Clearing and Cleansing

imageIt was too hot for me last night. Windows wide open to get a hint of breeze I couldn’t sleep. Waking up to another warm morning I had to get moving early. Never one to enjoy high temperatures I dived into the shower to cool down. I felt the flow of water clearing away the heat.

I was on the move early as I needed to take my car to the garage. As I set off the heat was broken by a thundery shower. For about ten minutes the heavens opened and poured down rain. Flashes of lightening accompanied the downpour. I got rather damp running to the car but it was another blast of clearing going on. Getting out of the car the air was slightly fresher. Not much though. Walking back along the path from the garage I enjoyed the damp air. The trees continued to drop water on me. And the sun came out once more. Here comes the heat again I thought.

The path was quiet. The flowers and trees seemed grateful for the brief downpour. I started to think about the rain. About how it cleared the air for a few moments. Then I thought about my aura energy. Mainly because I was photographing some wonderful light rays through the trees. The pictures reminded me how we collect other people’s energy if we aren’t careful. We also get our own emotions stuck in the aura field when we hold back from releasing them. My healing work is mostly connected with clearing auras, my own included.

Just as I clear my physical world of clutter I also need to clear my energy world of clutter too. Thoughts, emotions, experiences that really belong in the past can pile up to make blockages. They clutter up the free flow of positive energy so that I can feel heavy, overburdened or stressed.

Making sure I do my aura ‘housework’ is the only way of clearing the energy flow. I’m not over fond of housework (as my friends know) so it can seem like an effort when I start. Yet I have learned to be disciplined with my aura. I check in with the energy several times a day. Making sure that I clear away any baggage. I visualise any unwanted energy flowing down my body, as if I’ve stepped into a shower, and going down into the Earth to be cleansed.

That is the second step. Clearing the clutter is great. But it can leave a mark. Like a red wine stain on a white carpet. Yes, I’ve had one of those to clean up too. So I also take the time to do the cleaning that follows clearing. If I’m in the shower I visualise white light pouring all over me, soaking into my skin and all through me, including my aura. If it’s any other time I imagine a beam of white light hitting the top of my head and flowing down my body through my spine and legs. The light travels out from my spine to all of my body and aura. I also imagine feelings clean and fresh. Re-energised.

If you are feeling cluttered with energy try having a clearing and cleansing session. Pay attention to how you feel before and after. Use the aura techniques any time you get weighed down again. A little attention to your aura energy can make a big difference to how you flow through life ?

Day 248 of my blogging challenge.

Life in the Fast Lane

imageI’m writing my blog at the end of a very busy day. It’s lovely to have so much to do that the time goes by unnoticed. I suppose you could say it’s living life in the fast lane. Speeding along with a purpose. Feeling like I’m getting somewhere. It’s at times like this  that I find myself having to be very careful not to get out of balance. When you enjoy giving, get a buzz from helping and want to be supportive of everyone around you it’s easy to forget that the first person to help is yourself. I had that discussion several times today so I know my Guides wanted me to notice where I could take things slower or easier.

Zooming along it’s also easy to forget to notice the energy you are surrounded by. Unless we are mindful of the energy it’s always possible that our aura will pick up low level vibrations. If that happens we can take on board the thoughts and feelings of other people and not realise that they belong to someone else. So having a break or being in positive energy and spending some time clearing energy are good things to do. As I was explaining to a group this evening, I make sure that every time I take a shower I also tell myself that my aura is being cleaned too. I picture any stuck or grimy energy washing off me.

I also try to spend a little time sitting in the Centre where I know that the energy is peaceful and positive. I’m letting my cares or worries float away. Whenever I do this it feels like my Guides are sitting there with me too. They bring me encouragement as they chat backward and forward with me. I know that letting the conversation flow around me will  inspire me in one way or another. Sometimes another practitioner will join me. Or someone drops by who needs quiet time too. Sharing my time and space is lovely. It is another way to pull me out of the busy, busy energy.

