tendency to stand back from our own Light. I’ve been judged so many times, often without actually meeting the person doing the judging, so it’s no wonder that the energy of those opinions has ‘soaked in’ to my view of myself. My thoughts have become less accepting of myself. I have become less loving of who I am. So I’ve definitely been standing back.

At the Psychic Club today I led an exercise to help everyone feel their individual intuitive vibration. This is a great way I use to get people aware of how Light they already are. Then I take them further into the exercise so that they can raise the amount of Light energy they are receiving. I guess for Light you could substitute the word Love. To me Light and Love are one and the same. When we are standing in our own Light we are loving ourselves enough to recognise how unique we are. It also means that I am ready and able to shine out that Love to others.

I often feel that’s the big mistake we make about love.

We believe we have to first give it to others so we can get it back. But we don’t see that energy is a circular flow. What we carry in our aura energy goes out to others. If I’m standing back from loving myself I know my aura will also be standing back from giving love to others. Perhaps what I am giving out isn’t really love at all. Maybe I’m sending out an energy wave because I feel it’s my duty or my responsibility or because I ought.

I can tell myself it’s love. But how can I understand if it is when I’m not prepared to receive love from myself. So standing in my own Light/Love is a way to both give and receive. To and from myself and others. If I wish to have more Light people in my life then it makes sense I have to give myself Light. That way I will radiate the Light in my aura energy out to others. And based on the principle of what you give out you get back, hey presto, more Light arrives!

What can I do to step into my own Light then? Especially as doing so can have more benefits for all of the people I connect with. This is often the hard bit. I have to recognise that in any moment I am unique. There is no other Spirit on this planet who has the same set of energy vibrations as me. Never mind that I have human flaws. What counts is my unique contribution to the energy ocean that we perceive as this life. So what is that contribution? I can choose to shine my Light or I can surround myself with darkness. By shining my Light I can light up the darkness so others can shine too.

All of my teaching work is about standing in my own Light so that others are encouraged to shine too.

I dream of a world where all of us are bright, twinkling lights joined together and radiating such strong Love that fear, aggression, hate and war would be a dim memory. Please find and shine your Light by learning to Love yourself. I want to join you in making the whole of Mother Earth a beacon of Light!

Day 251 of my blogging challenge.

Using the Energy Waves

TiphonielLast week I started sending out energy waves from the Earth’s ArchAngels. It was a big stride outside my comfort zone. These waves of energy have been channelled through me to help people repair and rebalance their aura energy.

Energy healing can be sent to all sorts of people, places and situations. I often send absent/distance healing all over the world because I know that my aura is part of a wider flow of energy that connects us all. However, although I have been working with Spirit healing energy and Reiki energy for some time I hadn’t expected to channel energy to a wider audience. Then I ended up sending out waves of energy not once but three times so far!

Now I’d like to take a day of blog time and explain how theses waves work. I’d like people to be able to tune into the energy whenever they need it. My passion for explaining how our aura energy works is backed by the belief that each of us can improve our lives if we manage our energy field better. That means being aware of the energy we are sending out as well as the energy we are receiving. Hence the guidance to me from the ArchAngels to get the energy waves out into the world.

For the last four years (at least) I have been tasked with improving my aura energy. The ArchAngels have pushed me through an inner journey full of challenge, revelation and exploration. I did most of it willingly, some of it reluctantly and turned away a few times from the journey itself.

As I followed the process of adjustment mapped out by the ArchAngels I have learned to look at my feelings honestly, without excuses. I have practiced giving out more and more positive energy. I have become more authentically myself. And I have learned to receive. Finding the balance to giving and receiving is hard. It continues to be a challenge for me but one that is getting easier as time passes.

It was when I started to receive and give with a truly open heart that the Earth’s ArchAngels decided I was ready to learn to channel Parashiel’s Balm. Working in his healing waves I built up such a strong connection. I knew I would be able to overcome any reluctance or resistance my ego mind threw in when it was time to send out his wave. Parashiel’s Balm is a healing Ray so deep that it can change aura energy in moments once the person is ready to receive with an open heart. I know from personal experience that being ready to receive with a heart open to the flow of unconditional self love is rare. I feel the fear, anger, mistrust, disappointment and depression energy circulating in the world right now.

