Setting the Aura Record Straight

We all have a record. Not an earthly one concerned with material world achievements. I’m referring to our aura¬†energy. The part of me that records every feeling, thought and experience that I’ve ever had or will have.

The aura record is saved, like a memory stick, and goes back with me to the Spirit World. The record of my growth and evolution through my life experiences is what I will use to see how much progress I’ve made whilst being human. Of course that means that sometimes I will have learned a lot. Other times I will have completely missed the point of my life experiences. Every now and again I get a helping hand to make sure my aura record is debugged. Last night one of these blasts of energy came whooshing through. It kept me awake and restless. And today I’ve been working on processing that energy.

Positive blasts of energy clear away any misconnected energy. Or open a path for me to realise what an experience was really about. Sometimes I can even notice how a different choice would have created a different outcome. Because at the heart of my human life I have been given the free will to choose what I think, feel, say and do. How I use the ability to choose is a big part of my evolution as a Spirit. And sometimes it’s not about trying to make everyone else happy. In fact most of the time it’s about making me happy by honouring who I am. My aura record contains lots of information to remind me of that too.

One of the regular aspects of tidying up my aura record is paying attention to thoughts and feelings that haven’t been expressed. Times when I haven’t felt that my words have reflected my experiences.

I know we are all good at choosing our words. Sometimes wisely. Often to create a picture of the ‘truth’ that fits our story. Our aura record has all the minute detail of every experience. Including the details that we sift out when telling other people our viewpoint. I also know that sometimes I haven’t been able to include all of those little details even if I wanted to. Because someone else was keen to hold on to their view of shared events. That means that sometimes I have felt like my ‘truth’ has been ignored. And I’m certain I have ignored the ‘truth’ offered by other people too.

Language is such a tricky way to communicate. If I used my aura record only and patched it in to someone else’s record the composite would be much nearer what was thought, felt, had happened. That’s one of the things I learned very quickly when I started to use my intuition. It also taught me that in my energy I required as much honesty as possible. Because otherwise I would continue to create misconnections. Which could lead to misunderstandings. And then I would require more energy blasts to set the records straight for me. It also made me think about whether it was absolutely necessary to give my truth out to the world.

That’s a tricky subject. I had to ask myself what would be gained by challenging what someone else said was the truth. How much would it change the events that had already happened?

Because there is another aspect to this. If I speak my truth as I understand it does it actually produce a better outcome? The events concerned might be a long way in the past. Or the people involved might already have had consequences as a result. Does it benefit anyone to go over old ground again? I know this is a knotty issue. With all sorts of possible answers. But I also believe that the truth of my feelings, thoughts and actions is important. Not to defend or explain myself. Rather to share in the learning and growth. So sometimes I have let the ‘truth’ of something fade out of sight and memory. Other times I have said what I feel to be appropriate so that I can move on.

That’s the latest energy blast is about. Clearing the air so to speak. Letting my record speak for itself in connection with things that I still need to clear. Not necessarily giving voice to things in the wider world. But letting myself release the unspoken energy of times past. Giving myself a chance to remove stuck energy that might hold me back from the new opportunities around me. Because of the old baggage. This afternoon I’ve taken the opportunity to do some deep energy healing on myself. So that I can check out what records still need to be reviewed, amended and filed away for good. I want to be more able to speak my truth so I’m cheerfully clearing my voice energy to speak clearly and positively whenever I need to.

Day 478 of my blogging challenge.