Paper All Aglow: Channelling Parashiel

paperIt’s been what I call a ‘spaced’ day. A day when I found myself connecting to ArchAngel Parashiel and capturing his energy on paper. Of course I’m having an open house soon. I’m in the Hebden Bridge Open Studio weekend. No wonder this angel wants to get his vibration on display!

I had zipped over to my artist friend Kirsten as we often share painting days. However, I’ve been working on drawing Spirit faces for a little while. So I only had my charcoal pencils with me. After a couple of drawings I felt that I needed to get into colour. Fortunately Kirsten has a drawer full of paints so I dipped in to see what I came up with. Sitting back down in front of my blank sheet of paper I had no idea what to do. I already felt like I was floating in the energy so when I picked up the pistachio green I knew that Parashiel had joined me. He loves to share healing energy in every shade of green. Especially the bright greens.

Painting the background on my paper I wondered what else would be added. I have to say I wasn’t very surprised to find that the other colours were shimmering highlights. In the end the picture turned into a rainbow of colours that appear when the light is in the right place. I felt that was really appropriate. Most of us are unaware of our rainbow colours. How our aura is an ever changing light show. Threaded through our base colour are all sorts of wonderful highlights. I love the way the ArchAngels help us to understand and see our ‘shimmer’. Each time I work with them they radiate more colours for me to share too.

When I allow their colours into my aura it means I can share the energy vibration to anyone who connects with me. From paper to me to everyone around me. What a lovely way to spend a painting day with Parashiel, Etieliel and all the other angels. And to have some wonderful intuitive energy paintings to send out into the world too.

Day 935 of my blogging challenge

Spread A Little Happiness As You Go By

spread happinessI love the way that when I sit down to write my blog the idea I had in mind often disappears. I feel that familiar tingle as one of my Guides steps in. Then I’m writing about something completely different. Tonight they started with a song. I could hear Sting singing in my head ‘Spread A Little Happiness’.

The song was written for a 1920’s musical called Mr Cinders and is used by the main character to keep his spirits up. It was used as a track in the film Brimstone and Treacle which has a much darker plot than suggested by this song. It’s a kind of Sleeping Beauty story where the princess gets a shattering awakening. Yet there is a profound benefit from that awakening. Fairy stories are the morality tales we tell our children. And, excuse the pun, they can be very Grimm. I remember reading stories to my daughter and thinking how cruel the world seemed. After all, Cinderella or Mr Cinders, was treated as an unworthy person by a significant number of people. Yet I continued to read and spread these stories.

So why has this song come to mind tonight? My Guide is asking me to look at the stories I tell myself and others. She wants me to notice that there are glimmers of Light even at the darkest moments. There are ethical and moral choices to be made for the future of our world. I will be part of making them. So what do I want to pass on to the children of my family? I want to spread the word that not every person behaves badly. It’s important to me to share that there is always redemption. I believe people can and do change. And by doing so they change the world. To get past the perception of our world as a cruel, dark place where everything is the fault of someone else. And I want my stories to contain courage, perseverance and hope.

It’s at the heart of why I write. If I can spread the word that we can change our prospects by changing the way we view things I will have helped. The aura energy I transmit matters. As does your aura energy, dear reader. ┬áThat energy leaks into your stories. And your stories spread. I tell my story honestly. Highs, lows, challenges and successes. Finally, tonight I wanted to bring this happy little song into my tale.

Day 830 of my blogging challenge