So the ArchAngels have another way of bringing hope, healing, love and peace. They instructed me to send out waves from them on the World Wide Web so that people could prepare to receive bigger blasts of energy. Kind of a receiving practice run.

They did say that the waves wouldn’t be for everyone. As each Angel has a different set of responsibilities, energies and wysdoms people might respond to one but not another. But the first set of three had to go out at this time for the specific purpose of lifting our mood. So when you are feeling bruised and battered by life, when your body, mind or Spirit aches, when the drama is never ending, please play Parashiel’s Wave. He will bring you comfort. Sooth your pain. Refresh your energy.

When you find that your emotions are running high, when you are drowning in feelings or when all hope seems to have disappeared, please play Darashiel’s Wave. He will help you to step back from the ‘heat’ of any situation. Bring you detachment. Help your thoughts to become calm.

When you are feeling alone, abandoned, like life is lacking in love or finding it hard to love yourself, please play Tiphoniel’s Wave. She will wrap you in unconditional love. Dry your tears with her compassion. Support and encourage you in receiving the unconditional love from the Universal flow.

Be prepared to sit quietly for a short while to let the waves wash over you. Closing your eyes imagine the strength of the ArchAngels around you. Let the music into your heart. Feel the warmth of the energy like sunshine on a cloudy day. Listen carefully in case the Angels speak to you. Repeat the video treatment any time you need another boost until you find your natural positive energy is flowing again.

I am told to say it once again. This is a gift from the Earth’s ArchAngels. Please use the Waves. Please receive ???

Parashiel’s Wave

Darashiel’s Wave

Tiphoniel’s Wave

Day 240 of my blogging challenge

Truth Will Out

imageTruth. A very slippery word to define. Very often it means ‘my version of the truth’ or ‘my interpretation of the truth’. So what does truth mean. How do we know that we are speaking, meaning or acting from the truth?

I wanted to know today because if I use my powerful voice I want to be sure that I am speaking truly. So I looked up the definition. Truth is: the quality or state of being true;
that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality; a fact or belief that is accepted as true. Whew! A lot of room for debate there. It can be a state of mind. It can be a fact. It can be something that is accepted as true whether or not it actually is.

As I considered the definition I thought about the time when people thought the world was flat. It was stated as a fact although, as it turns out, it was only an accepted belief. Eventually it was proved to be a false belief though not until there had been a lot of argument and general falling out. My mind pinged onto another such example. I have been reading a lot about the idea that the Universe is actually a hologram. Not an accepted truth but when enough people believe will it become true?

Perhaps we we can only interpret truth when we consider the purpose behind what is being said?

The idea that a state of mind represents what is true is very interesting. I have changed my beliefs about many things during my life. What I would have sworn was true when I was twenty is somewhat different now I’m approaching the second half of my life. I still get stuck with the ‘does my bum look big in this’ question. Do I tell the absolute truth or a friendly lie? Who suffers for my lack of truthfulness? Can a lie ever be for a good purpose?

Interestingly, now I work in the world of energy vibrations, I am able to read the shiver present in someone’s aura when they fail to be authentic. When I am not being my true self, warts and all, my energy will fluctuate. The vibration alters ever so subtly. I notice when this happens in myself and others. I often let the change pass unchallenged if it is in others. Although I do wonder why they have decided to misrepresent themselves. When I catch myself in a shiver I check what is going on.

My authentic voice is the one with power. Not the power of right, force or control. The power to speak lovingly of myself. The power to represent what I am feeling and thinking honestly. With no fluffy confusion of apologies for having an opinion. When I drift into a half-truth, perhaps a deferential tone or flirtatious manner to put myself in some sort of submissive position I need to stand back. What is happening to make me shift from truthfulness? What purpose have I got for giving away my power?

Does conditioning drive our level of truthfulness?

As a social group it seems that our perception of truthfulness is coloured by the status we have. Politicians are allowed to lie so long as life continues along familiar lines. Doctors, teachers, employers, financial experts are allowed to give an ‘expert’ version of the facts so long as they are a shared belief. Children are taught to ‘be polite’ about the way they describe others. We are told to be tactful, to keep our true feelings or thoughts to ourselves and to ‘behave pleasantly’ to one another. How interesting that our energy never lies.