Allowing myself pockets of time in this way gives me the fresh energy to zoom ahead again. I am more effective and productive. I’m also showing me that I care about me. That point is really important. When we spend time on ourselves we are confirming that we are important. That we matter. Low moods can only find a toe hold when we feel like we don’t matter. When we forget to value ourselves. Living life in the fast lane is fun but only when we value ourselves enough to recognise it’s not the be all and end all of life. Some times it’s about slowing down to enjoy the view!

Day 219 of my blogging challenge.

Clear, clean and shine


Clear, Clean, Shine

There is something very satisfying about getting your space clear. For a start, if your store room is like mine at the Centre, it’s a pleasure to see the floor once more. Moving out all the worn out, unused and broken bits, recycling and up-cycling creates more room to work in. Then having a good clean and tidy lets you see all the things you have once more so you can do another round of clearing out the worn out etc. Very soon you have space, empty shelves and a sparklingly clean room. Everything shines with the polish used and the effort you have made. As you can guess today was one of my days to get clear, to apply some polish and create a positive energy in my space. We Spring clean every now and again but I was reminded this afternoon that we often neglect Spring cleaning ourselves.

Working with my Guides I quickly learned that my aura was a muddy mess. So that they could get through to me I first had to be paying attention to their contact. Then I also needed a positive energy path for them through into my aura. Energy Beings connect their aura energy to ours in this way. If my aura is full of old, stuck, stagnant and low level energy there is no bridge into my intuitive senses for a Guide to use. It took me quite a while practicing aura cleansing to feel that the connection was getting better. My Guides assured me that all the cleaning and polishing I was doing to my aura would make a big difference in tuning in to them. They encouraged me to stick at it, be organised and to keep looking for the positives.

So what was I doing? As well as setting the intention, every time I had a shower, to ‘wash’ my aura as well as my physical body I started to look at what feelings or thoughts I might still be holding on to. Holding onto feelings or thoughts often pulls our energy to focus on the very thing we are trying to let go of. I certainly felt that I kept dragging my past into my present day. To clear those issues I started to explore why I might still have thoughts or feelings about past experiences. Especially where the feelings or thoughts were full of low vibrational energy e.g. anger, sadness, depression, guilt, envy to name a few. Then I started to accept that what I was feeling or thinking was ok for that moment in time but not necessarily for now. I saw how the old feelings & thoughts were holding me back so I imagined them fading slowly away bit by bit every day. It’s surprising how easy it is clean some old energies away if you tackle it in small steps.

Another way to clean and clear my aura was to use positive affirmations. To shine we have to polish ourselves. I remember all of one week going around muttering under my breath ‘you are a ray of sunshine’ just so I could prove to myself that affirmations work. My muttering made me smile. It was amazing how many other people smiled back. By the end of the week I’d stopped muttering as the phrase had gone inside my head. I had started to believe that I was shining through my days. Using positive statements I dealt with the belief that I was lazy, that I was never on time and that giving to others was more important by far than giving to myself. All of those beliefs had created stuck energy, powerful emotions and unreal thoughts. No wonder my aura was muddy!

The best part of all the clearing work I was doing was to really experience consistent communication with my Guides. As my aura got cleaner my personal vibration lifted to be more positive and they could connect with me so much better. Then the real work could begin. My mediumship has been steadily improving ever since I created the space in my aura. Now I treat myself to an aura Spring clean as often as I can. The work of clearing doesn’t really end. It’s surprising what stray, random energies you can collect as you wander around in the world. Not to mention the experiences that can still produce a wobble. Every time I become emotional or my thoughts refuse to be calm I know I have uncovered another patch to clean, clear and shine. Getting that patch of aura energy sorted means more positive energy flowing through and around me. If I’m more positive then I can shine more energy out to others and that is the best of all reasons to clear, clean and polish like never before. Is it time for you to clear, clean and shine too?

Day 143 of my blogging challenge.