There is a change required in all of us. We have become so easy with our own perception of what is true that we are intolerant of others. We reject their right to have a different version of the truth. I have been challenging myself to convey my feelings and thoughts as clearly as possible. To tell the truth exactly as I perceive it. Then to check for the shiver in my energy. Because when something is in accordance with my heartfelt truth my energy will be smooth flowing. When I am giving my power away I will know. I can question why. And I reclaim my power by speaking my truth. After all, it seems the truth is different for all of us and that’s ok for it to be so.

Day 224 of my blogging challenge.

Life in the Fast Lane

imageI’m writing my blog at the end of a very busy day. It’s lovely to have so much to do that the time goes by unnoticed. I suppose you could say it’s living life in the fast lane. Speeding along with a purpose. Feeling like I’m getting somewhere. It’s at times like this  that I find myself having to be very careful not to get out of balance. When you enjoy giving, get a buzz from helping and want to be supportive of everyone around you it’s easy to forget that the first person to help is yourself. I had that discussion several times today so I know my Guides wanted me to notice where I could take things slower or easier.

Zooming along it’s also easy to forget to notice the energy you are surrounded by. Unless we are mindful of the energy it’s always possible that our aura will pick up low level vibrations. If that happens we can take on board the thoughts and feelings of other people and not realise that they belong to someone else. So having a break or being in positive energy and spending some time clearing energy are good things to do. As I was explaining to a group this evening, I make sure that every time I take a shower I also tell myself that my aura is being cleaned too. I picture any stuck or grimy energy washing off me.

I also try to spend a little time sitting in the Centre where I know that the energy is peaceful and positive. I’m letting my cares or worries float away. Whenever I do this it feels like my Guides are sitting there with me too. They bring me encouragement as they chat backward and forward with me. I know that letting the conversation flow around me will  inspire me in one way or another. Sometimes another practitioner will join me. Or someone drops by who needs quiet time too. Sharing my time and space is lovely. It is another way to pull me out of the busy, busy energy.

Allowing myself pockets of time in this way gives me the fresh energy to zoom ahead again. I am more effective and productive. I’m also showing me that I care about me. That point is really important. When we spend time on ourselves we are confirming that we are important. That we matter. Low moods can only find a toe hold when we feel like we don’t matter. When we forget to value ourselves. Living life in the fast lane is fun but only when we value ourselves enough to recognise it’s not the be all and end all of life. Some times it’s about slowing down to enjoy the view!

Day 219 of my blogging challenge.

Clear, clean and shine


Clear, Clean, Shine

There is something very satisfying about getting your space clear. For a start, if your store room is like mine at the Centre, it’s a pleasure to see the floor once more. Moving out all the worn out, unused and broken bits, recycling and up-cycling creates more room to work in. Then having a good clean and tidy lets you see all the things you have once more so you can do another round of clearing out the worn out etc. Very soon you have space, empty shelves and a sparklingly clean room. Everything shines with the polish used and the effort you have made. As you can guess today was one of my days to get clear, to apply some polish and create a positive energy in my space. We Spring clean every now and again but I was reminded this afternoon that we often neglect Spring cleaning ourselves.

Working with my Guides I quickly learned that my aura was a muddy mess. So that they could get through to me I first had to be paying attention to their contact. Then I also needed a positive energy path for them through into my aura. Energy Beings connect their aura energy to ours in this way. If my aura is full of old, stuck, stagnant and low level energy there is no bridge into my intuitive senses for a Guide to use. It took me quite a while practicing aura cleansing to feel that the connection was getting better. My Guides assured me that all the cleaning and polishing I was doing to my aura would make a big difference in tuning in to them. They encouraged me to stick at it, be organised and to keep looking for the positives.

So what was I doing? As well as setting the intention, every time I had a shower, to ‘wash’ my aura as well as my physical body I started to look at what feelings or thoughts I might still be holding on to. Holding onto feelings or thoughts often pulls our energy to focus on the very thing we are trying to let go of. I certainly felt that I kept dragging my past into my present day. To clear those issues I started to explore why I might still have thoughts or feelings about past experiences. Especially where the feelings or thoughts were full of low vibrational energy e.g. anger, sadness, depression, guilt, envy to name a few. Then I started to accept that what I was feeling or thinking was ok for that moment in time but not necessarily for now. I saw how the old feelings & thoughts were holding me back so I imagined them fading slowly away bit by bit every day. It’s surprising how easy it is clean some old energies away if you tackle it in small steps.

Another way to clean and clear my aura was to use positive affirmations. To shine we have to polish ourselves. I remember all of one week going around muttering under my breath ‘you are a ray of sunshine’ just so I could prove to myself that affirmations work. My muttering made me smile. It was amazing how many other people smiled back. By the end of the week I’d stopped muttering as the phrase had gone inside my head. I had started to believe that I was shining through my days. Using positive statements I dealt with the belief that I was lazy, that I was never on time and that giving to others was more important by far than giving to myself. All of those beliefs had created stuck energy, powerful emotions and unreal thoughts. No wonder my aura was muddy!

The best part of all the clearing work I was doing was to really experience consistent communication with my Guides. As my aura got cleaner my personal vibration lifted to be more positive and they could connect with me so much better. Then the real work could begin. My mediumship has been steadily improving ever since I created the space in my aura. Now I treat myself to an aura Spring clean as often as I can. The work of clearing doesn’t really end. It’s surprising what stray, random energies you can collect as you wander around in the world. Not to mention the experiences that can still produce a wobble. Every time I become emotional or my thoughts refuse to be calm I know I have uncovered another patch to clean, clear and shine. Getting that patch of aura energy sorted means more positive energy flowing through and around me. If I’m more positive then I can shine more energy out to others and that is the best of all reasons to clear, clean and polish like never before. Is it time for you to clear, clean and shine too?

Day 143 of my blogging challenge.

Random acts of kindness

imageSome days stand out for all the wrong reasons. That’s when I like to challenge myself to practice random acts of kindness. I know that I aim to find as much positive in every day as I can. This is so that the energy I share with everyone else is positive too. Sharing the positive has the result of bringing the amount of positive around me up a notch or two. It may even brighten up more that those around me. I believe that our energy flows around us and in to each other. That’s why if one person is really negative a whole group of people can end up focused on negativity. The negativity gets passed on to everyone who they meet and on and on. Random acts of kindness can balance out the flow of low vibration energy being sent out for all of us to share in.

If I find myself in a lower mood, perhaps stressed or fed up or angry, I consciously look for a way to be kind to someone. Can I let another car out in front of me at a junction? How about letting someone else go in front of me at the checkout? Or smiling at the lady who is serving me in the shop? Or, perhaps my favourite one, making some time to be a listening ear to someone. Any of these things are my way of recognising I’m not giving out good energy so I’m going to find ways to change my mood. I can also give myself random acts of kindness. I can go and sit in the sunshine instead of finishing a task. Or I can spend some time reading my favourite quotes to energise myself. Or I can let the low vibration feelings have a bit of room, let them express themselves and love the part of me that is feeling that way. In the end it’s all about my choices. I can indulge the low vibrations and accept that I’m sharing them with everyone or I can work to change the way I feel and hopefully spread a nice wave of kindness around for all of us.

Randome acts of kindness are a concious act. We have to choose to share the joy, happiness, love. Yet when we do it’s amazing how many random acts of kindness we receive in return. I wonder how the world would be if every single one of us performed 5 acts of kindness every single day? Randomly being positive to ourselves and others? It could become a habit. Perhaps we would get to like it so much that we managed 10 a day the next week, then 20 and 30 each day. So much kindness going around and around the world. What a way to change our day, week, month, year. Tomorrow, no matter how you feel, try a few acts of random kindness. See if it changes your feelings, choices, actions. Then wait for the wave of kindness to come back to you. I’m certain it will.

Day 123 of my blogging challenge.

Wardrobe disaster – Aura baggage

I’m often asked how someone can improve their connection to the Spirit World. When I say ‘Wardrobe disaster’ they often look blank. It makes no sense. What has a wardrobe disaster got to do with the Spirits of our loved ones? I had the same blank look when I asked my Guides to help me get more accuracy in my messages and evidence. There was a lot of gentle laughter and a delicate pulling together of several threads of knowledge I already had stored away in my mind. So let me explain what they told me.

Part of our human identity tends to be the clothes we wear, the ‘look’ we adopt and the fashion we follow. Clothes act as a visual short-cut to who we are. We present our style to the world as the outward reflection of our inner self. We also use clothing styles as a stereo typing short cut – goth, designer, hippie, rocker, sporty to name but a few. Our clothes also allow us to blend in with whoever we decide is our tribe. They bring a sense of belonging and security. Or of wishing to be something when we don’t think we really are. They can give clues to our ambitions, our state of mind, our values and our judgements. Because we all look at what the person is wearing and decide whether they ‘belong’ or not.

If, like me, you have been searching the whole of your life for an identity, tribe or particular values your wardrobe might still contain lots of clothing that you have symbolically outgrown. I even have one of my baby dresses carefully put away with my first baby shoes. There have been many outfits that didn’t fit, were restricting, were only a fad or wore out quickly. I’ve worn the strangest combinations, colours that did nothing for me and items either scratchy & uncomfortable or so ill-fitting that I got exasperated. So plenty of disasters. Yet I hang on to some of these items because they are still really new, might come in one day or represent memories.

My wardrobe contains a lot of baggage. It’s suggested that anything you haven’t worn for six months should be donated to charity or thrown away. Why do I find that so difficult? I admit to resisting a great big wardrobe clear out. The clothes do represent aspects of me – the bits I decided not to be. There might be time to try those ‘outfits’ still. My Guides love my determination to keep my wardrobe full to bursting. But they also explain that hanging on to old energy – represented by the clothes – makes it hard for new energy to come in. How will I be able to get space for my new fashion look if I don’t clear out the old stuff? Especially since what I’m hanging on to could be classed as the ‘disasters’ – parts of me I really don’t want to be again (suits with large padded shoulders springs to mind) or that I’ve worn much too often (I’m thinking of my liking for faded jeans for all occasions, weddings & funerals included).

They use the discussion about a wardrobe to help me understand that my aura is full of energy (& not only the energy obtained in this life). Every single moment of my life is captured in the way the energy flows or sticks in my etheric body. So there are lots of patches of free flowing energy alongside patches that have become static. Where the energy flows freely the Spirit people, who are also energy, can connect with me and transfer information to me. My intuition and conscious mind can translate that info into a conversation, messages or evidence from the Spirit. The fixed energy is like a barrier. It gets in the way of the info coming through. It stops me translating the Spirit energy into something useful. Like a wardrobe packed too tight with old clothes there is no room to squash the new ones in. The stuck patches are where I have held onto an experience, perhaps been hurt by it, or angry with it or fearful of what I’ve encountered. Those fixed blocks represent sadness, disappointment, rejection, hate, lack, loneliness and so much more. They are the clothes that don’t fit, are uncomfortable or the wrong style & colour.

If I want to communicate more clearly I really have to deal with the stuck energy. So, with their gentle encouragement, I started to take the ‘clothes’ out of my wardrobe. Some had to be put back as I wasn’t ready to let them go. Many were released to be used elsewhere. I found I had spaces. Room to change and grow. New outfits to try and buy. Bit by bit my baggage has disappeared. It’s not all gone. There are still outfits I’m holding on to and some of them also relate to my past lives. I’m comfortable that when the right moment comes I will let those clothes go too. I’m also open to trying on new clothes because I know I have all the space I need to accommodate them. I have turned a wardrobe disaster into wardrobe freedom.

Turning an aura disaster into aura freedom is also possible if you start by acknowledging that you have been hanging on to past experiences much too tightly. Exploring why you are resisting the letting go process is a key part of understanding the deeper meaning that the experiences have had. Often you will find that the experiences represent judgements you have made (or taken on board) about yourself. The stuck energy can become like a mask you wear to keep yourself safe from similar experiences. Removing the mask is a brave act. You are freeing up space to allow yourself to grow. It may seem that there is no benefit from freeing up space. That it’s all rather challenging. Yet what you gain is the increased connection with Energy Beings. The loving presence of your Guides and Inspirers.

The practical ‘how to empty your aura’ is out there everywhere. I use my own Aura & Past Life meditations as well as a Violet Flame meditation. I enjoy, crystals, journaling, painting and self-refelction. I listen to what others discuss, suggest or have tried. I schedule regular wardrobe clearing times. I listen to my inner guidance when it tells me space is getting tight again. Most of all, I’m aware that I will go on collecting wardrobe disasters. I allow myself to try on new experiences, new fashions and new clothes balanced with the understanding that I don’t have to put them in my wardrobe at all. But if I do, that’s ok too. One day I will recycle their energy, when they have served their purpose and I am ready to grow some more. How much space is their in your ‘wardrobe’ for the new? Is it time to do some recycling?

Day 79 of my blogging challenge.